Birthday Girl in Birthday Suit

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It was my birthday and I was all alone.

I was standing just a few feet away from the lake, water gently lapping at my toes as I clenched and unclenched my toes, absorbing the feeling of the mud against my skin. A warm breeze blew. I stood on a small plain of mud, hidden from the outside world by a dense crescent of trees.

My sixteenth year was quite challenging and demanding. I had just gone through the second severe spell of skin disorder; was absent from school for more than a month and then resumed the school with special permission for attending the school wearing sheer medicated muslin white cotton dress. Due to the ultra-sensitivity of my skin, I could not wear any pantie and bra. My girly developments were completely visible for all to see through the sheer dress. Girls used to look at me and giggle while staring at my erect nipples and budding areola; some would point a finger at clearly visible pussy hair and pass rude comments. Boys would openly stare to get a clear view of my developing nipples and breasts and pussy hair; some naughty boys would dare to ask me if I would show them my pussy hair.

Many times I felt as if I were the main center of attraction for all boys and girls and at times felt humiliated when someone played pranks with me by throwing water on me which made the sheer cotton becoming part of my skin and I stood there like I was completely naked in full view of all to see. I came through all this with humiliation though eventually, I liked being stared at my naked body.

I believe I had already a hidden liking towards nude exhibitionism, but the happening of many small events while wearing complete sheer soft medicated cotton dress exposing my girly developments took my mind and imaginations much higher levels. I had been planning to celebrate my birthday in a unique exhibitionist style.

Though this was totally different; my mom had to move to Milan after making my living arrangements with Andrea. I and Andrea are friends for years in school. A day before Andrea had gone to visit her parents and no one even wished me my happy birthday. It felt so alone and lonely.

After having late breakfast and some reading I left the room late in the afternoon just for a little walk. I did not have any intentions to go much further so I was just wearing flip-flop slippers and loose boys short and a cut-off top. Somehow I continued walking and here I was at the other end of the town at this lake in the forest. My room was almost five miles away from here at about four in the afternoon.

My body was full of sweat and the cool breeze was feeling very pleasant. The ticklish feeling of water under the feet developed a sudden strong urge to have a quick swim in the lake. Am I going to swim naked? I wondered!! I quietly pulled off my top and short and placed them neatly on the thick roots of a nearby tree. Breathing deeply, my arms clasped to my body, I was trying to psyche myself up. I stood completely naked in the wonderful open forest wearing nothing.

I took yet another look around checking if someone was watching me. The water was calm. The air was silent. Not even a shadow stirred in the hot humid afternoon. The center of the lake was clearly visible at a distance. Slowly, timidly, I pulled my arm away from my breasts and my hand away from my pussy, until finally, I stood completely exposed. I let out a deep sigh.

It felt…freeing.

I took my first tentative step into the lake, my grin beaming. I was really doing it! I was really going to swim naked. I had tentatively made up in my mind to swim along the shore up to the opposite side of the lake and then swim back. The water enveloped me as I waded deeper and deeper into the lake. Cool, wet pressure surrounded me, almost caressing me. I gasped quietly as the water reached my pussy, a sudden icy surprise, but I continued onward.

I was amazed at my own bravery. I hadn’t been sure I would really have the courage to try this naked swimming for that long-distance and time. I liked to be naked but was always scared of getting caught. Here I was, naked as a jaybird, skinny dipping! I giggled loudly. This had been such a sudden decision! I had been planning something like this for weeks, canceling and rescheduling over and over as fear of getting caught ebbed and flowed. This was really sudden and unexpected. Andrea would be surprised if she found out about me swimming naked in the lake at the other end of the town.

My toes left the lakebed as I pushed myself off into the water and began to lazily swim towards the center of the lake. From here, I could just barely recognize the tree where I left my clothes. The birds gliding lazily in the skies waved me their message of “congratulations” and “happy naked birthday”.

I felt so free, so comfortable, so natural and primal and just so…right! I couldn’t believe I was scared of nothing for so long! I had never felt so good swimming before! The water against my bare skin was heavenly, invigorating! My spirits soared as I paddled across the cold water, giggling ecstatically at these new sensations. I was absolutely giddy, reveling in this novel experience.

