Blondie Strikes Ch. 01

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Authors Note: All characters in this story are over 18 and are works of complete fiction. This is my first submission, honest feedback appreciated.


I could hear the knock on the door, slowly, quietly and deliberately so. It had been three weeks sine I started to see the signals. Now before you start on me please wait, hear me out for a moment, its not like I set out deliberately to get myself into this situation. In fact I’ve done everything I could to avoid the confrontation, I wasn’t game to ask the question, I wouldn’t even dare question her motive, she assured me that she just wanted my help, that she needed my help with her study. Who am I to question her, Gina’s a nice girl, in fact she’s always been nice to me. Maybe that’s the problem.

What you need to understand I guess is, well it’s a lot but I’m not sure where to start, I’d heard the rumours, we’ve all heard the stories of her and what she’s capable of but the stories I’d heard was always of what she’d done to the older men, to the teachers to the parents people of power. I never knew who she was, hell I’ve known Gina for years, I considered her a friend, I never thought for a minute that she would have done anything like that. But Blondie, well Blondie’s different, that’s not the Gina I knew, Gina is barely 8 years younger than me, just a nice innocent girl, Blondie, that girl scares me, it scares me that she can have such an effect, the threats of what she’s going to do to me, the thoughts she has deliberately planted into my head.

You’re confused I know but let me explain, Blondie spoke to me online 3 weeks ago, its when it all started, she added me to her instant messages and started to text me, I could barely control myself, and when she said she was going to do it in person I couldn’t even begin to think no, I wanted to, I knew I had to say no but she didn’t let me, she refused to take no for an answer, she said that she was going to come, that she was going to invade my home, I told her that I wouldn’t let her do it to me but she disagreed, she threatened to take down my defences and she promised to have me aching and begging for her.

I never imagined that Blondie would target me, I never imagined that I’d have wanted it so badly but most of all, as I slowly opened that door, not once, NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have expected to see Gina at the other side of the door, looking LIKE THAT!

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Before I continue I guess I should at least give you a little insight into who I am, my name is Jeremiah and I’m in my senior year at Radcliffe College. I’ve lived a pretty good life, always had good scores on my report card, I was lucky enough to score the lead role in the college musical and I’m one of the men that lead out school to victory in basketball grand final earlier in the year, as I said I’ve lived a good life but I guess that’s because I’ve been prepared to work hard for it.

I’m no better off than anyone else, I’ve been told that I’m attractive but to be honest I’ve never taken much notice because truth be told I’m not ready for a relationship quite yet, I’ve always stuck to my guns, not just about the whole sex after marriage argument but about the whole subject in general, its not as if I haven’t been asked, I just want to get my life right first, and then I can make time for women. There was a time when I never thought anything could have broken me down on the subject, I thought I had it all sorted, maybe that is what lead to my downfall.

The rumours started around 12 months ago, or at least that’s when I first caught wind of them, of course I dismissed then, I was warned I shouldn’t have but I did, even if they were true, I wasn’t interested in a relationship and so it wasn’t going to effect me, now that I think of it I even remember the conversation, almost like it was yesterday.

Even back then I saw Gina, I couldn’t help but notice her, just something about her draw you’re eyes toward her, she never went out of her way to dress provocatively or act rudely like some girls you will come across, she was just a genuinely nice girl, Id almost be willing to say innocent, it was something we had in common or at least that’s what I thought. The moment I saw her walking toward me I felt something tightening inside my stomach, I didn’t get nervous often but even back then she had that effect. It was her eyes, every single time it was the eyes that got me.

Gina: “Hi Jerry”

She was the only person alive that I allowed to get away with that name, it was her pet name for me, I’ve always hated Jerry, maybe that’s why she liked using it so much, it let her get under my skin.

Jeremiah: “Hey Gina, how’s the day been?

Gina: “I’m at school how do you think my day’s been?”

Jeremiah: “Exciting as hell I’m sure.”

Gina: “Oh yeah, I can barely contain myself.”

