Blizzard Holiday

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The wind whistles outside hitting the window like an invisible fist, leaving wet globs of snow to sticking to the glass and slowly melting away. Inside the hotel bar is relatively empty, this are slowly returning to normal several months after the COVID-19 vaccine was distributed out to the masses. Still people opt to keep their masks on especially in the cold weather.

I tuck up to the bar to order food, I am stuck here, tonight only a short distance from home but the roads are closed and the release has to go through this weekend. The nature of a project manager you have to be available. My phone vibrates, home is calling, either my wife wants to know what she should feed the kids or if I have any food she can heat up.

“Daddy” My daughter shouts not even allowing me to say hello.

“Hey kiddo, what’s goin -” I start

“Whenareyoucominghomedad?” All said as one word without pause.

“Well I need to be here until this weather get’s better, if there is an issue with the work release daddy’s desk is across the street and there is a state of emergency.”

“DADDY” my son shouts his sister yelling that he stole the phone. He proceeds to tell me about his latest video games that are neither age appropriate or educational. But he knows the stories and can articulate plenty about the characters. “When are you coming home, I want to use your iPad.”

“My iPad is on my nightstand and I will tell you the code to unlock it.”

“OK” he replies and hangs up the phone. Ten seconds later the phone rings “I have your iPad Dad.” I give him the six digit code he lays the phone on the ground and leaves. My wife picks up the phone shouts at the kids and hangs it up. “Guess I am off the hook” I think to myself. Bartender brings me a water and menu.

“Can I start you off with a drink?” He asks.

“I want one but the water is fine, on call for work unfortunately.” I say as he turns away to help a very striking woman at the end of the bar.

“Is there anything I can get you ma’am?” I overhear him asking.

“Do you have a Malbec or Syrah?” I’ll take one or both she says while letting a deep sigh. Long dark hair hangs a bit damp from the snow. A dress hugs her beautiful figure nicely, her eyes a chocolatey color. I am getting lost and if I stare any harder I am going to burn a hole through her. I shake my head and return to the menu.

The bartender returns to me, I am just taking a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato, nothing fancy but I honestly have no idea how late tonight will be. deneme bonusu veren siteler It could be a quiet night watching TV or I could be over at the office identifying emergency fixes to be deployed and tested.

I keep an eye on the beautiful woman at the end of the bar while trying not be so obvious. I am calling her Winona in my mind, for Winona Ryder who as a teenager was a celebrity crush, also beautiful with dark hair and dark eyes. I watch her as she slowly sips from her glass of wine, then a sparkle in her eye as she receives a phone notification. She picks up the phone and just as fast the joy in her face escapes. She texts a bit furiously, then asks the bartender to leave the bottle. Without hesitation I motion the barkeep over and ask him to leave the bottle on my tab. He gives me an incredulous look but does punches the POS. Before I can ask to make it anonymous he sells me out.

Winona smiles uneasily when she looks over, I think she caught me staring at her. “Do you want a glass?” The bartender asks. “Sure” I reply not sure if I will actually have any.

“I appreciate the wine, but I’m not that cheap mister”. Winona says in a sweet but teasing manner.

“Sorry, that was not the intent. I just saw you flash from happy to dispirited and it’s a lousy night out so I wanted to do something nice.”

“Well if you want to enjoy some of this wine you bought bring your glass down and get some.”

I grab the empty glass that was set in front of me and saunter down the bar. My sandwich arrives and is delivered as I walk down.

“Are you just going to leave your food there to get cold?” Winona asks “I mean if you do that’s fine or were you going to back and sit alone?”

I hadn’t really thought that through so I went back and grabbed my plate turning back around to take the seat next to Winona.

“Thank you for the wine, who am I thanking?” She asks with a smile.

“Mark” I say extending my left hand and not right, correcting when I realize I am offering the wrong hand.

“Nice to meat you Mark, I am Lilly.” Up close she is even more striking then she was from across the bar. Beautiful figure, amazing smile, kind but mischievous eyes. “What brings you here to this bustling meat market tonight.” She said waving to the empty tables.

“Oh – um work, I pointed across the street.” I said, I usually wouldn’t be here, but with the weather we need people on the ground here, I am the only person on the project that isn’t close by so I am in the hotel for onwin the weekend.”