I lay on my back and watched the bright noon sky, moving only enough to keep myself buoyant. I was completely alone. Only the quiet buzzing of dragonflies broke the otherwise total silence. The water of the lake held me with the gentleness of a tender lover boy. I was completely at peace. Maybe this birthday was still salvageable, even if everyone had apparently forgotten about it entirely.

Eventually, I felt satiated. The water was amazing, but nevertheless, I had a warm bed waiting for me in my room. I slowly swam towards the shore and waded into the small grove. I must have been swimming lazily for more than eighty minutes and now was standing in the forest completely naked to be seen by animals and trees. I laid myself on the grass looking at the sky. Some birds were eating something from the grass a few feet away from me. It was a great feeling that they felt safe in my naked presence and continued their peaking. I closed my eyes and let my body relax in the soothing warm rays of the sun. Un knowingly I had my legs spread wide open and hands spread like an eagle.

After a while, I got up and started swimming back. Return swimming was quite quick. The sun was almost setting now; I wanted to quickly grab my clothes and walk back to my room. I stepped forward in the direction where I had left my clothes. My nipples hardened once I left the water behind. Goosebumps erupted all over my skin as I skipped to shore, still giddy from my naked swim.

I walked over to where I had left my clothes and stopped. I looked around. I double-checked that I had the right tree. Where are they? Where are my clothes?!

Alright! Alright, it’s not a bright afternoon, maybe I just missed them. I’m going to close my eyes, and take a deep breath, and count to three, and they’ll be right here. One…two…three… And…?! Darn it! Darn, dang, gosh, golly, damn! Where are the clothes?!

I was hyperventilating. I clenched my fists rhythmically and focused on my breathing, trying to calm myself down. Maybe I just came out of the wrong part of the lake… Yeah, that must be it! I had gotten mixed up while swimming and came out someplace new. But if I wanted to go search for my clothes, I may come across someone walking around. It is still going to be daylight for some time…

I cursed into the approaching evening.

I peeked out from behind the trees. I was still alone, so far as I could tell. Huddled over, futilely trying to cover my breasts and pussy from any potential voyeurs, I waddled along the shoreline, studying the tree line for any hint of my clothes. Nothing…nothing…nothing…shit!

My clothes were gone. Just…gone.

What was I going to do now? I couldn’t stay here. Besides, I had to go back to my room for the night; I can not spend a night outside naked. Why someone should pick up my clothes?

Suddenly, a terrible thought struck me.

What if whoever had taken my clothes had been watching me? What if they were still here? Then again, they might not have seen me in the water. Besides, they’d have to be nearby to see me, and I couldn’t see or hear anything. I covered my body reflexively. Standing as still as possible, I surveyed the area around me, but I couldn’t notice anyone. Why had they taken it, then? Just for laughs? Just to see what would happen? Maybe they had just really needed some clothes and had thought that mine was abandoned…

Whatever, it didn’t matter now. şişli escort I just had to get to my room. Once I was there, I’d be safe. But that meant I’d have to make my way back across the town … buck naked.

You know, maybe there were enough berries and stuff around the lake that I could just live here forever instead, you know? Become a hermit, wait until my hair grew to cover my nudity and I could get back home …

It was a thought, right?

A branch snapped in the fading daylight.

Who was there?!

I stared, my heart pounding like a frightened rat until a sharp pain in the sole of my foot made me realize that it had just been me. I lifted up my foot to examine it, revealing two small fragments of sharp wood beneath. After my heartbeat returned to normal, I realized I couldn’t stay naked here all night long, not if I didn’t want my heart to explode.

I’d have to risk it.

I took a moment to plan out my way back to the room in my head. I was pretty sure I will have to make it all the way back to my room; maybe even if I am noticed or caught. I will have to make some excuses. I cursed myself, took a deep breath, and stepped out from the trees.

