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It was another hot summer day. The August sun was shining high in a cloudless blue sky. They sat together at The Blue Note Café overlooking the ocean. She wore a light blue dress. Her blonde curly hair was hanging loosely down to her tanned shoulders. His mind was busy listening to her while planning his new conquest.

‘We simply cannot live without sex. It’s a basic need!’ she argued.

‘Don’t be silly, of course we can. We cannot reproduce maybe, but we can survive.’

‘Not without going crazy and forfeiting all other survival instincts,’ she countered.

‘Sex is a want, not a need.’

‘It’s definitely a need.’

‘I could go on forever without sex and living a long and happy life.’

At that she narrowed her eyes. ‘Sure,’ she said ironically, ‘you’d fall to temptation anytime. I haven’t seen you without having sex with some random chick for more than two days in a row.’

‘I could resist them if I wanted to,’ he answered defensively.

‘Just like you resisted the other women you cheated your girlfriends with?’

‘I was just having fun – that’s all.’

She gave a mocking laugh. ‘Bullshit.’

‘You know I’m right – I can prove it anytime.’


‘I don’t know… I could decide to have no sex for one whole week, just because I choose to.’

‘One week?,’ she asked with a smile, while looking at him incredulously. ‘I can break you in less than a day.’

He chuckled. ‘You’re awfully sure of yourself.’ He lustfully gazed at her blue eyes, her glossy lips, her neckline… and couldn’t resist a fleeting look at her décolletage. ‘I accept the challenge,’ he said, as he narrowed his eyes at her. ‘What do you want me to do?’

She kept silent for a while before answering. She enjoyed watching him get excited and relished the way he was looking at her. ‘You’ll come to my beach house and be my slave for twenty-four hours. You’ll do everything as I say.’

His eyes suddenly widened, but he smiled, trying to keep his cool. ‘So you’ll tease the shit out of me, right? What if I resist you?’

‘Then I’ll humbly accept being wrong about you and mankind and… you’ll get to do with me what you want, as long as you want.’

His lips put on a smirk. ‘And if I loose?’

‘Then I’ll do with you whatever I want… as long as I want,’ she said and licked her lips, while looking at him in the eye. Letting the sandal fall to the floor, she then gently rubbed her foot between his legs.

He tried to smile approvingly, though his breathing deepened as he noticed his penis slowly growing firm. ‘I look forward to playing with you once you are done… So, deal.’

Her foot slipped back into her sandal. She looked at him knowingly and kept silent while slurping her Blue Curaçao cocktail drink.

At noon the next day, the temperatures seemed to have risen considerably, as he was sweating profusely while waiting for her in front of the same café. She arrived in her Beetle, recently painted in Egyptian blue, to pick him up. The beach-house was a few miles away from town. To reach it, she had to drive through the streets along the picturesque little houses that were huddled together, and finally through a little forest before closing on the beach. She kept silent while driving, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable, as he was already nervous anticipating the next moments upon arrival at her place.

‘So I see you like the color blue… blue car with blue seats, blue bikini, blue sandals…’ he said in an attempt to appear casual.

‘Yes,’ she curtly replied. A little smile was drawn across her face. He admired the contrast between the blizzard blue bikini and her tanned skin of her thighs, the way her breasts were held tight by her top, even though the still bobbed a little along the way. Discreetly, he also took a glance mardin escort at the light “cameltoe” on her bikini. His excitement and nervousness grew.

He also noticed a marine blue collar round her neck. ‘Why are you wearing that? Are you a dog or something?’ he asked jokingly.

However, she didn’t reply, leaving him feeling ill at ease.

‘So… what are you planning, ey?’

‘You’ll see.’

As the car doors opened, the sound and smell of the sea waves crashing felt more intensive. The house walls were white washed, but displayed a cerulean blue rooftop and big cobalt wooden window frames and door. As she walked ahead of him to open the entrance door, he enjoyed watching her firm legs as they moved towards the entrance.

‘So this is it,’ she casually said, as she moved in, heading for the kitchen. She turned her head to look back at him. ‘Want something to drink? You’ll need it,’ she said with a wink.

‘Umm… sure,’ he said, as he followed her through the door to the left of the entrance, leading to the kitchen. A brief glance revealed a celestial blue cupboard, from where she had taken two glasses to fill them with water out of a glass cyan water jug sitting on the blue kitchen table. As she got on her toes to reach for it, he glanced at her ass, which seemed to vibrate a little with every move. He grew more excited with anticipation.

