Billy’s Willy Ch. 02

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Billy, and I were looking at each other while we were sitting on the couch. So, this is really happening, we moved all of his things into my apartment.

Billy jumped up, and said to me, “I am going to go take a shower, and get cleaned up.”

“Okay.” I responded to him. I sat there for a minute thinking wow, what am I getting myself into? He’s my little brother. I put my head on the back of the couch, and sighed. I heard the shower turn on. I was listening to him in the bathroom. I got up to join him.

I got undressed, and stepped into the shower. He was looking at me with a cocky grin. “I wondered if you would join me or not.” Billy said to me.

“Damn you, Billy! I can’t seem to stay away from you!” I told him, and grabbed his face to kiss him hard, and deep. The water was running down over us, and I went to my knees. I grabbed his dick, put it into my mouth, and started sucking on him.

Billy put his hands on the back of my head to push it down further onto his dick. I gagged a little but I was able to relax my throat muscles to accept all of his 7 inches. I put my hands on his ass cheeks to pull him into my mouth further. I then moved my left hand to rub his balls. I pulled off his shaft to suck on his balls. I would suck one ball into my mouth at a time. While I was sucking his nut sack I moved my hand to his ass. I started rubbing his puckered hole. He clenched his ass cheeks together then relaxed them so I could push my finger in a little bit. I could hear him groaning.

Billy reached under my arms to pull me up. He started kissing me very passionately. He then turned me around, bent me over at the waist, and plowed into my pussy. OH, MY GOD! His dick felt so good inside me. “God, Billy fuck me!” I yelled at him,

I could hear him chuckle, and say, “I am sis there is no doubt about that!”

He kept pumping into me, I reached under myself to rub my clit. Both of us came at the same time. I could feel his cum running down my thigh. He pulled out of me, and I straightened up. I turned to him with a smile on my face. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him lightly. “I love you Billy'” I told him.

“I love you to Missy.” He told me as we stood under the water spray hugging one another.

We finished our shower, got dressed, and decided to go out to get something to eat. I decided I was going to tease Billy a little bit while we were out. I wore a short skirt, a blouse tight across the boobs, and no panties. I have a short pixie haircut so I mused it up to look like I just crawled out of bed.

When I came out of the bedroom Billy wolf whistled at me. I posed for him with a big cheesy smile. “Why thank you I am glad you like it!” I told him.

Billy came over to me, and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed me, and told me, “I like you in, and out of your clothes.”

We headed out to the restaurant. When we got seated it was in a back-corner booth. We were sitting close to one another. The waiter came, and took our order. After he left us I started to tease Billy. I put my hand on his thigh, and ran my hand up to his dick. He looked at me with a questioning look in his eyes. I just smiled at him.

I started rubbing his dick through his jeans. I could feel him getting hard. He then put his hand on my thigh. He smirked at me as he was running his hand up my thigh. But when he got to my pussy he paused, and looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“I wanted to give you a little treat tonight while we are out.” I told him with a smile.

Billy laughed, and responded with, “I love this kind of treat!” Then he leaned into me, and whispered in my ear. “I am loving the easy access of your skirt. But I cannot wait to take it off you.”

I moaned softly, and agreed with him. I opened my legs a little more so that Billy could slide his finger into my pussy lips to rub my clit. It felt amazing, I was on the verge to cum when the food showed up. Billy pulled his finger out, and licked them clean. I shivered knowing that there was more to come later.

We finished our dinner, and headed out to go home. As we were walking out the door, we ran into my old roommate Tammy with her boyfriend. We just stared at each other for a minute.

Billy was the one who spoke up. “Hey, Tammy how are you doing?” He asked her.

“I am doing pretty good, how about you?” she asked Billy while looking at me with hurt in her eyes.

Billy replied to her, “I am good. I just moved into your old room.”

That made her look at him, and then back at me. “Well, I am glad that you are able to help your sister out.”

Billy smiled, and chuckled, “Well, I think dad talked her into it because he will be helping with my half of the bills. Because it’s cheaper than living in the dorms” He told her, and then said, “Well we will let you go. It was good to see you again, I hope you enjoy your meal.”

We started walking away. All of a sudden I hear my name being called. I stopped, and turned around. Tammy walked over to me. “Missy, Isparta Escort I just want to say that I am sorry about what happened. I do hope you can forgive me so we can remain friends.” She told me.