I didn’t bother anymore trying to cover my bouncing breasts or pussy. I wanted to focus on staying hidden and being aware of my surroundings, and I’d rather not mind someone catching a glimpse of my naked body from a distance than I bump into someone very closely unexpectedly. I slinked through the trees surrounding the lake, keeping my ears perked for any sudden noises, a difficult task with my heart pounding so loudly.

I crept from tree to tree, scouting ahead from each hiding place, staying low to the ground as I scuttled to safety. At every sound I froze, trying to locate its source, feeling like a hunted animal that might come across me in my defenseless naked state. What would I do or say if someone caught me naked? No, no…better not to even think about it… No sense in worrying myself over something that I wouldn’t let happen, right?

From the distance came a giggle. Crap… I paused, listening for the source. Voices were approaching, getting louder. I frantically searched around me for some sort of cover, but there were only trees. I could try to get away from them, but they might hear me, or worse, see me… I could hide behind a tree, but if they walked past me, I’d be exposed… I could head back to the lake, but I’d lose all my progress and have to start all over…

An idea bubbled up past my fears and worries. I could go up! Above me were the strong, leafy branches of the tree. I scampered up its trunk, climbing into the branches as I tried unsuccessfully to protect my most sensitive spots of my pussy from the rough bark. I silently thanked my childhood visits to the village where the boys always lost their Frisbee in the trees and forcing me to go up and get it as a kid. That practice had finally worked now for me. I was in the middle of climbing onto an even higher branch when a pair of a boy and a girl appeared below me at the base of the tree.

I froze. I was in a critical position with my legs resting on branches far away stretching my legs wide apart and hands holding the upper branches with my hands spread like wings of the bird. Though I felt I was hidden high enough off the ground and the leaves were dense enough that I was unlikely to be seen unless they would look directly up at me. But I couldn’t move without making any noise, and now I was trapped spread-eagled between the branch below me and the branch above. My arms and legs were spread. I had no way of even hiding should one of them look up at me. If I tried to take one of my hands down from the branch above, I might lose my balance.

I tried to breathe as silently as I could, praying that they couldn’t hear my heartbeat pounding in my dangling breasts. I watched beneath me, the guy took the girls’ hands in his and raised them up over her head. He pressed her against the tree and kissed her lips, her cheeks, her neck. I felt like a voyeur watching them, but if I closed my eyes, I might miss a chance to escape. I decided I had to keep watching them.

She giggled as he nuzzled her neck and pressed himself against her body. “Jerry!” she cooed. “What are you doing? We’re in public…” She gently pushed him away from her.

“So? There’s no one around,” he reasoned. “Besides, haven’t you ever wanted me to feel you outside?” His hands reached up under her blouse. Her head tilted back as she surrendered to his touch.

“But what if someone sees us?”

“Who’s going to see, Serah?”

“I don’t know…” she murmured.

His hands reached down to his pants. I watched, eyes open in shock, as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis. It looked interesting! I had never seen a penis of a grown-up boy before, not in real life, not just, out like that! Were they all that same? I bit my lower lip, trying to keep myself from gasping over the scene beneath me. My pussy began to throb as I continued to watch them.

“Jerry, put that away,” she laughed.

“Just a quick … If we hear anyone coming, we can zip it up and no one will know… Come on, I know you want to. Your nipples are pebble-hard… I bet you’re absolutely dripping wet in your tiny panties, aren’t you?”

She reached down and gingerly took his penis into her hands, slowly stroking it. He moaned softly. “Well…I guess it’d be alright…” She looked around for any voyeurs, failing to look up. She quickly stripped off and got completely naked. I shouldn’t watch…should I? It didn’t hurt anyone, right? Besides, they were in public. It was their own fault if I am watching them…

They traded positions so that now he was against the tree trunk. She got down onto her knees, brushed her hair out of her face, and began to lick the length of his long penis. Was she really going to fit that into her mouth? It looked too long, but she deftly wrapped her lips around his cock and began to bob her head back and forth as he loudly moaned into the evening light.