Sarcasm… Yet another one of her traits, it never mattered what she was doing, she always had to have the upper hand. We talked for a while about the usual, we both had the period Kıbrıs Escort off and it wasn’t long before she asked to speak somewhere private, she looked worried about something, I couldn’t explain it but her eyes, there was just something about her eyes, I couldn’t say no, if she was worried then I had to help and so off we went.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

I was the first to enter the room, I swear I nearly died of fright when I heard that door lock behind me, I spun around to question her but her face told me all I needed to know, she had only locked it so we could have privacy for the conversation, and it was okay. We took seats at the back of the room, just casually sitting, two friend’s one there to comfort the other. For a few minutes she just sat there, looking down at the door, I’m ashamed to admit that I found myself admiring her figure when her eyes weren’t on me, I am a guy after all, I couldn’t help it, that tight little top she was wearing really showed off her perky little breasts, to say that her body was incredible would be an understatement, but as her head rose I quickly turned away, she couldn’t have noticed, and when I turned around she looked none the wiser so I carried on as normal, as I always did.

Gina: “Jerry, I’m worried about some… Well.”

Jeremiah: “Well what? You don’t have to be worried around me.”

Gina: “Well… There’s been talk around the school for a while now, about this “Blondie” character.”

Jeremiah: “Blondie?”

At the time I was confused, I’d never heard a thing about her, sometimes I wish it’d stayed that way.

Gina: “She’s, well it’s hard to explain but she’s starting to gain more and more power in the school, they’re saying she’s already got most of the teachers under her thumb, that she seduced them.”

Jeremiah: “Seduced?”

Gina: “Uh huh. They couldn’t help themselves, when she began her work, they were her’s, it only took a few minutes, that’s what they’re saying. They’re saying that there isn’t a male alive that can resist her.”

Jeremiah: “Our teachers are a bunch of idiots; they’d follow a monkey off a cliff given half a chance.”

Gina: “Jeremiah; I’m serious!”

I paused, hesitated for a moment, she was she was dead serious, I could see it in her eyes, she was really genuinely worried about this, she had to be.

Jeremiah: “Why are you so worried? If she’s targeting the older men in the school then it doesn’t affect either of us.”

Gina: “That’s just the thing, it does. I’d been getting tutoring for the advanced mathematics class I’d been struggling with, with Mr Stevens because I’ve been behind, things had been going well I actually was starting to improve, but now…”

For a moment she paused, maybe just to gather her thoughts maybe to be sure that I was listening, at the time I wasn’t sure she turned directly toward me and stared right into my eyes as she explained the problem, making sure that I heard every word.

Gina: “Well he’s different around me, nervous and distant, he’s been cancelling our tutoring appointments, I think that Blondie got to him and now I’m falling behind again”

Jeremiah: “If that’s the only problem you have then don’t worry about it. Its no problem at all, you just had to ask.”

Gina: “You’re serious?”

Jeremiah: “Its no problem at all, I’ve still got all my old text books from that class, I passed the exam with honours when I did it last year.”

I swear that she literally jumped out of her chair to hug me, it definitely caught me off guard, I had to work really hard to keep my hardening cock from pressing against her, god that’s all I would have needed was for her to realise I’d been hard the whole time. I never took much notice of the Blondie story, I dismissed it as myth, it seemed silly to me that one girl could have so much power, just wasn’t possible.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

The tutoring was harmless, it took up some of my personal time but as long as she was getting something helpful from it then I knew that the time spent was worth it, I enjoyed spending the time with her as well, whether I was prepared to admit it or not I enjoyed having the chance to look at her, something I found myself doing quite frequently, often I would be forced to use the books I was using to hide the effect she had on me, I was just glad that she didn’t ever notice as it would have been quite embarrassing.

The sessions themselves continued without incidents that occurred to me, I let her use my computer on a few occasions to study in privacy, I wasn’t comfortable with it at first but when I returned nothing was missing or deleted and so I saw no harm in it, there were increasing opportunities where I would find myself admiring her body through the tight or small tops that she would wear, nothing provocative as such, just items that complimented her breasts, her ass and her body in general, Id find myself imagining what her body would look like if those clothes were to find their way onto my floor, however Kıbrıs Escort Bayan I quickly forced the thoughts from my mind, not once would I ever consider acting upon them, I had much more important things on my mind.

