Blood Passion Ch. 02

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Author’s note: If you’re re-reading this chapter and everything looks different, what you read before is now Chapter 3. A small mix-up had the chapters reversed. If you’re not re-reading this chapter then ignore this message.


Nik walked down the stairs, dressed to the tens in his new Italian suit. Viktoria let out a woof whistle, as she sat at the kitchen table.

“It looks good on me, doesn’t it? How’d you know this would fit me?” he asked.

“Friend who made it has a good eye. Sent her a picture your mom sent me.”

Viktoria sat there in a fancy dress. It hugged her hips, leaving little room to the imagination. Dangerously low cut, dressed more for a night on the town with a boyfriend than with family. Veronika came down a moment later in a matching dress.

“Doesn’t he look like a stud?” Viktoria said, boldly, to her sister.

“He definitely does, Vikky. You look quite charming, baby. You’ll have a girlfriend instantly if you went to school dressed like that.”

“Stop it, mom, you’ll make me blush. We better get going or we’ll be late for the dinner,” he said, switching subjects.

The entire ride to the restaurant, Veronika sat in the passenger seat of Viktoria’s expensive car. Her mind made minimum effort to keep up the conversation, focused entirely on her handsome son. Cunt still moist from the hour of sisterly love, it thirsted for her son’s love. Each day since he turned eighteen, it became harder and harder to control herself.

At the restaurant, Viktoria didn’t lie when she said it was high-class. A valet took their car, and all the waiters wore tuxedos. Nik felt weird, walking with his mother and aunt, as everyone stared at them like movie stars.

Sitting down at their private table, the waiter handed them the wine list and menus.

“Would you and your dates like some wine before ordering your meals?” he asked Nik, politely.


“We’ll have the red wine, and water for the gentleman. Designated driver,” Viktoria interjected.

The man took the wine menus and left to fetch the bottle.

“What did you do that for?” Veronika said.

“Just having some fun, right, Nik?” Vikky winked at him.

“Yeah, sure, Au…Viktoria,” he stumbled, playing along.

His aunt laughed, smiling brightly.

“Lighten up, sis. Get a couple drinks in you and you’ll loosen right up. Nik will drive us home. Look how big and strong he is. No one will try anything.”

Veronika blushed, just as the waiter arrived with the drinks.

“Waiter, we’ll have three of the Kobe beefs for the main, and salads for the appetizer. Add in the house signature for dessert.”

“Right away, ma’am.”

“Why’d you order for us?” Nik asked.

“Trust me. Best steak on the east coast. Besides, gives us more time to talk. Gossip. Got a lady you’ll swoon at school with your new suit?” she asked, immediately downing the first glass of wine.

Veronika and Nik looked on, confused how fast she drank down the wine.

“No one concrete yet. Couple girls I like but I’m too focused on my sports career to get bogged down in relationship drama.”

“A couple? See, Ver, told you he’d be a lady killer. So, who are they? Cheerleaders from the team? A geek with a hot body?”

“No, one is on the girls’ soccer team but she is a bitch. Looks good but is toxic. Self-centered. Can’t talk to her.”

“Just needs a good fucking,” Viktoria said, plainly.

She already downed the second glass of wine, and looked in no hurry to stop downing more.

“Vikky, I don’t think that is proper language to use around your nephew.”

“Can’t baby him forever, sis. Look at him. By years end he’ll be popping a girl’s cherry. If you want my advice, Nik, she just needs a firm hand. If she has a bitchy personality, she’ll be a bitch in bed.”

Nik didn’t know how to act. The sexual conversation didn’t bother him, but coming from his aunt, in front of his mother, in a restaurant, got confusing. How should he act? What should he say? Both of them had differing personalities. Viktoria had an outgoing, flashy personality. Veronika held back, more conservative and reserved. Then there was the lesbian make-out session he saw, adding the cherry on top of the confusion sundae.

“Maybe,” he answered, keeping it short to remain neutral.

“So, who is she?” Vikky prodded.

“Her name is Tiffany. She is the new captain of the girl’s team.”

“Tiffany?” Veronika gasped. “Same Tiffany that would come over and kick the ball with you?”

“Yeah, that is her.”

“But you two always got along.”

“I thought so too, but she changed last year. Everyone, and I mean everyone, hates her. She sticks to herself. Makes a marine drill sergeant look like a wuss.”

“No matter how dominant a girl is, Nik, let me tell you, she just needs a stronger man to put her in her place,” Viktoria commented.

“Are you okay, Aunt Viktoria?”

“Of course, I am. Why?”

