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When you think of cuckolding, what do you envision? A Black dude with a big dick fucking some lusty White woman in front of her lame, limp-dick White hubby. That’s the most common misconception about cuckolding, that it involves lame males and overly sexual females. That’s just a stereotype, ladies and gentlemen. Please inform yourselves before making snap decisions about stuff you don’t understand.

The truth is that there’s psycho-sexual dimensions to cuckolding, and it can occur between people of any race, gender or sexual orientation. My name is Kia Crawford and I’m a Black woman living in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a wife, and a mother, and I am part of a growing number of Black women who cuckold their ( willing ) Black men with men of other races. Cuckolding does go on in the Black community, let no one tell you otherwise.

Now, you might think that I am one of those Black women who hate brothers and worship males of other races. Far from it. A strong Black woman cannot hate the men of her race and still respect herself. I love my dear husband, who is a fine and educated, successful brother. I love the life that we’ve built for ourselves. I am a sexually adventurous woman, and at the age of fifty three, I want to sow some wild oats. My man is willing, and we’re happy and take precautions, so what’s the harm?

I want you to know that I am a highly educated and success Black Canadian woman. I have an MBA from the University of Victoria, and work as a branch manager at a CIBC in downtown Vancouver. My husband Samuel Crawford is biracial, born in Surrey, British Columbia, to a Jamaican immigrant father and a White Canadian mother. We met as students at the University of Victoria, fell in love and got married. We’re the proud parents of three grown brats, Michael, Jonathan and Nicole.

My husband Samuel works for an accounting firm, and these days, with an empty nest, we’ve decided ankara ucuz escortlar to spice up our marriage some. We’ve tried swinging, and it was fun for Samuel and I to fuck other people. I had a lot of fun watching Samuel fuck the hell out of Alicia Chang, this young Asian woman whom I know from work. Samuel used to date an Asian woman before he met me, and he still has a thing for these exotic broads, even though he’s utterly devoted to me. That’s why I indulged his fantasy of bringing an Asian chick to our bed.

Alicia Chang, the freaky young Asian gal from CIBC was just what the doctor ordered. Took some convincing, but I got Alicia to join Samuel and I in our bedroom for some fun. Samuel bent the Chinese slut over and slammed his big caramel dick into her tight cunt while Alicia licked my pussy. I am a bisexual woman, in case you hadn’t figured it out and I love licking pussy and also having my pussy licked by another woman.

Alicia Chang polished my cunt with her tongue. This submissive Asian slut was a lot of fun to fuck, for both Samuel and myself. Afterwards, I donned a strap-on dildo and fucked Alicia with it while she sucked my husband Samuel’s dick, and he came all over her face. I then licked Samuel’s cum off Alicia’s pretty face and then licked her pussy. Afterwards, the three of us showered, and then Alicia got dressed and went home.

Yeah, my husband Samuel and I are a freaky couple. Like a lot of freaky couples, we like to push the envelope. That’s why we decided to try cuckolding. Now, cuckolding is radically different from swinging. In the world of cuckolding, a wife or girlfriend fucks another man while her husband or boyfriend watches. Traditional cuckolding involves a big-dick Black guy fucking a White woman in front of her White husband. Well, I decided to flip the script, for a change.

Samuel and I had a hard time finding a B.U.L.L. to play with, seriously. There’s ankara üniversiteli escortlar health concerns, of course, and we also didn’t want to deal with any racist or crazy bozos. In the end, I settled on Steven Martinez, a young Latino guy I know from the gym. I initially wanted a White bull but since most of the White guys out there who were turned on by the idea of fucking a Black woman in front of her Black husband turned out to be racist bozos, I picked this friendly, easygoing and respectful Latino stud instead.

Samuel and I met Steven and we discussed things over coffee at a Tim Horton’s downtown before we went any further. Steven Martinez was really open-minded and friendly, and he was also respectful toward Samuel and me. I’m not about to bring any rude, disrespectful or bigoted men into my household or my bed. Samuel talked to Steven man to man, and they liked each other. The three of us agreed to get our freak on the following weekend.

The magic day came, and Samuel and I welcomed Steven into our home, and the three of us got our freak on. As Samuel sat back and watched, I got naked, all five-foot-ten and one hundred eighty pounds of me. I’m curvy and dark-skinned, with big tits, wide hips and a big round ass. Steven was thrilled to see me naked, judging by how hard his dick got. Before I went for Steven’s big Latino dick, I made sure that my hubby Samuel put a chastity device on his dick. Now he’s a true Black cuckold! As his Black cuckolding wife, I am thrilled.

Smiling at my husband Samuel, I grabbed Steven’s dick and stroked it. My Black husband’s eyes went wide as I got on my knees and began sucking the Latino stud’s bronze-colored dick. I sucked Steven’s dick with gusto, and when the Latino dude came, I drank every last drop of his cum. Samuel looked uncomfortable and turned on, and I absolutely loved watching my sexy Black husband squirm. It’s part of the fun for me ankara vip escortlar as the freaky Black wife, cuckolding my man and enjoying his discomfort and painful pleasure.

Steven rolled a condom on that long and thick dick of his, and I, Kia Crawford, happily got on all fours and let him stick his big Latino dick into my tight Black pussy. Steven gripped my wide hips tightly and slammed his dick into my cunt. Samuel watched, both turned on and uncomfortable as I got fucked by another man. I blew Samuel a kiss as Steven fucked me, and happily rode the Latino stud’s magic stick.

Steven smacked my big Black ass and pulled on my hair as he slammed his dick into my cunt. Groaning softly, Steven came and then pulled out of me. A deliciously wicked idea shot through my mind. As Steven took off his condom, I rubbed his dick against my hairy Black pussy ( no worries I’m on the pill and Steven is STD-free ). I looked at my husband Samuel and told him to do the cuckold’s duty. As in cleanup duty.

Samuel hesitated, and I shot my sexy Black husband a stern look. My way of reminding Samuel that I am his Black wife who is cuckolding him with a well-endowed, masculine Latino guy. The cuckold’s duty is to clean up the other guy’s cum from his wife’s cunt. Samuel obediently licked Steven’s cum from my pussy, and I sighed happily. My fantasy is complete. I am a Black woman who successfully cuckolded my Black husband with a Latino bull. Reverse cuckolding has truly been achieved. Fun!

My husband Samuel and I thanked our guest Steven Martinez for a wonderful time, and sent him on his merry way with our heartfelt thanks. I, Kia Crawford, am a happy Black woman. So much that I took Samuel’s face in my hands and kissed my sexy Black husband passionately. I can’t thank him enough for making my ultimate fantasy come true.

Compromise and mutual understanding are what makes marriages, especially Black marriages, truly work. If my Black hubby wants to fuck a Chinese chick in front of me, his sweet Black wife, it’s cool. And if I, as a freaky Black wife who’s twisted, want to cuckold my Black hubby with a Latino dude, it’s more than okay. Turnabout is fair play, right? Welcome to our twisted world!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32