Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 2

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Nicole rolled off of her father’s lap back on to her mattress. She pulled the sheet and blanket back over her and laid on her side facing away from her father. Steve tucked his daughter in and left to go back to his room. He was beginning to worry that his daughter was having a relapse about the death of her mother. Steve climbed back into bed and drifted off to sleep. Nicole laid there awake trying to figure out her dream and what it meant.

“Why does the priest want me to come for counseling” she asked herself. She thought about her dream again. “Why was I tied to the cross and fucked” Nicole asked herself. She had no answers. “Why did the priest rape my ass hole” she asked herself. Nicole couldn’t make any sense of it. She did know one thing. Her dream supercharged her pussy. She never in her life came so violently as she did in her sleep. Even when Father Joseph entered her ass hole against her will, she came. The candle wax being poured onto her naked body as she was blind folded and tied to the cross turned her on.

Without realizing it Nicole’s hand had found its way back down to her overcharged cunt. Her fingers were sliding up and down over her slit as she remembered the dream. Her fingers started to swirl in circles over her clit as she closed her eyes and remembered how Father Joseph reached around her dad and yanked her legs out from underneath her. She remembered how she hung helplessly by her wrists as they were ties to the cross bars of the cross until the priest wrapped her legs around her fathers waist. A soft moan escaped Nicole’s lips as she suddenly began to climax as she remembered how her father’s cock felt as it tore through her hymen and filled her completely for the first time. Nicole’s hips were now gyrating under the blanket as she came.

As her orgasm was winding down she remembered how her father woke her up and pulled her into his lap as he comforted her. She remembered how the bulge of her father’s cock felt as it pressed into the cleft of her pussy through their underwear. Nicole began to shake this time as a second orgasm gripped her young body. She began to shake uncontrollably for that was the closest she ever came to having her father. Nicole couldn’t stop trembling as her orgasm’s continued one after another. She lost count as to how many times she came because she passed out.

Friday morning came and Steve had to get up early to shower and to go to work. He too was lost in the moment when he had his daughter on his lap comforting her while she only had on a pair of panties and a tee shirt. As he showered he remembered what it was like to have his lovely daughter in his arms as she was barely dressed. The softness of her skin as her legs brushed up against his. Steve’s cock began to rise as he showered. Slowly, Steve began to stroke his hard member as he closed his eyes and replayed what happened last night. Remembering how he brushed his hand across her ass as he hugged her. How he pulled her face up to his and felt her hot soft flesh against his cheek.

Steve’s pumping was getting faster as wicked thoughts about his daughter raced through his mind. He remembered how he could feel her hard nipples through her thin tee shirt on his bare chest as he pulled her closely. Then he thought about his cock being so close to his daughters pussy. He closed his eyes and imagined that her panties were off and that his cock slid into her lovely hole. That did it for Steve. His balls began to contract and his knees grew weak. Steve had to brace himself against the wall with his left hand as he continued to pump his cock with his right hand. Suddenly he began to cum. He spewed stream after stream of hot white cum into the shower. Exhausted, Steve just stood under the running water for a few moments. Steve finished showering and got dressed for work and left.

Nicole heard her father leave so she finally got out of bed. She pulled her sodden panties down and stepped out of them. She pulled her tee shirt over her head and off and threw it onto her bed. She walked naked down the hallway to the shower. She loved how the cool air felt on her young naked body. By the time Nicole made it to the bathroom her nipples had hardened.

Nicole turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. She stepped one foot into the tub and then the other. The warm water felt wonderful as it splashed against her body. Nicole grabbed the shampoo and lathered her hair up. She took some of the suds from her hair and lathered up her bush. She liked the way it looked all lathered up. She rinsed off and then soaped up. Nicole caressed every inch of her body with a lathered up washcloth. Then she saw something that stunned her. Actually, it shocked her.

She looked closer at the tile on the wall under the shower head. What was that she wondered as she looked at gobs of a white liquid. Some of the gobs were just drops but some of them had run down the dark blue tiles. Nicole was puzzled. “Is that my dad’s cum”? she asked herself. Nicole reached ut and touched a drop of it with her finger. She rubbed her finger and thumb together and felt how slippery it was. She thought “oh my god, daddy jacked off in the shower this bursa escort morning.” Again Nicole reached out and touched her finger to another drop of her father’s cum and wiped it up. Nicole starred at it.

