Boy Takes Cousin’s Virginity

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Big Tits

It all started a few years back when my parents said we were going to NC to visit relatives for the holidays. Well I was intrigued and was sort of happy all the same. Well after the long ride there we finally arrived. We went in and said our hi’s, and gave our hugs and stuff like that, the usual family greeting. When out of the corner of my eye I noticed and sweet young girl standing on the other side of the room. She was about the same age as me and I thought to myself, “Man that can’t be Lisa can it?” Well sure enough it was. She looked great, no not great, stunning. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked really good. I hadn’t seen her in years. She had filled in in all the right places that a young woman does. I caught myself not being able to take my eyes off of her stunning beautiful body. She also noticed this and took the first to come over to me and give me a big hug and kiss.

When her chest hit mine I never felt like I wanted to come so bad. But I resisted the urge to go after her just then. I had planned in my head a lot of spending time with her; quality, and private time that is. Well the first couple days we just hung out. We went swimming in her pool. I got to see her hot wet body, damn I just needed to get a piece of that. She also had a billiards table in the basement. She always wore low cut, loose shirts that gave off a nice show when she bent down to hit on of the balls on the table. Needless to say I wanted to play a lot of pool that week. For the first two days we were there she and I spent a lot of time together doing things. About the third day there we started doing things that normally two cousins didn’t do together. She would do little things to tease me at first like bend over at the hip in front of me and accidentally fall backwards right on my hard on.

Since I slept in the living room by myself she would come in late at night while her parents and everyone else had gone to sleep to visit, or I could guess what her mind was thinking was for more teasing. She came in wearing a nice short nightgown. Well actually it was just a shirt but a little bit longer, that’s what young girls call nightgowns anyway. Well I was there as I usually am, bare naked under the covers. I always sleep in the nude since I was about ten. It just always is more comfortable. I was lying on one side of the sofa with my head up on the armrest when she walked in. “May I join you,” she asked. I said “Sure why not.” She laid down on the couch with her head on the other armrest. She then said “What are ya watching?” “Get Smart” was my reply. I love those old episodes of Nick-at-Night TV shows.

We were just lying there watching the goofy Maxwell Smart talking into his phone about KAOS when I felt a bare foot sliding up between my legs. I tried to make it look like I wasn’t noticing and that I was too involved with watching the tube. Then I jumped as I felt Aksaray Escort her cold toes start to tickle my balls. I got an instant hard-on. She could tell because by then she had started to go up and down my shaft with her foot. My only thoughts were to: A) return the favor in full, or B) start doing her right then and there. Well I kind of figured that B was to fast and she might not enjoy it so I opted for choice A. I slipped my foot up between her legs and under her shirt and reached my prize. She wasn’t wearing any panties and I could feel light prickly little hairs coming from her virgin mound. We played for about a half an hour like that and she was getting really wet while I was getting hotter than ever. All of a sudden who comes walking in the room because she heard noises was her little sister. “What are yas doing,” she asks. “Just watching the TV now go back to bed you little brat,” was Lisa’s reply. But just cause she was a pain she stayed. So we ended our little session there.

About an hour later I looked back and there was the little brat passed out on the chair cattycorner from the sofa. I took this as a sign and started to really rub into Lisa’s cunt as hard as I could. Lisa must have guessed that her sister was asleep by my actions. She continued to rub my cock and balls some more as she really started to get wet and started moaning. After about another fifteen minutes she was breathing really heavy and hard. She let out this screeching moan and I could feel my toes getting wetter and stickier than they were before and I knew she had had enough. She got up and said she was going to go and get a shower. I said ok and I went back to the TV. “Was that an invite,” I asked myself. I couldn’t tell. Knowing her sister was asleep I got up still bare to the bone and proceeded down the hall to the bathroom.

When I reached there I heard the shower running. I felt the doorknob and turned it just slightly. It was unlocked. What luck! I walked in and went to the back of the shower where I opened the curtain and jumped in. She seemed delighted that I had showed up. I did my best to keep my hair from getting wet just in case someone got up and dint get suspicious as to why both our hair was wet. I assisted my fair maiden in washing her stunning body of. First I grabbed a bar of soap and started cleaning her body from head to toe paying special attention to her ass, tits, and pussy. Making sure I got them well cleaned because I didn’t think that our night was ending there. After I finished soaping her up she rinsed off. I was about to get out of the shower when a tug on my pecker told me otherwise. She kneeled down in front of me and took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. God I was in ecstasy. My first blowjob, and by my cousin no less. She sucked me for what seemed like hours until I let out a gasp and shot my seed down her Aksaray Escort Bayan throat. Surprisingly she swallowed it all down like a professional. She then got up off her knees and french kissed me.

