Boozin’ Susan

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Everyone has fantasies about their co-workers, right?

It’s just human nature. You can’t expect to put men and women together all day, every day without them occasionally developing an attraction. Especially if you’re married or in a long relationship, flirting with or fantasizing about your co-workers can be innocent, harmless fun. It doesn’t mean anyone intends to act on it.

Susan and I have been friends for about a year. We met shortly after she started working as a salesperson at the furniture showroom where I work in the warehouse. We hit it off, and it wasn’t long before we began to spend our breaks and lunches together. Susan is witty and vivacious, and our talks are always light-hearted and fun, peppered with occasional sexual innuendo. It’s just a silly work flirtation.

I should also add that Susan is very attractive, with long, curly brunette hair, deep brown eyes, and a killer body. She works part-time as a spin instructor, so she has a very tight, toned physique and a perfectly proportioned ass. She also has large, mouth-watering breasts which she accentuates by sometimes wearing tight t-shirts. Susan has very large, very dark nipples, which I know because sometimes when she wears a light-colored shirt, they show through her bra a little bit. A few times when our conversations have turned to sex, I’ve been thankful for the cover of the break room table so that Susan couldn’t see the bulge of my hardening cock straining in my pants.

There’s a porn star on one of my favorite web sites who looks a lot like Susan, and sometimes after one of our chats I go home and masturbate to her and pretend she’s actually Susan. I’ve even fantasized about Susan while fucking my wife. Tammy has no idea how many of her hottest orgasms she owes to Susan. She doesn’t even know Susan exists. Not that I’m hiding anything. There’s nothing to hide.

One Friday around noon I was working in the warehouse as usual, and was actually pretty pleased with myself because I was caught up early ready for Monday’s shipments already. Susan had taken that day off from work, so when I made my way to the time clock to punch out for lunch, I was surprised to see her in the hall outside the break room.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me. “Hey, you!” she exclaimed, coming up and giving me a big hug. “Long time no see!”

I noticed two things immediately. First, as Susan’s big, beautiful breasts crushed to my chest, it was apparent that she wasn’t wearing a bra. That observation was confirmed as she pulled away; she was wearing a white t-shirt with a plaid shirt over it, and I got the best look I’d ever had at her dark, full nipples through that t-shirt before she pulled her overshirt closed. I knew right then and there I’d be getting off to some lookalike porn later.

The second thing I noticed was that Susan was a little bit tipsy. I could smell alcohol on her breath, and her slightly-more-animated-than-usual behavior seemed to confirm that observation.

“I need a favor,” Susan said, touching me lightly on the arm. “I bought a chair, and I was hoping you could deliver it to my house over lunch. I’ll make sure you get something to eat,” she said a little suggestively.

“Sure,” I instantly agreed. “No problem . . . in fact, I was just headed out to lunch. Lead the way.”

I followed her down to the showroom and took her chair out to the delivery van. “You can follow me,” Susan said, and in a few minutes I was pulling into her driveway.

It only took a couple of minutes to wrestle the chair into Susan’s living room and place it next to a lamp table by her large stone fireplace. “Thanks so much,” Susan said gratefully. Helping herself to a seat, Susan crossed and uncrossed her legs. Her small denim shorts rode up, and I caught a flash of red panties before she settled.

“I love this chair,” she said. “It is so comfortable, I could just stretch out and take a nap right here.” She stretched her arms above her head, and as she did her shirt fell open. Her breasts pushed proudly forward, it was impossible not to notice that her nipples had hardened and were now standing erect, creating two dark points in her tight t-shirt. My cock sprang instantly to attention.

Settling back into the chair, Susan noticed the angle of my gaze and gave me a knowing smile. I could feel my face reddening, embarrassed at being caught so obviously, but she didn’t call me on it. I was relieved when Susan rose and said, “Check out how comfortable this is,” motioning for me to sit.

I took a seat and sure enough the chair was perfectly designed, enveloping me in its comfortable support like it had been made especially for me. I lay back and closed my eyes. “That’s nice, isn’t it?” Susan asked. Eyes still closed, I nodded.

