Blood, Sweat, and Tears

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God, it was hot. I had been using my parent’s sauna for a few months now, but hadn’t gotten used to how damn warm it could get; maybe I never would…My younger sisters Valerie and Suzanne had never used it and my parents were maybe too old to be thinking very hard about health and fitness; they were happy that their son had been spending time using what had been a considerable investment.

I used it 3 or 4 nights a week, after working out at the local gym. It felt great to sit in there in that small, hot room and sweat after working out; really relaxing and solitary. Well…I was single, too, and I’ll admit–it was also my favorite spot to masturbate, especially after coming home from the gym all pumped up and with no significant other to come home to; the whole trip in there was so soothing, so relaxing, that over time, it had become a habit.

Then out of the blue, I caught Valerie spying on me. Bitch. There was a 12″x12″ opening in the far wall of the sauna where there used to be a vent grate, it was replaced about 2 years before when Dad upgraded some of the vent work. The whole was blocked with a similarly shaped piece of wood, but could easily be removed or simply moved over slightly, allowing someone crouching on the outside of the wall to peek in. And that’s exactly what Valerie was doing.

She dropped the freaking piece of wood. There I sat, dick in hand, looking up in horror at my startled sister’s face peering through the now-wide open hole in the wall. She had me red-handed, as it were. She put her hand over her mouth and ran upstairs. I was gonna kill her…

How much had she seen? How many times had she seen it? Had she told anyone what I did down there? Man did I have some questions for her. When I finally caught up to her the next afternoon, I was furious. She was really embarassed; she apologized profusely, but didn’t answer any specific questions. She broke down in tears at one point; I realized how badly she felt about it and left it at that, after making her promise never to do it again.

I didn’t jerk off that night; I went to sleep horny and anxious. Could our relationship ever be the same?

The next few times I sat in the sauna jerking off, I had a hard time getting and keeping an erection…Maybe I was afraid that Val was peeking again, or…a weird thought crossed my mind…maybe it was because I knew she wasn’t; she had promised not to ever again and I believed her. This idea intrigued me, so I concentrated on fantasizing about masturbating while Val watched from her hiding place…Instant hard-on. I beat my meat furiously and came long and hard, imagining my sister sitting in the corner watching me shoot my load. Wow…

After a few days I realized I couldn’t come unless I was thinking of Val watching me. Part of me thought this was sick, while another part of me was trying to think of how I could make it happen…Surely she would never go for it if I asked directly, my little sister would be completely freaked out by the direct approach, especially after what we had just been through. No, this would take some finesse…

A few days later I asked her if we could talk. I had just gotten home from the gym and was about to go into the sauna; I asked her to join me. I lied and told her it was about our younger sister Suzy and we needed to do it where Mom and Dad wouldn’t hear. She looked at me a little curiously and said she’d meet me there in a few.

Once she came inside I immediately dropped the pretense and asked her about her spying. ‘You didn’t want to talk about this before, Val, and you got all upset on me; I thought that maybe after a few days we could settle this.’

‘Tommy, I thought we dropped this! I said I wouldn’t tell anyone and I’ll never do it again! What more do you want?’

‘I want some answers. How many times did you watch me?’

Val was uncomfortable. She squirmed on her bench seat. ‘Well…I…I guess two or three times…’

She was still embarrassed, and obviously still feeling a little guilty about watching me. But I wanted to talk this out; get it out in the open. I wanted her to know that I was OK with it; in fact, it was more than OK, I wanted it to happen again. How to tell her…

‘Are you sure? Just two or three times? Valerie, don’t worry. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed about what I do in here. We all do it. I know you do it. I’m not mad about you spying on me anymore. I just want to know why you watched me.’

Valerie seemed relieved that I was no longer upset about this issue, but still reluctant to speak about it. She finally looked up at me sheepishly and said, ‘I don’t know…I guess I…It was interesting! Tommy, c’mon…I don’t want to talk about this with you anymore.’