The stories of Blondie however, they continued to pop up more and more frequently starting with Gina, then from other girls around the school, it wasn’t long before the mysterious Blondie was the centre of most private conversations, most men appeared to be intimidated by the very idea, something that scared them, even some of the teachers male or otherwise appeared to be shaken by the young girls power, considering no-one could even prove that the girl existed I continued to dismiss it, to me it all seemed exaggerated and no more than fantasy. I continued to frantically ignore the reaction that my body had to it, dismissing it just as quickly.

I found the concept of Blondie erotic and although I was not prepared to admit it, even to myself I found her exciting but never once did I imagine that a girl it was possible, let alone accept the possibility that she existed. And then her messages started to arrive.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

It wouldn’t have been the first time that I found myself browsing an erotic website, neither would it be the first time that I clicked on the chat icon but in the past I’d always thought that it was quite stupid, something Id spend an hour or so doing and then leave wondering why I’d bothered, I was always embarrassed by it, never would have spoken to anyone. At first I didn’t make a connection to the stories, I just saw a chat window open up but when I took a more careful look at the username I certainly sat up quickly.

Blondie: “Hi”

I paused, hesitated but only for a moment, I was sure that it was a coincidence but that certainly didn’t stop my cock from hardening.

Blondie: “Don’t tell me you’re shy, don’t you want to talk with Blondie?”

What was I supposed to say, I mean there was no-way that she could have known it was me, it may have been a stupid username but at least “hornyguy” was generic. I was always paranoid about getting found out. I hesitated out of fear but against my better judgement still replied…

HornyGuy: “Hello there… ASL?”

And then there was silence, at first I just thought I’d waited too long, I dismissed it and closed the window, breathing a sigh of relief, although there was no way this person could have known I still was worried. I reached for my house and went to close the chat room but then the chat window re-opened with her long awaited reply.

Blondie: “I don’t see what that matters, you’re in my sights now and I always get what I want… In fact I bet your cocks hard already, isn’t it.”

If only this person knew how accurate they really were, I hesitated, she had my attention now, I wanted to think my reply through carefully, try and spin it around on her.

HornyGuy: “Oh yeah, you’d like it if I was I’m sure…”

I sat and waited but wasn’t left waiting long.

Blondie: “No point denying it, Blondie’s been watching you for a while, she knows what buttons to press, she knows how to get that reaction she loves. You just wait Jeremiah. I know what you want, I know how to make you ache, and I’m going to drive you crazy. Just you wait and see.”

And with that she was gone, I found myself waiting for almost another 30 minutes just to see if she would come back, she knew my name and that in itself terrified me, I refused to admit that it excited me, however deep down inside I knew it I would never admit it.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react after being contacted by the mysterious “Blondie”, it was hard, to admit being contacted meant admitting being worried. I was worried what it would mean if people started to ask questions; what she had said? What effect it had on me? I attempted to dismiss it as I had before but the arousal and the worry wouldn’t go completely away, deep down despite my attempts to hide it, I knew I was scared.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

Gina: “Hello…. Jeremiah..?”

I’d completely forgotten that I’d organised with Gina to study tonight, and so when I answered the door I was completely unprepared, I stood there for a moment just taking it in, the tight top, the short shorts, it was times like this that I learned to love summer.

Jeremiah: “Sorry Gina, I kind of forgot you were coming over.”

Gina pouted, just to tease of course; she seemed to enjoy doing that to me.

Gina: “I can go if you want.”

Jeremiah: “No, no, no… Please; come in and get comfortable.”

Gina: “You okay?”

Jeremiah: “Yeah, I’m fine. Nothing you need to worry about, just been an odd day is all.”

Gina looked at me, her eyes again it was her eyes.

Gina: “It’s no point trying to lie to me Jerry, I can see straight through them.”

Jeremiah: “I know, I just… Well… It’s embarrassing.”

Gina: “Oh now you have to tell me.”

She Escort Kıbrıs stuck her tongue out at me in that usual teasing manner she loved so much before leaning back in the couch to get comfortable, I couldn’t help but notice her shorts ride up and her top tighten around her breasts, oh god if only she knew how good it looked from my point of view. I sat up straight to hide the rise in my crotch and after a deep sigh began to spill the beans.