“You’ve drank four glasses of wine in a few minutes. I don’t think that’s normal.”

She looked at the half-empty Hatay Escort bottle, sighing.

“Just thirsty, I don’t drink often. Can’t for my figure. It’s a celebration. Got to celebrate. Relax; you’ve got your license, right?”

Nik nodded.

“Here come the salads, it’ll help soak up the alcohol. Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you tonight,” she said, smiling.

Nik froze for a moment, staring off into the horizon.

“Nik, are you okay, honey?” Veronika asked.

“Huh, oh, yeah, fine…”

He felt Viktoria’s foot rub up and down his pants leg. The sensual eroticism, and taboo, got his cock stirring immediately in his pants.

“Aunt Viktoria, I’d really like it if you’d come to see me play on Friday,” he said, trying to keep his mind off the probing foot.

“You wouldn’t be ashamed to have your ugly, over-the-hill auntie in the stands?”

“You’re beautiful, just like mom. You’re nowhere near ugly,” he replied.

Veronika blushed, heating up from the compliment. Even though it was innocent, the sensual massage she gave him the other day took every ounce of willpower not to ride him. Her heart and soul yearned out to push him over and jump on top, like their blood called out for each other. The only reason she didn’t was so he’d not have relationship drama or sexual confusion that’d derail his career.

“I’ll be sitting next to your mother, cheering you on. But I expect to get a heart sign if you score.”

“Okay, I’ll do that for you. Least I can do for all the surprises. Excuse me for a moment. I need to go to the toilet,” Nik said, standing up.

His aunt’s foot did a number on his cock. The bulge popped out in plain view, snaked down his leg for anyone to gaze at. Both relatives got a good eyeful of it before he hurried off.

“My, Ver, he is certainly sporting some high quality equipment,” Vikky teased.

“I know, I know. Do you know how hard it is for me right now? I want to wake him up with a blowjob. I want to feel his fingers around my throat. I want to take his virginity like mother did for us.”

“Please, sister, did career aspirations stop our mother from trying stuff with us? Did it stop you, me, and Krystal from enjoying weekends together? My daughter isn’t complaining that she has all of mommy’s love and affection.”

“But you and I can’t get pregnant together. Okay, there, I said it,” Veronika confessed. “What if he knocks me up? If he has a cock that big swinging between his legs, his sperm will knock me up instantly. I want his child but I don’t want a medical disaster. What if our folks lied?”

“Get on the pill. Make him wear a condom. Get an abortion. I don’t know. I know you didn’t plan on having a son, but tradition is tradition in the family, sis.”

“You caused that to him, didn’t you?” Veronika asked, annoyed.

“Guilty as charged. Rubbed my luxurious foot against his cock. He is thick. If you’re not willing to keep with tradition, I’ll take over. Don’t tell me you went perma-gay like Krystal?”

“No, the problem is he worships his aunt. I’m jealous of her. I’ve caught him stroking off to magazine pictures of her. I don’t know how many pictures he has covered in goo, thinking I couldn’t find them hidden in the trash.”

Viktoria giggled.

“You’re afraid he won’t want to do you? I can’t blame him. He is following in his aunt’s footsteps as a pro soccer player.”

“Don’t mock me, Vikky.”

“I’m not, just telling you straight. He is eighteen now. Your job is to teach him right away, regardless of his career goals, just like mom did for us and how I’m doing it with my daughter. Do it tonight, while I’m here. I didn’t bring you the lingerie just out of generosity. Seduce him tonight in his room, and show him how much his mommy loves him. If your blood is causing you insanity, imagine what his is doing to him?”


Sitting on the toilet in the bathroom stall, Nik had his cock in his hands, stroking away furiously. The large, veiny cock at full mast had trouble getting stuffed back into his pants. It hurt like hell too, confined and held down by the tight fabric. Flashbacks to his mom and aunt eating each other out helped provide stroke material.

Back rested against the wall, eyes closed, he played the scene back on instant replay. Both of them hot, cover model hot, and he felt an instinctual urge to fuck them all night long. Both hands stroked off his lengthy piece of teen cock. The skin folded back and forth, uncut, adding an extra bit of pleasure and spice.

He didn’t dare lube his hands up for fear of leaving stains on his pants, so the raw handjob went slow and steady. No chaffing, and no soreness, only a smooth stroking. Like any horny teenager, full of lust without any stamina or experience, he splattered the stall door. A dozen canon blasts struck hard, making audible plops.

Quickly, he grabbed toilet paper to wipe it up and get out of there, lest his relatives think something happened.

“Fuck…I want to do them so bad,” he thought.

