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The water is hot and relaxing as you enjoy the music playing quietly. A glass of white wine sits next to your hand on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub. The jets move the massaging water around your body, caressing your skin and rolling over your soft curves. Though your eyes are closed, you can still see the flickering candlelight as it plays over your eyelids. This is definitely a well-deserved moment of complete enjoyment.

The only way it could be better is if I were enjoying it with you, caressing your body, as the water is. Just the thought of my hands running over your skin seems to warm your body even more. Your hand moves to glide over your neck and shoulders, just in the spots you imagine my hands would go to.

You can feel your nipples stiffen and grow as the image of my hand focuses clearly in your mind. You reach out with your other hand and grasp the cool wine glass, lifting it towards your face, and slowly drawing the chilly smooth glass over your hot flesh. Its touch on your cheek is electrifying. You imaging it to be my cool lips, brushing over your feverish forehead, and gliding down your hairline to the edge of your jaw. Your hand, my hand, moves over your breast and cups it, squeezing and embracing it, his fingers rubbing lightly at your nipple. The rushing of the water is the sound of my whispering voice, murmuring passionate words of love to you.

You can feel the heat from my body, leaning over you, so close, but not touching. Only my lips and my hand are in your mind. You picture my face so close to yours, my lips moving closer to yours and then turning back and gliding away along your jaw line again. You ache to taste my lips, to have me kiss you deeply and stop torturing you in this way. The hand move lower now, gliding under the surface of the water towards a warmer and wetter place. Your lips purse and your breath quickens as your hand, my hand, brushes through the ringlets of hair pointing the way. As fingers move over your outer lips, pressing into you, the wine glass slips forgotten out of limp fingers, spilling cold wine on your shoulder, and splashing into the water beside you. Your eyes snap open at the icy touch on your shoulder and arm, and you lose the picture of your fantasy man.

“Shit!” You reach down and feel for the wine glass bumping against your hip, picking it up and setting it well away from the edge of the tub. A quick dunking of the facecloth in the water and you wipe the wine off of your shoulder and arm. “Damn, I was really starting to enjoy that.” Your words echo in the bathroom, and it seems that much emptier. Even the warm flicker of the candle has turned agitating and taunting. You quickly get up and step out of the tub, reaching for the jet shut off switch before opening the drain. A quick wrap of the bath sheet around you and you step out of the bathroom and head for the bedroom where you throw yourself on top of the bed and reach for the phone. A quick dial and you wait while it rings on the other end.


“Can you come home soon? I need your company, and I don’t want to wait.” Your words are soft and sultry, leaving no doubt in my mind what kind of company you are looking for.

“Sure. Give me half an hour and I’ll be there.”

“You’ve got twenty minutes and I’m starting without you.”

“Mmmmmmm. I may be late just so I can come in and watch you for a bit.”

“Hurry. I’m waiting.” With those final seductive words, you hang up and roll over on the bed. After all, there are a few things you want to get ready before I get there.

I arrive to find the door unlocked for me. I step inside, closing it behind me. A few candles light the living room, casting dancing shadows on the walls. Draped across the chair next to the hallway there is my bathrobe. A note is sitting on top of it.

Take everything else off.

Put this on.

Meet me in the bedroom.

A shiver runs down my spine as I imagine what is in store for me tonight. My fingers quickly undo the buttons on my shirt and pants, pulling the clothes off of me quickly. I lay them on the arm of the couch and pick up the bathrobe, pulling it around my shoulders.

My feet make soft whisper sounds on the carpet as I walk through the hallway. The only light for me to see by is the flickering of the candlelight in the living room. As I approach our bedroom door, I can see that it is open wide, but pitch dark inside. I pause at the door, peering uselessly into the blackness. I can’t even hear anything.

Your voice reaches out and draws me in. “Please, don’t stop there. Come in. There is much to be done.”