Lisa turned off the water and I got out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and started drying off her hot, horny body. I then started to dry myself off. We opened the door and she proceeded to go to her bedroom. She turned and said, “where do you think your going?” “To the living room,” I said. “No, no, no. You’re coming on here with me.” What was I going to say? I sure as hell couldn’t say no to that little honey. I then turned around and proceeded to follow her to her bedroom. Her parents’ room is right across the hall from hers and the door was open. That didn’t bother me because they sleep like the dead. She walked into her room and turned on a little lamp. I shut the door behind me. As I walked in she dropper her towel to the floor as did I. I walked over to her and pulled her body to mine and started kissing her. I started kissing the side of her face and her ear and she bent her head slightly to the left. I then went down her face to the stretched muscle in her neck. Most girls love when you kiss and nibble that muscle.

I then laid her down on the bed and got on top of her and started kissing her body more. I started at her lips and went down the front of her body stopping for a little bit to suck on her delicious pink nipples. She moaned a little and I went to the other one and she moaned some more. I continued my moving down her body to her navel. She seemed to like when I stuck my tongue in there as her actions showed me. Just a little bit further was the one place I had to be. I started back down and began to lick her clitoris. The reactions I received and the moans I heard made me get another raging boner and almost cum right there. But I knew I couldn’t ruin it that quickly. I dipped my tongue inside of her and she was tight just sticking that in. And I thought to myself how am I going to get my dick inside if I can barely fit my tongue in. Well, that was a problem that would have to be worked out later. I continued to feast on her fully wet pussy. It was a dream. She kept cumming and cumming. I don’t think I ever knew any girl to cum as much as she was. I was afraid she might dehydrate on me.

Now it was finally time for the final test. To see if she would be able to take me in or if I would be stuck with blue balls until I helped myself. I proceeded to go up her body with her cum all over my face and a little bit in my mouth that I saved for her to taste. I got to her awaiting lips and opened my mouth. She opened hers and I let what was in my mouth drain into hers and she tasted her own juices for what I thought was the first time. We then started kissing again. She licked my face clean of her own juices, apparently Escort Aksaray liking the taste of it. “Fuck me now. I can’t take anymore. I need your cock inside of me. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck me now.” At this point in time if she had asked me to fuck a hole in the wall I think I would have.

I placed my cock in the right direction and stuck the head against her yearning lips. I needed both arms to keep all of my weight off of her body so she used her hand to grab my cock and guide it in to her. She only stuck half of the tip in when she started whining. I pulled back a little just so that she can calm down a second. Then I slowly moved forward again this time getting the entire head in. She screeched and dug her nails into my back. I asked her if she was ok and if she was sure that she wanted to do this. All she did was beg for me to give it to her. So I slowly pulled a little bit out and pushed back in her this time getting another inch inside of her. She still moaned but I relaxed for a minute waiting for her to adjust to this foreign object be pushed inside of her. I then pushed in another inch or so and pulled back. Finally I buried myself, balls deep, inside of her burning womb. She was out of breath just from the struggle to get my cock in her all the way that I thought she would pass out on me.

She had an orgasm with just me sitting inside of her that was so intense that her eyeballs could have come out of their sockets. I proceeded to thrust in her being ever so gentle. In and out in and out for a few minutes. I kept a steady pace going. I reached down under her legs and lifted them up to where her knees were against her breasts. And I felt myself get in a little bit further than I was. That’s when I felt this strong rush of warm fluid hit my cock. I enjoyed that so much I started fucking her with more force. I pounded her pussy harder and harder until I shot my load deep deep inside of her. God I was in heaven. I laid down on top of her with my cock still inside of her and started kissing her and she said to me “That was the greatest thing that I have ever felt before in my entire life.” I kissed her some more and felt myself going limp. My cock plopped out of her and as I looked down I noticed that it was a little bit red. I thought that I had injured her or ripped something inside of her. She told me that I had popped her cherry. We grabbed a towel and wiped my cock clean. Then what surprised me most was after she was done cleaning it she took it in her mouth. She sucked it and kissed the length and my balls. We called it a night and fell asleep there, in her bed, under the covers, with her in my arms.

When we got up it was about ten in the morning and everyone else was up. I told her that I didn’t think she was a virgin and asked her if she ever sucked on someone’s dick before and she said and I quote “I was still a virgin in every way until last night.” Well needless to say I got quite a going away present when we left. I just hope it happens again real soon.

The End

P.S. I hope you enjoyed it because it took me a while to remember it. I sure did. So much that I am going over my girlfriends right now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32