What seemed stilted slowly melts away into easy conversation. We talk about our personal lives we’re both married, both lacking in intimacy but in vastly different ways. Lily excuses herself to use the rest room and I realize something I should have a while ago, I am super turned on, my cock is throbbing in my pants. Lilly returns my face feels hot and I spin on the chair. She places her hand on my back lightly and whispers to me “It’s alright, I think the fact you’re turned on is sweet. I can’t leave as the roads are closed and subway isn’t running can I stay in your room and maybe we can take care of that for you?”

I feel light headed, I am intoxicated by her. I settle up with the bartender, and try my best to get my cock to settle down as my coat is in my room. We go to the elevator and the door shuts behind us she looks at me and we kiss – suddenly the doors open again.

“I thought I hit 15 it was lit up but now look at it.” The older gentlemen entering the elevator nods at me like I am crazy and we giggle as he get’s off on the 4th floor. We then enjoy a long passionate kiss up to the remaining floors. My heart flutters with each beep.

We get off the elevator and my key is out, and something else wants to get out. Before the door is shut we kiss again deeply. I back Lily up to the wall as she kicks off her boots. I kiss her deeply and run my hands up and down the sides of her body. I kiss down her cheeks to her neck, and begin to unzip her dress. The door slamming makes us both jump, I pull off my shirt, I have a bit of a dad bod always a work in progress but I am not soft either. I kiss down Lilly’s chest, her ample bosom heaving as I continue to kiss her. Continue down to kissing her belly, I begin rubbing her nipples through her bra as I get to her belly button and continue kissing down.

When I get to her panties I bury my face in front, Lilly grab’s the back of my head pushing my face further as she slides her pelvis towards me. I feel her heat up as I nuzzle more and more, eventually I can’t take it anymore and slide her panties down. I pause marveling at the wondrous mound between her legs. My mouth waters, I take long stokes from the back to front – her pussy getting hotter and wetter with each long stroke of my tongue.

We stop briefly and land on the bed, I pull her pussy on top of my face, she straddles and her pussy spreads a bit wide I lick my long strokes varying speed. I suck on her yatırımsız bonus clit and she let’s out a long slow moan. Her pussy tastes so sweet like summer fruit and a touch of salt. I continue licking pulling her legs down as she pushed her pelvis towards my mouth. It’s been so long since I have been able to do this I don’t care if anything else happens. Suddenly I notice her pussy tenses up and she shivers releasing another moan and she backs off a bit.

I am laying their in my own euphoria when suddenly I feel a tongue lick the tip of my cock, I haven’t felt this sensation in even longer, how did I let this happen I think to myself. I look down and she’s cleaning my cock with her tongue, who knows how much pre-cum was down there. I notice a rope connects the tip of my cock with her tongue and I pull her up to kiss me. I taste both of us when kissing and I swear I must have more precum.

Lilly looks down “I think someone needs to let go of something” she envelopes the tip of my cock in her mouth and makes embarrassingly short work of me, after taking my load she kisses me whispering “Someone definitely had something to let go of.” I am in such a euphoric stupor it takes me a minute to regain my composure. I am naked head to toe with one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen let alone been with.

I kiss her again, down to her chest where I suck on her nipples lightly biting them as I take my free hand and rub her labia. Her delicious pussy is so wet as I slide first a finger in, then a second using my thumb to rub against her swollen clit. We kiss deeply, I already feel my cock begin to stiffen. Lilly rubs it nicely to get it back to where I think she wants it. She roles on tope of me and starts her way slowly down my cock. Her tight pussy feels making my cock feel like it belongs there.

She leans down and kisses me deeply, pushing her body into mine. We don’t stop kissing, she rides with varying speeds for a several minutes then arches her body back and starts grinding me as she rubs her clit. I can barely talk, I am breathless. I begin sucking her nipples as she bounces on my cock with abandon.

She gets off and puts her face in the pillow and her ass in the air. I enter her wet pussy from behind rubbing her clit while grabbing her right hip with my other hand, we move in unison and suddenly I feel a shutter in my body as Lilly’s pussy tenses up, I can’t control it and I shoot a hot load deep inside her as she moans that amazing moan.

We collapse into each other holding and kissing each other as we watch the snow swirl around outside the windows. I check my phone – all quiet from work. “Problem” Lilly asks.

“Nope not a thing” I reply with a smile I doubt could be removed from my face.

Good because I’m not done with you she says as she sits on my face ready to 69.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32