Jeremiah: “Well, you see… I… Ummm…

Gina: “Come on! This is me you’re talking with, your safe here with me.”

Jeremiah: “I know but.”

Gina got up from the couch and slowly walked towards me, forcing my hands away she sat down on my lap and snuggled into me, I was not just shocked, but worried that she might feel something pressing against her, she moved back and forth a little, an incredible turn on the way she grinded against me but she didn’t react, not even in the slightest, must have just been getting comfy.

Gina: “Come on… Tell Gina you’re troubles.”

Jeremiah: “I was online a little earlier, just browsing in the chat rooms.”

Gina: “Yeah, so what’s wrong with that?

I paused, hesitating just for a moment, I had to be so careful with my movements, I had to make sure she didn’t find out how hard I was, I couldn’t afford for her to find out, I valued our friendship far too much, ina had always been one of the only people I could talk with, she understood how I felt about relationships, she understood that I wanted to wait till marriage until having sex, for her to realise my cock was throbbing and rock hard… Well I couldn’t have that.

Gina: “Come on… I’m waiting.”

She moved back and forth again, oh god it felt so good, I was so scared that she’d find out, but she didn’t.

Jeremiah: “Its hard to explain, I went into a chat room, a naughty one. Just to see what their like you know, I was curious.

I was defending myself too strongly, but she just smiled.

Gina: “Its okay, you don’t have to defend yourself to me. I know you, maybe better than you know yourself.

Jeremiah: “Now there’s a scary thought.”

Out came that tongue again, I made a joke out of the situation, trying to defuse some of my tension, it worked a bit. I opened up and began to explain.

Jeremiah: “I got a message from her.”

Gina: “From who?”

Jeremiah: “She’s threatened me like she has the others.

Gina: “Threatened?”

Jeremiah: “Yeah, it was just like all of those stories you’ve been telling me, about what she’s been doing, one man at a time… She says that I’m her next target, I’m in her sights and I don’t know what I can do about it.”

Gina: “I thought you wasn’t worried about her?”

Jeremiah: “Well.. I’m… I’m not. Its just that.”

Gina put her finger over my mouth, to make me stop talking, then after a slight pause slowly got to her feet, she slowly turned around and began to walk away slowly, I couldn’t help myself, my eyes lowered to her ass to watch as it moved from side to side.

Gina: “You can relax Jerry.”

My eyes shot back up to find her looking back over her shoulder at me.

Gina: “I know you, even if this Blondie did come for you, I’m sure that you could hold your own. Blondie has been said to say that no man can resist her, that no man can say no to her, not once she has her claws into them. Its in their DNA you see, deep down their all weak, and she knows how to use that against them… But I know you. Hold you’re head up, you’re going to do just fine.

I couldn’t help but smile, she always knew just what to say, my cock was aching but she had said exactly what I had needed to hear, even if this Blondie was real, I was more than capable. I had nothing to worry about.

Jeremiah: “Oh but what about your tutoring?”

Gina: “I think I’ll give you the night off, let you work your other problems out.”

Jeremiah: “Thankyou Gina.”

I started to get to my feet but before I could she stepped forward and shoved me back down.

Gina: “You just stay there and rest Jerry, I know the way out.”

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

I couldn’t believe how late it was, after all the confusion and stress I would seem that I’d completely lost track of time. I shrugged it off of course and made my way to the bedroom, I don’t think I could explain why but sleeping in the nude has just always been comfortable to me, could have something to do with the warmth of my doona, the clothing just raised the temperature. I slowly stripped off my clothing, doing my best to ignore the eight and a half inch penis that was aching for attention; I sat down on the side of the bed, and sat my mobile on the bedside table before sliding in between the sheets.

I did my best to ignore it, I genuinely did, it was rare for me to get built up into a state like this and masturbation was not something I was proud of but to tell you the truth I don’t think I even lasted a minute before my wingers wrapped around my throbbing cock and began to stroke back and forth, oh god it felt good. My hand began to work faster, gripping tighter, I really started to let myself go but just before I reached that point of no return my mobile went off, I swore I nearly jumped out of my skin, in a furious panic I covered myself over and lunged for the phone…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32