I just nodded at her, and walked to my car. Billy was waiting for me. “Come on let’s go home, and fuck.” I told him.

“Are we going to have angry sex? Hot damn!” He said to me as we were getting into the car. I just laughed at him.

We got back to the apartment, and headed straight to the bedroom. Billy stripped off his clothes. I was starting to get undressed, but Billy stopped me. “Let me please?” He asked.

I dropped my hands to my sides. He came over, and started kissing me. While he was kissing me, his hands moved to the buttons on my blouse. He was undoing the buttons one at a time. Every button he opened he kissed that spot. When he got the blouse completely undone he spread the sides open to kiss the tops of my boobs.

He pulled my bra cups down so that my boobs came out, and he was sucking on my nipples. He was squeezing my tits, and sucking hard. God, it felt so good, I threw my head back, and groaned. He then moved his hands to my skirt. He pulled it up over my ass. I know I was quite a sight with my clothes still on me, and showing off all my quality parts.

Billy moved his hand down to my pussy, he was rubbing my puss-lips. Then he parted them to rub my clit. All I could do was hang onto his shoulders.

Billy started walking me backwards to the bed. When the back of my knees hit the bed, he pushed me onto the bed. He went down on his knees in front of me. He spread my legs wide, and dived in. He parted my pussy lips to lick my clit. He started sucking on my clit, and he inserted a finger into my pussy. I was holding his head grinding into him. I felt a second finger go inside me. My god, it felt so good. I let go of his head, and leaned back onto elbows. I was moaning, and getting louder.

“Fuck yes Billy I’m going to cum! Don’t stop!” I yelled at him. “Don’t stop licking my pussy!” Then I came all over his face. Billy licked it all up, then he came over top of me thrust his dick into me, and was kissing me. I tasted myself on his lips, and tongue. I have to admit I liked it.

Billy was grunting, and thrusting hard. He looked at me in the eye, and said to me, “I can’t get enough of your pussy! Take all of this cock sis!” He started thrusting hard, I could feel his balls hitting my ass. I felt him start to throb.

“Yes, Billy fuck me! Cum in my pussy, and fill me up!” I yelled at him as he came. When he was done, he collapsed on top of me trying to catch his breath. After a few minutes, he rolled off me to get up, and he went into the bathroom to clean up.

I laid there for another minute before I got up. I looked at the floor length mirror, and seen how I looked. I started laughing so hard while I got undressed. I went into the bathroom to pee, and clean up. I was exhausted, so after I got cleaned up I crawled into bed. Billy came in, and joined me in bed. I curled up on his shoulder, and played with his little bit of chest hair. Billy had his arm around me holding me. I feel asleep with a smile on my face.


We got up, to start our day. We both had classes to go to. Before we left the house, we kissed one another. “That will have to keep you happy until later.” I told him. Billy kissed me again before we walked out the door.

About 11 o’clock I got a text from Billy. “I can’t wait to see you later so I can bend you over, and have my way with you!”

I texted him back, “I can’t wait either. I want that dick like now!”

I just had to get through this class then I was done for the day. I felt my phone buzz again. I smiled when I looked at it. Damn it was Tammy sending me a text.

I opened it up it read, “Missy, I am truly sorry for everything that happened. I miss you, and hope we can be friends again.” I deleted the message.

Class got over so I headed home for the day. When I got home, Tammy was waiting for me. Damn it! I walked over to her. “What do you want?” I asked her rather rudely.

“I realized that when I moved out I had some of your things mixed in with mine. So, I am returning them.” She told me, and handed me a bag.

“Thank you I was looking for a particular sweater the other day.” I let out a big sigh, and said, “I am sorry for the way things turned out. I would like to remain friends.” Then with a chuckle I said, “Just not roommates.”

Tammy laughed, and agreed. “Maybe we could do lunch or dinner sometime soon?” She asked me.

I told her that I will be in touch with her soon. We went our separate ways. I went into the apartment. I went through the bag she handed me. My sweater was among some other things in the bag so that made me smile.

I was cleaning up the apartment when Billy got home. I had put together dinner, and it was in the oven cooking.

Billy came over to me, and wrapped his arms around me from behind to Isparta Escort Bayan kiss my neck. “It smells delicious in here between you, and whatever you have in the oven.” Billy said in my ear.