I step into the dark room and a match flares in front of me. By the light of the flame, I can see you standing a few feet away. You are wearing a long black see-through robe, and you move the match towards a candlestick and touch the flame to the wick. Your back is towards me and you Gaziantep Binevler Escort turn, blowing out the match as you do. The flame of the candle grows, casting off more light as it gets stronger, and your silhouette redefines and I begin to see you much clearer. I step towards you as you move to me. Our lips touch and you pull back quickly saying, “First things first. Come over here to the bed and sit down.” Your hands pull at my robe, guiding me to the edge of the bed and gently pushing me to a sitting position near the footboard railing. Your hands glide up to my shoulders and under the robe, pushing it off of my shoulders and baring my chest. You lead forward and gently touch your lips to my shoulder, kissing me softly. Your hands slide down my arms holding them to my sides as your lips begin to leave a trail of kisses up to my neck.

My head rolls back on my neck and I close my eyes, savouring the delicious sensations you are giving me. Your tongue darts out to skim up my neck, and a shiver chases down my spine as you step in closer to me, your legs straddling one of my own. Now your hands pull at my arms, moving them up to encircle your hips, and then once again your fingers glide back up towards my shoulders. My own fingers glide over the sheer fabric of your robe, tenderly caressing your ass through it, squeezing gently at your wonderful curves.

Your tongue flicks now at my earlobe before your lips suck it gently between your teeth. My breath rushes in as I forget all else but that touch. Slowly, my mind begins to register the rest of the wonderful sensations I am experiencing. My hands have moved to glide down your legs, feeling the taught curve of your ass become the smooth symmetry of your thighs, down further to the sensitive backs of your knees and to your smooth calves where I find the hem of the sheer robe. Back upwards now, my fingertips brush over your legs once more, this time under the black robe, directly caressing your skin. Goose bumps rise on your skin under my touch as higher and higher my caress reaches. At the curve of your ass, my fingers curl and press into your yielding flesh, pulling you towards me.

All this while, your lips have been nibbling at my neck and ear, but now your mouth moves to my own and you confidently press your lips to mine, passionately kissing me and drawing my breath from me. Your hands are on my back, pulling my bare chest towards you and pressing us together. Your tongue forces its way past my teeth and into my mouth, and your desire is evident.

Your hands move around to my chest and begin to push at me, breaking our kiss as you push harder and step back and away, leaving me longing for your touch once more. In the soft glow of the candle, you slowly turn away from me, but keep your eyes looking over your shoulder directly at me. Your smouldering gaze burns into my own eyes as you undo the belt of the robe and it falls open.

Your hand glides over your shoulder, under your chin, sliding the material off of your beautiful skin, exposing millimetres at a time, slowly tantalizing me with your sultry movements. Without looking away from me, your other hand slowly bares your other shoulder and the robe slips down off of your neck, and down your shoulder blades. Slowly, you begin to move to music only you can hear, rolling your hips and shoulders, with your legs turning just enough not to rush the show. Your movements are so captivating, that I can begin to hear the music you move to whispering in my own mind.

Down moves the robe, uncovering the curve of your spine and the small of your back. The curves of your hips wink at me over the material, first one, then the other, and then the robe drops more, displaying the delicate curve of your ass, and suddenly you turn, pulling the robe around to the front of you, covering your nether regions, with one arm delicately hiding your breasts, and your other hand conveniently gripping the robe, hiding your precious secrets.

Still, you move to the music, grinding with the sultry tones in our heads. Your arm slowly drops, revealing dark, hard nipples, reaching out with their own desires. Your hand slowly glides down your other forearm, and your fingers grip the robe next to your other hand, and just as I expect it to fall to the floor, you lift it high, and fling it out over my head, blinding me.

My own hands quickly pull the light material from obstructing my view of your gorgeous body and my eyes rest on your magnificent bare body.

Bare. Smooth. I cannot take my eyes from your slick pussy. “You shaved it.”

“Do you like it?” you ask coyly.

“It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.” You laugh at my childlike examination of this new development. You step closer to me. My hands reach out and my fingertips lightly brush at your hips, pulling you closer, closer, until you can feel my hot breath caressing your newly exposed skin. The rush of warm moist air tickles at the sensitive surface. My lips reach out and slowly glide over the smooth skin, and a shiver of excitement spreads out from your hot center. “So smooth.” My words push a blast of heat onto you and you feel your pussy lips open slightly, delighting in the sexuality of the moment.

