Braving the Amazon

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My story begins with an ending, or what I thought was an ending. The end of my first marriage to my high school sweetheart, Laura.

Laura and I had been dating since tenth grade. We later got really serious after high school, and married when I turned twenty.

Needless to say, marriage was not as easy as we thought. I was the only one working. We struggled. We froze during our first winter in a trailer together until we abandoned it to move into her mother’s house til spring. This was a good move, because there was no sex had in the freezing trailer.

Her mother, who married a wealthy businessman, vacationed out west until things got warm again, so we had the run of the house til April. By the time they returned, they were not happy we were still there. I pushed Laura to look for work so we could get out quicker, as our savings were not enough to escape this trap we were in. I also applied for more lucrative work at several places in the area.

By May, I had landed a new job that offered a lot more money and benefits. Laura still had not found any work. Our families were either unable or unwilling to help us move out. I knew my family could not afford to help as my sister had been sick.

Then my sister died of cancer.

And everything seemed to change in my life. My life became a blur of grief and pain. My wife was with me, but was strangely distant. At the time I thought Laura was grieving, but I soon found out she was under pressure from her mother and step father to do something drastic with her life. I went to my new job, and tried to deal with it, with the loss of my sister, and the pressure to move out.

A week after my sister died, I was told by Laura she wanted a divorce, and that her step father, Roger, had a lawyer draw up the paperwork for it. I had gotten blindsided. I felt hurt and numb. They told me that i needed to move out, and that the paperwork would be ready to sign next week. I left, and crashed at my parents house. My life had come full circle in a year.

I was back at my parents house, in my old room, with my stuff, and soon to be single again. The next week, i went to the court house, met Laura and the lawyer, signed the paperwork, said nothing, and walked away.

By the end of that week, it was payday, and i was off that weekend. I set out after work to visit Dale’s, the local department store. I don’t actually remember what i was looking for. Its likely I was just looking around, wasting time. But i remember buying stuff and getting in line to check out, when i met a young woman i had not seen in over four years. She was my cashier.

Her name was Diane and she was an Amazon. She stood at least six foot two, and weighed at least two hundred and thirty pounds. She was big boned, big hipped, and big breasted. She had long blonde hair, and big blue eyes. She greeted with a big smile. Everything about her was big!

‘Hello, Robby.’ Diane said.

‘Hi, Diane, how are you?’ I asked.

‘I am fine. And yourself?’ she asked, giving me a look that seemed a bit interesting.

‘Uh, I am okay, I guess…’ I said sheepishly. I did not want to lie. Everything sucked right now.

‘Oh. I heard you got married to that girl you used to date…’ Diane said, adding up my last purchase.

‘Yeah, that didn’t work out, I guess. We are getting a divorce. I actually signed the separation papers this week.’ I admitted.

‘That’s too bad, honey. I am sorry to hear that. You know, we used to be good friends, why don’t you give me a call, and maybe we can get together and talk.’ Diane had said all this with no indication of intent.

I thought for a second. Why not? We did used to be friends. We had rode the same bus together, even though we were a couple grades apart. Diane used to save me a seat on the bus, and we would talk a lot on the long bus rides. Until she quit school…

‘Sure,’ I said, with a broad smile.

‘Okay’ she said, writing her number down on my receipt, and putting it my hand. Her hand felt large and warm. Did she hold my hand a few seconds longer than normal?

Smiled at me and said goodbye, and I did the same.

I walked out of the store with a new purpose in life. I had reconnected with an old friend who might be interested in more than just friendship.

I didn’t call that night. I knew she was working. I just left her at work. But all I did was think about her. I began to remember things about our friendship. How she always was so nice to me. How she laughed when I told her that I ran into a pole chasing her fool brother Mitchell around at school one day. How she talked about her relationship with her boyfriend at the time. How I felt the one time she gave me a hug at Christmas. How she towered over me by about four inches…

She was a big girl back then. She looked bigger now. Especially those breasts. What had happened to her? Hadn’t I heard she got married?

I then did what any man should do with a new woman on his mind. I got drunk and fell asleep.

By the time the beer wore off, i woke up in time to Kocaeli Escort catch a few cartoons and eat breakfast with my father. Yeah, i love cartoons, wanna make something of it?

Dad fixed breakfast for me, which was great. He made coffee that could make a dead man stand up. Dad and I got along great after I became an adult, as he soon figured out that maybe I would not be a complete and total failure.

