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Time for some back story on Bonnie’s Mom. I met her Mom at a previous job. It was an instant attraction. The chemistry was lightning like. It was not love when I saw her, but lust and I could see it in her eyes also. As a man, we all get the little urges. We see things that make us go, hmmmm. But this was different. This was an, I need to fuck her and soon, feeling.

She was a tall woman. 5’11 at least, with luscious hips and thighs. He breasts were not prominent but still big enough to make someone aware. She had wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Something about her made me instantly hot.

The day passed quickly, and I was glad. I was able to get home and release frustration. I jumped in the shower and soaped up my cock. I was thinking of Lois. I wondered how she smelled, tasted, was she a quiet fuck or a loud one? My mind raced. I imagined my massive cock in her ass and that was my breaking point. I fired off numerous ropes of semen. Completely spent, I finished my shower.

I got up the next day and was in the office early. I had to get some work done before 9am. Finishing what I had I headed to the breakroom for some coffee. I put a pot on and was startled by a voice behind me, “I like mine with cream” said the voice. I turned around and there she was 3 feet away from me.

“Holy crap, you scared me!” I said rather clumsily.

“You looked deep in thought. Anything I can help with?” she asked.

You have no idea, I mused.

“No, just waiting on coffee and must have got lost in thought about my clients”.

She smiled and winked at me, then walked out of the breakroom.

I watched her walk away. That luscious ass, not really bouncing but kind of struggling casino şirketleri to move in her pants. It was mesmerizing. And what the hell did that wink mean?

I soon found out. Lois walked into my office and asked if she could speak with me? I asked her to have a seat and she sat down.

“What is on your mind?” I asked.

“To be frank and honest?” She replied.

“Always” I answered.

She got up and shut the door.

“I noticed your bulge when we were in the breakroom. Seems to me your man parts are relatively large, and I want to see it.”

“Right now? At work?”

I did not know whether to faint or jump for joy. I chose to raise of out my chair and undo my pants.

When my cock flopped out, she let out an audible gasp. Her first look in the breakroom was of a limp cock hidden in some loose pants. Now she is face to cock with my growing member.

“FUCK” is all she could say.

She started moving towards me and then stopped.

“Not the place. Are you free tonight?” she growled.

I told her yes and she scribbled her address on a note pad and left my office.

The hours flew by. I walked past her desk on my way out. She was already gone.

Her place was on my way home, so I stopped and showered quick. Didn’t want to be all funky when I got to her place.

When I arrived, she answered the door with a girl around 17.

“Tim, I would like you to meet my daughter, Bonnie.”

“Hi Bonnie” I replied, trying to hide a look of obvious horniness on my face.

She smiled devilishly and went out the door.

“I bet you have your hands full with that one” I said to Lois.

Lois laughed out loud and smiled.

Bonnie casino firmaları was dressed in white shorts and a red shirt. Her hair was up in a bun.

I was barely in the door far enough for the door to close and Lois was pulling me to the stairs. We stumbled on the stairs and fell. I caught myself with Lois under me. She pulled me close and we kissed like high school kids. Tongues flying, saliva all over.

I pulled myself away and she sat up. She pulled off her shirt, revealing a black bra.

“Holy shit! How do you hide those?”

She was bigger than I imagined. At least a 40D.

“Orpah says to buy good bras, so I do!”

She wasted no time unleashing her tits. Her areola were tiny with little nipples.

I pulled off my shirt and undid my belt. She was working on my zipper and button. Once undone, I pulled off my pants and underwear. My foot long cock was dripping pre-cum.

She grabbed my cock and started jacking me off.

I pushed her away and yanked off her shorts. They were wet, very wet.

I wanted to fuck her badly but also wanted her to work on my member some more. And so she pumped and pumped. I could feel the pressure building and warned her that I cum quite a bit.

She mumbled something and then stopped. She was crying.

I asked if she was OK. She replied, she was but was ashamed of herself for acting like a cock depraved slut.

“People have needs, wants, desires and when they get an opportunity, they should take full advantage.” I explained.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

She asked if I thought she was a slut for acting like she did. I told her it was a he turn on for me. I like her dirty mouth, her body güvenilir casino and everything about her.

She grabbed my cock and led me upstairs.

She threw herself onto the bed and yanked off her panties. What I saw was the perfect pussy, at east in my opinion. She was trimmed nicely but had only whisps of brown pubic hair. Her pussy lips were glistening.

I buried my face in her thighs, seeking her moist cunt. She smelled fresh and clean. It was intoxicating. I slid a finger in her and spread her lips apart. Her clit was swollen and large.

I stopped for a moment and looked at her pussy.

“You do not like my clit do you? My last lover said it looked like a little cock and he couldn’t fuck a woman with a little dick”.

My only response was to start licking and sucking her clit. I licked and sucked her until she came. Warm wetness leaked from her cunt.

“I need that cock in me now Tim.”

She rolled onto her hand and knees exposing her wet pussy to me. He ass jiggled as she adjusted herself for the impaling.

I rubbed my hand on her wetness and lubed my cock. I pushed the head in and she moaned. Inch after inch I slid into her until I was bumping her cervix. I went at her with a steady pace. She was on fire, begging me to fuck her hard. After what seemed an eternity, I started to feel the need to cum. Orgasm after orgasm had racked her body. It was all she could do to hold herself up. Finally, I had reached the boiling point and started to cum.

“I am going to cum in your pussy Lois, I can’t stop. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. I pulled her hips to me and fired off 5 or 6 streams into her cunt and pushed her away. She collapsed on the bed and I sprayed the last on her big ass.

I fell on the bed beside her and dozed off. I awoke to my cock being sucked back to life.

“You don’t get to be done yet Tim, I still have plans for this tool!”

Boy, did she ever…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32