Bound Without Restraints

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The evening breeze was cool on Elena’s face as she stood on the balcony waiting in suspense. Looking west into the deep orange hue of the setting sun, she listened to the dying of the Friday evening traffic in anticipation of the hour when the man she had waited more than a year to meet would arrive.

She had met him online 19 months earlier and was now totally in submissive love with the man she called Master. Just the thought of his name sent shivers down her spine – causing her clit to leap from its hood to seek the touch of her clothing. With her shoulder-length black hair in a chignon; clad in a purple, satin thong and camisole covered by a sari of the most pastel lavender; she awaited his arrival. In her mind’s eye, she remembered how Master loves to see his slave in pastel colors – her purple attire indicative of his regal authority in her life. “My Master will be pleased,” Elena thought to herself as she stepped back inside and closed the door.

Suddenly, breaking through the serenity of the evening, the doorbell rang. Master had arrived and Elena’s spirit had transformed from quiet anticipation into full-blown trepidation. She did not know what to expect when she opened the door since she had never seen Master’s face. Checking her appearance in the hallway mirror one last time, she approached the door, looked through the peephole and saw the hand sign Master said he would use when he arrived – the American Sign Language symbol for “I love you”. Elena’s heart filled with a rush of love that overwhelmed her.

Elena opened the door, stepped back and said, “Good evening, loving Master. Welcome to my home. Please enter and make yourself comfortable.”

Master stepped inside, acknowledging her greeting, “Thank you, obedient slave. You look lovely and Master is pleased.” His deep, resonant voice made her moan with its effect and his praise was immediate, “Good girl!”

Closing the door, Elena turned and faced his 5′ 10″ frame with her 5′ 4″ one. He was just as described – tall, athletic build, Nordic cheekbones and piercing eyes. Elena realized that she was staring up at Master, so she lowered her gaze to one more befitting a humble slave. Lifting a lock of hair that had escaped and was now resting on her shoulder, Master tilted Elena’s chin with the other hand and slowly lowered his face to her parted lips. The closer he moved; the louder Elena’s heartbeat and the more ragged her breathing became. Closing her eyes tightly, Elena willed Master to make the touch that would complete the kiss.

“Open your eyes, my sweet one. I want to see them when I claim your mouth as mine.” The long, black lashes of her eyes flipped open immediately. “So obedient, you are so very obedient, my sweet slave,” Master remarked as he dipped his head to seal his lips to hers. At his touch, Elena felt searing arousal burn through her as though a wildfire. Her eyes grew wide as every nerve in her body was electrified. Everywhere his tongue touched seemed to leave a brand as Master tasted every inch of her mouth – whipping her tongue as he traced the initials of his name on it. Elena could not breathe or stand – her knees buckling under the onslaught of pleasure – her pussy becoming very wet.

Pleased at her response, Master held his slave’s trembling body, briefly, then released her and sat down on the sofa to accept the refreshment she offered him – cheese and fruit accompanied by a nice pinot griegio – his favorite. After visiting briefly regarding health and families, Master and slave spoke of mardin escort trivialities – his flight, the seminar, the people he would be meeting with, etc. Master sensed his slave’s apprehension and sought to put her at ease. When he was ready, his command was sharp and immediate, “On your knees before me, slave!” Elena reacted instantly, rising from the floor where she had been sitting at his feet.

“As you command, my loving Master,” Elena responded as she knelt between his thighs with hands crossed behind her back and her head bowed.

Taking her chin and lifting it, Master commanded Elena to stand and disrobe slowly so he could inspect his adoring slave. Starting with her hair as she rose, Elena removed the pin and released her hair to fall enticingly across her shoulders. Liberating the fold that kept her sari closed, she allowed the criss-crossed material to slide leisurely down her body – revealing the purple satin beneath it. Master’s gasp and sharp command, “Stop, slave,” caused her to pause as the sari hit the floor. “I thought you would be naked underneath. This is much more pleasing! Divest me of my clothing, but do not touch my manhood as you labor.”