The cock diminished just enough to get a little bend to it. Stuffed Hatay Escort Bayan back in, and after cleaning himself up, he walked back to the table to see the main course had arrived. Another bottle of wine had appeared on the table too.

“Everything okay, sweetie?” Veronika asked, caringly.

“All good, mom. Guess I need to eat quickly with both my plates full.”

“Leave room for dessert later. Got a special treat for you tonight,” Viktoria told him, foot immediately back to rubbing his crotch.

“Sounds good, I am quite hungry. Dessert is my favorite part of the meal.”

He tried ignoring the footjob, focused entirely on the meal.

They casually chatted and ate for a couple hours, all while Viktoria playfully edged Nik off and on. Once finished the meal, Nik took the keys to drive the three of them home. Viktoria fell asleep, half-drunk off the wine, while Veronika tried to fight off fatigue.

The car ride proved uneventful. Once home, Nik carefully carried his aunt inside and placed her onto the guest room bed. He didn’t notice where his mother went, so he decided to call it a night and go to bed.


“Sweetie, we need to talk,” Veronika called out, opening Nik’s door.

He lay in bed, naked, with only the covers hiding his nakedness. His ripped, athletic physique on display under the moonlight that beamed in from the open windows.

“Yeah, mom, sure, what is it?” he replied.

Looking towards the door, his jaw dropped. She wore a see-through nightie; with lingerie underneath, the same he saw her put on display when arriving home, which was not exactly normal conversational clothing. She walked over like a model, long, confident strides, showing off all the good parts of her body.

“We need to talk about us, sweetie.”

Sitting on his bed, she put a loving, caring hand on his chiselled chest. The same feeling from the massage came back to her, unbridled lust and longing. Immediately she bit her lip, turned on.

“I’ve tried to be a good mother. This is the first time this situation has happened in our family for a long time, Nik, so we’re in uncharted territory. But we have a special tradition,” she said, voice trembling in lust.

One hand felt his chest, while the other lovingly stroked his hair. Her piercing, brown eyes stared directly into his.


“Shhh, let me finish first,” she interrupted. “If you haven’t noticed, you don’t have any blood uncles or male cousins, at least not on my side of the family. The reason is because for generations we’ve only had girls. I don’t know how, or why, but it is what it is. We’ve also developed a special bond between us, a special sisterhood.”

Nails began to dig into his chest, and the hair stroking got more intense. But Nik didn’t look scared. Something inside kept him calm, stable, like his blood knew the routine.

“You’re the first male heir in generations, and I love you with all my heart, but tonight I’m going to love you another way…and you know how.”

Nik nodded, still looking into his mother’s eyes.

“Aunt Viktoria felt me up with her foot at the dinner. I also saw you two in the shower earlier today. I played ignorant but I’m not stupid, mom. You two are lovers.”

She nodded, biting her lip harder. Blood called out for blood. Inside her, a special passion awakened. The feeling was always around, lying dormant, but as he got older, the feelings got stronger. Now that he turned legal age, it took all her willpower from pouncing on him anywhere and everywhere.

“Right now I’m your lover, son. I’m going to teach you how to love a woman properly, and I’m going to take your virginity like a proper mother should,” she gasped out.

Her pussy moistened, turned on from finally admitting her true feelings.

“Aunt Viktoria is sleeping in the other room,” he said.

“She is half-drunk and asleep, baby. If she wakes up, she’ll watch, hover, make lewd comments, but tonight she won’t interrupt us. It is our first time together. She believes strongly in the family tradition. Mothers teach their children. But I’m the special one, being blessed with a son.”

Veronika leaned in, kissing Nik passionately. Both of her hands clutched his face, embracing him tenderly. Her wet mound pushed against his bulging cock, with only the light blanket and her lingerie keeping manhood from piercing womanhood.

Her teeth immediately raked into his lips, biting hard, lusting for blood. The smell called to her, taunted her. Generations of their family wasted to old age because they were damned without male progeny.

Nik didn’t need to be taught the basics. Rough hands grabbed her luscious, bountiful tits, squeezing and molesting them as she continued kissing him. Moaning loudly into each kiss, her teeth raked his bottom lip hard enough to crack the skin, and let small droplets of blood ooze out. A starving tongue struck out to get a small taste of his powerful vitality, a single drop of red blood, her son’s blood. Letting go of the kiss, arms wrapped around his powerful frame and hugged him Escort Hatay tightly.

The strength shocked Nik. Gasping for air, his breathing got cut off. Somehow, his MILF of a mother put him in an Olympic calibre bear hug. Veronika’s brain briefly stopped functioning, rebooting. Dead eyes stared off through the window. Nik tried to break free her strength outmatched his.

