Birthday Treat

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This is a work of fiction with a few elements of reality and more for connoisseurs of erotic stories and not for those looking for quick and explicit sex.


To be honest, I was slightly nervous as my mother gave me a last hug and kiss on the cheek. I’d just checked in at Heathrow for my flight to Hong Kong. I was going to turn 18 during the flight and was visiting my brother who lives there. My father shook my hand and then hugged me before repeating the same advice he’d given me several times over the past weeks. This would be my first trip alone and my parents were rather anxious.

I acted as if it was no big deal, however I was apprehensive about the length of time I’d be spending in the air and the fact that I’d be arriving in a foreign country, it was exciting but also terrifying. My name is Chris and my brother, Patrick, is twelve years my senior and had lived in Hong Kong for just over a year. He’d landed a job at an investment bank and, apart from the difficulty in finding a flat, seemed to be enjoying his life there. From what he’d told us in his emails and during some skype chats, it was extremely difficult to get a decent place unless you were a millionaire!

After months of searching, he’d finally had to settle for a one bedroom flat with what they called a sky view. This basically meant you could see the sky if you stuck your head out of the window! My parents had bought me the ticket as a birthday gift and I’d be staying with my brother for almost two months. Upon my return to the UK I’d be starting my first year at university. I was a somewhat of a loner and preferred staying indoors working on my computers to socialising with others. My parents were hoping the trip to Hong Kong would help me lose my shyness and become more independent and worldly.

Due to the age gap, Patrick and I weren’t that close and he’d basically ignored me during as I grew up. It was understandable and I didn’t hold it against him. I some ways I envied his confidence and success in everything he did and I was hoping that as I was now an adult he’d treat me more like an equal. He would be at work from Monday to Friday and only had time free on the weekends, so I’d be left to my own devices for most of the time. Patrick had already hinted that I shouldn’t expect him to babysit me on his days off as he’d built up a network of friends and would be spending the majority of his free time with them. I wasn’t upset about this as his character was totally different to mine. He was very outgoing and confident and, unlike me, always had plenty of friends of both genders.

I knew he wasn’t overjoyed at my visit, which was understandable considering the limited space in his home. I’d be sleeping on a pull-out couch in the living/dining area and there was only one small bathroom. In one of his recent emails he’d told me that he often had “friends” stay over and I’d just have to stay out of the way. By “friends” I presumed he meant women and in my mind I wondered how he expected me to keep out of the way if three of us had to share the tiny space!

Despite all of that, I was looking forward to Hong Kong. I’d always been fascinated by Chinese culture and Hong Kong was the ideal stepping stone for future trips to the mainland. Another reason I was excited was something I’d never revealed to anyone before, I was enchanted by Asian women. I found western girls quite frightening as they were often loud, brash and bigger than me! Being only 175cm tall and of slim build this was a real issue and I was hoping I might actually get to know a nice girl.

This was something no one else knew and all of my family and acquaintances thought I had absolutely no interest in females. My parents had even had an embarrassing conversation with me a few weeks ago, where they’d openly asked me if I was gay, while stressing it was fine and nothing to be ashamed of. I’d tried to convince them that this wasn’t the case and had explained that I was shy and just hadn’t met the right girl yet. They said they believed me but I could see the doubt in their eyes. I was of course still a virgin and the closest I’d been to a girl was when I was sitting next to one at school.

With a final wave to my parents I went through the security check, finding it humiliating when a female security officer checked what was causing the metal detector to beep. My belt buckle was the culprit and I found the repeated brushing of a hand held wand over my crotch completely unnecessary. She gave me a sly smile as she finally let me pass and I sensed that she had done this on purpose. I checked the display and saw I had plenty of time to reach the indicated gate. Taking the advice of my father, I purchased a couple of drinks for on board and then settled down in the waiting area. There were only a few other people there and I wondered if the flight would be empty. Sadly, this was not to be and the area rapidly filled up as boarding time got closer. I studied my fellow passengers, many of whom were Asian Isparta Escort and quickly selected a few I wouldn’t mind sitting next to.