By late afternoon, the local wrestling show had went off, and i was thinking about doing some wrestling of my own. I could not help but think about sex, because it had been a while since Laura and I got along well enough to have any. And I young and wanted it everyday. I made the phone call.

Diane was there. We talked a bit. I wanted to come over at eight. She said ten. I said great. I got her address, and told I would be there on time. I planned on leaving early of course. The monster in my pants was controlling my thoughts at this point.

I proceeded then to feel very good about things.

Until the phone rang. Like a fool, I answered it.

‘Hello?’ I asked.

‘Hello. Robby? Its Laura.’ my heart sank. I felt angry. I felt guilty. I felt upset.

‘Yeah, what do want?’ I asked, doing my best to keep a civil tone.

‘I was just wondering how you were doing’ she asked. She sounded upset.

‘I am okay. Been working. Staying busy. Going out later to hang out with friends.’ This, of course, was not a complete lie. I was not about to tell her the friend was a woman.

‘Yeah, um, I am supposed to go out to the VFW to with my sisters to dance tonight. I just thought I would call and check on you. I thought maybe we could still be friends.’

She spoke these words in a strange way. I wondered maybe if she thought I might show up there.

And then what? Catch her dancing with another guy? Get in a fight? Go to jail? We had already signed the paperwork. Why let her drive me crazy?

‘Well, i guess you go have a good time. As far as being friends, we’ll see. I gotta go. Bye.’ I hung up the phone as she said bye. i had barely let her get it out.

I got myself ready to go out, and decided to let Laura go. I was through chasing her. I had did it for years for through high school and afterward. I was done as far as I was concerned.

I got ready to leave, and left early for my date. Or my visit. Or whatever.

I got to Diane’s door about ten, and she let me in. She was dressed in a very seductive gown. It was a pretty green, and very free flowing, and she looked like a very tall angel come to take me away.

‘Shhh’ Diane said, as she let me in. She darted over, and checked in a room off to one side, then came back.

I thought, Uh Oh, sleeping husband? Had I completely misjudged this situation?

‘Sorry, my son is asleep in there. That is why I had you come over so late.’ Diane said quietly.

‘Oh, okay, that is great’ I said, genuinely relieved that no sleeping boyfriend or husband would not come out and split my head open or shoot me. This was the South. People get shot all the time here for less.

Diane left the door open. The night air was cool and crisp coming in through the screen door. She moved back into the main room and sat down, and then motioned for me to take a chair closest to her. I sat down close to her and we began to talk.

‘So, when did you have your son in there? Is that why you left school?’ I knew i was being nosy, but we were friends after all.

‘Yes. I got married at sixteen when I got pregnant, and quit school. I married my boyfriend Stephen. You remember him?’ Diane asked.

‘I do remember you talking about him a lot. Are you guys still married?’ I thought i would go ahead and ask the hard questions.

‘No, we broke up about a year ago. It was all my fault. I slept with a friend of his who was into casual sex.’

Diane had said this so casually that I felt a little uncomfortable. It clearly did not bother her. Apparently, she had this conversation before.

‘I have custody of my child, but I only have friends over late, so it won’t cause any problems.’ Diane said, looking at me directly.

I just nodded my understanding.

‘You see, what started with my ex-husband’s friend changed my life. I am into casual sex now, and I wanted to know, if you would like to try it with me.’

Well, I had hit jackpot. I was going to run all the bases. I smiled like an idiot.

‘Yes. I would love to do…’ i stammered a little.

‘To try that with you.’ I said, barely getting the words out.

Diane smiled at me, as if she seemed to know I was semi hard already.

Suddenly, there was a tap at the screen door. Diane motioned at the figure standing outside to step in. The man who stepped in was a tall, surly looking, fellow who was not particularly muscular. He was skinny and his height made him seem scrawny, instead of wiry or muscular. He wore a seventies mustache that was popular back in 1973.

‘Robby, this is Tom,’ Diane said, as I rose, holding out my hand to shake Kocaeli Escort Bayan his.

Tom ignored my gesture, nodded his head, and saying ‘Hey,’ in a dismissive voice.

I sat back down. This guy is an Asshole, I thought.

‘What did you want to talk to me about, Diane?’ Tom asked.