I wondered whether I would be able to fit that inside my own mouth… Would I be able to wrap my lips around his penis? What did it feel like to have an erect penis inside my mouth? What did it taste like? Without realizing it, I noticed that I had formed my own mouth into a wide “O” as I watched the girl beneath me suck his cock, my mouth going through my motions that my mind was imagining. My pussy was tingling, dewing with moisture and dripping.

She sucked his cock passionately, as though she were absolutely in love with it, her mouth and tongue caressing it lovingly. His hands rested on her shoulders. Both of them moaned and groaned. How long could he last? My pussy was throbbing as if I was going to cum. My arms were beginning to feel the strain of supporting me. I knew I should not lose the grip or I will fall down.

“I’m gonna cum, Serah,” he groaned.

She took his cock out of her mouth. It glistened with her shiny saliva. “Cum on my breast, Jerry. Do it!” she told him, furiously stroking his cock with her right hand, aiming it at her jiggling breasts, her eyes glued to his moist penis. I was entranced by the scene beneath me. She kept coaxing his cock, encouraging him to cum on her breasts. Her hand was a blur, moving back and forth rapidly. I clenched my thighs, trying to squeeze them together, trying to silence the loud urges coming from my body. My pussy was totally out of control; I was afraid if I was going to cum

He groaned loudly. His knees buckled. Amazed, I watched as his cock spasmed, gushing thick, white streams onto her clearly visible breasts. Suddenly I felt gushing flow from my wide open pussy; my long pussy hair was covered and soaked with my shiny pussy juices. I almost lost my grip before recovering from my surprise. Oh my…was that what happened when a guy came? There was so much of it… Again and again, his cock spurted onto her. Liquid ivory dribbled down her naked body. Suddenly I felt another eruption of gushing flow from my wide open pussy and I felt weak in my knees; I was losing my grip.

“What the fuck is this ?” Both of them were now looking up towards me; before I realized I found myself completely losing the grip and falling through the branches. I landed flat on my back on the grass below very next to them with my legs widespread.

A quiet mewl escaped my lips, They were completely shocked to see me naked. “ Holy Jesus. What the fuck is this girl doing up there?

“You sneaky bitch! You watching us from up there!!” The boy was swearing at me. The girl was totally shocked and was speechless. She was still holding his penis in her hand and her breasts were covered with his cum.

“ Oh My God! She is complete naked “ the girl exclaimed.

Both of them were completely distracted and were extremely angry due to the interruption caused by me. They appeared scared that I had seen them doing what they were doing. Both of them caught me by my arms and started questioning. Whatever I answered they could not believe me. After few more questions, they got an idea and told me that they were going to take me to their place for further clarification; which I did not want to go and be seen naked by many people.

Somehow the girl appeared more considerate but got with an extremely erotic suggestion that both of them would finger me till I cum with full force, or I would have to go with them. I did not have any option; I contemplated whether to go with them or let them finger my pussy; the second option appeared preferable.

I told them that I did not want to go with them. There was a sense of joy on the faces of both about overpowering me. The boy pulled out the string from drawstring trousers of the girl and tied my hands behind the trees. The boy then held my legs wide apart and told Serah to do whatever she wanted to do to my pussy. Serah quickly spread my pussy lips wide open and started fingering my pussy vigorously. I was really tensed and was not in the same state of sexual excitement and my pussy was more and more non-responsive. I tried to cum as it was happening earlier while watching them from the top, but I was nowhere closer to cuming. The boy then treaded the position and started touching my pussy everywhere. His touch was electrifying; my pussy immediately responded with throbbing. He was very rough with my pussy even then it was more than almost twenty minutes before I realized that I was going to cum. Another five minutes and I was going to explode; I did not know how I was responding but I realized only when my pussy exploded with full force letting the strong flow of liquid on his hands and body. Jerry and Serah both were amazed to see the eruption from my pussy. My knees were weak and I almost buckled down on the ground.

“Let me set her on fire.” Serah was telling Jerry.

