Bonnie Ch. 04

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Part 1

Bonnie was now a little over 8 months pregnant. She was a site to behold. She just glowed. Big belly, massive tits and a constant flow of milk. Absolutely beautiful.

When she came over she immediately took off her clothes just to be free of the constraints of her bra and panties. On the weekends she was without kids she stayed with Jessie and me. Her and I stopped fucking at about 5 months, because she was one to get big fast. At 8 months she had to have help even getting dressed. That did not stop her from enjoying our tongues though and Jessie’s fingers.

Saturday morning, we were all sitting around the table eating some breakfast I had prepared. It was an odd morning, no sex last night and we had all slept very well. We must have needed it.

Jessie wearing a flimsy top. Her big teen tits were hanging and visible from the side. I walked up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. She relaxed and leaned back. My hands moved to her tits.

“Holy cow little girl! How big are you now?’ I asked.

“32DD”, Jessie purred.

Bonnie laughed and raised her shirt to show her massive milk machines.

Jessie and I were like hungry babies. We each took a fat nipple in our mouths and drank the milk.

I popped my mouth off her big nipple and started rubbing my cock. Jessie’s eyes were drawn immediately to me and she came over and took over stroking me. After a few minutes and her stroking me and me having fingers in her cunt, she mounted me looking at her sister. I reached around with one hand and found a nipple, my other hand finding her sensitive clit. Bonnie was working on herself the best she could.

“I need that cock Tim. I need in me!” Bonnie moaned. “It has been too long. I want you to fuck me.”

Bonnies stood up, milk dripping from her nipples. Jessie was bouncing on my turgid cock almost to the point of orgasm. Bonnie moved in from Eskişehir Escort of us and started massaging milk from her tits onto Jessie. That was all it took. Jessie went over the edge, bucking and moaning. Her orgasm lasted almost 90 full seconds before she got off my cock.

Bonnie wasted no time positioning herself to take Jessie’s spot. She slid onto me the best she could, my cock still wet from her sister’s pussy and orgasm.

She was ready for my cock and slide down onto almost all of it. My head hit her cervix and she stopped and pulsated her pussy, squeezing my cock. After a few minutes she started slowly moving up and down on my member. She only lasted a few minutes and orgasm tore through her pregnant body.

Jessie helped pull Bonnie’s off my cock and into a chair.

Now it was my turn. I had a beautiful daughter and my daughter’s half-sister sitting naked in from of me. I stood and grabbed my cock and started stroking. Every so often Jessie would stop me and suck me getting some nice slippery saliva on my cock. Bonnie wanted to eat Jessie while I watched. We helped her to the ground and Jessie opened her legs. Bonnie was able to get up on her hands and knees and crawl between her sister’s thighs. She started slurping her sister’s juices.

It was too much too look at. I stuck 3 fingers in Bonnie and rub her wetness on her ass. I slid the head in her puckered tight asshole and waited. Bonnie relaxed, and I started my assault on her ass. Her big ass was beautiful. It jiggled each time I thrust my hips.

Jessie was moaning heavily which I knew meant she was close to cumming again.

She came hard, holding her sister’s head into her cunt and she came.

I grabbed Bonnie’s hips and quickened my stroke. I was cumming, I stayed in her ass long enough to fire a couple of streams and pulled out. I shot the rest on Bonnie’s Eskişehir Escort Bayan ass and Jessie’s tits.

What a morning. Several orgasms and 3 satisfied people. We all headed to shower and get cleaned up. It was going to be one hell of a weekend and it was only 10am on Saturday.

Part 2

At lunch time we went out to shop and get Bonnie out of the house.

The girls went to Victoria’s Secret to get some unmentionables.

I found a seat in the mall and sat with my coffee and did some people watching. Several women walked by with their sons and daughters and I wonder if they were fucking them. I hoped so.

I spotted a woman that looked vaguely familiar. I got up and followed her for a while, but never caught a look at her face. That ass was familiar though. Lois familiar.

I wanted to ask the girls what they thought, but it had been along time since their Mom up and left them. Bonnie at the time was just 2 and Jessie was just 18. I didn’t want to bring up any negative thoughts or hurt them in anyway.

We all finished shopping and grabbed a bite. We headed home and settled in for the rest of the weekend.

Both girls fell asleep and I went upstairs and dug through some of my old boxes.

“There it is”. I had found a DVD of me and Lois fucking.

I popped it in the machine and pushed play.

My cock grew hard watching myself fuck the mother of the 2 girls downstairs. Before I knew it, I was rubbing my cock to the lewd scenes on TV. My god she was a freak. I watched her swallow my entire cock right to the balls. I cannot tell you how much cum I emptied into her belly. She was an amazing cock sucker. I stopped stroking my pole because I wanted to save it for the girls later. I fell asleep. I woke about a half hour or so later and found both sisters watching the TV in my room.

I must have forgotten Escort Eskişehir to hit stop.

“You like what you see?”

By this time Jessie had 4 fingers in her hole listening to Bonnie talk about her mom. We had not noticed her until we heard her moan. She was masturbating furiously.

Bonnie walked over to her and replaced Jessie’s hand with hers. My girls getting each other off. Whatever caused them to have the heated relationship they have is beyond me. I was just a benefactor!

I took Jessie by the hand and led her to the bed. She laid down and lifted her hips. Bonnie slid a pillow under her back and I started eating her. She tasted so good. I brought to the brink of orgasm and stopped. I pushed my cock into her tiny ass. I had only fucked her ass once before, but I wanted it now. She let out a scream when I pushed in. Inch by inch I slid in. She was hurting but loving it.

“Daddy, I can’t take it all, please be careful”.

I started a slow methodical reaming of her asshole. Bonnie massaged her aching clit while she watched. Jessies hand found her own clit and was rubbing herself.

“FUCK, I AM CUMMING!!” Jessie howled and let her inhibitions go.

What happened next was new to me.

As she came she squirted. Delicious Jessie Juice was covering my chest. I sped up my thrusts and emptied every ounce of cum I had in her ass. As I removed my cock from her, my cum was flowing from her lovely ass.

I looked over at Bonnie. She was panting and moaning. I slid 3 fingers in her cunt. She grabbed my arm and forced my hand in. Instantaneously she came. Wave after wave shook her. She was convulsing with ecstasy. Her huge tits wobbled. She was dripping milk. Her chest and faced were flushed with blood. She was beautiful, absolutely stunning at that exact moment. When her orgasm subsided, she looked dazed.

“I need to have this baby!” “I cannot stand much long not having that cock in me.”

We all laughed, and Jessie and I helped Bonnie up.

When she stood up…she got her wish. Her water broke. I think she knew what she was doing all along, pulling my hand into her very pregnant cunt. We grabbed the bag and left for the hospital.

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