Big Girls Go Everywhere Ch. 2

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That weekend my brother Michael went away on a hunting / fishing / male-bonding type weekend and so Janine and I judged it was the right time to try and get Kate involved. I managed to get Claudia and the kids out of the way, down visiting the mother-in-law so Janine and I had the whole weekend together.

We were both incredibly nervous when the day arrived. We’d spent the night together for the first time and we’d loved it, talking and fucking the night away like lovestruck teenagers but now the one thing on our minds was Kate. Would she or wouldn’t she? If we put temptation in her path, would she even be tempted?

That afternoon, we started making love in one of the lounge chairs by the pool around the time Kate was supposed to be home. Janine was on top, riding me slowly, my hips rolling up to push right in deep so her whole body shuddered with pleasure every time she came down. I loved watching her body shiver, her breasts swaying backward and forward over my face, my tongue occasionally catching a nipple and sucking it lightly.

We’d half-forgotten about Kate and we’d entirely lost track of the time when we heard a voice near us.

“Well, well, well, I always thought you two would get together.”

Janine straightened up and I turned my head to see her. She looked fantastic. She was wearing a shirt, open far enough to see an enticing view of cleavage, her huge breasts straining at the material, pushing it out so it showed the contours of her body perfectly. She was wearing no bra either. Like mother, like daughter.

“Do you mind, Kate?” Janine asked.

“Hell no, I’m glad you two are finally fucking. I’ve seen the looks you give each other and wondered why you didn’t do it sooner.”

“We were just taking advantage of a beautiful day. I totally forgot you were coming home now.”

“It’s cool,” Kate said, ever the open-minded college girl, “I’ll just get changed and come down and sit with you.”

She vanished into the house and we discussed in fierce whispers whether she was actually going to do anything or whether she was just showing that she was hip and sexually with it.

She came down in her bikini and Janine gave a little moan of lust. It hardly covered her big tits, and we could both see her hard nipples poking through the cloth.

“Don’t stop your shagging on account of me,” Kate said with a grin, “you guys looked as if you were having a great time.”

Janine wriggled down my body and started kissing my cock.

“Gotta make sure he’s nice and hard, then,” she said, winking at her daughter.

“You mean that’s not hard?” Kate asked. “Well I never, Uncle Alex is hung like a horse, isn’t he?”

“Ohh yesss,” Janine said, her tongue flicking out and teasing my cockhead.

Kate pretended not to watch as her mother played with me, making my cock harder and harder. But I could see her eyes behind her sunglasses, and I could see that she was watching every move Janine made. She squirmed in her seat, and I wondered if she was getting uncomfortable. Then I heard a noise, a noise I was sure was familiar. bursa escort bayanlar

“Can you hear a noise?” I asked Janine quietly.

She listened for a second and then looked at Kate, sitting in the chair with a towel in her lap. She suddenly got up, walked over to Kate and whipped the towel off her. Her bikini bottoms were pulled aside and one of Janine’s favourite vibrators was buried deep inside her.

“You little minx,” Janine said with a huge grin on her face.

Kate blushed.

“What was I supposed to do? I come home to watching my mom fucking my uncle and they both look incredible and…”

Janine bent down and kissed her daughter full on the lips.

Kate just stared at her for a second.

And then kissed her back.

I felt like cheering. I could see Kate’s tongue sliding into her gorgeous mother’s mouth, could see her hands reaching up to caress Janine’s massive breasts, her thumbs rubbing over the long, hard nipples. Her other hand reached down to pull the vibrator out of her pussy.

“Mom?” she whispered.

“Yes, honey?” Janine answered, kissing her daughter tenderly.

“Can I have Uncle Alex inside me instead of your vibrator? I want to fuck him and lick your pussy at the same time”

“Like mother, like daughter,” I said with a grin.

Kate stood up, reached behind herself and unhooked her bikini. The skimpy top fell to the ground, reveal tits almost as good as her mother’s. They weren’t quite as big, but they were perkier. They were still huge though. Janine started sucking on one of her nipples, hungrily suckling on it. Kate stroked her mom’s hair and pulled her down onto the chair.

“I want to taste you, Mom, I want to feel your wet twat against my face, I want to drink your sweet cunt juices, I want to devour you.”

Janine moved up to straddle Kate’s face, lowering her pretty pussy down onto Kate’s eager and waiting tongue. Kate spread her legs and beckoned me with one finger. Janine, facing me, gave me an ecstatic smile.

“Fuck her so good for me, Alex love,” she said. “Make her cum hard.”

I began to rub my cockhead against Kate’s pussy, teasing her slit, probing at her warm, wet entrance. Pushing in slightly, feeling her open for me.

“Go in hard,” mouthed Janine, and I obeyed, thrusting in deep, making Kate moan into her mother’s pussy.

“She tongues me deeper when you go in deep,” Janine told me. “I can feel her yummy little tongue all the way inside me.”

So I fucked my gorgeous niece and watched my brother’s wife ride her tongue with every stroke. Janine came practically straight away, drenching Kate’s face in juice and I kept fucking her sweet little pussy, still tight despite her college reputation. Kate came straight afterwards, her little twat clenching and unclenching around my erection.

“Now,” Janine announced, “we’re both going to suck your cock.”

Did anyone hear me objecting?

