Boy Brides Ch. 4

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“Less than thirty minutes later the limo entered the grounds of Tulle Towers and glided up the driveway. Inside David and I, as bridal gown delivery boys, peered through our veils at each other.”

“I’m really sorry,” David repeated over and over. “Can’t you say something to help me avoid what Mandy has threatened will happen to me. Can’t we go back to what we had at the shop, just you and me and hundreds of bridal gowns. Please forgive me and let me show how much I mean that.”

“Not likely,” I replied thinking of Mandy’s description of all those brides. “Forego the chance to have beautiful girls in bridal gowns or dance naked with a girl in a ball gown filled with my favourite chiffon. I don’t think so. You are going to be a clitlicker in the KBG and I’m going to make sure you are around to lick my cock clean every time I have sex with one of the brides. I might even see if Lucy fancies giving you one with her strap-on.

“I was full of myself now, enjoying the opportunity to turn the tables on David and to see him squirm like I had done when he deceived me.

“Arriving at the front door of Tulle Towers we were greeted by two girl clitlickers and two men clitlickers, each in a very short pink satin dress and layers of white petticoats. The length of their clothing was such that their sex was clearly visible as they assisted us from the limo, smoothed out our gowns and spread the veils over the ground behind us. I felt fantastic, my heart beating wildly, my veil hiding my roving eyes as I studied all the kinky people around me. When one of the clitlickers dropped to his knees to adjust the hem of my gown I made sure I raised the front enough to swish over his scantily covered body. He looked up at me and just smiled.

“As we stood in the sunshine Mandy appeared from the house to announce that the twin girls were ready to receive their bridal gowns and we should follow her inside. It was a remarkable sight seeing so many naked men, a variety of colours and sizes to their cocks, and even more girls and women in frilly petticoats sucking or fondling the men as they watched us mount the wide staircase. Once again I raised my gown enough to show of the layers of my petticoats and to enable me to ascend Casibom the stairs more easily. I looked up and at the top stood the only naked girls, Laura and Claire, watching as their gowns got closer and closer. From under my veil I took an interest in the girls, many young and very pretty, others not so, that I could have kinky sex with if I agreed to join the KBG. This was terrific and so much more exciting than being in the shop alone.

“On reaching the second top step I found myself facing Claire. Both girls looked lovely, broad smiles on their faces as David and I held up our gowns and petticoats for the very last time as we knelt before them. The girls moved forward and flung back our veils to give us unhindered access to their hot love holes as our tongues we went to work. I found Claire really willing and she allowed me to gently hold her buttocks as my tongue slipped into her. David was not so successful, his mind on other things perhaps, and Laura used her fingers to assist him open her tasty lips.

“All too soon our time was up and we moved onto the top landing to be undressed by the twins. Claire unfastened the gown I had brought her and, after helping to ease my arms from the sleeves, the bodice fell to my waist. I looked across to see the same happening to David. After busying themselves around our waists easing off our petticoats, the girls turned us to face the crowd, some of which had now gathered on the stairs. Gently they slipped the gown and the petticoats over our hips in one mass, camera flashes lighting us up as they did so. David never had as big a dick as me and his present state of mind made it soft and rather unexciting. In complete contrast I was excited, helped no doubt by the kisses some of the ladies in the audience were blowing in our direction, my erection springing solid and straight from the waistband of the inner petticoat as Claire finally undressed me of her bridal gown. There were gasps and a few wolf whistles as I stepped from the white cocoon on the landing floor. I maintained my erection, swinging all nine inches around quite a bit as all four of us posed for a photograph in only our stockings and suspenders. I focused my eyes on a gorgeous red head, possibly in her Casibom Giriş thirties, who was wearing only a purple multi layered mini petticoat and standing about six feet away as she flashed her shaven pussy at us. I was honoured when both twins asked to have their photograph taken with me and I loved as they both placed a hand around my shaft during the eight shots which were taken. My favourite shots was of each of them sitting on my knees as I sat on the top stair and they held my cock through between their legs against their hot and slippery cunts.

“Then the process was reversed as David and I dressed the twins. The only incident being the feel of the petticoats assisting David to regain a semi erect prick as he pressed against them. As the girls dropped to their knees to be veiled, Claire took my cock into her mouth and I watched her suck me for a minute or so. I then covered her face with her veil and as I helped her rise to her feet she pushed her face towards mine and kissed me through her veil. As we broke away I whispered to her “I want to fuck you in that gown, our gown”. She nodded and then I watched as she and Laura were instructed to make their way downstairs to meet their studs.

“I never saw the wedding or any of the entertainment. A few minutes later we were ushered into the chambers of Madame Margaret.

“Madame was standing with her back to us as she spoke, watching through the glass as an absolutely gorgeous bride was being shagged doggy style by a much older man. The bride was still fully dressed, her gown piled upon her back, her veil and headdress dishevelled, as she watched in the mirror before her as the man increased his strokes.

“This little tart has been instructed to keep watching as my husband gives her a good fucking. She had the cheek to call him old and passed it but now she is being given the proof of the pudding, she told us.

“Welcome to the KBG Darren, you will make a fine stud I’m sure. Why don’t you instruct the clitlicker with you to join Bill and Emma in the porno room and lick clean the spunk filled clit of our dear bride Emma. You and I will watch and then you can fill mine ready for his next assignment.”

I was quite surprised when Casibom Yeni Giriş the lady turned around and I saw she was quite a bit older than me. I had expected someone much younger. In her mid forties Madame loved her studs to be young and daring, so, as David was ushered from the room by Mandy I was guided by my shaft to a chair, immersed in masses of white tulle, whereupon Madame Margaret mounted me without any further introduction. As we fucked we watched David enter the room and declare himself their clitlicker. He was made to lie on the bed with his head on the edge as Emma positioned her cunny above his mouth, a knee on either side of his head, and her lace edged veil just above the tip of his clit. Bill piled the gown of his young bride onto her back and then slipped his thick shaft back into her juicy love hole. David had the closest view one can get to seeing a cock shafting a cunny as Bill pounded into Emma only inches from his face. At the other end Emma teased David with her veil, brushing the slightest edge of lace across the very tip of his clit causing him to thrust his hips upwards in a desperate attempt to feel his whole shaft immersed in the material he loved so much.

“Bill soon climaxed and filled Emma with his hot cream. Immediately thick blobs oozed onto David and I watched him open his mouth and drink it down. As Bill slipped his shaft from Emma David licked it, greedily cleaning him before he was hit with a flood of hot spunk as it gushed from the open cunt above him. I was astonished at his willingness to fulfil his instructions and saw Emma insisting he lick up every drop of spunk running down her legs.

“So you like bridal gowns do you,” Madame prompted me and brought me from my shock as she once more began to ride me.

She continued, “Well tomorrow Emma will be your first bride at the KBG and I want her to meet you and your shaft right now.”

“I looked up to see the bride enter the room. Madame had me open my legs wide and, in one of the many mirrors I watched Emma drop to the floor spreading her gown all around as she placed he tongue on my testicles.”

” Now fuck me full of your hot creamy spunk and watch that disloyal friend of your lick me clean.”

“The attentions of Madame and Emma and her gown had me doing just that in only a few minutes, and, as I erupted into Madame, Emma and David swapped places and I soon felt him licking and slurping my cream from my cock and the steaming cunt of our new Madame.”

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