“I bet it’s even big enough to seat two comfortably,” Susan said, and before I could react she sat sideways in my lap and wrapped her arms around me. My eyes flew open to find Susan’s face directly level with mine, her dark eyes sparkling with amusement. She was obviously deliberately teasing me, but she still didn’t let on. I was stunned that her perfect ass had literally dropped right into my lap, and my already-aroused cock stiffened even more. I could feel my pulse pounding in my shaft, and since her ass was right there, I was pretty sure Susan could, too.

“This isn’t quite the right angle,” Susan said, wriggling around a little bit. A small, involuntary gasp escaped me as her movements stimulated my engorged member, but she still didn’t acknowledge that she knew what she was doing to me. Susan swung her legs around until she was facing me and straddling me, and the low arms of the chair made her legs fall naturally around either side so she had to put her arms around my neck to maintain her balance. When Susan finally settled into position she was astride me with her legs spread, her beautiful breasts pressed against my chest and her face just an inch from mine. My prick was throbbing non-stop, and it occurred to me that since we were basically dry humping, Susan could feel those spasms directly against her clit.

It must have turned her on, too, because Susan finally dropped her innocent act. “You know, I had a couple of drinks earlier, and that always makes me really fuckin’ horny,” she breathed into my ear. “And when I saw this chair, I thought it looked like a great fuck chair.” She pulled back a little and looked me directly in the eye, all semblance of teasing gone now. “Then when I saw you in the hall, I knew I wanted you to be the first one to fuck me in it.”

I’d been trying to control myself, but when Susan said that it instantly swept aside any resistance or reason. I was so delirious with lust that I don’t even know if I knew what I was doing when I grabbed the neck of her t-shirt and ripped it all the way down the front in one violent motion, exposing her massive titties and big dark nipples. I took her left nipple into my mouth and without warning I bit into it, causing Susan to cry out loud. Whether from pain or pleasure, I didn’t know and didn’t particularly care. I was past caring about anything. My sex life with Tammy has always been satisfying, but our lovemaking is always very tender and romantic. Maybe it was just pent-up lust, or the lushness of Susan’s body, or the wanton way she had shamelessly seduced me, but something about Susan brought out a part of me that I had never even known was there. I didn’t want to make love to her; I wanted to use her ripe body to satisfy myself. I didn’t care about anything else in the world.

“Oh my god,” Susan groaned as I pulled her nipple outward with my teeth. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

I had one hand on her back to hold her in place, and I used the other one to slap her other breast, hard. She cried out again.

I moved my mouth to her other breast, gently nuzzling and licking where it had started to turn red. I slowly made my way to her distended nipple, and as I did I caught Susan’s eye. “Help me with this,” I ordered, lifting her breast up to where her ripe nipple was between our mouths. As her tongue snaked out to taste her own nipple I matched her movements, trapping her sensitive bud between our entwined tongues. Susan groaned as we shared her nipple, and I felt light-headed at the incredible eroticism of the moment.

I broke the mood a moment later as I drew back far enough to spit on her nipple, coating it in my shiny saliva. I picked Susan up, whirled around and deposited her roughly in the chair, then quickly stripped off my clothes. As I dropped my shorts to reveal my fat cock standing proudly at attention, Susan’s eyes widened.

“You like my cock?” I demanded. Susan nodded, licking her lips in anticipation. I leaned over and spat on her other tit, took my prick in my hand and rubbed the head of it in the saliva that was beginning to run down the curve of her breast. I repeated the procedure with her other breast and, having sufficiently lubricated my intended path, I reached down and squeezed her titties together until they formed a deep channel.

“Hold these for me,” I ordered. Susan complied without question, and I slid the length of my shaft between those beautiful globes until the mushroom head emerged from the top of her cleavage, now shining with my spit. I had fantasized about fucking those amazing tits a thousand times, but I still couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I fucked Susan’s beautiful titties like a man possessed, pausing occasionally to slap the head of my turgid prick against her juicy nipples. I pushed the head of my cock against Susan’s nipple, creating a tight fit that made Susan cry out in surprised delight.

I leaned forward and grabbed Susan’s jaw, forcing her mouth open so I could spit directly into it. “Spit it back onto my cock,” I directed, and again she complied without question. I returned to fucking her glorious görükle escort globes, now doubly lubricated with a sexy mixture of our saliva. I was really getting into it, pulling back all the way until the head of my cock was visible below Susan’s tits, then thrusting all the way up until my balls were resting against them and my cock head was practically striking her chin.

