Bound Ch. 02: Bound for Pleasure

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This is the continuation of a story that I have been kicking around in my head for over 10 years. I finally got the motivation to put in down and flesh it out. It picks up right where the last left off, so if you have not read Chapter 1 I would recommend that you do so, as they build on each other and don’t stand alone. To those of you who enjoyed the first chapter enough to add it and/or me as a favorite THANK YOU!


Slipping into the front seat of my car I dropped my face into my hands and started to cry. What am I doing? Who am I? And a million other questions popped into my head. It had seemed so innocent, use the magic of the corset and some new clothes to go out and have a good time. Get a little practice so that when I went to the costume party I was believable. I never anticipated actually meeting someone I had feelings for. ‘Wait a second!’ I thought ‘Do I have feelings for Chris?’ My mind was all a jumble, everything so confusing. I needed to get this corset OFF. Though it was only a couple of miles to my apartment I couldn’t get there soon enough.

Getting out of the car I realized that the underground parking lot, with its burnt out/flickering lights and long shadows, cast by the support pillars, coupled with the sound of my heels reverberating off the thick concrete walls, was suddenly absolutely terrifying. I walked briskly through the garage to my apartment, imminently aware of my vulnerability. When I finally made it back to my apartment I was practically running and my heart was pounding as I tried to get my door unlocked. Leaning my back against the door after I closed, and locked it, I began sobbing. I slid down the door toward oblivion but reality stopped me at the floor, my body quaked as I sobbed and a sea of emotion threatened to overwhelm me.

Getting up before I drowned in that sea of pent up emotions I walked to the refrigerator, drying my tears and trying to calm my nerves. I needed something to drink to wash the taste of cum out of my mouth. Pouring myself an IPA and taking a long pull was almost enough so I took another long drink. Carrying my beer with me to the bedroom I starting letting down my hair. Taking another drink before setting my glass down, I took off my blouse and slipped out of my skirt. Standing there looking at myself in the full length mirror I took in my body. Clad only in my corset, fish net thigh highs, my underwear and high heels it was undeniable, I was beautiful. It wasn’t just my face, it was everything. I was the proverbial “full package”, no straight guy would be able to say no if I wanted him. Taking off my bra I massaged my firm breasts as they fell free.

I was still so confused about what had happened with Chris. While I wanted nothing more than to remove the corset, I felt I needed it on to help work it all out. Thinking back I forced myself to remember the evenings events.

Chris had just finished giving me a tour of his house when he handed me a glass of wine. He turned on some music, softly so that it would not interfere with our conversation, and we talked for what seemed like forever. Whenever my glass was empty he would refill it. His firm hand was holding and caressing my hand and sometimes my knee as we talked. I was near the end of my third glass when he asked me to dance. I was on cloud nine as I uncrossed my legs, hopped to my feet and told him “yes.” He held me so close, my soft body a stark contrast to the muscular rigidity of his. He was strong but so gentle in the way he held me. The smell of his cologne only added to my intoxication.

Resting my head on his chest I let him guide my movements. His hands that had started on my waist slowly drifted down to my hips and then my butt. His caressing reminded me of the heavily boned corset I was wearing. As that song ended and another began I looked up into his eyes to see if he wanted to continue dancing. He was nearly half a head taller than me even with my high heals on. I felt so weak against him standing like that, yet safe in a way that I couldn’t explain. His kiss was unexpected, his lips soft, yet firm, his face slightly prickly like he hadn’t shaved that day. My eyes fluttered shut as I began kissing him back, opening my mouth ever so slightly. He took the invitation and soon his tongue flicked into my mouth, teasing my tongue. With the wine, and the dancing, and his cologne, I was getting light headed and leaned heavily on him for balance.

I could have laughed at the surprised look on his face when I broke the kiss and stepped back from him. Our dancing and kissing had backed him up near the couch. Placing my soft hands gently on his muscular chest I not so gently shoved him down on the couch. I was already unbuttoning my blouse when he started to get back up. His eyes widened as my satin encased breasts came into view. With a sassy smile I flung my blouse across the room.