Nicole slowly brought her finger up to her face to look at it closely. Then she smelled it. Inhaling the scent of her father’s hormones flooded her pussy with desire. Nicole brought her finger tip to her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She touched her tongue to the drop of cum her father left on the wall in the shower. It tasted a little salty. Nicole reached out and wiped up another gob of her dad’s cum and sucked her finger into her mouth. Nicole liked the taste. Her first taste of cum, and what made it even better was the fact that it was her father’s cum that she so badly desired.

Nicole reached down with her other hand and squeezed her nipples causing her hair to stand up on her neck. She reached down farther and ran her fingers through her pussy lips. She was on fire. Nicole began playing with her clit. She knew she was going to cum fast. She closed her eyes and pretended that her father was in front of her and she was sucking on his hard cock. Nicole raised her other hand to her face and sucked on her first finger to simulate her dad’s cock. She bobbed her head up and down as her fingers stimulated her clit. Nicole’s knees grew weak as her orgasm welled up inside. Nicole screamed “oh my fucking god YES”, “oh god, oh god.” Nicole began to cum. She took her finger from her mouth and wiped up the rest of her father’s cum off of the tile and slid her cum covered finger back into her mouth. She imagined her father was cumming in her mouth and she swallowed his seed. Finally Nicole’s young body stopped trembling and she sank to the floor of the tub. The water continued to fall on her as she relaxed and came back to earth.

Nicole couldn’t believe what she just did. She was so in love with her father now. She had to have him, but the only problem was that she didn’t know how to go about it. She feared he would reject her and not love her, or worse yet throw her out of his house for attempting such a taboo act. Finally Nicole stood up and finished showering and rinsed off. She dried off and then went to the mirror which was over the bathroom sink.

Nicole gazed at her body in the mirror as she dried her hair. She liked the way her breasts looked, how her nipples had a slight upward point. She liked the size of her aerola’s. Not too big, just perfect to go with her nipples that in her mind were a little larger than she would have liked. She turned around and looked at her ass in the mirror and was proud that there was no fat or any signs of cellulite. She looked into the full length mirror that was on the back of the closed bathroom door and admired her legs. In her mind she knew she was hot. She wanted her father to look at her and think that she was hot. She wanted to hear her father say “Nicole, you are hot.”

Nicole finished fixing her hair and walked back down the hall way naked to her room. She put on a fresh pair of panties and a bra. Next she pulled on a pair of old jeans that had holes in the knees, thighs, and at the bottom oh her ass cheeks. then she puled on a tight tee shirt. Again she looked in the mirror at her figure and liked the way she looked. She went to the living room and watched TV.

All day Nicole wondered what Father Joseph meant by counseling. She feared he would be perverted and try something. Finally she accepted the fact that she had to go and just deal with it. Nicole tried to put her dream out of her mind but she kept thinking about it. Finally her father called and said that he would not be home for dinner because he was working over time and then had to stop somewhere on the way home. Nicole told him OK and hung up the phone. She too had to leave in a couple hours to go to the church. She made herself some left over chicken and dumplings and ate dinner while she watched television.

It was now almost 6:30 and Nicole grabbed her car keys and locked up the house. She got in her car and drove to church. She arrived shortly before 7:00 and walked into the church and knelt down t pray. An eerie feeling came over her as she saw the towering cross that she was tied to so helplessly in her dream. She just stared at it as she silently prayed. She also saw the candles that were used to pour hot candle wax on her breasts in her dream. Nicole continued to pray as she tried to suppress last nights dream.

Father Joseph walked out of the sacristy and walked towards her. He walked to the front of the alter and motioned for her to get up and to follow him. Nicole began to panic, for this is how her dream really started. She got up and followed the priest across the alter. The priest stopped at the cross and Nicole was becoming scared. The priest knelt down on one knee and then stood up and continued to walk to the sacristy. Nicole felt a great relief when Father Joseph walked away. Nicole genuflected and proceeded to follow the priest into the sacristy.