Master stood as Elena reached toward him her fingers coming to rest on the front of his shirt. She deftly unfastened the buttons as Master stood silently watching – waiting for her reaction to what she would see next. As Elena reached the bottom of Master’s shirt, her eyes came to rest on his turgid manhood – rock hard and standing almost straight out, she gasped audibly. Elena’s first thought was, “Oh my! How am I supposed to NOT touch his cock when it is all my eyes are drawn to?”

Master laughed heartily; a rich, robust sound as he watched the emotions play across her face. “It pleases Master to watch your expressions and what is going on in your mind behind your beautiful eyes! Continue with your work, slave.”

Elena unhooked Master’s pants, lowered the zipper slowly, tooth by tooth – tantalizing Master with the slowness with which she undressed him. All the while, his cock strained to be released. After she slid his pants to his ankles and helped him step from them, she knelt and hooked her fingers in the waistband of Master’s physique hugging shorts. His cock – a living thing with a mind of its own – sought her hands and followed them as though begging for her touch. Elena did not want to be punished by Master, so she ran from his searching cock.

“NOOOOOOO,” she whispered – or so she thought, as Master laughed out loud at her dilemma. When Master’s cock finally sprang free, it lurched from side-to-side – begging for attention.

“Lie down on your back, slave,” Master said with incredible control as his cock danced in her face – seeking her mouth.

Obeying Master’s command, Elena lay down on her back, on the floor, with her feet crossed at the ankles. “Is that how Master has instructed you to lie down for me? Will you make Master punish you on my first visit?”

“Oh, no, loving Master!” Drawing her knees up, spreading her legs wide and grasping her ankles, one in each hand, Elena prepared to serve Master. Leaning before her, Master surveyed her lovely pussy. It was not quite hairless, but very closely cropped and well trimmed.

“Nice, very nice, my sweet slave,” Master approved as he admired the beauty of his slave. Moving very slowly, Master inclined his head down to taste of her succulent pussy lips. Sliding the frail, but moist purple satin van escort down over her hips, Master immediately encountered Elena’s aroma. It was intoxicating and sent a sharp pang of arousal straight to the pit of Master’s manhood. He held her hips to deeply inhale her essence. His instinctive groan conveyed his primal desire for carnality. “You stir me deeply, slave. I want you seated atop my lips where I will devour and enjoy every inch of your sweet pussy!” Releasing her, Master allowed Elena to stand as he rolled over on his back and prepared for her descent into the abyss where his hunger for her would take them.

Straddling Master’s face, Elena knelt until she was almost in contact with his lips whereupon he seized her hips and pulled them forcefully to meet him. She cried out at the contact and knew it would be the last time she would be allowed to even consider teasing Master. His tongue lavished attention up and down the crevice of her moist, pink sex – licking her from top to bottom and back – then vibrating on her clit until she began to moan with heightened arousal. Master held her hips firmly planted to his mouth. He played her body like a priceless violin; strumming the strings to create the melody that would push her over the edge into orgasm.

When Elena’s hips started to beat a staccato rhythm on his face, Master began to trace his name – M. A. S. T. E. R. – on her pussy, pausing at each period to pummel her clit. With ever increasing speed, he spelled his name on her – in her – authenticating his ownership and merging her with him in love. Elena’s breathing began to match Master’s demanding tongue and soon she would know what it meant to serve him by receiving his gift of pleasure. She felt her control slipping and asked, “Master, may this one cum, please?”

Master shook his head side to side to signal ”NO” and the very motion designed to answer her in the negative was what sent her over the edge. Elena screamed, “Master! Oh Master!” as she was catapulted into an orgasm unlike any she had ever experienced with him online. Her pussy wept openly – pouring out its pure ecstasy – and Master drank every drop. Elena collapsed on Master as he moved her into his arms. He held her body as it trembled in the throes of the orgasm he had called from her.

“Good girl,” Master approved. “Rest a moment and we shall begin your first bondage lesson.”

When he was ready, Master’s sultry voice purred his next command, “Turn over, cross your arms over your chest and kneel so only your elbows, knees and toes are on the floor.”

