Bisexual Curiosity

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All Characters 18 and Over.

At the breakfast table on Monday morning, conversation was lively as ever, topics ranging from education, business and politics all leading to their favorite topic: SEX.

And of course, all the hot talk led to the family going at it. Marie was getting railed by Kyle in missionary. Savannah was getting fucked by Grayson in doggy as she sucked off Little Charlie. Selena and Natasha were sharing a dildo, playing with each other’s tits.

Once the whole family was fucked out, they all left to find more to fuck. Kyle headed back to the studio to do some more porn shoots along with Emily and Marie. Victoria on the other hand, got into her car and headed uptown to find some prime cocks to get filled with.

Making her way through a shopping area, she soon saw two delicious looking targets, twin boys. They appeared to be about 18 or 19, blonde haired with green eyes. Watching them at the video game kiosk practically made Victoria’s mouth water.

She approached and leaned over the stand, pretending to check the prices. “It’s so hard to find a good deal these days.”

She smiled at seeing both were staring openly into her cleavage. “See anything you boys like?”

They both nodded in a hypnotic trance as she jiggled them back and forth. “Well,” she asked, openly shoving her hand down one’s shorts, “wouldn’t you rather play with me than some silly game?”

Within minutes, they were in her convertible speeding down the highway to her main spot, the Golden Bloom Hotel. After she checked them in, they made their way to the penthouse, both boys, Landon and London, jacking off while kissing her and playing with her tits.

“Have a seat boys,” she told them. Both sat down and kept jacking off as she undressed in front of them, removing her yellow tank top and black yoga pants until she was completely nude in front of them. However, before she would fulfill their fantasies, beylikdüzü escort they had to fulfill hers as well.

“I want you two to make out.” She said, rubbing herself.

“But…” London stammered, “he’s my brother…”

“Look,” Victoria said, rubbing her sexy knockers, “either you kiss your twin, or you don’t get these twins.”

Landon and London turned to each and gulped, slowly inching until their lips met. Soon enough, their apprehension turned to anxiousness as they kissed hungrily, rubbing and stroking each other. Victoria then began sucking of London, the boy moaning into his brother’s mouth.

She pulled back and turned to Landon. “Do you want to try?”

Landon turned to London, who nodded eagerly. They kissed again and Landon leaned down to suck London’s head into his mouth, his brother shuddered and moaned, Victoria continuing to suck his nuts while Landon handled the shaft.

Next, Victoria was soon getting plowed by London in doggystyle while Landon fucked her face, her hand massaging his smooth, heavy nuts. London was going at it like a machine, slamming his dick deep into her pussy.

“God, your mouth feels great, Victoria!” Landon cried, gripping her hair.

“I can’t believe we’re fucking the MILF Pornstar of the Year!” London shouted, kissing his brother.

Landon, overworked from fucking her brother and kissing his brother, yelled out and came hard onto her tongue. They French kissed and he swallowed some of his own cum before sharing with London and earring his ass as he continued to drive hard into her cunt.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum too!” he yelled, driving his hips against her jiggling ass.

“Dump your sperm into mme London,” she said, “Fuck me good, breed me.”

She looked in the mirror across from the bed, London’s pleasured face as he fucked her, Landon with two fingers in her brother’s tight virgin ass as they continued to beylikduzu escort kiss, making Victoria even hornier.

She felt his cock thicken and his body slow down as he injected her cunt with his young sperm. London continued to fuck her, the desire to keep his hard cock in a nice warm wet tunnel almost overpowering to the young teen. He eventually slowed even further then stopped, his

crotch pressed against her, and rested his body on her back. She kissed him deeply and rubbed his back then praised him for giving her such a good fuck. Landon had moved around them and was rubbing his brother’s ass.

“Your cock felt so good, London,” Victoria panted, sitting before them. “I think Landon wants to experience it too. Don’t you, Landon?”

He nodded and Victoria had him lay on his back and she began to rim his asshole while stroking his cock. Landon moaned and squirmed, never having felt anything like it. London then lay beside him as Landon straddled him, both of them crying out as London broke his brother’s cherry.

He began to ride him hard, Victoria kissing Landon and jacking him off. “How’s your brother’s dick feel, baby?”

“AGH!!!!” Landon cried, “ITS FUCKING HUGE!!!”

She giggled and dangled her tits over London’s face, letting him suck them as he kept thrusting into his brother. He then picked up speed both of them screaming as Landon erupted, shooting his hot cum onto his brother’s chest. Victoria wasted no time in licking him clean as London cried out also, shooting his load up Landon’s ass.

“OHHHH FUCK!!!” Landon screamed, gripping the bed sheets to avoid falling off, “I CAN FEEL ALL HIS HOT CUM!!”

“YES!!!” London cried also, “TAKE IT ALL INSIDE!!!”

Both boys fell back, a river of cum seeping from Landon’s ass while London caught his breath, his cock still leaking from the tip.

“Tsk tsk tsk…” Victoria said, shaking her head, “what a mess! escort beylikdüzü I guess I have to clean this up now.”

London gasped as he felt her swallow his dick, sucking out the last of his cum. She then attacked Landon’s ass, slurping his ass clean of his brother’s spunk. London then began fucking Victoria’s ass, the MILF screaming as his swollen dick pounded away at her back door.

“OH FUCKING FUCK!!!” she screamed, “GOD YES!!!”

Landon meanwhile, was on his stomach, licking from his brother’s nuts to his asshole while he fucked their new mentor. He then leaned back and lubed his cock with Victoria’s pussy juice and slid it up London’s ass while he railed Victoria.

“FUCK!!!” London cried, Landon pounding him deeper into Victoria.

“Yes… yes!” Victoria screamed, “DON’T STOP!”

London yelled out and came violently into her, flooding her push with cum. She pulled off and began to watch, London on his stomach while Landon ruthlessly sodomized him, their balls smacking together loudly.

“I fucking love your ass bro…” Landon groaned as he kept at it, slamming his cock home.

London nodded. “I love your dick inside me Landon… oh fuck…”

Victoria brought her tits to London’s mouth and let him suck while Landon kept fucking him, turned on watching him drinking Victoria’s tit milk.

“Oh god… I’m gonna cum!!” Landon yelled. “Take all my cum bro!”

He unleashed a huge load, washing out his brother’s ass with gallons of hot cum while Victoria watched closely, seeing London’s twitch seconds before she put it into her mouth and swallowed his thick wad.

Hours later, Victoria lay on her side, Landon fucking her ass in a spooning position as her right leg was over his hip and she sucked off London. It was now nearly dark and the boys had called their mother to let her know they were at a friend’s house.

London groaned and pulled from her mouth, shooting his load onto Victoria’s tits as Landon pulled out and fired his seed onto her ass, Victoria moaning as she rubbed it into her skin. The trio kissed and finally rested for the night, Victoria falling asleep with a boy on each breast, and a cock in each hand.

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