Father Joseph Sat down on a chair in the sacristy and offered a chair to Nicole. She sat down across from the priest. bursa escort “Father, I don’t know what to do about my feelings” Nicole stammered. “My dear girl, what would bring on the onset of these feelings, I mean there has to be a reason or something that triggered these emotional thoughts.” “Was there some kind of tragic event or situation that occurred recently”? “Yes” Nicole replied, “My mom and boyfriend were killed in an automobile accident two years ago.” “Ah, I see.” the priest replied. “I don’t know what is wrong with me Father” Nicole said. “My dear there is nothing wrong with you.” “Your incest fantasy is actually very common.” “We would not be here today if it weren’t for incest, as it is stated in the bible.”

The priest continued. “What I believe happened is that since your mother’s passing you have become the woman of the house hold.” “You are trying to replace your mother, which is not what you want to do.” “My dear, you cannot succumb to your feelings with your father.” “You cannot replace your mother for that would not be fair to your father.” “Your father will be here shortly to discuss this very same issue because he is attracted to you in the same manner.” Nicole was shocked to hear those words. “My father is coming here for the same reason” Nicole asked. “Yes, at 7:30” Father Joseph replied. “I understand now Father Joseph” Nicole stammered as she glanced at her watch. It was almost 7:30 and Nicole wanted to get out of there before her father arrived. “Please don’t tell my father I was here” Nicole asked quietly. “Everything is confidential my dear” the priest replied. Nicole got up and thanked the priest for his help and guidance and quickly left the church.

As Nicole pulled out of the church parking lot and drove down the street she saw from a distance her father’s car pulling into the church parking lot. Nicole was in shock to find out that her father wanted her too. It seemed too good to be true that her father wanted her with the same desire and passion that she wanted him. Now Nicole just had to figure out a way to seduce her dad. She had to find a fail safe way to fuck her father without him being able to resist.

Steve parked his car and walked into the church. He saw the light on in the sacristy and walked towards the small room. Father Joseph shook Steve’s hand and asked him to have a seat. They both sat down and began to talk. “You know Steve, the feelings you are experiencing, as erotic as they may seem are wrong.” Steve nodded his head as the priest continued. “Didn’t your wife die in a terrible car accident a couple of years ago” the priest asked. Steve was a bit puzzled that the Father Joseph knew of the accident considering that he wasn’t at this parish when that accident happened. “Yes” Steve replied. “Then don’t try to replace your wife with your daughter.” That is not the right thing to do. “Just keep it a fantasy but never let it happen” “Do you understand me Steve” the priest stated firmly. “Yes I do Father” Steve replied. “Now go on your way and remember your daughter is like the forbidden fruit, You cant eat it so don’t eat it.” Steve stood up and shook Father Joseph’s hand and walked out of the church.

On the drive home Steve still couldn’t figure out how Father Joseph knew his wife died. It puzzled him. Somebody had to tell him he thought to himself. On the way home, he made up his mind that he would make every effort to not look at his daughter like he had been. “Maybe the priest is right” he thought, “maybe I am secretly trying to replace my wife with my daughter.” Steve made it home and pulled into the driveway. He parked his car and walked into the house.

Nicole had dinner waiting for her father when he arrived. She stopped and picked up Chinese. They sat at the kitchen table and ate dinner. They talked about the days events and about what they were going to do tomorrow. Neither one spoke about going to church. Nicole cleaned up the dishes and went to her room to change into something to sleep in and watch TV in. She returned from her room to find her dad was taking a shower. A sly grin came across her face as she recalled this mornings find in the shower. It was then that she knew for sure that her father pumped that load of cum in the shower while he was imagining that he was fucking her.

Nicole laid on the couch with just her nightie on when her father returned to the living room. He was wearing just sweats and a tee shirt. Nicole now new that her father wanted her just as badly and she was going to try to seduce him. Nicole rolled over on her back on the couch and pretended to fall asleep. She let her legs part so her father could see up her thighs under her nightie. Occasionally Nicole would peek with one eye to see if her father was looking at her. He wasn’t. Nicole parted her legs a little more and her nightie rode up higher exposing her bush to her father’s gaze. Nicole’s eyes were closed. She felt her father’s eyes on her pussy. She peeked and saw her father look towards the TV in a flash. Nicole pretended to sleep and peek but never saw her dad look again.