Bending down I put my hands on his knees, parted his legs and knelt between them. Leaning in to give him another kiss I began to unbutton his shirt. His shirt off, I ran my hands over his Uzun porno chest. He had good muscle tone, REALLY GOOD muscle tone, I thought as my fingers traced the edges of his 6 pack abs and pecs. I kissed him again before I starting raining kisses down his chest, my fingers working to free his pants.

Snapping back to reality for a moment, I whimpered with the memory of what had transpired on Chris’s couch. My nipples were getting hard and my fingers reaching up to tweak them as I continued my journey down memory lane.

My eyes sought his as I slowly unbuttoned his pants. Locking eyes I proceeded, unzipping and opening them up to expose his boxer shorts, his erection straining against the fabric. Slowly peeling back the waistband of his boxers I got my first glimpse of the head. I gently kissed that sexy helmet and got my first taste of his cum.

My mind reeled with the memory while my pussy tingled as I forced myself continue.

Pulling his boxers down further his cock sprang out. I rubbed it on my face before licking it all the way up the shaft from the base to the head. Coming up over the top of the head I remembered pausing. Was I REALLY going to do this? It felt like the whole world had paused to see what I was going to do next. I looked up to Chris and saw myself reflected in his eyes. My pretty face, poised over his cock, my mouth open slightly. The question answered itself as I watched in the reflection his cock disappear into my mouth.

Back in my apartment I whimpered with the memory. My mind tried to block out the entire experience while my body was begging for it to continue. Ultimately my body won as it crushed the conflicting thoughts in my head, my fingers playing with my breasts and nipples. Bringing my other hand down to play with my pussy, I took another step on my trip down memory lane.

His hands were in my hair and mine were on his thighs as I bobbed up and down on his cock taking as much of him into my mouth as I could. He was so gentle with his touch. He was not forcing me deeper than I was willing to go nor preventing me from taking it out of my mouth as I frequently did to kiss him some more, pay more attention to the sensitive place under the head, or lick his balls. He was just resting his hands there, moaning softly, encouraging me to continue.

Step by step I worked out the memory. Every, cock sucking, detail coming to mind as my fingers worked my pussy. Then in my minds eye it was not Chris I was blowing it was Daniel, myself. Looking down Danielle’s face morphed into Jennifer’s. It was so bizarre, I could feel my lips wrapped around a cock but I could also feel hands and lips sucking me to orgasm and yet I could also feel my fingers titling my clit and and playing with my pussy.

Sensing that he was getting close I increased the pressure of my hand on his shaft and sucked harder and faster, taking more of him in my mouth. His whole body shook as his moans took on a more desperate note.

The sensation was simply too much to take in and it quickly overtook me as Chris, Daniel, Jennifer and I came with a loud cry.

With a guttural moan he shot his cum into my mouth trying to resist the instinct to thrust deep. It seemed impossible that he could have cum that much and I struggled to keep it all in my mouth. I remember being surprised by the taste, sweet, salty and creamy before swallowing. It felt so strange but on some level I was satiated with his cum inside me.

Dazed from both the memory and the orgasm, I just lazed there on my bed, shuddering from the force of that crushing, mind numbing orgasm. Twice now, as Danielle, I had cum by my own hand but this orgasm was entirely different from what I was used to as Daniel. It was not an event localized to my cock and scrotum, it was a party and my whole body was invited. Removing my hand from my panties I brought my fingers to my mouth. They had a sweet musky smell to them. Curious I licked them clean, the taste reminded me of Jennifer. Mmmmm, I thought. I wonder if I could seduce Jen like this? Making love to her as Danielle suddenly had such sweet appeal.

The review of my memories troubled me. There could be no doubt that, not only had I done it willingly, I had been the one to initiate it. Based on my memory, the only thing I had not done was beg for it and had Chris denied me I am sure I would have done just that.

Slowly rolling my body off the bed I decided to pay Jen a call. Removing the rest of my female clothes and corset I resumed my normal, male, body. Getting dressed quickly in jeans and a t-shirt I slipped on a pair of shoes and drove to her apartment across town.

I had been there a few of times to pick her up but I had only been in her apartment twice when we first started dating. It was late, and now that I was standing there in the hall, I hesitated a moment before knocking. After I knocked the second time I heard motion from behind the door. The peephole darkened momentarily before I heard the deadbolt release and the door opened. Jennifer stood Öğrenci porno there wearing the nearly sheer red baby-doll nightie that I had bought her for Valentines day. The cups for her breasts were overflowing with her endowment, the light behind her shone right through the baby-doll leaving little to the imagination.