It lasted only thirty seconds of real time, but to a man dying from asphyxiation, it felt like an eternity. Brain finally rebooted, Veronika shook her head and let go. Fingers carefully, and tenderly, stroked his face.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Forgive me,” she pleaded, checking his condition.

Sputtering and coughing, ribs on fire, fear stared back at his loving mother.

“What happened to you?” he asked, wary.

“I’ll explain everything to you, I promise. Just use me now, Nik. Use your mother’s hot body to sate your virginal lust.”

The fear subsided quickly. Instinct took root. Something smelled different. Nostrils filled with a new scent, sweet and luxurious. Veronika could see him sniffing, recognizing the signs from over twenty years ago with her mother in a similar situation.

He leaned in close, sniffing her neckline. Veronika made subtle movements, showing off delicate, delightful curves. Enticing and seductive fingers probed his body again, keeping him at ease for his awakening.

Still on top of him, she ground her drenched pussy into his cock bulge. It felt thick with vitality. Every ounce of willpower kept her from taking total control, but she needed him to get his taste.

“Yes, baby, lick my neck. Right there is perfect, the perfect spot,” she moaned loudly.

She didn’t care if Viktoria heard. Body on display, being manhandled by eager, explorative hands, her pussy dripped and drooled. Nik’s tongue made a giant, glossy wet spot on her neckline, right near the jugular. The more he kissed and sucked the spot, the more powerful the smell. It called to him, like a siren to a long, lost sailor at sea, trying to point the direction home. But unlike sirens of myth that brought sailors to their death, this one spoke the truth.

Teeth slowly raked the skin. On impact, the sweet scent intensified. Each rake kept the meter running hotter and hotter until he couldn’t handle it. They were not sharp as knives, but clamping down hard did the trick. A gush of blood filled his mouth, and instantly his mother orgasmed. She screamed out in lust. Even half-drunk and asleep, it woke Viktoria from her peaceful slumber.

“Baby, more, drink more. Please, drink as much as you like,” she cooed, encouraging him.

She felt no pain, only pleasure. It felt better than sex. The eighteen-year-old kept drinking and drinking crimson vitality. What could not be swallowed leaked onto their bodies and soaked the bedding. Veronika screamed out in shock, thrown onto her back. A forceful hand ripped away the panties. Probing, the large, bulbous cockhead rubbed against an eager and welcoming love tunnel.

“Yes!” she screamed out.

Nik pierced her veil, giving his loving mother his virginity but more importantly, unbeknownst to him, soon to be something else just as important to her. He thrust wildly into her like a wild dog. No technique, only raw, animalistic power expected from a virgin. Teeth still clamped onto the smooth neckline, sucking up more and more life force.

“Yes, baby, fuck your mother. Fuck me all night long. Do anything you want to me. I’m yours now and forever,” she screamed out.

Her nails tore into his back, raking skin until blood seeped out. He didn’t care because the sensation only made him hornier, giving more life and spring to his cock. Veronika’s pussy got hammered, split open, taking every inch of wide girth it could accommodate.

In their lust and preoccupation, they could not see Viktoria standing in the doorway. Wearing a sexy nightie, a twinkle lit up her eyes. Licking her lips eagerly, she held onto the doorframe to keep herself from joining in.

“Soon,” she thought, “soon he’ll bed me as well…and Krystal…and my daughter. My nephew doesn’t know how lucky a stud he is.”

For five minutes, Nik humped and fucked his hot mother, filling her to the brim with teenage cock. She lost count of the number of orgasms her body shuddered and quaked from, as she didn’t know if they were caused by his cock, the blood sucking, or both. Quite honestly, she didn’t care. She felt complete, whole, a piece of her soul returned.

“I can feel it, baby, cum inside mommy. Fuck mommy until you breed her. Don’t stop fucking me until your balls are dry. Keep sucking on my neck.”

One hand dug nails into his shoulder, while the other stroked his hair in a twisted form of motherly affection. Both of their minds connected together, sharing their feelings and desires for each other. One drop of her son’s blood reignited dormant powers in Veronika. She, nor Viktoria, knew what would happen to Nik after drinking so much of his mother’s powerful vitality.

Cum, gooey and thick, coated her womb. Her belly extended, attempting to contain the amount of delicious seed it happily drunk up. Eyes rolled back into her skull, and just as before, her brain turned off to reboot. This time, though, Nik didn’t get choked out. He kept thrusting passionately into his mother through it all.

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