Birthday surprise_(3)

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He first approached me to surprise my best friend for her birthday about a month before the birthday. We had decided I would do the food stuff and decorating and he would invite the friends. I thought it was a great idea because I love to throw parties.

Called him the week before the event to make sure all was still a go. He said her mom would be taking her to dinner and then she would be stopping by his place afterward and we would surprise her. He aslo said he arranged for everyone to park around the corner so no cars would be noticed. Sounds like a plan I thought.

Jeff and Tina had been an item for about 6 months now. He seemed totally devoted to her. Tina had mentioned she was beginning to get used to some of his kinky ways and actually growing to enjoy them. When I questioned her about the level of kink, I was a bit surprised when she told me she did not want to share it with me. We shared everything and why should this be any different. She held her ground so I just had to wonder.

Jeff had always excepted me as her best friend. He was a nice guy to me. When I had a date then I was included with them as a couple, but when I didn’t he always treated me like I was his date as well as Tina and accepted me with the two of them. Tina thought that was great!

I showed up at Jeff’s house two hours before the party to put the decorations out and get the food ready. He showed me the beautiful necklace he had gotten Tina. I was impressed with his taste in jewelry. It really looked like Tina the peice he had chosen for her. Tina would love it I told him. He beemed.

I began with the typical sign of Happy Birthday, some flowers and candles around the room. Then I put the party trays together and put it out on the table. I looked up at the clock and begin to worry a bit because it looked like people were going to be late. I went back to the bedroom and knocked on the door and ask Jeff if he was sure he told everyone to arrive by 6:00. He opened the door and stood in nothing but a towel. He grinned at me and told me not to worry the party would begin now.

I was puzzled by the comment but was suddenly grabbed by the arm and pulled into the bedroom and before I could even speak my hands were slapped into handcuffs. “This is not funny, Jeff, the guest will be arriving soon.”

“They will arrive in about 30 minutes,” he spoke as suddenly something was shoved into my mouth. I began to panic a bit at this point. I was thrashing around and suddenly felt Sex hikayeleri my panties being pulled down and off. A scarf was tied around my mouth to hold what ever I was shoving to push out. I could not hear myself so I know he could not either. Next came my skirt and then my blouse was raised above my head and actually formed a mask around my face. Thrashing I heard him say, “I love a fighter. You will thank me and Tina for this when it is all finished.”

My mind is racing as I think, Tina can’t know her boyfriend is doing this to me. He is taking me against my will. The handcuff is released and I try to strik out at Jeff but he is too quick as he pulls the blouse and bra off over my head. He secures my hands above my head and anchors it to the rod iron bed post. I am kicking out at him as I realize for the first time that I am nude before this man. He grabs one leg and holds it as he secures it above my head causing me to loose all leverage in the kicking. My mind is racing trying to discover a way out of this situation. I suddenly realize there is not an escape from this. My other legs is secured on the other side of me and suddenly I feel him touching me on my clit and pussy and not a thing I can do about it.

He tells me he is going to blindfold me but when all is over I will be able to see everyone who participated in the surpise. Tears are rolling down my cheek at this point. I am deeply afraid and humiliated. Suddenly all is black. I suddenly feel his hands exploring my body and I just resolve to the fact that it is to be. I go deep within myself and relax and let it be.

He feels the tension release and remembers the same feeling Tina had when they initiated her into the lifestyle. It is resolve that their place is a bottom and they are to be used and yes they may get pleasure from it but they are to submit to the will of the master. Tina wanted Gwen to feel the same wonderful feeling as she does when she submits and that was her desire for her birthday. Tina had dreamed this episode up and I orchestrated it to happen but Tina was very comfortable as a submissive and did so willing for whomever I so desired for her to serve. This was the same way I initiated her but it was at a friends party we had attended and she had refused to submit to him for his pleasure.

