Big Booty Boy Pt. 02

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by D.S.F

Months have Passed since I met my WHITE BIG DICK MASTER

My New Man paid for me to get my ass done. So I have a BIG BOOTY now, a HUGE PHAT ROUND ASS! When I first got it I had to wait a few weeks before I had sex, so you know I was sucking ALOT of dick *wink wink*. I loved sucking Dick but I couldn’t wait to get fucked with my new ass by his BIG DICK.

He comes home after we haven’t had sex in 4 weeks and he walks in, and I run up to him and jump on him. He holds me up by my new plump ass cheeks and we kiss with so much passion. I know he’s horny and I know that I’m about to get fucked really well, so we’re kissing so sloppy and wet and so aggressively with a lot of lip action. So he’s kissing me and holding me up several feet and carrying me to the bedroom. He lets me down gently but we keep kissing and he’s caressing my ass with his big white hands. We Kiss and Kiss then I stop. I then get on my knees, pull his BIG WHITE DICK out, and I start sucking his BIG JUICY BEAUTIFUL WHITE DICK. He thinks I’m only going to suck his dick like we have been lately but I have a surprise.

*SUCK gaziantep escort SLURP SUCK GAG GAWK*



After a good 5 minutes of sucking that BIG…JUICY…WHITE DICK..I get up, kiss him 3 times very slow and passionate then I lay back on the bed and open my legs. My legs are open and my ass is pulsating from the butt plug I pulled out. So he smirks and starts to stick his dick in. I would’ve just got into doggystyle but I want to open my ass pipe more before I take it bent over. So now his LONG THICK JUICY WHITE COCK is inside of me, going in and out, filling me and spreading my tight ass booty walls. He pushes his dick all the way in very smooth and gently and then he likes to pull it up swift and fast, and then he repeats that stroke sequence. He’s stuffing my FAGGOT BOOTY HOLE while I look him in the eyes. Then he leans in and starts kissing me as he fucks me (and he’s fucking me good). He kisses me, and keeps fucking me, then he stands up straight again, grips my hips, and fucks me hard, harder than he did when we first fucked. I love it!

So he pulls his dick out suddenly and flips me over and positions me for doggy. Here we go….(I think with a smirk on my face). My BIG BOOTY is sticking up in the air, HUGE FAT CHEEKS, ready to be slapped against his six pack while his BIG WHITE DICK pounds my SISSY PUSSY.

(He inserts his dick inside of me)

I then shout,

“Oh yes daddy,…Slap my ass while you fuck that BIG BOOTY”

“YES!!” (Slap!)

“YES!!” (Slap)

“YES!!” (Slap!)




He’s gripping my waist with his Big Hands and fucking me doggystyle. I’ve never felt like more of a slutty fag than this moment. My face is pressed into the bed, with my Big Ass Booty sticking up in the air, with a BIG WHITE COCK thrusting in and out of my faggot pussy…. I’ve never felt more like a BIG BOOTY WHORE than now. He’s calling me all type of names, names he’s only said with passion but he’s saying them aggressive and very dirty like,

“Take this White Dick you Big Black Booty Bitch!!!”

“You fucking Sissy Faggot!!!!”

*Booty Slap!!!!!!*

I’m his bitch, and he’s my master.

(2 Hours of Wet Booty Fucking go by)

He came 3 times,

once on my ass…, then he fucked me doggy

once on my face, then he fucked me missionary (while kissing his cum off my lips and cheeks, which was so HOT!!!).

and then last he came inside of my ass!

So I’m laying there full of cum and dick drunk and then he says,

“OK Bitch,….”



and I’m like,

“Wait huh?!?!”

“I thought you loved me??”

and he says’

“I DO, and I Love Money!!!”

After getting dressed up in a tight shirt, a skirt that barely covers my HUGE ASS, and my lips glossed for sucking dick.) I am now walking around with 2 big fuck cushions and I don’t know what to do. I’m waiting for someone to pick me up and fuck them. I couldn’t believe that I was now a full faggot whore. But….to be honest I was kinda excited…

And then 3 white guys pull up next to me and ask me if I suck dick, and I tell them for 300 dollars I’ll suck all of them. And then they say they’ll pay me a thousand but I have to let them GANGBANG me…

Soooo…. I say yes.

Wouldn’t be my first Gangbang so, here we go…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32