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It felt good to be on top of him, my knees resting against the bed, the weight of my body on him, forcing him deep into my back entrance. My ass feels deliciously full as I lift and drop myself onto him. The sensation of floating floods from the back of my eyes as my body looses itself in pleasure. His size feels incredible as I stretch around him, the very presence of him being in me giving a sense of wicked completion.

I speed up; feeling myself begin to ride him harder as my body prepares to take yet another orgasm from him. My hands press down against him, my arms pushing my breasts together as I stroke his length within my ass. My empty vagina shivers as orgasmic bliss rushes into my very being, I scream out in utter joy and excitement as I rub myself against his body, completely lost in the moment.

I collapse forward onto him, his shaft exiting and resting between my cheeks, as I pant deeply, resting my head between his own and his shoulder. He strokes my hair sweetly as I rest, my body gently returning from some higher plain.

Lifting myself I let my breasts dangle in his face, feeling the sensation of his over-grown stubble dance across my skin, allowing him to play with them. I smile as he sucks my un-pierced nipple into his mouth before squeezing my breasts together and pushing his face between them. I feel his cock jump in excitement against my rear cheek. It was time to allow his own orgasm.

I sit back so my feet are against the bed, lifting myself to squat onto him as my hand holds his bulging cock at the base. I look into his eyes as I lower myself onto him, his large head popping into my rear, but his eyes are elsewhere — staring in amazement as my ass slowly engulfs him. My cheeks rest against him as I completely take him, removing my hand, and letting out a sigh of satisfaction. Lifting myself slowly with my knees I allow him to watch as every inch of him exits and re-enters me. He begins to groan and grunt. I know he can’t last long in this position and I love how easily I can make him cum with it.

His body dampens with sweat as I feel him expand inside me. I lift myself so only the head of his cock is inside my anus, his face twisting with frustrated pleasure as I deny the rest of him entry. Moving my ass slowly up and down the tip of his cock I feel him pulse, as he shoots his first spurt of cum into my bowels I lower myself onto him, filling myself with all of him, lost in the sensations of his trembling cock as he fills me with his seed. I smile, and we rest, his still hard penis trapping his cum inside me.

Time passes, a minute, a year, one can never say. The moment şırnak escort of blissful oneness after such pleasures of the flesh have been fulfilled is immeasurable, like a dreamer waking whom has been somewhere else for so long, yet has risen within in same hour that sleep had taken them. His now softening penis glides out of me as I roll off him onto all fours, my used hole still wide from his departure, glistening with his ejaculate.

“Go on then” I smirk, as he rises towards me, pushing the large purple butt-plug into me, trapping part of him inside me for the rest of the day. I smile, as it fills me, my ass shrinking round the neck of the plug, as my cheeks close around it’s flared-base. I enjoy taking his cum to work with me. Recently it has become the greatest of my many naughty little pleasures.

I kissed him good-bye and got ready for work, throwing on my loose tartan skirt and a black top (casual dress was work policy) being sure not to wear any knickers. Today was going to be another fun day at the office where only I would know my secret.

The day started fine, with the easy task of updating a few records to meet some new policies that had been introduced. I was happily sat at my desk, the plug filling me, as every now and again a very small amount of him bubbled out around it as I moved in my seat. I loved the feeling of having him in me at work; it kept my body buzzing lustfully through out the day. Just as my mind was drifting to naughtier thoughts the phone rang.

“Goey” spoke the stern female voice, “It’s Samantha. Can we have a word in my office please?”

An invitation to your bosses’ office is never a fun thing, but having had my mind suddenly pulled from my own fantasies set an extra level of nervousness off inside me.

I timidly knock on her office door.

“Come in” she answers, as if uninterested in my arrival. Hot air swamps me as I push the door open; her air conditioning is still broken. As I step in she smiles at me, “Goey please, take a seat. There’s no need to worry I just wanted to see how you were getting on with the new system?”

We talk, but it’s too hot, and my concentration wavers as the warmth of her room begins to drown me. I regret not wearing any knickers as I feel my own sweat seal me to her leather chair. It was going to make a noise when I got up as my skin unstuck itself — it was inevitable, and yet — the panic of the act began swirling around me, this was going to be embarrassing.

“Ok Goey, that’s everything I wanted to ask,” she concluded, giving me the big ‘you can leave now’ smile that all bosses şırnak escort bayan seem to know. I decided I’d get up quickly, flee from the inevitable loud noise and hide in my own office. I got up – “Swqueeeech” went my ass as it separated itself from the chair. I bolted to the door fleeing from my embarrassment.