I’d never been amongst so many foreigners as we lived in a small village about three hours’ drive from London and I seldom visited our capital city. To my delight the young Asian women were just as I’d imagined. Petite, pretty and seemingly far more reserved than the local girls. In the queue to board the aircraft I felt rather tall and felt like I towered over many of the others. This was another first for me and I already felt elated.

To my delight there was a family of four just in the queue ahead of me. The two daughters were both very pretty and chatting to each other animatedly. They wearing comfort clothes (another tip from my father) which consisted of yoga pants and t-shirts. The pants were skin tight and I could clearly make out the lines of what must be their underwear. Their tops, in contrast, were rather baggy and loose. When one of them bent down to retrieve something from a bag, the collar gaped open and I was presented with a clear view of her bra which was black in colour and had some lace.

The garment in question seemed to be slightly too large for what it was containing and as her arms moved around it also gaped and very briefly revealed a tiny breast and a rather larger darkly coloured nipple. I only just managed to supress a gasp and quickly turned to look away as I felt I’d already rudely invaded her privacy. My face felt hot and I was sure I was blushing furiously but it didn’t stop the blood rushing to my penis. I’d never seen anything like this in real life and my father’s tip of loose clothing was now proving flawed.

My lightweight chino pants were already showing a distinct bulge and this was only the beginning! I quickly bent forwards and picked up my backpack, hoping to use it as cover, which proved quite successful. Since the pack wasn’t full, it melded itself against my crotch and allowed my penis to grow whilst remaining hidden. The image of the tiny breast and its impressive nipple refused to leave my mind and I felt my penis throb each time I thought of it. Of course I’d seen pictures of breasts on my computer screen many times but seeing one in the flesh was something totally different.

You might already have realized that one of the other things I loved about Asian ladies was the fact that they often had small breasts. For some reason I found a small breast far more appealing than a large one. I wouldn’t say the larger variety was off putting, but I just didn’t find it very appealing. Far more important to me was the nipple, here my preference was the opposite. The bigger the better! What I’d just seen was almost perfection, a small bump of breast flesh capped by a nipple that looked like a raspberry. I could only imagine how it would grow even larger when aroused! As you can imagine, these thoughts did nothing to decrease the lump in my pants and more importantly were causing some seepage. I prayed that my thin boxer shorts would absorb the fluid before it left an obvious stain on my trousers.

As the queue moved slowly forwards I couldn’t help but take another look at the girls. Interestingly the bumps under their t-shirts looked rather large and I surmised that the bra, of the one that had given me the show, was heavily padded. This was probably also the reason it had so easily revealed the treasure hidden beneath. It was an important lesson for me and I realised that what you saw when a woman was clothed was not a reliable indicator of what was actually there.

I suppose some women would find having a small breast a deficiently, much like a man with a small penis. I myself was reasonably happy with what Mother Nature had bestowed on me, although it did have some attributes I was less pleased with. The size and thickness were fine and, according to my research, above average for a white male. Where I fell out of the norm was in its shape when aroused, here most of them seemed to be straight or with an upward curve and standing vertically. Mine however, had a distinct downward curve and stood horizontal, meaning the tip actually pointed towards my feet.

The other issue that put me in a minority was the fact that I was circumcised, this is not uncommon but in our family I was the only one. My circumcision was due to a medical condition and neither my father nor brother was cut. Growing up, I’d always felt there was something wrong with me and had diligently avoided being seen naked by anyone. A psychiatrist would probably conclude that this had much to do with my lack of confidence with the opposite sex and my reluctance to be intimate. The last time anyone had seen me in the buff was just after the operation to remove my foreskin which took place when I was 8.

The queue began to move faster and it wasn’t long before it was my turn to hand over my boarding card. This was quite tricky to do while maintaining my cover and I Isparta Escort Bayan have a feeling the somewhat effeminate member of staff was aware of my predicament as he gave me a worrying wink and smile. I quickly moved on and began to panic as I realised a problem. At my seat I would be expected to place my bag in the overhead compartments. If my erection hadn’t abated by then I’d have no way of hiding it!