Finally Nicole got up and went to bed. Steve too got up and bursa eskort went to his bed room because he had to go to work even though tomorrow was Saturday. Steve arose early and showered and then left for work. As soon as the door shut Nicole jumped out of her bed and ran to the shower to see if her father left her another present. Unfortunately Nicole found no cum. She showered and then put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

Nicole went into her father’s room She knew this was another place he jacked off while he fantasized about her. Nicole looked in the trash can next to her father’s bed and it was full of tissues. The tissues were all filled with dried cum. By looking at the amount of cum filled tissues Nicole new she was turning her father on beyond belief.

Nicole walked over to her mom’s walk in closet. Nobody had been in their since the accident. Even her father never went in there. Nicole reached out slowly with trembling fingers and grabbed a hold of the knob. Turning it slowly the door popped open a crack. Nicole was about to shut the door again but something stopped her. She pulled the door open a crack and peered inside. Slowly she opened the door all the way and walked inside.

Nicole turned on the light switch and the walk in closet filled with light. All of mom’s clothes were still there just how she had left them. Nicole looked at all of her dresses that she had. Her mom had some that were old fashioned and some that looked pretty hip. Even some that were really sexy. She looked at her mom’s shoe rack. Her mom must have had 30 pairs of shoes. Nicole reached down and picked up a pair of white shoes. “My god” she thought. She was holding a pair of 5 inch heels. Her mom had several pair similar and in different colors. “My mom had hooker heels” she thought to herself.

Nicole looked over at a small dresser in the corner that had jewelry boxes on top of it. She opened the jewelry box and her mom had a ton of necklaces and diamonds. Nicole then pulled open the top drawer of the dresser. She couldn’t believe her eyes. That was mom’s panty drawer. Nicole nervously reached down with trembling hands and pulled a pair old panties out and held them up. They were very sexy she thought. As she looked through the drawer Nicole looked in shock as she found a bunch of neatly folded thongs. “My mom wore thongs” Nicole said out loud softly. Nicole knew she should put everything back like it was and leave but something kept her in the closet. She dug around some more and found even skimpier panties. “Oh my god” Nicole mumbled as she held up a black g-string and gazed at it. She returned the g-string to its proper place and what she found next made young Nicole shiver. Her mom had several pair of crotch less panties. Nicole nervously looked at the crotch less panties. She couldn’t believe her own mom wore such erotic clothes. Nicole returned the panties to their proper place and closed the drawer.

Nicole slowly opened the second drawer and looked inside. Her mom had a whole drawer of stockings. She had pantyhose. She had crotch less pantyhose. She had stockings and garters and stay up thigh hi stockings. “My god” she thought, “I never saw my mom wearing these outfits.” Nicole was beginning to realize that her mom was dressing up like a whore to please her husband.

Nicole closed the drawer and reached for the next one. Nicole received the shock of her life when she puled the drawer open. It was filled with adult magazines and videos. As Nicole dug through the stuff she found an envelope. Curiously Nicole opened the unsealed flap and looked inside. A state of shock and panic flooded Nicole. They were Nude photo’s of her mom and dad. Nicole couldn’t take her eyes off of them. She leafed through the pile of pictures and found one of her mom that stuck in her mind. Nicole took out the photo and placed it on top of the dresser. But then Nicole changed her mind and placed the photo back in the envelope and placed the envelope on top of the dresser. She wanted to take them all to look at.

As she looked through the drawer she saw all kinds of kinky fetish magazines that she never knew existed. there were leg worshipping magazines, foot fetish magazines and a lot of bondage magazines. She asked herself out loud “was my mom dominant or submissive”? Nicole found a VHS tape and placed it with the photos to view later. Nicole closed the drawer and reached for the last one.

She was beginning to wonder if she really wanted to open it and see what was inside. with one swift motion Nicole pulled the drawer open and it exposed the contents. Nicole dropped to her knees in shock and horror. She couldn’t believe what she saw. There were whips and chains. There were hand cuffs and shackles and even a spiked collar. There were several dildo’s and vibrators. Some small and some colossal. Nicole reached down and picked up one of the artificial cocks and held it up. It must have been 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. She replaced the toy and looked some more. There were feathers and paddles. Nicole reached down and picked up this small gold chain. It had a clamp on each end. Nicole held it up to her own breasts and came to the conclusion that it was a nipple chain. Nicole placed the chain with the pictures and video. Finally she closed the drawer. She came to the conclusion that she must have dressed up like a whore for dad. Or could there have been others mom had in this room.

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