“Goey” came Samantha’s stern voice behind me, causing me to freeze in my tracks, “What is that?” A cold flush encases me as I tense my cheeks — my ass was empty! The butt-plug was not there! Panic fills me as my whole body shivers in terror as I turn around to look down at the chair I had departed from so quickly. And there, sat in the middle, stood my butt-plug. It’s cosmic purple hidden by a swirl of white. I look at Samantha, not sure what to do expecting to see shock and horror in her eyes. But no, instead a big smile was spread across her lips.

“Bring it me,” she demands, as if a teacher confiscating a child’s toy.

I lift it off the chair, breaking it’s suction. My mind has left me, hiding in fear from the actions that unfold before me. I place it on her desk. I don’t feel like myself, I feel automated.

“Was this in your ass Goey?”

I nod at her.

“Let me see,” orders Samantha, almost motherly.

I look at her; she can see the butt-plug, what else does see what to see? Does she-

But before I can finish my chain of thought she speaks “Your ass Goey, let me see your ass. You can bend over on the chair.”

I should leave, run, scream no — anything, but I don’t. I am trapped in her authority. I kneel on the chair, my breasts rubbing against the back as I grip it with my hands.

“Go on” she commands, “Stick your bum out.”

I push my rear back and as my cheeks part I can feel a strand of cum leak from my still gaping ass, I wince at the thought of her seeing it, knowing she will.

I hear her get up, her heels clanking across the floor as she approaches me. The office had a ‘wear what you like’ policy but she dressed impressively smart regardless.

She throws my skirt up my back exposing my bare bottom. She reaches down with a hand, and I feel her finger flick against my right cheek as she catches the hanging strand of cum.

She holds it up on her finger, “Boyfriends?” she asks.

I look back at her and nod. As if it was procedure she opens her mouth, puts her finger between her lips, and sucks the cum off.

“Okay,” she says while kneeling behind me, “Let’s see how much he shot up there.”

She parts my cheeks and I blush deep crimson as she stares into my used asshole.

“Not escort şırnak a small chap is he?” she says approvingly, admiring the size of my gape.

I feel the cold metal of her glasses hit my cheeks as she presses her face between them; her wet tongue feels like cold fire as she pushes it deep into my ass. Her enthusiastic groans and tongue-flicks cause my eyes to widen in pleasure.

“Oh Goey, your ass taste so good!” I hear Samantha moan. She eats my ass passionately, I am a slave to her tongue as I feel her jaw widen as she pushes herself in as deep as possible.

“Your man taste really sweet as well, so — let me taste all of him,” she orders.

I look back over my shoulder in confusion, my mind still racing to catch up to what is happening.

“Go on,” she barks, “push it out!”

I feel the point of her tongue pressing firmly under my asshole as I tense, squeezing the cum out from my ass. A small glob trickles down, pooling onto her tongue, before she swallows it, lapping it up like a cat.

“Goey you selfish little cow!” she shouts as her right hand crashes down on my butt causing me to yelp with shock, “How dare you give me so little off his cum! Now come on,” she demands, while digging her hands firmly into my cheeks and spreading them painfully wide apart, “Push it out, all of it, fart his seed all over my fucking tongue!”

I close my eyes and force myself to empty his cum out of me, trying desperately not to break wind, but I fail. I feel air gush from me and my face glows crimson as my boyfriend’s cum flies out of me, splattering all over her face. I pant in horror, ashamed of what I’ve just done — as if I have failed her.

“Oh yeeeeeeeees!” she screams out victoriously as my man’s cum clings onto her face, most of her view obscured as it covers her glasses. She stands up and removes her skirt hastily, “Well Goey, you sprayed my face so I guess it’s only fair I return the favour — so kneel on the floor like a good girl.”

I slide off the chair, kneeling in front of it. I can see her silky smooth lower lips, as she lifts one leg to rest it on the chair behind me. She sinks 2 fingers easily into her soaking wet vagina while looking down at me, and begins to frantically fuck herself. I can hear her wetness squelching as she approaches her own orgasm. She flings her head back as she cums; her pussy throbs as a torrent of female ejaculate floods out of her. I flinch as it drenches my face, running down my neck and between my cleavage.

She walks casually back behind her desk and sits down, “That’ll be all Goey” she calmly speaks, as if nothing has happened. Soaked in her wetness I stand, dazed with my own confusion, and slowly walk towards the door.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asks, while holding up the butt-plug. She smiles lovingly at me as I reach for it, her face and glasses dripping with the cum from my ass as her vaginal juices dry on my skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32