I had the two of the most beautiful women in the world, kissing around my cock, their duelling tongues bayan sarisin escort bursa making me ache with desire. I could see them fondling each other’s gigantic tits, pressing them against each other so that their nipples scraped each other. I loved their big bodies, I wanted to kiss every inch of both of them, I could see Janine’s fingers spreading Kate’s pussy wide, her first two fingers thrusting inside and then I was exploding and they were fighting over my cum, the thick, creamy jism splattering on their cheeks and tongues and tits and then we were all licking juices off each other and I felt like I was on top of the world.

Later, we were having a spa when Kate managed to shock me even more.

“Now I’ve fucked Uncle Alex and Aunt Claudia,” she said smugly.

“What did you just say?” I said, lurching half out of the water.

“I’ve fucked your wife, Uncle Alex,” she said primly.

“What do you mean by fucked my wife?” I said, hardly believing what I was hearing.

“Claudia isn’t as unsexed as you think,” Janine said, archly.

“You haven’t fucked her as well, have you?”

“No, but I’d love it,” Janine said, sitting back and crossing her arms under her breasts.

“Well, so would I,” I said indignantly. “But I can’t see it bloody well happening.”

Kate stood up. Water dripped down from her incredible body.

“Fuck it. Let’s do it,” she said.

“Now?” I said, openmouthed.

“Why not? She obviously likes fucking you, because she still does, she tells me about it. Why do you think I wanted to fuck you so bad?”

“She what?”

“And she likes fucking me, and she obviously likes big women because she digs my body and so she’s gonna dig Mom’s. The way I see it, why should we wait?”

“God,” moaned Janine, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do it with Claudia.”

“How many times have you been with her?” I asked Kate, but she was already disappearing off to the phone.

Janine swam her way between my legs, reached up and started stroking my cock.

“Are you excited, lover?” she asked me.

“I’m fucking nervous,” I said. “I never knew Claudia did that kind of thing. And she bloody well knew I was seeing you. So why didn’t she tell me?”

“She probably didn’t want you to know that she likes women,” Janine said.

“But I love it,” I said, “it’s the sexiest thing in the world, thinking of the two women I love most together.”

I couldn’t control myself, waiting for Claudia to get there. I’d told her over the phone how sexy I thought it was, knowing she loved making love to women. She’d admitted that she’d been too scared to tell me in case I freaked out.

When she came to the door, I was stunned. She looked perfect, her hair loose around her face, her dress so low-cut that her breasts were almost spilling out. She came over to me and kissed me long and hard.

“It’s always been my fantasy to be with another woman with you, Alex,” she whispered.

I felt like I was in a daze as I watched her walk bursa evi olan eskort over and kiss Kate, I could see my wife’s tongue moving about in her niece’s mouth. Then it was Janine’s turn and I watched in disbelief as Claudia kissed her greedily, her hands moving down to squeeze Janine’s shapely ass.

I moved around behind them Claudia, hugging her, pressing my cock against her ass.

“God, Alex, I want you to fuck me while I lick Janine’s cunt,” she said, breathlessly.

I should’ve stopped being shocked by now, but I’d never heard Claudia use the word cunt before.

“Katie, I want you to lick us while we fuck,” Claudia said, and here were new shocks. Claud being dominant in the bedroom? Why didn’t I get a woman in sooner?

She hitched her dress up over her thighs.

“I love being fucked in my clothes. It makes me feel so slutty.”

At last, something I knew. Claudia always loved me to fuck her while she was fully dressed. I just didn’t know she liked it because it made her feel slutty.

I entered her from behind, our favourite position. Kate writhed her way underneath Claudia and Janine stood in front of her. She winked at me as we looked into each other’s eyes along my wife’s lithe body. I could feel Kate’s tongue curling around my prick, her fingers guiding me in and out of Claudia’s drenched cunt. I’d never felt her so wet before.

“I’ve wanted to go down on you for so long, Nina,” Claudia said, planting soft little kisses all over Janine’s stomach. I’ve fantasised about it in the shower, spraying my cunt till I cum so hard.”

“Well, my lovely ice maiden,” Janine said with a smile, “shut up and eat.” She spread her pussy lips, exposing the full length of her clit, beckoning Claudia in, who slid her tongue in with a purr of satisfaction. Janine’s eyes rolled back in her head as Claudia’s tongue deftly slid inside her, making her gasp.

Meanwhile, I was in heaven. It was the most exquisite feeling with Kate lying beneath us, licking my cock and Claudia’s pussy as I slammed in and out of her. Claudia has a beautiful pussy to fuck at the best of times and getting my shaft well licked at the same time made me so dizzy I could barely stand.

Claudia came for the first time after only a few minutes, her whole body shaking as I held my cock deep inside her , filling her completely as her orgasm swept over her. Then Janine was cumming, her hands tangled in Claudia’s hair and I was cumming, shooting inside my wife as Kate’s expert tongue milked every drop from my spurting shaft.

“Well,” Kate said, when the frenzy had subsided, “it looks like Kate missed out.” She pouted, looking so adorable that everyone was fighting to get to her pussy first.

“Come here, Uncle Alex,” Kate said to me, “let me see if I can get you hard again. I love licking your cock.”

So Janine and Claudia tag teamed Kate’s shaven twat, kissing as their tongue slithered over her and inside her. Kate began to run my still semi-hard cock over her lips, kissing and slurping at the head. Looking between my legs, I could see my wife lapping away at my niece’s pussy, an expression of ecstasy on her face. My sister-in-law lover was between my wife’s legs, fingering my wife’s asshole while she sucking on her cunt. I’ve got to be the luckiest fuckin’ guy in the world, I thought to myself as my cock swelled inside Kate’s mouth.

How could this get any better?

To Be Continued…

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