He proceeded to stroke Gwen till he could feel her shiver and cum. He continued past that point and brought her to full orgasm quickly before anyone arrived. He knew it was a must to have her enjoy Sikiş hikayeleri the event rather than feel like it was violation. Tina would soon arrive and allow everyone else in. He pulled a dildo from under the bed and began to work it into to wet hot pussy and brought her to another orgasm quickly. Her body was responding very nicely. She would be a great submissive for the group and Tina would be her mistress when she needed that side too.

She could not help herself but she was having one of the strongest orgasms of her life. What was happening with her body. She had no control over it and it was betraying her. She did not want to enjoy this, this rape, but she could not help it she did.

No words need be spoken as he realized her release and saw the tears down her face. He was enjoying the vision but wanted Tina to see it too. He heard the front door open and close and then saw Tina in the door. He just nodded at her and she walked over to her friend and bent down and began to stroke her face with her hand. “It is okay, Gwen. I want you to enjoy the kind of sex I have learned to enjoy. It may seem a bit strange for me to go about it in this way but you will thank me when we celebrate your submission tonight.”

Gwen suddenly heard her friend through the roar in her ears of her last cumming. Submission to what this? She could not imagine her strong friend ever submitting to anyone or anything but she just said she did or did she say I would? The thoughts were tumbling incoherently in her mind as suddenly she felt someone eating her pussy. She shivered and came easily. She could hear voices around her now and wondered how many people were in the room with her. She wanted to cover herself and hide but she was still quite secured. Suddenly others were touching her and whispering things in her ear. “You will submit to all of us tonight, little one and then you yourself will choose your master. Tina has ask to take on the role of mistress for you till you are ready to choose for yourself,” came a voice she did not know.

Tina, mistress, what did that mean? Suddenly a person was mounting me and riding me hard. I could feel another wave of ecstasy and knew I would come before they did. Tina whispered in my ear to hold off, as if she could read my mind. Don’t give in to your pleasure till they get theres. I fought it but finally could not hold off any longer. “You will be punished for that,” Tina whispered.

She was not kidding as a belt found it’s Erotik hikaye mark on my ass. “You are just learning and will be excused with less punishement but you must learn to give pleasure before receiving it.” A few more stings of the belt were making their mark on my ass. Then I could feel one lubricating my ass and it scared me. It would hurt and it would be messy. I hated that. Then I had no time to think as a hard cock made it’s way into my ass inch by inch. Then suddenly it was grinding into me. I could feel myself want to release but the sting of the belt was new and I fought it.

I don’t know if I passed out or just lost track of fucks but suddenly I feel my legs and arms being released. I am being gently massaged and then the gag comes off and the blindfold. Tina is sitting there with Jeff. They are cleaning me up with such tenderness. I release tears and tina just holds me tight. Jeff is stroking my back as I hold on to Tina. “Welcome to the world of D/s and you have now discovered your submissive side. How do you feel?”

“I was first angry and scared and wanted to get away from it all but I couldn’t. I felt I was being raped. Then I got such pleasure from each use of my body I wanted more. I even felt I deserved the spanking for not giving pleasure to a partner before taking it for myself. I felt almost selvish for that act and wanted to be punished.”

“I know that is how it felt to me too. Now you are truly one of the family we have here tonight and though it is my birthday it is also yours because you have just given birth to your submissive side. How does that feel?”

“I am not that submissive but sexually I guess I have always known I am the submissive and need the man to be in charge.”

Tina laughed and ask, “is it alright for you to accept a mistress until you find that man? I go both ways and Jeff and I will take you under our wing till you find the right man to serve.”

“It is all so unreal to me. I don’t know what to say.”

Tina stood and brought her a gift and ask her to open it. It was a beautiful silver necklace of heavy silver. Tina put it around Gwen’s neck and said, “you have been collared and will remain so with Jeff and I until we choose to release you if you are accepting of this.”

Gwen just shook her head yes. Jeff took a leash and attached it to the ring that also displayed a charm. He told her to put on the robe and they all walked out of the room together. People Gwen did not know and some she did were there and kissing ehr and welcoming her into the family. They made it seem like Gwen was a part of all of them and in some ways she was. They were celebrating her arrival as a submissive, her new birthday!

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