I moved my head to the side so Billy would have better access to my neck. He moved his hands up to my boobs. He started caressing them, I was moaning, and leaning into him.

I could feel his erection against my ass. I started moving against him making him groan. Billy whispered into my ear, “I could not stop thinking about you all day!”

“Mmm, good because I could not stop thinking about you either.” I replied to him.

Billy moved one hand done to my crotch, and started rubbing it. I started grinding my ass against him. He undid the button, and zipper to my jeans. He then moved his hand inside my panties to be able to touch me. He then whispered to in my ear. “How much time do we have until dinner is ready?”

“About thirty minutes.” I replied.

Billy then lead me to the bathroom off our bedroom. I was puzzled why we were in here. Billy pulled off my shirt, and bra. I was just kind of standing there letting him do what he wanted. He then helped me take off my pants, and panties. He put a towel on the floor. Now I am truly puzzled.

Billy then instructed me to lay down on the towel. All I could ask was why. “Trust me!” Billy said.

I laid down, and he spread my legs wide. He started messing with my pubic hair. I got too curious, and asked him, “What are you doing Billy?”

Billy smiled with a cocky grin. “I want to shave your pussy bald.” He got the shaving cream, and razor. He got between my legs to apply the cream. He squirted it on my pussy, and then spread it around. He took the razor, and made sure that he got all my hair (not that there was much there in the first place.). He got up, and started the shower. He helped me off the floor, and we both jumped into the shower.

Billy was rinsing off all the extra shaving cream on me, then he inserted a finger in my pussy. I was hanging onto him, and grinding my pussy into his hand. We started kissing, I reached down, and wrapped my hand around his cock to jack him off.

I was on the verge of an orgasm, when I heard the front door. I pulled away from Billy to listen.

He looked at me oddly, and started to say something. But I shushed him to listen. Then I heard my name “Missy?” Oh, shit it was Tammy again. I turned off the water, and hollered out to her. “Just a minute, Tammy I am finishing up in the bathroom.” I jumped out of the tub, and dried off quickly. I threw a towel at Billy to get himself dried off also.

I got dressed, and turned to Billy. I whispered to him, “Stay in here! Until I let you know the coast is clear.” Billy sat down on the toilet nodding his head.

I walked out of the bathroom, and closed the door behind me. I went out to the living area. “Hi what’s going on?” I asked Tammy.

Tammy was stammering, then just blurted out, “Missy, I made a huge mistake. Can I move back in here?”

That is not what I expected to hear from her. “Tammy, I told you my brother moved in yesterday. So, I don’t have a spare room any longer.” I told her. She sat down, and started crying. I was stunned so I sat next to her. “What is going on?” I asked her.

She sniffled, and looked at me. “I was so wrong, I don’t like it over at his place. It’s not home to me. This is home.” She then told me, “I want to come back please. I will sleep on the couch!”

I heard the door in the back of the apartment open. Billy had come out of the bathroom. Tammy had her head on my shoulder, so I was looking at Billy over her head. “Tammy, like I said I don’t have the spare room any longer, I’m so sorry.” I told her.

Tammy lifted her head, and sniffled. She said, “Okay I am sorry to bother you about this. I better go.” She got up from the couch, to leave but Billy stopped her.

“Hey Tammy, stay for dinner at least.” He told her.

She turned to him, and smiled “I would love to stay, and eat.” She replied.

I got dinner out of the oven, the three of us sat around the table eating, and making small talk. After dinner was done Tammy helped me clean the kitchen. “I want to thank you for dinner, it was delicious as always.” Tammy told me. “I better get going, if you could think about me moving back in I would truly appreciate it.” Tammy said to me as she was walking to the door.

All I could say to her was that I’d think about it. As soon I shut the door, I turned and looked at Billy. “Well this is quite a predicament.” I said to him. I walked over to Billy, and wrapped my arms around his waist.

Billy kissed me, and asked me, “Well I guess you want me to move out?”

I was startled by the comment. I looked at him suddenly, and before I could think about it I blurted out. “Hell No!” I then told him, “I want you here I don’t want to lose what we have found in each other!”

Billy squeezed me tight, and told me, “I don’t want Escort Isparta to lose it either. But she is your best friend.” He then added, “I don’t want to cause problems between you two.”

“I am not worried about that. I am living with you now so end of subject.” I told him, then kissed him hard, and passionately.

