Blowing A Stranger

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My first eye opener on how much I loved giving head to any man was just a few years ago. I guess you could say I was lonely or maybe it was because I didn’t feel I was getting enough sex. I was surfing the web and found an adult chat site…and you know how that goes.

I started talking to a guy; he was married, but seemed unhappy with his wife. I’m also married, but happy with my marriage but at the same time, my hubby wanted a little “spice in our life”. So being that I’m straight and have no interest in doing a woman, I decided to find some extra “spice”. I met “Guy” on the adult chat from my local area. We would get on messenger and talk dirty, he always said he was getting off, but I never knew if he really did or not.

So of course being the person I am. I needed to know if I could really get a guy off or not. And I thought a blowjob would be a good place to start. Because I was afraid, what if he isn’t physically attracted to me…with blowjobs, you just have to be good at sucking! So I talked him up and we decided to meet, with no agenda on how far we would go.

I had to go do it; I had to find out if I could suck some stranger’s cock and get him off. Was I good enough to do that? We both casino siteleri drove a half hour, met at a carpool lot. It was snowing that night, but my mind was set. Nothing can stop me if my mind is set at something.

I was a little early getting there, my nerves were tuned, but more of it was excitement I think. I had never met him, just talking on the computer. So many things crossed my mind; such as… what if I don’t want to go down on him, what if he was a dirty old man, what if he wouldn’t listen if I say no…I mean the things you think about! But at the same time I was thinking…GOD this is so exciting.

So “Guy” showed up in his van. I got out of my vehicle and jumped in his. We said hello, looked each other up and down, and that was enough to start kissing. And I don’t mean just little kissing, I mean full tonsil tongue touching. Before I knew it he had grabbed my tits and was playing with my nipples with his fingers. I figured what the hell so I took my shirt off, because I love my tits getting nibbled, sucked and bit on. I didn’t even have to show him where to go; his lips were on my tits faster than my mind could register. While he was busy with that I started on his freespin bonus pants. I unzipped and unbelted him quicker than I thought I could. My hand was on his cock and what a surprise that was for me.

He was fully erect and he was thick. The thought in my mind was I want that cock in me, but I had told myself I only would give a blowjob the first time with a stranger. But it was so thick; my hand couldn’t go all the way around. My mind just raced with how he could fuck me hard with that beast and how good it would feel. My mind was set so much on his cock that I didn’t notice he had unzipped my pants and had his hand on my pussy, rubbing it. I came within seconds of me realizing what was going on. He quickly thrusted his fingers into me which made me cum a second time, all the time my hand was searching his cock.

That was it; it was my time to make him cum! We moved to the back seat and I kneeled in front of him. He grabbed a hold of one breast and rolled the nipple in-between his fingers. So I opened my mouth as much as I could and engulfed his massive cock. My lips fastened themselves on his flesh and I sucked until I had a good suction on his shaft. My right hand özel bonuslar had is nut sack and my left hand was on my leg. I sucked hard, up and down that long shaft, never coming over the head. Harder and harder I sucked, until my jaw muscles were screaming, but by then he was starting to move his hips to the motion of my sucking. So I released my sucking and took his cockhead into my mouth. I once again latched on with my lips and sucked just the cockhead, until again he was moaning and pumping his hips. He was holding my nipple so tightly in his fingers that I knew he was trying to hold back from cumming. So I let go of my suction and went all the way down his shaft. Now that made him cum and he almost tore my nipple off…but it felt really good! He layed back on the seat and exhaled with a huge moan. I just smiled and started to get dressed. He thanked me and told me how good I was, a true cocksucker! And with that he buttoned up his pants and watched me get my shirt back on. I had not buttoned up my shirt all the way yet, so he grabbed my shirt and pulled my tits to his face. Where he grabbed one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked and rolled it around in his mouth. When he came up for air, he said next time, he wanted two blowjobs and than he was going to fuck me so hard I would cum 10 times.

I have not seen him since, we talk once in awhile on the computer, but he is trying to iron out his life. But he has not forgotten the blowjob and hopes soon we can revisit that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32