Blasphemy Ch. 01: The Picnic

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(This story is based on true events, as recorded in the journal of Mitch in this story. It is dramatized, of course, but the story is as true as his record of it.)

The summer after I graduated high school started off looking very much like a dud. I had a job, but it was lame and with the economy taking a dive, there weren’t so many hours to be had, so I wasn’t even making that much money. My girlfriend dumped me shortly after graduation, on the night I thought we were going to take each other’s virginity.

So, there I was one summer afternoon, at the lake by myself. The day was okay, there were some girls worth watching, but nothing was really happening and I wasn’t exactly having a great time. I’d been at the beach for a couple of hours and had just about decided that I might as well go home when, of all things, a church group showed up. About three dozen teenage kids, half a dozen adults, and a big banner that proclaimed “St. Someone-or-Another’s Youth Group.” They staked out a few of the picnic tables and fired up a couple of the grills for their cookout, I guess, and I decided that it was just about time to go.

I got my things together and headed over to the lake shop. As I picked up my Coke from the vending machine, a girl behind me said, “Looks like the Jesus freaks are taking over the picnic tables.” I turned around and glanced over the girl. Cute brown hair, a tankini that barely touched the two pieces. She smiled as my eyes reached hers again. She cocked her head to the side, “Why don’t we have a seat over there?” she nodded to a cluster of trees on the other side of the area. I followed her, making no particular effort to hide the fact that I was watching her butt as she walked.

She sat Kayseri Escort down beside a large tree, positioning it on the other side of us from the bathhouses. “Have you ever had a summer fling?” she asked. She wrapped her arms around my waist.

“No, not really,” I just about panted.

“Would you like to start?” she said. Then she added. “Let me put it this way: I’d like to start one up. I think that a guy who licks my boobs right now and gets me turned on enough? I’d suck his dick and give him a hand job. That seems like a good way to start off, doesn’t it?”

My eyes went wide. I couldn’t really believe what I’d just heard, but I was certainly not about to turn that offer down. “What’s your name?” I asked. She smirked.

“Why don’t we get to my name later?” she answered. She then slipped her top over her head, revealing her gorgeous chest. I leaned forward and pulled her close, pressing her breasts against my chest as I ran my hands along her bare back. She sighed against my neck, then pushed my left hand around.

I cupped her breast, and lowered my mouth to lick, then suck, her nipple. She threw her head back with a laugh, then looked back at me, grinning. I ran my tongue down her breast to the valley between her breasts, then up her right breast. I circled her nipple, feeling it rise and harden with her arousal. She grabbed the back of my head and pressed me harder against her chest, and I shook my head, kissing and licking her as best I could.

“God, I want to do this more,” she said. “But we only have a little time, I guess,” she pressed her hand down between my legs, and ran her grip over my penis, which was standing hard and straight against my bathing suit. “Let’s Kayseri Escort Bayan get that out here,” she said.

With my girlfriend, I’d been up her shirt, and even had a blouse off once before. I hadn’t had a lot of attention paid to my erection, though. This was new territory for me, and I was loving it. I shifted my weight forward, and she ran her hands down my ass, shoving down my suit.

“Mine is staying on today, though,” she whispered. “I guess you get kind of a freebie today,” I could hear the smile in her voice, although I could see nothing but the wondrous space between her breasts. She pushed me back, then pivoted so that she was concealed a bit more behind the tree. She brought herself down, and planted a kiss on the tip of my penis. I moaned, and she took in her breath sharply. Then, she opened her mouth wider and lowered herself over me.

I had never felt anything like it. At all. Not even close. As she brought her mouth back up, she ran her tongue over the head of my erection, then pressed herself back down. I gasped, breathing hard as she took me deep again. After five or six of these moves, she lifted herself off of me, then looked up to make eye contact. Her hand wrapped around my shaft as she said, “No one’s ever done that before, have they?”

I had an idle thought of lying to sound more experienced, but I’m not sure I could have pulled it off, anyway. I shook my head. “I’ve never done it before, either,” she answered. “I haven’t done this, either.” With her left hand, she reached to her purse and pulled out a small tube of hand cream. She opened up her right hand and squeezed some of the lotion onto my penis. She then gripped tightly again, and moved her hand Escort Kayseri all the way up to the head.

She moved quickly back down, almost like slamming her fist onto me. I moaned and panted, “Dear God!” She grinned broadly as she moved her hand back up, then back down. On the third move, she held tightly as she went up, and loosened a bit as she brought it down.

I was breathing heavily and squirming. I felt my body tense as she did it again, then again. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and I hoped that this was okay with her. The next time her hand went to the base of my shaft, I knew I was at the point of no return. “God, I’m about to come!” I gasped. Suddenly, she picked up her pace, moving her hand along me quickly. I convulsed, thrusting myself against her hand.

Then, I felt myself ripple with climax. I bent my head up to see what happened, and I saw her look down at the semen which hit her cleavage and belly. “I guess we’d better rinse off,” she said as she pulled me a few more times, running out the last bit of my ejaculation.

“That was fun,” she said. She grabbed a notepad from her purse, and a pen. She quickly wrote down a phone number. “Text me later,” she said as she pulled her top back on. “So, what’s your name?” she asked.

“Mitch,” I said. She nodded. “Well, then. Hi, Mitch. I’m Chastity. But I need to get back to the group before they notice I didn’t go to the restroom and start watching me closer.”

I nearly laughed, but then I realized she was serious. “My parents want me to be a nun,” she said. “I plan to be ineligible. Want to help?”

I stared, dumbstruck, as I fumbled to get my suit back up. “Yeah,” I said. “Yeah.”

She smirked. “Then text me,” she strode back over to the beach, then waded out into the water, rinsing off the evidence of what we’d just done. I went straight back to my car. “Chastity,” I said. “Seems a lot more like Blasphemy to me,” I muttered, then set off for home. Perhaps, I thought, this summer was looking up.

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