Birthday Boy

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“Happy Birthday, darling!” she said as she opened her apartment door, and gave me a quick peck on the lips before she took my hand and ushered me inside.

Jenny and I had been dating for a couple of months, and although it still wasn’t deadly serious, we were certainly fond of each other and the sexual chemistry between us was pretty intense.

She was a pert, pretty brunette with a gorgeous figure, and when she called me up and asked me to come over for a special birthday present, I needed no persuading. I didn’t doubt that she had something sexy in mind. We’d been going to bed together for several weeks, and to my surprise for such a head turning girl she wasn’t very experienced. She was certainly enthusiastic, but her last partner had been quite long term and rather unimaginative, so she hadn’t tried more than basic sex really. The chance to experiment with a broad minded guy like me had really excited her though, and lately she’d been surprising me. She confided that she’d been surfing the internet and reading erotic literature for ideas. I was pleased that I’d brought out that side of her, and flattered that she went to so much effort to give us both pleasure.

“Your present is in the bedroom,” she said “but I bet you already guessed that.”

“I had my suspicions!” I laughed.

“Well, better not keep it waiting then.” She said, and taking my hand, she led me into the bedroom, the big double bed waiting temptingly for us.

Lying on the bed was a wrapped package in fancy paper, and four lengths of soft rope.

“Now then,” she said “I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to plan this surprise, so you have to do exactly as I say, do you agree?” and she smiled mischievously at me.

“Of course,” I answered “when can I open the present?”

“Oh, you don’t open it, I do, when I’m ready, but you’ll be the one to enjoy it.” She answered mysteriously, “Now, first thing is, I want you to undress completely. I’ll just stand and watch.”

And she did. She just stood and watched as I stripped off and piled my clothes on a chair. She never made a move to touch me or to take off her own things. I was getting quite intrigued by now. Jenny usually had her things off before me.

“She eyed me up and down, Kastamonu Escort a slight smirk playing around her lips. “OK,” she said “now lie down on the bed” and she moved the package onto a dressing table. I wondered what could possibly be in it.

I lay down and she arranged a couple of pillows under me so that I was half sitting up, then she took the four lengths of soft rope and tied me to the bed. It had a wooden runged headboard and a matching footboard, and she tied me in a spread eagle position, just tight enough so that I could only move a little.

I was already guessing what was going to happen. She was going to tease me and pet me until I was begging for release, then straddle me and ride me to climax. The thought appealed to me, I’m quite comfortable with bondage as long as I trust the person I’m with, and there are few things I like better than a pretty woman riding me, her tits jiggling and her hips bouncing on my hard cock until I cum in her. I was in for a surprise though.

After she’d tied me, Jenny moved to the foot of the bed, and began to run her hands over her body. She closed her eyes, and fondled herself through her clothes. Slowly she unbuttoned her top and let it fall away, then she pushed her skirt down her legs and stepped out of it. She was wearing a sheer lacy bra and pants, and she began to stroke and squeeze her breasts, then she reached back and unfastened the bra, letting it drop.

I watched, fascinated, as she gently stroked and fondled her own nipples. My cock grew hard as I watched her, until it stood up, throbbing and blue veined. I ached for her to touch me but she kept stroking herself, the big nipples hard under her fingers.

Suddenly she opened a drawer in the dresser and took out a vibrator. Switching it on, she began to run it over her nipples, closing her eyes and swaying. Her other hand crept lower and she began to finger herself through the sheer panties. I was beginning to wriggle and pant myself by now, the pure eroticism of what she was doing was like a drug.

She pulled a chair near to the bed and sat down in it, spreading her legs wide, and she began to run the buzzing vibrator over her pussy. I swear I could see the panties darken Kastamonu Escort Bayan as they became wet with her juices. Suddenly she stood and stripped them off with one quick movement, and for a delicious moment she stroked the damp bundle across my lower face so that I smelt and almost tasted her sex juices, then she tossed them aside.

“Oh God, Jenny!” I groaned, but she ignored me totally. She sat down again, spreading her thighs wide so I could see all of her neatly shaven pussy, and she began to tease herself with the vibrator, pushing it deep inside her, then bringing it out to run the buzzing tip up and down her wet slit and playing it over her swollen clit. Her eyes were shut and she was swaying her head from side to side, a film of sweat on her upper lip as her excitement grew, until with a great shudder and a series of gasping moans she brought herself to orgasm, then switching of the vibrator she slumped in the chair, her chest heaving.

For a long minute she stayed like that, then she raised her head and looked at me, her eyes still shining with her self pleasuring.

“Now,” she said softly “It’s time to do a little work on you.”

Standing up slowly, naked and beautiful, she sat on the bed beside me and stroked the vibrator, still wet with her pussy juice, across my upper lip. I licked the plastic toy hungrily, tasting her sweet cunt on it. All too soon she snatched it away from my eager mouth.

Clicking the vibrator back on, she took my hard cock in her gentle fingers and began to run the buzzing tip over my balls and up and down my throbbing shaft. I moaned and writhed under her touch, but she was merciless, stroking the tingling toy around my swollen purple end as I gasped and wriggled. The veins stood out on my cock and the tip throbbed like it was going to explode, but she was very careful to give me just enough stimulation to go to the edge of climax but not quite to go over.

For long tormenting minutes she kept this up, obviously enjoying inflicting such divine torture on me, then she turned the toy off and said “About time to open your present I think.”

I lay back, my cock and balls aching from her sweet torment, and watched as she took the package Escort Kastamonu from the dresser and slowly unwrapped it. Inside was a box, and she opened it and took out a pink tube like object about eight inches long. It looked like it was made from soft rubber or something similar.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Don’t you know?” she laughed.

I had another look at the thing, and the penny dropped. “It’s an artificial vagina.” I said “One of those masturbation toys for men.”

“That’s right.” she said. “You watched me come with a toy, and now I’m going to watch you come with one.” She reached into the box again and took out a tube of lubricant gel. Squeezing some into her palm, she began to smooth it over my cock with slow delicious strokes. “And when we’re finished, you can take it home, and use it when I’m not around, and you can imagine it’s me using it on you, just like I’m going to now” and with that she picked up the artificial pussy and carefully positioning the open end over my swollen glans, she slowly slid it down over my throbbing shaft.

The sensation was amazing. The vagina was rippled inside, just like a real one, and tight around my thick hard cock. I groaned and my hips shuddered with the sensations.

Positioning herself carefully, Jenny began to raise and lower the rubber pussy up and down my cock in slow exquisite strokes, at the same time caressing my balls with her free hand. She raised her eyes to watch me, her gaze fixed on my face, and I knew she was taking great joy in what she was doing, pleasuring me like this.

Skilfully she kept me on the edge, giving a few quick strokes until I was almost coming, then slowing down or even stopping until the feeling subsided. Finally, after she had stopped stroking for a few moments, she whispered “OK, this time.” And began to move the rubber pussy up and down again, slowly at first, then gradually faster and faster, watching my face as the sensations built and then finally as I came with an explosion of pleasure she pumped it up and down on my cock in time to my thrusts and moans as I spurted my load into it, cumming and cumming until I was dry and I collapsed back with a long moan of relief.

Gently she slid the toy off my limp dick and untied me. I wrapped my arms around her naked body and hugged her to me.

“Thank you Jenny, that was the best present ever.” I said.

“Let’s go get something to eat,” she said “then later, if you’re up for it, we can have another little party, and this time I’ll blow out your candle!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32