“Daniel? What are are you doing here? You know I have to work in the morning.” Jennifer asked still half asleep.

“I’m sorry to come by so late Jen. Its just been a crazy day” I said, while I thought to myself ‘Yeah a seriously crazy day where I turned myself into a woman, gave my apartment a makeover and sucked some guys dick kinda crazy.’ “And I miss you.” I finished

“You want to spend the night?” she asked sweetly swishing her hips back and forth.

“I would really like that.” I admitted. Hearing my answer she turned and headed back to her bedroom. Checking her out as she walked away I could see that she was wearing the matching g-string panties that went with the nightie, my cock stirred at the sight of her so sexily clad. I turned and locked the door before following her to the bedroom.

She was already in bed when I got there. Stripping down to my boxers I slid under the covers and spooned up next to her my hands caressing her smooth legs.

“Now remember, I do have to work in the morning.” she reminded me.

“MmmKay” I said kissing her neck, my cock getting harder by the moment.

“I mean it Daniel! Please! Stop.” she said, her breathing getting raspy “Please, this can’t be like last night. I have to get some … sleep.” she said, her protests getting softer. A moment later she turned her head to meet my lips as she pushed back against my erection.

Continuing to explore her body with my hands, I kissed her soft lips as she rolled over to face me. It was clear that her need to get laid was now outweighing her need for sleep.

I slipped off my boxers as she pulled me between her spread legs.

“Make love to me Daniel.” she said pulling her g-string to the side.

Looking down at her sweet sexy body I slid my cock into her sweet little box. When I had bottomed out I stopped and we looked each other in the eyes as she acclimated to me being inside her.

Feeling a need to reaffirm something I took my time and was more sensitive to her needs. She picked up on that and returned the favor as we made love slowly that night, each of us doing everything to enhance the experience for the other. She guided my motions as I gave her long, slow strokes, her hips coming up to meet my thrusts. She knew when I was getting close and began pressing up into my strokes harder, clenching her pussy as she did.

“Cum for me Daniel. I want to feel your cum inside of me.” she whispered breathlessly before giving me the thrust that put me over the top. It was a sweet amazing feeling cumming inside her that night, hearing her ask for it, wanting it. I lay there, my cock still inside her, for some time just kissing her. It wasn’t the intense deep mouth kissing we engaged in while we were making love but the tender ‘I want to be with you forever kiss.’ We fell asleep spooning, my arms around her body, my hand cupping her breast.

Her bedroom windows faced South so the early morning light began to wake me before her alarm. Touching and caressing her body she began to stir. Turning back to kiss me again, like she had the night before, she rubbed up against my morning wood. My hand drifted from her breast down and into her panties. She ground back against me when I started playing with her pussy that was still moist from the night before.

Still spooning I pressed up behind her and Jennifer parted her legs ever so slightly. Placing my cock in that void, I felt her hand take hold of it and guide the head as she pressed back against me. She let out a soft moan as my cock easily slid in again. Once I was in all the way she twined her legs with mine. We lay there wrapped like a stick pretzel my cock buried in her pussy as she reached back to hold my thigh. Wrapped up as tight as we were there was no room for any mad thrusts, or sexual gymnastics. I pressed into her and when I tried to pull out she pressed back onto my shaft. Her soft moans, like the cooing of a dove filled the room. I know it doesn’t sound like much but with the undulating motion going on inside her body it wasn’t long before I again felt the tightening in my balls. The sudden change in my breathing and my moaning grunts were all that was needed to warn Jennifer. Moaning with anticipation of her own, Jennifer increased the pace. When she felt the hard thrust of my orgasm she pressed back just as hard and squeezed her pussy as tight as this position allowed her to do.

When her alarm went off a short while later she got up to shower leaving me to recuperate on my own. She left the bathroom door open, giving me a direct shot of her beautiful body in the shower. I lay there in her bed trying to feel as manly as I could in a bed with a floral pink comforter. Making love to a beautiful woman twice in one night had certainly reinforced my heterosexuality after my alter ego’s cock sucking tryst with Chris, but laying there under that pink, estrogen infused, blanket was definitely undermining my good vibe.