Serah came to her knees between my legs and started licking my pussy vigorously. Her tongue was very rough at my clit. Same time Jerry joined Serah and started feeling and licking my diamond hard nipples. I never had two people licking me same time. My whole body was on sexual fire. My pussy wanted severe fingering. After few minutes they traded their positions; now Jerry had his mouth at my pussy lips. He was extremely rough and was biting all over my pussy and clit. It was hurting but setting my entire body in the sexual fire. I was thrusting my pussy into his mouth for more severe bites. Suddenly it all came lose and there was un imaginable eruption of my pussy juices in a huge fountain. Serah and Jerry stood there staring at my erupting pussy fully amazed and looking at each other smilingly.

Satisfied with what happened to me; the girl freed my hands. I realized the whole situation only when I noticed them walk hand-in-hand towards their destination. After a minute or so, I gained my senses. My pussy was still buzzing. I felt the soaked grass under the sole of my foot. I looked down. The liquid spurted from my pussy wetted the grass. For a brief moment, I imagined tasting it, but I couldn’t from the dirt. I wondered what had just happened to my dripping pussy.

Making sure that they had gone far away from me I slowly made my way out of woods. It was already the evening and would be dark soon. Apparently, it was good because there was less chance of encountering someone. I did not want to get caught naked again by anyone.

I reached the general neighborhood without running into anyone else. I was glad that it was Saturday evening or else there would have been many more boys and girls returning home from the weekend activities. Fortunately for me, the area was almost without any movements. Unfortunately, it was also much better lit.

I stuck to the quads, shunning the walkways. From time to time, I came across a loan student, making their way home from somewhere. I lay in the grass or hid behind whatever cover was available. They used the paths, so I saw them long before they could see me, and I had an advantage. At one point, a young couple passed by me just a few feet away from where I was lying on the other side of a row of hedges, completely naked. Had one of them taken just a single step closer to examine the bushes, there was no doubt I would have been caught. I felt throbbing in my pussy again remembering the fingering of my pussy. It was getting late; must have been about eight pm now.

The idea of getting caught was beginning to excite me, though. I wondered what they might make me do. I quivered in the darkness, my quiet perversions warming my body in the spring night as their footsteps passed by me.

Once again, silence reigned. Slowly, I raised myself up to survey the area. It was clear: time to move.

I felt feral running barefoot across the grass at night, almost completely nude, only my cross marring my otherwise perfect nakedness. I felt like a werewolf, like a primal being of nature. I was exhilarating, and for a brief while, I almost forgot my predicament completely, lost in the freeing sensation on streaking across the neighboring areas unseen.


I froze. Where were they coming from, and where could I hide? I was just very close to my room, away from the large, poorly lit quads that dominated the main approach. It was too bright here: I couldn’t just lie down in the grass. There were no easy hiding spots for me. It sounded like they were coming from behind… Frantically, my eyes jumped from spot to spot, judging its potential. There I noticed the two-level structure across the road.

No…no…no…maybe as the last resort…no…aha!

I sprinted across the brightly illuminated road towards the building. A set of stairs leading up to the side of the building gave me a small enclave in which I could hide. I wedged myself into the corner facing away from the path, and waited, listening as the voices came closer and closer to me. I wished I could get a look at them, but I didn’t dare risk it. If one of them saw me…

Cold brick dug into my back. I quieted my breathing as much as I could. I was only a few feet away from being visible. Just a single corner stood between me standing completely naked and them, between me and total humiliation as any number of strange people saw my naked body. I pressed my hand to my breast, trying to calm my heart before it somersaulted out of my chest.

Their steps came closer, their voices discussing something which I did no nothing. They sounded like two young boys. Just keep walking, I whispered. I was so close to home… And they were so close to me…

Their footsteps stopped. From their voices, they were only a few yards from me, right on the other side of the wall separating us. Why had they stopped? Did they know I was there? Goosebumps spread across my body. The hair on my neck and arms pointed straight up. I readied myself to sprint away as best I could if they did come over to me.

“Come on, let’s go. What’s the holdup?”

“Hold on, I dropped my lucky coin. Help me look for it.”

“Shit, really? You’re such a fucking klutz. Why are you even messing around with it while walking? Just get a new one. I will give you a new quarter if we can just go home right now.”