Susan surprised me by unexpectedly letting go of her tits, leaving my dick to spring free. She opened her mouth and seamlessly took my rampant fuck stick all the way to the balls in one motion, reaching up to caress my balls. “Mother fucker!” I shouted as the multiple sensations hit me. I could feel Susan smiling around my cock as she drew back until only my head remained in her mouth, using both of her hands to stimulate my now-glistening shaft in a counter-clockwise twisting motion. She removed my cock from her mouth long enough to lick up and down both sides, then engulfed my length again in her moist, hot orifice. I wondered idly if her other openings were this hot and juicy, knowing I would have my answer soon enough.

Seeing my fat cock glide in and out of Susan’s mouth made me crazy with lust. “You dirty little cocksucker,” I groaned as she made love to me with her mouth. “You’re the best tittyfucking cocksucker I’ve ever had.” Susan’s only reply was to take me balls deep and hold me there while she pulsed her mouth around my entire length. I grabbed her hair and pulled it. Her eyes started to tear up, I don’t know whether from my cock so deep in her throat or pulling her hair. But it turned me on even more, if that was even possible.

“Use your teeth on my cock,” I hissed. Susan obeyed without question, dragging her teeth across the head of my juicy prick as she used her fingernails to stimulate my shaft. I didn’t even know I was going to cum until I already had, blowing my load in Susan’s mouth in a white hot flash of passion unlike anything I had ever experienced.

“Jesus mother fucking Christ!” I screamed as I pumped my hot jizz in Susan’s eager mouth. I came so much it started to leak out of her mouth and run down her chin, and I pulled out and continued to shoot my hot sticky load onto her beautiful tits. When I finally finished I was dizzy. I feel to my knees and sat down heavily on the floor.

Susan laughed with delight. “You made yourself weak,” she said. “You know what you need?” She crawled over to me. “You need some protein to get your strength back up,” Susan said huskily, indicating my cum on her tits. Without thinking about it I snaked my tongue out to taste my own cum for the first time. It tasted good, thick and slightly tangy. Susan laughed again, delighted at our shared perversity. I hurriedly cleaned the rest of my spunk from her tits. “Share it with me,” Susan said, and I kissed her passionately, letting my jizz flow into her mouth.

Once she had a mouthful of my thick baby batter, Susan broke our kiss and pulled back. She took my cock in both hands, caressing it back to hardness, and spat my cum back on the head, then brought my cock to her nipple and used it to spread the thick fluid around where it had started. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, and tears sprang to my eyes at the wanton beauty and abandon of the moment.

I caught Susan’s eye and we both just stared, locked in a perfect moment of shared love, admiration, need and lust. We both knew what had to come next, but Susan spoke first. “I need you to fuck me now,” she said simply, unzipping her shorts and dropping them to reveal the red panties I had glimpsed earlier. I stared, mesmerized, as she slid the red undergarments down her well-toned thighs and calves and removed them, exposing a dark, thick bush that she kept neatly trimmed. Without saying a word Susan sat back down in the fuck chair and leaned back, spreading her legs and holding them up and away at the knees.

My mouth fell open in amazement as I got my first look at the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Susan’s snatch was outlined by two plump, dark lips and topped by a fat, juicy clit that was already erect, straining from under its hood as if begging to be stimulated. Her lips were already glistening with excitement, and my prick was so hard it was jerking around as if straining to fuck thin air. I wanted to taste that beautiful pussy, but I knew it would have to wait. Right now I just had to fuck it.

I slid between Susan’s spread thighs and guided the head of my cock to her glistening pussy lips. “Oh god, fuck me,” Susan urged, but instead I teased her, tracing the gentle slit between her lips with my cock, then using it to tap on her rock-hard clit. Susan gasped with pleasure. I desperately wanted to fuck her, but first I wanted to see what I was fucking. “Use your fingers to spread your pussy,” I commanded. Susan eagerly complied, spreading her plump lips apart to expose her slick pink hole.