As Jennifer exited the shower, she dried herself off a bit, before wrapping a large towel around her body. Her hair she wrapped up in another, smaller, towel. Walking through the bedroom she blew me a kiss before grabbing a few things from here dresser and disappeared back into the bathroom. When I saw her again she was drying her hair and wearing nothing but panties and a garter belt, the straps hanging loose.

I sat bolt upright in bed, all thoughts of pink, floral, estrogen enhanced coverings forgotten. “Hello!” I said as she sat down on her bedroom chair to draw some stockings up her crossed legs.

“Hello” was her simple reply but it was the wink and the smile on her face that spoke volumes.

“When did you start wearing stockings to work?” I asked. Though I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

“Today is the first time.” she smiled as she began drawing the rolled up stocking onto her foot.

“Not that I am complaining, but why?” I probed.

“I had a little inspiration. Remember that girl Danielle I told you about?” she asked continuing to draw it up and over her knee before carefully attaching the straps.


“Apparently that is ALL she wears and it got me thinking, Why can’t I? I mean, I certainly have enough of them them. Thanks to you.” she said as she began drawing up the second stocking. “Plus this is a little bit of revenge for you not letting me sleep the last two nights. Not to mention, it’s also something to make you think of me all day long.” she said as she finished attaching the strap for the second stocking. Uncrossing her legs she brought her knees together and stood up and stepped into some high heels that had been tucked under the chair. Standing there she did a slow turn, stopping when her back was turned. “are my seams straight?” she asked looking at me over her shoulder.

Not only was she wearing a garter belt and stockings she was also wearing stockings with back seams! She had only worn those in the bedroom before!

“Yes they’re straight.” I answered. “God you look fantastic!”

Slipping on her bra I was once again amazed with her liquid sexiness. She had such a fluid grace to her movements as she went about getting ready for the day. She walked around in just her lingerie while she got ready, for my sake I can only imagine. Her make up was subtle but striking, her hair she put up in two pigtails near the back of her head. I wonder where she got the inspiration for that I laughed to myself. Finally satisfied with the positioning of her pig tails and that her lingerie was smooth she slipped into a cute A-line skirt and a pink blouse that hugged her curves and displayed her assets without putting them on display.

“How long are you staying?” she asked, as she inspected herself in the full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door.

“Probably not much longer. I have a lot of things to do today.” I answered. I really needed to get a cell phone for Danielle and maybe some more shopping.

“OK, just lock the door on your way out.” She said leaned down to kiss me. “Love you!”

Fifteen minutes later I was up, showered, and ready to leave. I decided to take the scenic route back to my apartment to help clear my head. I knew I needed to get Danielle a phone but was it better to do that as her or as myself, I was after all the one with the credit card and a valid ID. She also was going to need some more clothes, perfume and some jewelry. On the drive I also decided to get my, or rather Danielle’s, ears pierced. While I had never been a fan of men with pierced ears for women it was almost expected.

I got home around 9 that morning and began to set out Danielle’s clothes for the day. A matching lacy push-up bra and panties, the micro mini denim skirt and a tank top. Considering how short the skirt was I thought the lace up, over the knee boots, while being a bit risque, would provide a good contrast.

Stripping off my clothes from the night before I put on the tank top and corset, the transformation taking place in mere seconds now though I still had not witnessed the event, before I finished getting dressed. The skirt was VERY short, barely an inch past my butt, it would definitely be too short to cross my legs if I could even sit down. Bending over was certainly out of the question.

Another trip to the mall got me a cell phone, some 1/4 carat diamond stud earrings in my freshly pierced ears, some lovely perfume, and a pair of Mary Jane pumps with a 4″ heel. A couple more blouses, a couple of t-shirts, and a pair of Levis filled out my shopping bags. There was nothing special about the Levis, and I had no idea when I would ever wear them but I liked the brand and they looked good on me, so I got them. Seeing that it was Saturday and that I would not be seeing Jen til Friday I was going to have the evenings to myself. It was so much more fun being Danielle than Daniel so I got a cute little baby-doll nightie like the one Jen had worn the night before and a silk robe.

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