“This one is lucky. Shut up and help. As soon as we find it, we can head back.”


Just my luck… And I couldn’t even scream my frustrations aloud! Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something glinting. My breath caught in my chest. Noooooo…no no no…

It was. It was a quarter. And it was just a few feet away from my feet.

Could I try to push it closer to them with my toe? Unlikely. They were bound to see my leg if I tried. Could I get away? Maybe, but if they came near the quarter, they’d be more likely to see me if I left my corner. I’d have to hide and hope.

“Just give it up, it’s a quarter.”

“No way, man! Right after I got that quarter, that cute girl agreed to go out with me.”

“…the girl with always erect nipples?”

“You got it!”

“Well, fuck, why didn’t you say so? I’d have been looking a lot harder.”

I looked down at my own chest. Were my nipples always erect and hard? I grimaced and gave them a tentative squeeze, pushing them up a bit. They looked quite erect and hard to me. What would they think if they saw them now? Would they stare? Were my tits good enough to look for a quarter over?

I shook my head furiously. Why was I thinking like this? I didn’t want them to see my breasts…did I? Did my mind want them to feel my nipples!!…maybe it’d be nice if someone did. Would he describe them as “epic” to his friends? I bit my lip, lost in thought.

“Hey, is that it?”


He scrambled towards me. I wished I could melt into the wall. I backed myself as deeply into the corner as I could, covering myself lamely with my slender arms, praying that he wouldn’t look left as he grabbed his coin.

His hand appeared from behind the wall. His arm and head soon followed. Time stood still as he slowly reached for the coin. His grip failed. He tried again and failed. Just pick it up! I wanted to yell. His fingers finally gripped the coin’s edges securely, and he retreated. My lungs burned. I suddenly realized I was instinctively holding my breath, but I didn’t dare let it out yet. Not with him still so close.

“I found it!”

“Awesome. Now let’s go.”

“Sure thing.”

Their voices drifted off. I let out a deep breath. I had made it. I waited another minute or two for them to get far enough away before leaving my hiding place and continuing my trek back to my room.

After another few minutes, I reached the opposite side of the road. Across the street stood my familiar apartment building. I only had one last barrier to cross: the road. There was no way around it. I would have to cross the well-lit road before I could get to my room.

I crouched down behind a hedge, not very safe away from the streetlights. Cars and two-wheelers came singly and in pairs erratically, but never leaving a large enough gap for me to run through without being spotted. I couldn’t just wait here forever, either. Eventually, someone else would approach me and I’d be caught with nowhere safe to go.

I made a decision. If I didn’t get a chance in the next sixty seconds, I would make a break for it. Sixty, fifty-nine, fifty-eight…

The scooters and cycles kept coming. I had enough gaps to make it across if I sprinted, but I’d be caught in their headlights, completely exposed to them.

Thirty-two, thirty-one, thirty… A bus pulled up the curb only a dozen yards away from me. An obviously inebriated couple got out, and began to stagger towards me, giggling loudly. I barely managed to cringe behind the hedge again, contorting myself into a fetal position, hoping they might miss me.

Nine, eight, seven… Still, I had no clear shot, but the couple was getting closer and closer. In another few seconds, they would be on top of me. I was out of options.

I scanned the road. I could make it across if I went right now, but I might be seen by a coming car. I had to do it.

“Whoa, what the hell?!” cried the boy as I suddenly stood up and ran across the street. I didn’t bother turning back to see him and his friend’s reaction. I couldn’t slow down. A car passed from my left as its lights illuminated my nude flesh. I kept going. I made it across the last lane into the parking lot and stumbled to a landing almost hidden in the darkness.

I looked behind me. No one had followed me. The car had kept driving, its passengers with a new story to tell over dinner. Hopefully, the drunken couple wouldn’t even remember me in the morning. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t believe I had been seen naked by so many people at the same time.

My cheeks burnt. My chest was flushed red. My whole body was shaking; my legs were barely strong enough to keep me upright. I only wanted to collapse into my bed and slip into unconsciousness, leaving this day behind forever.