I shifted on the bench slightly, moving in just a bit closer to her. ‘Please, Valerie. Why did you come back and watch again and again? There must be a reason…’ My robe had opened and I spread my legs apart slowly. Val’s eyes shot to my groin Bayrampaşa Escort as the robe separated and slowly revealed my hanging 9″cock and hairy balls. ‘You must have liked it, You must’ve gotten off watching me jerking off…’

Val looked offended and looked away. ‘Tommy…Don’t do that, Tommy! Why are you asking me this? What are you doing? If you don’t cut that out, I’m leav—

‘I want you to watch me do it, Valerie.’ She froze. ‘I can’t really explain it, but…knowing you were watching me really…really turns me on.’ Val had frozen in mid-stride, staring down in disbelief at her bare feet as she listened in shock. ‘Just watch me do it, Val. Just one more time? Please?’

She responded with shock and horror. It sounded kinda phony…’What? You…I can’t…I’m not gonna…’ she was looking directly at my thick cock. She stammered. I interrupted again.

‘It’s just watching, Val. No touching! Just watching, and you’ve already done that! Only this time I want you to do it! So there’s nothing wrong with that, right?’

Her eyes danced between mine and my almost fully exposed dick. It was stiffening as I felt Val’s resolve softening. My long rod was almost erect and standing straight out from the opening in my robe. She looked up at me and then back to my still growing prick. She seemed intrigued by the way it grew, all by itself…she took a step back, still staring, towards the opposite bench. I could tell by the look on her face that she was rationalizing hard.

‘I guess I could… watch, I mean…if you really want me to…I guess I owe you that much. Do you wanna do it right now?’ She sounded kind of sad and anxious, as if she were about to do something very wrong and couldn’t help herself. I tried to reassure her.

‘If its really OK with you, then, yeah, right now. Val, really, it’s not…like, evil, or anything! It’s just us doing what we’ve already done; ‘cept this time we both know and we’re in the same room. That’s all!’ This was a complete lie. The reason we both got off on this was precisely because it was so wrong. It was so wrong, it was right. As I waited for a response from Val, I stood and removed my robe. My cock was now hard as steel and my heart was racing. Val couldn’t take her eyes off of my enormous dick; this turned me on more than ever. ‘You’ve seen this before, obviously…’ The way my sister stared at my big cock as if in a trance, looking it up and down, taking in every detail…

She nodded yes. Her hungry look spurred me on. I was more than ready. ‘OK?’ I asked.

‘OK…’ She looked as if she wanted to say something more, but said nothing. She continued staring intently at my throbbing erection, now standing straight up against my belly. With my little sister Valerie seated directly in front of me, just a yard away, I proceeded to get busy.

One of the great things about jerking off in the sauna was I never needed to bring any lube; I sweat so much in there that my perspiration acts as a lubricant all by itself. I sat back down on the bench and opened my knees, giving Val a perfect dead-on view of my dick and scrotum. I reached down, grabbed my shaft just under the head, and started stroking. She watched me, enthralled, as I gently pulled my prick, spreading my legs even further. I looked up frequently to see my sister’s reactions; I noticed right away that her breathing had gotten heavier. I was trying to put on a bit of a show for her initially; but soon lost myself in the pleasure of jacking my fat cock. My toes started to curl, eyes rolled back in my head, head thrust back…knowing Val was watching me made this the best session ever.

And she just sat there, staring; not moving a muscle, fascinated at the male masturbation scene unfolding in front of her. Her own brother was jerking off in front of her, voluntarily…I watched her chest heaving and wished her robe would open as mine just did, giving me a look at those beautiful teen-aged tits…She saw me staring at her cleavage; we looked intensely into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, but she made no move to complain or to cover up the normally harmless bit of exposed flesh…Pumping my cock into my fist, I watched as beads of sweat rolled down between her boobs. God I wanted to see them, naked in front of me while I came…I looked up from her tits and into her eyes again, and…was that the hint of a smile on her lips?

I could feel the sweat running down my entire body. I worked even harder, with the intensity of my workouts at the gym. I began to make short, unconscious noises; grunts and groans of pleasure, as I beat my meat in front of my little sister. I felt the cum building inside my sack and knew it wouldn’t be long. I looked down at Val through eyes stinging with sweat and saw that she was waiting for me to come; waiting to watch the jizz shoot from the head of my dick. I realized through my sexually heated focus that if I stayed in this position, I’d shoot all over Val…This Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan mental image proved too much for me and my orgasm began. My knees trembled; I spit out ‘Yeah…Oh, yeah!’ and placed a cupped hand in front of my rigid cock, ready to catch my hot load as it let go. I turned at the waist, facing slightly away from where Val sat as I felt the semen rising through the shaft of my rod and that fantastic feeling started to spread through my body…