“Taste me,” you whisper, and your words make me want you so much more. My tongue slides over the smooth skin, next to your full lips, and they open a little more in expectation of what is to come. Again me tongue glides upwards, this time moving directly between the outer lips, and then back down again, ever so lightly, almost teasing you with the soft touch. My fingers pull you closer to me, and my tongue moves upwards again, this time sliding into your softness, and finding the wet moisture building up within you.

My teeth scrape over the newly shaved skin and your knees weaken with the provocative sensation. My lips suck lightly at your outer lips, encouraging them to open more for my attentions. Again my tongue slides up and into you, deeper this time, delving into warmer, wetter areas, upwards to find your hard pleasure point, and swiftly over it, just pressing at its hood and hinting at the proceedings to come.

Your hands move to run your fingers through my hair, and your head falls back on your shoulders, delighting in the sensations beginning to move through your body. Again my tongue presses deep into you, pulling out more wetness and spreading in through your pussy. Your clit is beginning to wake and peek out from its hiding spot, and each time my tongue moves up and over it, a new wave of bliss sends its thrill out from it.

Suddenly, you curl your fingers tightly through my hair and pull my face away from you. “Not yet,” you whisper. “You’re not ready yet.”

“Oh, I’m ready, just look at this.” My hard cock is hard and straining straight out from my groin.

“No,” you say, “you’re not ready. You have to be like this, too.”

My eyes light up with enthusiasm as I realize what it is you are voicing. “Will you shave me too, then?” I ask, with desire in my voice.

“Oh yes.” Your voice is husky with passion. Your hands move to mine resting on your hips and our fingers entwine as you slowly back away, pulling me up from the bed, out of the doorway and down to the end of the hallway and into the bathroom. Your hand leaves mine to reach up for the light switch, and a soft glow basks over us as a single bulb lights up in the vanity mirror. The soft glow illuminates a safety razor, a tin of shaving cream, a soft cloth, and a small bottle of moisturizing lotion sitting at the end of the counter. “As you can see, I have everything we will need.”

“So you were planning this, were you?” I ask.

“For some time now,” is all you answer. You guide me towards the toilet and push me down to sit on it. You pick up the cloth and run it under the basin tap, soaking it with warm water. You bring it over to me and gently dampen the curly hair at my groin, gently moving my hard member around to get everywhere. You exchange the cloth for the tin of shaving cream and spray a large dollop of it into your hand. You set down the tin and rub your hands together, spreading out the cream and then gently spreading it into my coarse, damp pubic hair, massaging my hard cock with your eager hands. You then pick up the safety razor and starting at the top of the nest of hair, you begin with short movements, trimming off the long hairs with quick, light movements. You rinse the razor under the running tap water and move back to trim some more. Down beside my hard cock, you gently pull it to one side to remove the curls there. In your hand, my stiff shaft throbs with excitement. Again you rinse and then return to trim the other side. Now you slowly and gently run over the base of my prick, removing the hairs form there as well. And now you are lifting my cock and gently the razor glides over my tight balls, removing the soft hairs from there, too. Again you gather some shaving cream in your hands and gently massage it into my groin. You pick up the razor again , but this time your movements are long, gliding sweeps, slicking away the stubble and leaving smooth, bare skin. Over and around; along the full length of my throbbing member; over my balls once more, until I am totally exposed, with your fingertips gliding over my sensitive skin. Again you pick up the soft cloth and run the warm water through it, returning to wipe away the excess shaving cream. Your hands set the cloth on the counter and you pick up the moisturising lotion. You squeeze a large drop onto your palm and set the lotion back down again. This time your hands slowly rub together for a moment first, warming up the lotion before you begin caressing it into my tender skin. One hand grips my stiff shaft and slowly strokes the hardness, while the other massages my balls, until all of the lotion is absorbed. You look up into my eyes. “How does this feel?” Your hands continue to stroke me. The bare skin under your touch is sending wild sensations coursing through my body. All I can do is moan in rapture.