Without another word of any kind I slid my cock into her with one continuous thrust, not stopping until my balls came to rest against the splayed lips of her hairy cunt. I held her there for a long moment, letting her tight snatch adjust to the girth of my intruding member, then pulled back until the head of my cock was just between her outer lips. Susan’s pussy was so tight that her velvety walls clung to me on the out stroke. Her hot snatch was so juicy and good that it was literally almost unbearably pleasurable to fuck it.

I could hardly stand to keep going, so intense were the sensations flooding through my body, but I couldn’t stop. At first I was slowly stroking in and out, sinking my cock all the way to the balls and pulling out all the way to the head with every stroke, making Susan cry out with delight at every thrust. But as my lust increased I picked up the pace and made shorter, shallower strokes, fucking Susan more rapidly and stimulating her clit more directly with the head of my turgid fuck stick.

“Oh god, that’s it!” Susan cried. “Fuck me just like that! JUST LIKE THAT! I need it.” The more she urged me on, the faster I fucked her, and the faster I fucked her, the more she cried out for me to fuck her more. She reached around and grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me farther into her, forcing me to deeper penetration even as I maintained the frantic pace of our fucking. She used her right hand to slap my bare ass, then started working my back with her nails, raking me until I could feel the blood rise to the surface of the scratches she inflicted.

Something about pain and passion together seemed to really turn her on. Still writhing on my throbbing cock, Susan hissed, “Hit me, you bastard!” I’d never even imagined striking a woman in my entire life, but when she said that I instantly responded by slapping her across the face. Susan’s eyes flew open wide with glee. “Yeah baby!” she screamed. “That’s it! Use me like a fucking cheap whore! Fuck me like a five dollar slut!”

I slapped her again, a little harder this time, and then brought both hands to her throat, squeezing just hard enough to cut her air while I fucked her tight snatch. I’d heard some women really liked being choked during sex, and based on her level of kink and interest in rough sex so far, I was betting Susan was one of them. I sure hoped so, since I already had my hands around her throat. It was far too late to ask for permission now.

Susan’s face began to turn red as I continued to furiously pound her hairy cunt. She beat my chest with her fists, fighting for air even while her pussy began to spasm around my cock. She was choking and cumming at the same time, and the eroticism of that hit me so hard that I instantly came, too; I released Susan’s throat as I threw back my head and shot my hot load in her juicy pussy. As Susan was hit by the combined rush of oxygen and my hot jizz, it pushed her over the edge into a second, violently powerful orgasm that shook her entire body. Her pussy spasmodically worked my cock, milking more and more cum until it felt like the marrow of my bones would shoot out the end of my dick.

Susan was flushed all over, shaking and sweating, groaning uncontrollably while she came and came and came. Her pussy was soaked with so much of our combined spunk that I could barely keep my cock inside of her. She screamed when I reached under her to grab her ass cheeks and pull her hard to me, until my balls were resting against her ass and my cock was blasting into her cervix.

Susan thrashed even more wildly, pounding me with her fists as I fucked her. I filled her with so much hot jizz that it overflowed her pussy and began to leak out of the tight seal her lips had formed on my cock, running down the crack of her ass to form a very sexy pool in her asshole. I reached down to swirl my finger in it and then, using our combined cum as lubrication, pushed my finger into Susan’s asshole.

She whimpered and cried as another orgasm swept her body, kicking her heels against my ass and reaching up to pull at her own hard nipples. “You like that, you fucking bitch?” I demanded. “Cum all over my cock, you fucking whore. Take it all.”

Susan was finally beginning to come down from her back-to-back orgasms. She slowly stopped thrashing, and I slid my cock out of her pussy and my finger out of her ass. I offered my still-hard cock to her mouth. “Clean it off,” I ordered, and once again Susan complied without question. When my cock was perfectly clean and began to soften, I slowly let myself down to the floor, feeling woozy after the enormous expenditure of energy.

I leaned against the fuck chair, and Susan snuggled up to me, letting her head rest in the hollow of my neck. I reached around to embrace her, and as we sat and held each other I knew that everything had changed. Somewhere in the expression of our pent-up lust I had fallen in love with Susan, and as I looked wordlessly into her eyes I could tell she felt the same. I didn’t know what was going to happen with my marriage to Tammy, but I knew I could never be satisfied now with the drab black and white of our sex life after experiencing Susan in full Technicolor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32