It all happened in a split second. Suddenly, Val cried out, ‘No! Right here! Do it here!’ In a flash, I looked up from my groin and saw Val falling to her knees on the floor in front of me, pulling her robe open and exposing her awesome tits for me to shoot my load on…Any thoughts I may have had about not coming onto my little sister’s boobs were moot; once my orgasm began, there was no stopping it. In my complete shock at the sound of her plea, I had turned back to face Val and then it was too late…I came with a load groan, spewing semen all over my sister’s chest and neck. I’ll never forget the look of absolute bliss on her face as she closed her eyes and waited for my thick, white cum to hit her tits…Or the sight of my huge load of hot cum shooting over her beautiful rack, collarbone, and neck, then dripping down…oozing…

Milking the remaining drops of goo from my member, I looked down at my baby sister Val. She was panting like a dog, obviously in a state of intense sexual arousal. She reached up and touched the sperm that decorated her upper body with her index finger, spreading it around her hard pink nipple; feeling its consistency and texture. ‘Oh, man…Mmmmm….’ With one hand she began spreading the cum around her tits, and she reached between her legs with the other hand. It disappeared into her crotch, still hidden by her white cotton robe.

I let go of my cock, well on its way to its second stiffy of the evening. I backed up a step and sat back down on the bench, watching Val play with herself but not seeing the ‘details’. She seemed intoxicated by the sperm that decorated her lovely young boobs…Her hand was working hard under that robe, and she had spread my huge load of jizz all over her tits and neck and down to her navel, rubbing it into her skin and squeezing her tits as she played with her pussy. I was now watching her with the same intensity with which she watched me, moments ago…She looked up at me for a moment, then closed her eyes; then back at my almost erect cock, just inches in front of her open mouth. She concentrated on every vein, every feature of my 9″ dick as she rubbed her cunt. She must have been very wet, because I could actually hear her hand working on her hole…I needed a better look.

‘Let me see it, Val…Let me watch you.’ I said it gently, quietly…She immediately got up from her knees, sat down on her bench, pulled open the entire robe and spread her legs wide. She rubbed the entire surface of her young pussy with her finger tips; most of it was a blur. Sweat was now pouring off her body and dripping onto the hardwood floor, forming a few tiny puddles. She was soaking wet, her hand making quick, wet slurping noises as it flew over the mound of her cunt. I stared down at my sister’s exposed groin in disbelief. In a minute or two she began making short, sharp yelps that grew out of her increasingly intensifying breathing…

Soon, pinching one erect nipple hard, Val came, gushing sweat and pussy juice; one long high pitched wail reverberating inside the small wooden chamber. Her legs shook ferociously, her face contorted into a grimace of extreme pleasure. Then she crashed back to earth. For a few moments, she sat there before me, drained; I could see her pretty 21 year old cunt clearly now. Hardly any hair…Big, meaty lips, swollen from her masturbatory workout…Hard clit slightly exposed from its sheath…Milky white fluid dripping out of its opening, mixing with sweat as it ran down the crack of her ass and into a puddle on the bench…I could smell her vagina’s hot, musky fragrance from where I sat. My cock was fully erect again…

We looked at each other tentatively, each hoping the other was OK with what had just happened…Valerie was the first to speak. She closed her legs, then closed the robe over her sweat and cum-covered body. She looked nervous. ‘Tommy, I…Hhhhhoh, man…’

Shit…Damage control time…I pleaded. ‘Please don’t worry, Val. Like I said…No big deal, right? We both enjoyed it…’ I paused to pick up my robe and put it back on. ‘We’re…adults, and all that…Nobody touched anybody…we didn’t do…’

Valerie wasn’t listening to me. She was still in her own little world. ‘That was fucking awesome, Tommy. Awesome. I never came like that before. Never…’ She had a bit of difficulty climbing back up to sit on her bench; knees still trembling…She picked her towell up and began wiping the cum and sweat from her body. ‘Goddamn, Tom…’ she asked, Escort Bayrampaşa ‘When can we do this again?’