I tried to concentrate on unpleasant thoughts but try as I might, whenever I glimpsed the girl ahead of me the image of that breast and nipple appeared before my eyes, causing another surge of blood to my nether regions. I was hoping the family would soon take their seats and I would be able to move past them. This was not to be and they settled in the centre, just one row before my own aisle seat. I stood before my designated seat and considered what to do.

There was no way I could lift my backpack. There were already people seated in the centre and window seat of my row and they were looking at me expectantly. The people behind me were growing impatient and I decided the only thing I could do was sit and keep my bag on my lap for the time being. I sat down and did this but was immediately aware that this was only a temporary solution. My backpack was far too bulky to keep on my lap and the economy seat was already a tight fit, even for a person with my diminutive stature. In addition to this I was sitting on my seatbelt buckle, a pillow and a blanket!

As the other passengers settled around me I was still perched uncomfortably and was trying to think of a way to get out of this predicament. I realised that, for once, my downward curvature was of advantage. I wiggled in my seat and lifted my bag slightly, letting my penis slide down my left pant leg. Instead of a tent there was now a far less noticeable bulge. Standing up however was still a no go! I placed my bag in the aisle and pulled the blanket and pillow from under me, placing them on my lap as I opened the seatbelt.

This was already far more comfortable and I was contemplating the next step. I was saved the necessity of standing by a very helpful and rather attractive flight attendant. She asked me if she should place my bag into the overhead locker and I nodded gratefully as I watched her perform the task. She was Asian and fitted my definition of an ideal woman. I took the opportunity to study her as she reached up with the bag. Her uniform stretched tightly over her chest and I thought I could make out the shadow of her bra through the slightly sheer fabric of her white shirt. Her breasts seemed quite large but I now knew that this might not actually be the case.

She smiled at me as she asked if there was anything else I needed. I shook my head and thanked her for her help. I was now finally able to relax a bit and took a closer look at my neighbours for the trip. It was an elderly Asian couple, the man sitting directly next to me and his partner at the window. My dream of having two beautiful, single Asian girls as company for the long flight was obviously not going to come true. My erection finally began to diminish as I diligently studied the safety leaflet and the duty free magazine. I removed the pillow and blanket from my lap but quickly replaced the blanket as I saw the obvious dark stain covering a large portion of my crotch. I had no choice but to sit as I was and wait either for my pants to dry or some other solution to present itself.

Boarding seemed to be wrapping up and I was relieved to see the plane wasn’t full. Not being a seasoned traveller, I didn’t think to take this opportunity to claim a free seat. Once the doors were closed there was a rush of movement and the empty centre row opposite mine was quickly occupied by the two girls that had caused me all the problems. I watched them as they made themselves comfortable, hoping for another illicit glimpse of flesh.

I won’t bore you with details of an otherwise uneventful flight. I watched a few movies, enjoyed observing the friendly flight attendant as she did her job and kept my eye on the girls in case I was treated to another display, which sadly never happened.

After passing through immigration and getting my luggage, the last step was customs. Everything went without a hitch and I when I exited the restricted area I looked around the mass of people trying to locate Patrick. It only took a few minutes and I spotted him. Like me, he was taller than most around him and was wearing a suit with a white shirt and tie. I waved and we approached each other. He gave me a hug and asked “So kiddo, how was the trip?”

“Good, just a bit long.”

He laughed and jokingly asked “So did you end up sitting next to some hot Chinese chick?”

I blushed and he laughed even harder “Ha, knowing you, you probably wouldn’t even have noticed!”

I felt like telling him I’d see a breast and a nipple and had bloody well noticed it but instead I swallowed the comment Escort Isparta and said nothing.

“Let’s get out of here, follow me.”

He took the lead and let me carry all my luggage. Our first stop was a machine to buy a ticket for the MTR and then we headed to the platform. “You better get to know the MTR very well, it’s the best way to get around.”