You smile at my obvious bliss, lean in closer and blow a steady stream of hot breath upon my shaved balls. You see them tighten up and cannot resist giving them a slow, torrid lick, sending a lewd shiver racing through my body. My legs fall further apart, relishing the sensation. As your tongue continues to lavish my sensitive sac, your hand glides up and down my stiff cock, coaxing a drop of pre cum out of the tip, right in front of your eyes. Instantly, your tongue is lured to lick at it, rasping over the sensitive head and drawing a loud groan of delight from me. Your mouth opens and your lips slide down over my shaft, engulfing the head in a smooth motion. Your hand slides down to grip the base of my cock and you ease your mouth further down, engulfing more of me, slowly but surely.

As you draw your head back, your lips and tongue slip smoothly over the freshly shaved skin, and you suck enthusiastically on it. Down again, further this time, driving more of my hard, smooth prick deep into your mouth and throat, to return quickly and smoothly to the head and then driving forward once more. You set a steady pace, drawing every bit of lewd pleasure out of me while never taking me too close to the edge. After all, you’re saving that for back in the bedroom.

My hands move to your face, my fingertips tracing light patterns over your flushed skin. Slowly, my hands draw to your neck and faintly pull you forward, wordlessly begging you to go further, to take more. You pull back, wanton lust blazing in your eyes as you look up into my own. Never breaking eye contact, you lean forward again, and with your tongue starting just at the top of the clean-shaven area, you begin a slow trek up my body, pressing your own against mine. The touch of your skin against me sends shivers through me. Your lips approach my chest and your tongue and lips draw back, leaving teeth to scrape softly over my nipple, and catching on the stiff tip. Your lips close down and you attack my nipple, sucking and nibbling at it, and my back arches towards you, pressing myself against you. I love the feel of your teeth against my nipple, biting just hard enough to make me moan.

Again, your tongue moves out to begin progressing up my body. I can feel your breasts rubbing against my belly, the nipples poking stiffly into my skin. Further upwards, your mouth now drawing to my throat and jaw line. Up to my ear, where your tongue swirls delicately into the sensitive canal, and a chill races through me. Your nipples poke insistently at my own chest, and I can feel your clean-shaven pussy rubbing up against my own clean-shaven cock and balls. My arms are clenched around you, pulling you close as my hands sweep up and down your back and ass, drawing you harder to me. My stiff cock presses firmly against your hot, bare cunt, and you roll your hips, delighting in the shameless hunger which is urging us both on.

Your lips press forcefully to mine, our mouths open and our tongues dance together. We surge together, our bodies grinding aggressively, and our minds only on one thing. Now. The time is NOW.

Together we stand and my robe falls from my shoulders to the floor. Still presses close to each other, we move blindly from the bathroom, back through the hall to the bedroom, our bodies bumping against the walls and doorframes. We fall to the bed, tightly entwined together, our kisses becoming frenzied as we roll to our sides to face each other.

You reach out and take hold of my hard cock and notice that the top is wet with pre-cum. This excites you a lot and you take your index finger and run it around the tip to wipe the sticky wetness off, making me shudder. You slowly lift your finger, allowing a glossy string to stretch between it and the head of my throbbing shaft, and then extend your tongue to lick the sweetness off. “Mmmmmmm, I love the way you taste Baby!” you purr, licking all around your finger. “But I’ve had enough finger for now, I want you!”

You push gently but firmly against my shoulder, guiding me to my back, and with a smooth, fluid motion, your body glides down mine, your hard nipples scraping lightly over my flushed skin, your hot breath washing over my chest, my stomach, and my groin. Your eyes look up, connecting with mine an with one quick movement, you open your mouth and plunge my cock in, stopping with your lips closed tightly around the silky smooth, hard shaft. Your tongue is pressing lightly on the underside of my cock, and the tip is touching the back of your throat, but you dare not move, fearing that I will cum. You remain still, looking up at me for what seems like forever. My head is rolled back on your shoulders and you can hear me breathing in short puffs. You sense that I am settling now as you hear me begin to moan softly, so you slowly draw back until only the tip is held between your closed lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32