Black Journal Ch. 25

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Duncan Cyrus, age 27, The Day: Morning

I believe we all get these perfect days. You know, twenty-four straight hours of nothing goes wrong, everything goes right. And the same time, we fear those days. The reason is because it’s like taking drugs, you never want to come down off the high.

My perfect day began in the morning. 5 am – it was a day off. I woke up from a real good ass dream. I had left a big wet spot due to ramming my dick down the throat of an old teacher I had back in high school. She was a mean old lady and she always got on my case. Guess I had to unconsciously get something off my chest or out of my system.

This time I wasn’t feeling awkward or annoyed about it, the unconscious wet part. I just went to the shower with a smile on my face. Inside I just stood under the shower head letting the warm water hit my body. The thick white stuff slithered off my front and then I decided for a second go around. I stroked carefully because of the sensitivity and used an image of my old teacher stuffing her esophagus with my dick again. I had her squatting and poking out that humongous ass and made her shake it Kayseri Escort as she fucked her throat religiously. Three minutes in and I shot on the wall. I was surprised by how thick the streams were that hit the wall. I washed up and dried. After the hygiene I go into my bedroom and change the sheets.

8 am – still sporting a hard on. I sat at my workstation with boxer shorts and a muscle shirt on. I began planning my day and was almost done when I received a knock on my door. I was skeptical to open it. By the third round of knocks I decided to see who it was. It was actually my right-across-the-hall neighbor. She was still in her pajamas asking for “sugar”. Like that isn’t plentiful anymore. So I let her in. I don’t have sugar myself because I don’t bake.

My neighbor then put on this dramatic show about how her husband is cheating on her or something along those lines. Mind you all, I was still reeling from my earlier explosions. I wasn’t listening or caring one bit. I dropped my drawls and she proceeded with a revenge blowjob. What is a revenge blowjob? Well ladies and gentlemen it is when a female, Kayseri Escort Bayan in my case, does things she doesn’t normally do with her own significant other. My fat neighbor is a bit conservative. Her just coming over in her pjs was out of character for her.

On her own she gave me one of those sloppy jobs. Basically she just doesn’t swallow the drool in her mouth and let fluctuate out her mouth. She gagged herself and everything, like she was trying to get the taste of her “better half” out of her system. The splashing sounds as the drops hit the floor was amazing. Nothing like a big female giving it her all on her knees. The front of her top, which was a flannel, what a get up, but wasn’t damaging to her cuteness, was soaked. She couldn’t finish me even with her superb skills and my tenderness. She gave herself one last push and kept my dick down her throat for a few seconds as she looked up at me. She threw herself off as she gasped for air and stroked me. She spat on my schlong, smiled, and then left in her mess. I had to clean up my floor.

10:30 am – after getting cleaned up I had remembered Escort Kayseri I had errands to run. I turned on my car for maintenance then I went to a suit store. I bought a normal suit combination for an office party that weekend. Plus, I was trying to impress one of my co-workers. She was a transfer from a western division with her big curvy ass. And I do mean her body in general. She was a hard ass too, and at times I like my fat women that way. Take no prisoners, business minded, but one day you catch them doing something out of the norm and they want you to keep a secret. By secret I mean she was caught giving head. I knew it was a set up because she was doing it in the men’s restroom.

I had heard the subtle suckling and licking noises she was trying to keep under wraps but I know those sounds all too well. I just waited til the male left and confronted her, but I didn’t know it was her. My feelings were a little hurt because I couldn’t picture her as the ball buster fantasy anymore. Suffice it to say I had to stroke myself in the changing room. My breathing was a bit ragged with the small precise twists I used on myself at my tip. The sales lady came and knocked to ask if everything was ok. I assured her I was fine but a bit of precum had dripped out as I was talking to her. I paid and I swore the lady had looked at me with some type of sexual manner. That was my morning. Not bad eh? Of course I had other errands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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