Blackmailed Ch. 03

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“You will not cum until I tell you! Understand slut? If you do I’ll make you regret it.”

“Yes Miss”. I say with absolutely no confidence.

She gets down between my legs and pulls down the pink thong holding my hard dick in place. Her face hovers over my cock. I can feel her breath on it. Oh fuck. There’s no way I can last. She licks up and down slowly and gently. I moan loudly.

“I didn’t say you could moan like a little bitch did I?”

“No Miss. Sorry Miss”

She slaps my cock hard. Fuck that hurt, but I’m still rock hard.

“Seems someone liked that. Let’s see if he likes this.”

She takes my cock almost all the way into her mouth. Deep into her throat. My god I think. She has some serious skills. She carries on, easing off and playing with the head of my cock with her tongue and then back into her throat. I can feel her nose on my stomach.

“I can’t take much more Miss.”

“I said no. Remember I’ll make you regret it. Or maybe you won’t you pervert” she laughs.

Oh great. She takes me back down her throat and is really going for it. I was set up to fail from the start.

I can feel the cum building

“Sorry Miss I’m going to cum.”

She takes me deep into her throat again and just as in about to cum, she pulls off and slaps my cock hard again. It pushes me over the edge and I start to cum up into the air it landing back and covering my torso with my seed. She moves away and gives me a stern look.

I’m frustrated that I came when I wasn’t supposed to. What does she have planned for me now?!

She walks away and leaves the room. When she returns she is wearing a large black strapon. Wow. She looks really sexy. She scoops some of the cum from my stomach Şerifali Escort and rubs it onto her cock. Then moves towards my head. Oh no I think I know where this is going.

“Open up slut”

She shoves her cock into my mouth. Pushing hard and making me gag. Then slowly pulls out and tells me to clean her cock. I do as I’m told. Tasting myself in the process. She scoops some more cum and wipes it across my face.

She reaches over and takes some lube from a side cupboard. Lubing up her cock and reaching down to my arse. The fucking earlier has opened me up. She slides 2 fingers in with ease.

“Yes good little slut”

She fiddles with the harness and I hear some vibrating and she starts to moan. I’m still tied down, I can’t move. She moves down my body, getting herself between my legs and lifting them up resting them against her body. Putting her cock at my hole. She slides in relatively easily. Yes. It feels both painful and incredible. She is staring intently into my eyes. I moan again and she slaps my cock again.

“You’ll learn. In fact. Wait there” she pulls out and walks over to a cupboard and returns with a metal cock cage. Oh great I think. I’m not a massive fan.

She places the ring over my balls and puts the cage on quite easily over my now shrunken cock. She puts on the little padlock and shows me the key. Placing it onto a necklace around her neck.

Then looking back to me smiling she thrusts her cock inside me. She picks up the pace. Fucking me hard and deep. My cock starts to strain again. This time unable to get hard. I feel sorry for myself. She fucks me harder and harder. She is really moaning now. Clearly she’s enjoying herself. It builds to a crescendo and İstanbul Escort she cums hard, she is screaming now. I wish I could take the credit.

She pulls out and climbs onto me, kissing me deeply. Oh god I think I love her I laugh to myself. My arse feels so empty now.

“Right slut. Now for your punishment!”

That wasn’t it? I think. Oh god what has she got in mind.

She gets up and disappears for 5 minutes or so. When she returns she has a number of clothing items in her hands. She lays them on the bed. I see stockings. A suspender belt and bra. All pink.

Then a short white skirt.

“Put them on slut”

She releases my hands from the cuffs and walks away.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t have my own clothes and don’t even know where my car key is now.

I hesitantly put them on. Thinking better of trying to stop this now. I’m too far into it.

She returns shortly after and looks me up and down. “Not bad, you could almost pass as a real woman. Here” she says and throws a blonde wig.

I put it on. I look ridiculous. I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of an alpha male outside of the bedroom, but now I’m nothing more than a sissy slut.

“Right follow me and I don’t want to hear any whinging! Ok?”

She puts on a long coat and walks to her door. What is she doing I think. I hesitate.

“I said follow me. Yes you may have guessed we’re going for a little drive.”

“Like this? I’ll get locked up Miss.”

“Get in the fucking car. You’re in the back. No one will see you. Probably.”

I get in. Quickly and try and cover myself in the back. Fortunately the rear windows are slightly tinted. I hope people can’t see in.

“Sit in Ümraniye Escort the middle slut”. Oh great so people can see in now.

“Where shall we go?” She mused. “To the shops?” She laughed.

I sat silently. Waiting my fate.

“No let’s go and get you fucked again shall we?”

Oh god. Again?!

We drive away from the house. It’s quite rural so I’m hoping no one can see in. We turn into some kind of industrial area. She drives in and stops in front of one of the units. She throws me a blindfold and tells me to put it on. Not being able to see might be a benefit right now. She gets out and I hear some chatting. She opens the rear door and tells me to get out. She leads me in and through a door. I hear the buzzing sound that lets someone know someone has entered a shop or something.

Fuck where are we?!

I hear laughing. A man’s voice.

“You’re right. That is pathetic” he says. “Still I’m sure we can have some fun. Let’s go show the boys!”

The boys?! What. How many are here?

I just want to turn and run but what good is that going to do?

“I don’t want to do this. It’s gone too far” I say.

“You’re right slut. It has gone too far, but there’s no turning back for you now! Unless you want to run off somewhere you don’t know whilst wearing your sissy outfit or you could just go naked!” She laughs

She’s right. I have absolutely no choice in all this. What have I gotten into?!

I get pulled by the arm and led into some other room. I still can’t see anything.

I hear a wolf whistle. I’m led to some sort of bench. I’m bent over and lay my chest onto it. I’m kneeling on all fours. Someone attaches my wrists and ankles to it. I feel lube being applied to my arse and she says, “Enjoy boys. I’ll pop back later and pick her up. Make sure she gets filled with cum. Invite any mates if you want. I’m sure Dave here won’t mind hosting and sissy won’t argue will she?!” She slaps my face and I reluctantly say “No Miss.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32