Thus began a summer-long relationship between my little sister Val and me. We masturbated simultaneously, in the sauna, facing each other, about once a week or so for the rest of the summer. The second time we did it, we both got completely naked; me getting my first view of Val’s gorgeous, perfect young body in its entirety. God, she was hot. Perfectly tanned 21 year old skin, legs to die for…and that pussy, with those fleshy, pinkish-brown lips, the type that always looked swollen. That second time I came within just a few minutes. But, over time, we learned how to prolong our sessions into half hour, 45 minutes, even entire hour-long episodes.

We never laid a hand on each other. We developed to where we could both have 2 or three orgasms per session. Val would finger self in a variety of positions for me to watch, standing, sitting, squatting,; on her back, stomach, knees… I came onto VaI’s stomach, back, into her hair, onto her tits, even onto her face…but never into her mouth, though it was often invitingly open as I shot…Though unspoken, there were definately some restrictions in place here as we explored the limits of our new relationship. Nobody was getting hurt and we were having a ball…

This continued for months. Val even dated a few guys; but not fucking any of them. I wondered if it was because of what we were up to…I actually got laid a few weeks in; some girl I met at a concert. She was a babe, no doubt–but all the while, I imagined it was Val I was doing. I never told Valerie this, as I thought it might be ‘too much’, violating the unspoken ‘ground rules’ we were following. I certainly didn’t want to screw this up…Things continued into the fall. Then, one day in the early autumn, Val had an idea…

Suzanne turned 18. Val (in a brilliant move) bought her a membership at the gym that I went to 4x per week. Soon after a few workouts, Val had introduced our younger sister to the sauna; I knew exactly where Val was going with this and made no move to stop it. Val and I were having such a great time getting off with each other….why not add another sibling to the mix? And Suzy was a hottie. Though younger than Val, she sported much bigger titties than her older sister; Val was a knock-out, but Sue was something else altogether. I was discreetly thrilled at the possibility of initiating our younger sister Suzanne into our secret meetings. The more the merrier…

Val worked it out so that we were all in the sauna together. I followed her lead. We small talked and before long, Valerie had maneuvered the conversation to the sauna itself. She made a remark about bringing some music down to the small room next time; this prompted Suzy to remark ‘It is kinda boring in here. What have you two been talking about down here, with all of the quality time you spend in here together?’ Then, ironically, ‘You must’ve gotten to know each other pretty well by now!’ Perfect!

Val responded by spreading her knees open as far as she could, revealing to us that she wore no undies. ‘Oh, yes…we’ve gotten very close lately, haven’t we, Tom?’

Suzy looked under Val’s robe in shock at her sister’s almost completely exposed vagina. She moved to try to pull Val’s robe over; but I followed up quickly by saying ‘Mm hmm…there are very few secrets between Val and me, Suzy. You might say we know each other…intimately.’ I stood up to open my robe and Sue’s eyes immediately fell upon the erection pushing through. As I untied the belt holding it closed, Sue looked back and saw Valerie now openly rubbing her pussy; her boobs hanging out of the top of her robe, glistening with perspiration. My robe fell to the floor and I grabbed my hard cock at its base. Sue’s eyes looked as if they’d explode from her head as I began stroking it. ‘C’mon, Suzy…We’ve been really enjoying ourselves down here. Won’t you join us?’

‘Valerie! Tommy?! What the f…What are you doing?’ She was in complete and utter shock. We just smiled at each other and continued, confident that we could sway her over to our side. We were wrong…WAY wrong…

‘This is sick! SICK!! My god, I can’t beleive what I’m seeing!’ She stood bolt upright, clutching her robe tightly around herself. ‘Val?’ She looked at her big sister as if she had gone insane. Val poured it on.

Pulling aside her robe further down and squeezing one generous breast, Val started tweaking her already hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger. ‘Suzy, it’s OK, trust me: Nobody touches anybody here; we just watch each other! There’s nothing really wrong going on…Mmmm…It’s all good, Suzy…It’s so much fun, and it’s just us…your big brother and sister…It’s OK!’

Sue didn’t buy it. She took a few angry steps toward the door, glancing briefly at my giant rod, fully hard in its 9″ glory as I stroked it. ‘Rrrrgh!’ She looked away quickly, blushing. She looked me briefly in the eye, disgusted; then she looked back at Val, a look of betrayal on her face, as if she might have expected this from her brother, but not her dear sister…

‘You two are FUCKING CRAZY! SICK!’ She abruptly opened the door and crouched to exit. The door slammed behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32