Sipping his water, he then took a curious glimpse around the house. Directly connecting to the entrance and the kitchen, he found the living room. A big round azure carpet covered almost the entirety of the floor in the room. Its wall connecting to the kitchen and facing the window was decorated with a big oil painting of two lovers kissing naked in the rain, all painted in different shades of blue. In a corner next to a window, his eye caught on a Yale blue round table, on which was standing a transparent, turquoise blue vase with blue lilacs. Next to the vase he found an old gramophone, painted in ultramarine blue. A stack of old records were also visible on a sapphire blue shelf on the wall next to the phthalo blue bedroom door, directly facing the entrance to the living room.

‘To the bedroom please,’ she gently commanded. Her face seemed a little flushed and her eyes were betraying a desire he hadn’t seen before. Like a tide, he felt his arousal rise anew.

‘Take off your clothes and put your hands behind your back,’ she commanded, as she opened a catalina blue drawer and retrieved a pair of brandeis blue handcuffs. She sat on the bright cerulean bed with her legs crossed. ‘Let’s see what you got.’

He made a silly dance while stripping, but she seemed not to pay much attention to it. Instead, she had a very intense look on her face, as if studying him meticulously. He placed his hands on his hips and smiled proudly.

‘Nice, ey?’

Ignoring his comments, she continued playing her new authoritarian role. ‘Now turn around and put your hands behind your back,’ she ordered, while speaking more slowly this time.

He sighed, but complied. The cuffs made a snap as she secured them around his wrists.

‘The handcuffs are real by the way. There’s no way you can get out without me unlocking them for you.’ His pulse quickened in response, but before he could say anything, his legs were fastened to a dark blue spreader bar. ‘Very good…,’ she mumbled.

‘Oh, forgot something…’ she said, as she briskly walked out of the room.

A few moments of silence past away. Then he suddenly heard a record playing, probably by the old cobalt blue gramophone he had noticed earlier. The music was soft. Seemed old. The tide of his arousal rose once more as he understood some words of the song…

‘…’Cause I’m a mighty tight woman I’m a real tight woman, I’m a jack van escort of all trades…’ (1)

Soon after she came back, carrying a dark imperial blue spreader-bar in her left hand. With her thumb and index finger of the right hand, she was dangling a moonstone blue ball-gag.

‘This is because you talk too much,’ she said with a cheeky smile while sticking the tip of her tongue between her teeth. He was about to protest when she interrupted him. ‘Open up!’ she ordered him and pushed the rubber ball into his mouth. ‘That’s a good boy…,’ she said with low, but melodious voice as she fastened the straps of his gag behind his head.

She then got down on her knees, fastened the cuffs of the spreader-bar on his legs. ‘There,’ she said. ‘Now try to walk a few steps forward.’ She chuckled as she saw him walk like a penguin. ‘Okay, stop right there, slave!’ she commanded between giggles.

Then she slowly paced in circles around him. With the nail of her index finger, she lightly traced down his back. He trembled lightly with rising excitement. ‘Nice… I’m reeeeally going to enjoy this game…,’ she said, with a twinkle of delight in her eyes. She moved closer to his back. Pursing her lips, she lightly kissed his neck, making his hair prickle. Her lips then moved to the side of his neck with another kiss. As she lightly nibbled his left earlobe, her hand was fondling his buttocks, spreading the cheeks and letting her index finger lightly dance on his rosebud.

‘You like that?,’ she said with a smile. ‘Mhm…,’ he answered. She noticed that his muffled voice had an edge as his trembling grew more noticeable. ‘I thought so…’

She walked around again to face him. ‘I always wanted to tell you how beautiful you are, Charlie,’ she said as she looked at him in the eye and gently stroke his hair with her right hand. Then she moved closer and gave him another kiss on his throat. As she kissed him a second time, she let her tongue lick his skin. Every kiss was then followed by a light sucking, which turned more intense and aggressive. She let a slight moan as she noticed that his cock was dripping pre-cum.

She then slowly went down on her knees, while taking her time to kiss and nibble his chest, then his nipples, his stomach. While paying close attention to light shivers of excitement in his body, she then played her tongue on his navel like a butterfly before moving down to his crotch. With delight, she watched his erect and penis dripping pre-cum.

‘I guess you’d like me to suck on it, wouldn’t you?’, she asked, as she opened her mouth and let his wet glans rest on her tongue and lower lip while keeping her baby blue eyes gazing at him. He moaned with pleasure and breathed deepened as it grew more erratic. Suddenly, she retracted her head, letting his cock dangle and stood up.