‘Well, I was getting to that with Robby first, so why don’t you sit down and I will get you both a beer?’ Diane spoke this, and then disappeared with a speed that belied her large frame. She returned a moment later with two cold beers for the both of us.

Since I loved beer, and I figured I would not be going anywhere for a while, I gulped my down fairly quickly. Tom opened his beer and followed suit, plopping down in a nearby chair. Diane remained standing in center of the room.

‘You see, Tom, I was wondering If you and Bobby would both have sex with me tonight?’ Diane said.

If I had ears like a dog, that is, on the top of my head, they would have stood straight up.

Tom nearly choked on his beer.

‘Sure, why not.’ I said. I had seen this in books. It looked pretty fun. Especially for the girl.

‘I don’t think I can do that, Diane.’ Tom said.

‘Why?’ Diane asked, genuinely curious.

‘Because i don’t trust having sex with a woman with another man.’ Tom said, looking over at me.

I gave Tom my best Fuck You look and finished my beer.

‘Robby’s not like that. He’s been with the same woman for a long time’, Diane said.

Tom would not hear of it. He decided to say something stupid.

‘I am just afraid I might be hitting it and he might decide sneak up and stick it in and up to the asshole.’ Tom said, glancing my way.

I was done. Fuck him. He was calling me a queer. I stood up. Diane looked at me alarmed. She seemed unsure of what I was going to do. I glowered at Tom the Asshole. He looked at me and suddenly seemed to take an assessment of me.

Diane stepped in front of me and said ‘Tom, you need to leave. Come back another time.’

Tom slammed his beer down, and gave me an evil look. He stepped out the screen door and Diane quickly caught it before it crashed shut. She locked it, closed the main door, and locked it as well.

‘Well, I guess he’s mad now.’ I said, not really caring if he was.

‘He’s fine,’ Diane said, ‘he’s married anyway.’

It was at this time Diane checked on her son again, and then took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom where she closed the door behind us.

Once inside, we paused before a large, four poster bed. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and tilted my head in to kiss her. She kissed me, but she was not into kissing. She later told me that kissing was sometimes too intimate for her for casual sex. I enjoyed kissing her anyway.

Diane lay her long body down on her bed and I began to undress. I felt nervous. I was getting hard, so that was good. But this was not Laura. This was totally new.

I was naked in front of her, and she watched me intently. I laid down next to her, and she spoke to me.

‘You have a nice body, Robby.’ Diane said.

It was the first time a woman had said that to me. Not to be outdone I parted the front of her gown and pushed her long hair away from her breasts.

‘You have a beautiful body, Diane.’

I started kissing her neck, working my way down. Diane stopped me long enough to take off her gown, then lay back again. I looked at her enormous breasts. There were titanic. Bigger than D cups. As big as anything I had seen in some magazines at the time. Childbirth had inflated once large breasts to gigantic proportions. I forgot about her neck.

I grabbed both breasts in my hands, and began to explore their enormity, kissing and sucking on her nipples. Diane moaned her approval as I worked each large nipple into my mouth. I hungrily devoured each wonderful breast. There was too much to love. I finally worked my way down her stomach, kissing and licking my way across her abdomen.

As I approached her pussy, she parted her long legs wide, i marveled at her massive bush. She had trimmed it around her pussy, so that a man could get to the important parts. Her pussy seemed big, but was juicy. I parted the lips with my fingers and ran my tongue around the lips, dancing across her hole, finally settling on her clit.

Diane arched her ass and moaned in appreciation. I took her whole clit into my mouth and used my tongue to assault it. My tongue darted and bounced and played on her clit. Diane grabbed my hair and started riding my face with her pussy, pushing it deeper into my mouth.

‘Oh yeah, that’s it, that’ it.’ she said, breathing heavily.

I continued my assault on her clit. She pushed her cunt into my mouth, bucking it faster, in measured motions.

‘Oh Robby, yeah, Oh, God.’ she cried as she came. I felt a tangy wetness in my mouth. I slowly disengaged from eating her out. My jaw felt a little dislocated from the pressure of her pushing her cunt into my mouth.

‘Your turn.’ Diane said.