We went to the couch to watch a movie. We sat together snuggling. I had laid my head on his lap, and he was rubbing his fingers through my hair. I could feel that Billy had an erection under me. I started rubbing my cheek against him. He shifted to get comfortable, so I turned my head, and kissed his dick through his jeans. He unbuttoned his jeans, then I pulled the zipper down. I could see the tip of his dick sticking out over his boxer briefs. I stuck my tongue out, and licked the tip. I heard Billy suck in his breath, and shiver. I smiled to myself, and continued licking his dick.

Billy lifted his hips to pull down his pants, and underwear. Once his dick was uncovered it hit my chin. I grabbed a hold of it to start sucking on it. God, his 7 inches is perfect for me. I continued to suck on him, and felt him slide his hand down the back of my pants to rub my ass.

He was rubbing his finger up, and down the crack of my ass. Then I felt him rub my asshole. I let out a moan, and switched from having his dick in my mouth to jacking it off. His dick feels so damn good.

Billy started pulling my pants down over my hips. I kicked one leg out of my pants, then I got up, and crawled up onto Billy’s lap. I started kissing him on the lips, and then moved down to his neck. I was grinding against his dick. Billy grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled me up, and onto his dick. I sat there for a moment to get used to the feel of him inside my puss. My hands were on his shoulders. So, I was able to keep my balance, and started bouncing on his dick.

Billy wrapped his arms tightly around me to thrust hard into me. “Billy your dick feels so fucking good inside me!” I whispered into his ear.

“Oh, god Missy your pussy fits like a glove around my dick!” Billy told me. He started thrusting harder, and faster. I jumped off his lap. He looked at me confused.

I got on the floor in front of him, and grabbed his dick. I was moving my hand up, and down fast while I was sucking on him. I pulled my mouth off his dick, and looked at him.

“Missy what are you doing?” Billy asked me.

“I want you to cum in my mouth Billy. I want to taste you!” I told him, and continued to suck on his dick. I felt him get stiffer, so I then reached down to start rubbing my clit. He grabbed the back of my head to push me down further as he started to cum. I felt the cum spurt into my mouth. There were five good spurts. I swallowed all of it. I kept his dick in my mouth to clean it off completely.

Billy leaned over grabbed me under the arms, to pick me up, and put me on the couch. He dived into my pussy. He was licking, and sucking my clit while fingering my puss. I was holding his head onto my pussy while I thrust my hips up. “My god Billy, you are making me cum again!” I yelled at him as I came. Billy lapped it all up to make sure I was clean.

Billy crawled up onto me, and laid his head on my boobs. I started laughing which was bobbing his head up, and down. Billy looked up at me, and asked me, “So big sister, what’s so funny?”

“At the rate, we are going, we will never get anything done.” I replied still chuckling.

Billy put his head back down and replied, “Well at least we are having fun!”

We laid there for a few more minutes just holding one another. I could feel Billy’s breathing change. So, I nudged him, “Hey, let’s go get cleaned up, and crawl into bed.” I told him. We got up from the couch. I turned off the television, and the lights in the living room. We went into the bedroom, Billy headed to the bathroom while I got undressed. I heard him pee, and wash up. I then went in there, and did the same thing. When I came out to the bathroom Billy was lying in bed, flipping channels on the television in the bedroom. He settled on some comedy show. I crawled into bed with him, curled up next to him, and promptly went to sleep.


I had to get up early in the morning for work. While I was finishing getting ready Billy started waking up. He stretched out, and smiled at me. “Good morning, sis.” He said to me.

I smiled back, leaned over gave him a kiss, and told him, “Good morning to you little brother.” I smiled at him, and then told him, “I am heading to work for the day. I’ll be home around 5 o’clock.” I gave him another kiss, and headed out for the day.

Billy got up for the day, got cleaned up, and ate some breakfast. He had about an hour to kill before he had to head to class. He was sitting on the couch playing a video game when he heard a knock on the door. He got up to answer it, when he opened the door it was Tammy. “Hi, come on in. Missy is at work today.” Billy told her.

Tammy walked inside the apartment. Once inside she turned around to look at Billy. He closed the door, and turned around. A little startled that Tammy was standing so close. Tammy came over to Billy, and put her arms around his neck. “I know she is at work. I came here to see you.” She told him, then leaned in to kiss him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32