Master pushed Elena’s knees as wide apart as they would go and prepared himself to enter her body for the first time. When Master was ready, He kneeled behind his adoring slave and positioned his cock to take its place in her cavity of lust. Taking the head and moistening it in the wetness that continued to drool from deep within her, he eased inside her tight, pink slit. Elena’s guttural moan, as her hips twitched to accept him, made Master smile. “Good girl,” Master praised her as he slid slowly into his slave.

Breathing heavily with the assault of emotions resulting from Master’s entrance, Elena trembled. Her traitorous body shook uncontrollably as it was unable to contain the pleasure coursing through it. Elena tried to remain calm – knowing that she was in for the ride of her life. Master waited a few moments after his cock was seated to the balls, then he leaned down, crossed his larger arms over hers, replaced ankara escort her elbows with his and continued to lean with both their weights until he lay fully upon her – binding her to him in his strong embrace. Elena became fearful of taking both of their weights and began to hyperventilate.

Master’s soothing voice commanded, “Breathe easily, my sweet one. Master loves you and will not hurt you. Take long deep breaths – as deep as you can. I am holding your life in my arms and you are more valuable to me than anything! “

Elena obeyed Master’s voice, drawing a languorous breath and her breathing deepened immediately. “Good girl!” Master reassured her and began to move his cock deeply within her body – accelerating with each stroke.

Master’s weight was crushing; Elena was beginning to feel lightheaded – but the sweet agony of arousal within her pussy as Master pounded her into submission would not let her cry out. Instead she moaned as the impending orgasm threatened to overtake her. Each stroke of Master was like a white-hot poker searing her tender pussy flesh – flames of erotic passion threatening to set her entire being ablaze.

Elena stammered through teeth that were closed tightly to hold the impending, screaming orgasm at bay, “Master, permission to cum?”

“NO,” came Master’s sharp reply as he deep fucked his slave. He did not withdraw more than an inch before thrusting his cock into her more deeply and rapidly than, even he, thought possible.

Elena knew she would not be able to contain her orgasmic explosion for more than a few more minutes. Her shallow breathing revealed the height of her passion. “Please, Master, please – I beg you!” Elena pleaded with Master for release.

Master, having reached the pinnacle of his arousal, whispered into Elena’s ear, “Master is going to bury his cock in your pussy and when I cum, you will echo my orgasm with one of your own! Do not fail me, slave, or you will be punished!”

“Yes, Master,” was Elena’s breathless reply. Silently, she begged her body not to betray her before Master was satisfied.

Master began cum-stroking his slave as he ascended to his orgasm. The primitive groans emitted from him aroused Elena even more. Her breathing remained shallow as her arousal took over. Holding her more tightly than before, Master crushed the remaining air from her lungs as the built-up orgasm ripped through his body – searing Master and slave in the grip of uncontrollable ecstasy.

“CUM FOR ME NOW!” Master growled as his body was seized by an orgasm that began at the base of his balls and blasted cum from his cock – filling Elena to overflowing with his seed until it spilled out of her clenching pussy.

Elena exploded in orgasm. Twinkling shards of shattered prism facets rained down in her mind just before snatching consciousness from her. Elena screamed his name, “MASTER!” Then she went silent and unresponsive in Master’s arms.

Master immediately rolled onto his side, wrapped his legs around Elena’s limp body and held her – head to foot in a deeply loving embrace – his arms releasing her slightly so her lungs could reinflate. Watching the shallow rise and fall of her chest as she continued to draw breath, Master called Elena’s name repeatedly, whispering it softly and quietly until she answered him almost 10 minutes later. Finally, Elena replied tremulously, “Yes, my Master?”

“Well done, my sweet, adoring slave! Master is pleased, indeed. You must rest now from your first bondage scene with Master. I have other things to teach you before the weekend is over. Sleep now, obedient one and rest in Master’s loving embrace.”

Elena closed her eyes and knew that she would never be safer than where she was right now – sheltered in the arms of Master – the man that loved her enough to claim her as his slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32