Diane Escort Kocaeli sat up as I got on my knees in front of her. She reached for my cock with her hand, pulling it toward her mouth, and taking all of inside, all the way down to my balls. Her tongue worked around the shaft and head, and I thought for a moment she would swallow my balls as well. Her mouth was large and hot, and very experienced at working a man hard. She pulled it out of her mouth, and then pushed the head back in, and swirled her tongue around the head again. She must have thought I was going to pop, because she squeezed my cock and pulled it out of her mouth.

‘Do you want to fuck my tits?’ Diane said.

I was rock hard. I still couldn’t talk much yet, but i could still fuck. I smiled and nodded. She laid back, and I straddled her chest with my legs, under her huge breasts. She held each one together against the sides of my cock, as I thrust it between them.

I slide my cock forward, fucking her boobs, pushing my cock closer and closer toward her mouth. Finally she leaned her head forward a little and sucked the head into mouth, while I fucked her giant tits. She enjoyed using her breasts in this way, as she maintained the pressure against the sides of my cock expertly. She finally stopped, sensing my i might be ready to cum. I was so horny. I had never felt so hard, but i felt like i would pop. I gave my cock a few tweaks and pinches on the head to calm down. I still had a lot of work to do.

‘I want to fuck you.’ I said, as i changed positions.

I climbed between those long legs and plunged my cock into her wet pussy.

It was big. I was six and half to seven inches long, and thick. But this was a real challenge for me.

Apparently, childbirth and a lot of traffic had stretched things a bit. I could feel the sides of her pussy pretty good, but not the end of it. It still felt great. I moved her long legs up to get at her pussy better.

She helped hold them up. I pounded away at her pussy, hugging her large legs, watching her giant boobs bounce in circles. I was having fun, but i was not close to getting off. Diane paused me for a moment, and folded her legs down.

‘I have an idea.’ she said with big grin.

Diane rolled over on all fours and then put her head down, keeping her knees and legs together. She then pushed her pussy out between her legs. At first I thought, doggy style? But then, the length of our legs did not match up.

So then I stood up on the bed and leaned over slightly, and pushed my cock into her pussy. Diane arched her ass, rolling it upward to meet my angle more. I went all in, grabbing her big, wonderful ass, and started pounding like a madman. Her breasts bounced on the bed as I pounded away.

For a moment, I knew what it was like to be Odin fucking the Giantess in Norse legend.

Diane moaned. She knew how to get a man off, and herself as well. I was approaching the end of my struggle and I was breaking out in a sweat. I was in need of this fuck badly. It had been far too long since I had got off.

I was hungry, a starving man given a feast after a month in solitary confinement. I was a werewolf filled with blood-lust at the full moon. I closed my eyes. I pounded harder. Diane moaned in appreciation. I yelled as I came, I just couldn’t help myself…

For a second, I was a warrior in a Frank Frazetta painting, cleaving orc heads with an ax, screaming for blood!

I yelled my battle cry as the cum flew from my cock, as if my life was spilling out the shaft. I was spent. I withdrew my cock, exhausted, and I laid down next to my Amazon. I felt small and diminished next to her.

She had taken everything from me, she had taken my best, and she still could take more. Suddenly, I had a thought:

Why couldn’t I have married a woman like this?

Diane got up quietly and left the room. I felt like I had fucked up. I had gotten too loud. I would have to leave. I probably woke the kid.

Oh fuck.

Some friend I turned out to be. I wearily moved to the edge of the bed and stood up. Diane came back in.

‘Where are you going?’ she asked.

‘I thought i needed to leave. I thought i woke your son.’ I said honestly.

‘No, i just went to check on him. He’s fine. You need to get back in bed and hold me.’ Diane said, almost ordering me.

‘Sure.’ I said, smiling.

And I did. I held Diane the Amazon until the early morning. I held her large frame in my arms, and kissed her back and shoulders, and occasionally caressed her wonderful breasts. I ran my fingers through her blonde hair while we talked about broken hearts and the future. She wanted to keep me as a friend. She enjoyed our time together and its possible we could do it again sometime, but she would not settle down again. I told her I understood. I then cuddled this magnificent woman, spooning against her ass, feeling complete for the first time in a long while. We slept til dawn, then she woke me up, told me i would have to leave, but that she would call me. I left her with a kiss.

I got into my car, my trusty Dodge Demon, and drove a little ways to a local chain convenience store. I was not a big smoker. But after sex, I liked to smoke. Sometimes, I liked to smoke while I drove. Smoking this morning would serve two purposes. I got out of the car and went inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32