What if there was someone who knew me? A classmate or gym companion? Would they recognize me without my clothes on? I hoped not, but at the same time…

At the same time…it felt like electricity was coursing through my nerves. I clenched my legs together, trying to drive away the tingling in my dripping pussy, the warmth in my pussy, the moistness I could even now feel between my lips. Just the thought of someone I personally knew seeing me naked against my will…I began to suspect not all of the heat in my cheeks was from embarrassment. I swallowed and focused.

Finally! I had done it! I had reached my apartment building. Only now did I realize that the hardest part was still before me. My key had been in my pocket, and who knew where that was now… But Andrea was supposed to be back from her home! Or at least, I hoped she was. She hadn’t indicated she was going to be away that night. I prayed she was back and still awake.

First, though, I had to get to my door. From a distance, I peered through the front door. The passage looked empty, beckoning me onwards. But once I was inside, I was trapped. If I got on the stairs, and someone else got in, I had nowhere to go. I’d be just as exposed, for longer, and I’d make more noise… No, I’d wait a little longer.

My teeth tingled as I watched and waited. Nobody appeared. It looked safe. I made a break for it.

I ran across as fast as I could barefoot, ignoring the bits of gravel stinging against my feet. For over a hundred excruciating feet, I was visible completely naked beneath the lights, visible to anyone who glanced over. I reached the door, threw it open, and flung myself into the passageway. My lungs burned. My heart thundered. But I had made it. Now for the next step.

I started climbing the steps as fast as I could over and over. Come on, come on, come on… I was completely naked on the stairs, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, should somebody come out for going to get late-night soda. Move faster, …faster…

Thank you, God. I was at the third level where my room was. I was about to open the door to get into hallway. I paused to hear if anyone was across the door.

“I have to get something to eat !” I heard a deep, male voice from behind the closed door as footsteps appeared closing towards me. Unable to do anything else, I jumped the steps furiously, hoping I’d win the race. I managed to turn over the upper landing before I heard the door open below me. I let out a deep sigh and continued climbing. That had been too close… Sweat was beading on my forehead and breasts. My legs were trembling. What would I have done if I had been caught naked, alone with a strange man? What would he have done?

I was at terrace level now; waited for few more minutes till the noises cleared. I climbed down silently to the third level again. It appeared all calm. My room was at the extreme end of the passage. I opened the door and stuck my head out. The left was clear… The right was clear… Covering my breasts and pussy, I darted out and sprinted down the passageway to my room. Torn between the need for Andrea to hear me and the desire for no one else to, I knocked half-heartedly, but rapidly, hoping to get her attention quickly. She usually was awake reading until late. I hoped she was doing so tonight.

I heard shuffling behind the door. “Andrea? It’s me! Erica!! Open up, quick, I forgot my key!” I nervously spoke as loud as I dared.

“Erica?! Be right there!”

Thank goodness she was awake! My nightmare was finally almost over. All I had to do was make it inside… I was too exposed and completely naked in the hallway. Anyone could see everything right now, my breasts, my thighs, my ass, even my pussy.

The door creaked open. I hurriedly pushed my way into the darkened apartment. “Thank you so much, Andrea! I’ve had the worst night! You would not believe-“

The lights turned on.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday!” cheered a chorus of voices.

A decorated cake sat on the kitchen table, surrounded by wrapped gifts.

Above the table, a colorful banner read, “Happy Birthday, Erica!”

Scattered through the room were Laura, Chellessa and, Mike, now staring in shock at me, naked, in the middle of the room. Gasps rang out, quickly followed by a quiet susurrus of whispers. I felt like a deer in the headlights, too paralyzed with shame and surprise to even cover my bare breasts and pussy from their eyes. I felt the heat of their stares of lust, of shock, of judgment against my body.

So, I realized with a wry smile, they hadn’t forgotten my birthday, after all…

“Thank you very much” I hugged letting each of them hold my naked body in their loving arms. I loved them all feeling my naked body and touching me all over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32