‘Too bad were running a bet,’ she said, as she pushed him, making him fall on the mattress. She jumped on him and straddled his hips with her legs. She let out a deep sigh and took off her blue top, letting two firm breasts flop happily. She grabbed them and squeezed her nipples.

‘I must admit, I’m already horny,’ she said, as she stood up and let her bikini slide down her legs.

‘Oh my God, I’m really wet,’ she said and laughed in surprise as she touched her pussy.

She knelt down to him and placed her pussy directly above his face, thus invading his nostrils with a musky smell. She scooped some ejaculate on her index finger and spread it on his lips. ‘See? Nice n’ wet,’ she said with a big smile.

Looking down into his eyes, she gently rubbed her clit, seeing his face flush. She grew more excited as rubbed her clit harder. She then inserted her middle and ring finger inside her vagina. Her fingering became more aggressive until she reached ankara escort her orgasm with a loud cry. Drops of sweat were already trickling down her face and body.

‘This feels so good… should do that more often…,’ she said, as she lay down on her back, on top of her slave.

She fondled his balls lying behind her head. ‘Gotta do something about these…,’ she said softly, then rolled over to the side of the bed and reached out for something underneath. A medium-thick rope covered in electric blue color silk appeared in her hand. Eagerly, she tied the rope around her slave’s balls.

She smiled with satisfaction a she watched their color darken. ‘I like the color blue on your balls… kinda turns me on even more. So much that I wanna have some good fucking,’ she said and gave them a long lick with her tongue.

She got up again and walked over to a majorelle blue dresser, from where she grabbed a dodger blue strap-on and some lube. She walked over the slave and fastened the straps around him. Its dildo was placed just above the base of his cock. The lube dripped down on her palm as she squeezed the celeste-colored bottle. With a gentle, up-and-down stroking motion, she lubricated the dildo.

‘Take a good look slave… I could be doing this to your cock right now,’ she said with an evil smile on her face. Then she mounted him and inserted the dildo into her pussy. She rode the dildo slowly at first and then harder, pounding on her slave’s body. She lowered her head to his throat and continued to kiss and suck it more violently.

‘Blue kisses,’ she noted, giggling between sighs, as she continued pounding on him more and more aggressively, as her breathing grew heavier and her moaning louder.

Suddenly, she stopped as he began to whine while looking at her pleadingly. ‘Is there something you wish to say, slave?’ she asked while looking at him with puppy-dog eyes.

He nodded hastily. ‘Okay then,’ she said as she unbuckled the straps holding his gag. ‘Then speak.’

‘Please, Sherry, I can’t stand it any longer. Please fuck me. I’m going nuts here.’

‘So you give up?’ Sherry asked delighted.

‘Yes-yes, I give up. Please fuck me.’

‘We agreed on that I can do anything to you if you break.’

‘Yes but–‘

‘Shut up!’ she said, while giving a painful slap on his already purple-blue balls. He cried out in pain when she forced the ball-gag back into his mouth and fastened its straps once again.

‘I’m going to do whatever I want with you, just as we agreed,’ she whispered into his ear. ‘And what I want right now, is some real cock to please me.’

At that moment, a tanned and muscular man with a blue tanga suddenly appeared at the door to the bedroom. ‘There you are,’ he said.

‘Just in time, dear master,’ she said with a big smile.

‘So this is what you wanted. Are you happy now, slave?’

‘Veeeery happy, master,’ she answered with a grin.

‘Excellent… Now, suck my cock like a nice girl,’ he commanded.

Over his head, the slave watched helplessly as she pulled her master’s tanga down and began licking the head of his dick before plunging it deep into her throat.

She let go with a gasp. A long drop of saliva and pre-cum still hung between her lips and his cock. ‘Oh please fuck my pussy, master!’ she begged her lover and, without a word, he prepared himself to take her from behind. Charlie’s face was flushed red, his body covered in sweat.

She gave her slave Charlie a wet kiss on his cheek and brought her mouth close to his ear once again. ‘Now I can punish you for cheating on all your girlfriends, you piece of shit. That will be my treat for winning the bet,’ she whispered, her voice almost sounding like a purr.

Her breathing became heavier, turning into an ever-louder moan, as her master’s cock thrust inside of her again and again… Meanwhile, the old Blue’s song continued to play:

‘…I hear ev’rybody saying
That I’m tight in ev’rything that I do
I’ve got all the men cryin’…’


(1) Lyrics from the song “I’m a Mighty Tight Woman” by Sippie Wallace (1929)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32