I nodded and grabbed one of the brochures near the ticket machine. The train arrived and we boarded. Our stop was on the same line which made things easy. During the ride Patrick told me about his flat and which MTR line he used to get to work. While I listened to him speak I looked at the other passengers. It was early afternoon and the train wasn’t that full. There were mostly elderly people and a few children, presumably everyone else was at work.

About 20 minutes later Patrick said “Next stop is ours.”

We left the train and took an escalator into what looked like a shopping mall. “There are some restaurants and shops here but prices are higher that on the street.”

I nodded again, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. Another escalator took us outside and the heat and humidity of Hong Kong hit me for the first time. It was quite a shock coming from cold England and the air-conditioned atmosphere of the airport and MTR. I could barely breathe and gasped. Patrick found it amusing “Don’t worry, you won’t get used to it!”

Thankfully his flat was only a five minute walk and we entered the air cooled lobby of a large building. Patrick nodded at the man at a reception desk and then used a key to activate the lift. “My place is on the 18th floor, apartment 1806. I’ll give you a key so you can get in and out by yourself.”

I nodded again and was surprised to see the building had 36 floors. We reached the 18th quickly and stepped into a well-lit hallway. “There are 8 flats on each floor. There’s also a stairway but I’ve never had to use it, thank god!”

He led us to the door marked 1806 and used the same key as before to unlock it. “Go ahead. I’ve got to get back to work so I’ll give you the tour later. I should be back around 7 o’clock.”

“OK, thanks. I’ll have a shower and then try and get some sleep.”

He nodded and, with a wave, headed back to the lift. I stepped into the flat and was shocked by how small it was. I knew it would be small but wasn’t prepared by how small! Just to the left of the front door was a narrow entrance to a tiny kitchen and directly next to that was another door to what I presumed was the bathroom. The living/dining room was tiny, with just a sofa, small table and a TV. The only other door was closed and must lead to Patrick’s bedroom.

I pulled my luggage inside and closed the self-locking door. God, no wonder Patrick hadn’t been keen sharing this place with me! I stepped into the kitchen, it was very modern but there was really only space for one person at a time in here. The fridge was almost bare, except for a six back of beer and a bottle of water. After locating a glass I poured myself a cup and drank, luckily I wasn’t hungry.

The next stop was the bathroom. This was a touch larger than the kitchen and contained a toilet, sink and shower large enough for two. As to the rest of the bathroom, all I can say is that you would need to get very up close and personal if you had company! I decide a shower was the first priority and left the bathroom to undress. I found it rather disconcerting doing this in the living room of a flat I’d only just entered but the bathroom was simply too cramped. It bothered me that anyone opening the front door would see me instantly but, since Patrick said he’d only be back after 7, I should be OK. I left my dirty clothes in a pile on the floor and stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

I wanted to engage the lock but the button in the centre of the round doorknob made a clicking sound but didn’t engage. After a few times I gave up and turned to the shower. Upon opening the sliding door of the cubicle, I found numerous items of underwear! They were hanging on a washing line, like the ones you sometimes see in hotels, stretched across the width of the shower. Some of the garments were obviously Patrick’s but most were not, or at least I hoped not!

I stared at the red and black lace clothing in awe and then reached out and touched them. I’d never felt anything similar and my penis instantly erected as I imagined what they usually covered. I took down the bra first and studied it in detail. There was a label stating 32AAA, which meant nothing to me but the fact that it seemed well padded and very small made me think that whoever owned this was not large breasted.

I couldn’t resist the temptation and held the garment against my chest while looking at myself in the mirror. As with the girl on the plane, the excessive padding made it look like I had quite large breasts! I closed the loo seat and put the bra on top, adding the other items from the washing line. The tiny, almost see thru knickers warranted further investigation and, I’m ashamed to admit, I sniffed the crotch area. Sadly, all I got was a whiff of washing powder. My cock throbbed as I imagined how small their owner must be and what she’d look like wearing and, more importantly, not wearing this stuff.

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