Break a leg boy_(1)

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I lay on my bed and heard mom pull the door closed fully.

At that point I knew I was free, well as free as one could be stuck in a room, with no more than a bed and a few books to keep you company, and I hated reading books. I never had the patience to lay in bed reading a book, reading someone else’s imagination, I had one of them myself and I usually used it to pull my cock thinking of Ms White.

My head was filled with thoughts, millions of thoughts swirled through me head.

Although I had fallen asleep when the brown lad dropped me home, he was still in the house when I woke up, I would put money on it that he fucked my mom.

I could hear muffled sounds coming from down stairs and if he fucked her as aggressive as he fucked me, she would have been dying to roar his name, that’s if she could have pronounced it.

She looked happy when she said goodbye to me this morning, so maybe she got fucked by him.

I lay there wondering if I was better at sucking his cock or if mom was better at sucking his cock?

She has had more years of experience than I had and she always seems to enjoy it.

I was loving sucking cock, just like her I suppose. The thought of sucking another boys cock or a mans cock never crossed my mind until a few days ago, when Mr Byrne drugged me and rapped me.

Now I was enjoying sucking cock, in fact I had sucked so many and swallowed so much cum that I was starting to lose track.

Yes, mom has loads more experience than me,but, it is different when a guy sucks your cock than when a woman sucks your cock.

I know I only had one woman who has sucked my cock, but she is a cock sucking expert, but when the guy sucks your cock, he sucks it the way he would like his sucked, whereas a woman sucks it the way she thinks you would like it and that is very very different.

It was like Mr and Mrs Byrne, they both suck cock differently, she is better then him, but as I said she is my first woman. The other brown guy who came into the room and fucked me, I think he was the best so far and Majaid and Mrs Byrne are second.

I wonder how my mom sucks cock? She has sucked loads because ever since dad left she has had a different man stay every second night.

My mom is always fucking, she sends me to bed so she can fuck, in fact she sent me to cut Mr Byrnes lawn because she had a guy there who in the end stayed the night. The next day some other girl called and then a second guy, I watched as my mom ate her pussy and the guy fucked my mom in the ass, is it any wonder that I am now getting fucked up? Quite latterly.

There is another more exciting difference between me and mom, she has three holes to fuck, I only have two and mom uses all of her holes.

I wonder has mom ever had a dog to lick her out, or even fuck her? Mrs Byrnes dog is amazing at licking my balls and ass and the dog drove Mrs Byrne wild, so wild that she made me fuck the bitch.

Jesus I forgot about that too. I have fucked a dog. Jesus, last week I was a virgin, now I am living in a porno movie.

I remember I was restless, never stayed in bed unless I was wanking.

Only yesterday Mr Byrne was fucking my brains out, it was amazing, now I am fucken stuck in this poxy bed, and when the brown guys calls to look at my leg, mom will fuck him and he wont fuck me.

Mom will suck his cock and swallow his cum and I will be left to fuck old Mr fucken Byrne until I can get out of this fucken bed.

Thinking of Majaid, fucking my mom was making my cock hard, thinking of her on her knees sucking his cock was making my cock bulge, I reached down to my cock and thought “Yippee at least you are still working.”

I started to think of mom opening her mouth, and putting his silk cock into her mouth, but suddenly as I sighed at the though of his silky dick, I heard a key going in the front door.

“Fuck, it’s mom back again” I turned over to my side to sleep and said “fuck why can’t people just let me fucken waaaaaaannnnnkkkkk”

A few seconds later I could hear foot steps on the stairs, they were too heavy to be mom’s, fuck I hope there wasn’t a burglar coming in, “Jesus what will I do? Will he fucken rape me? Well that would be exciting, that wouldn’t be all bad if he did, in fact that would be kind of fun, kind of kinky, a burglar breaks in and fucks me and leaves, must remember that one for later.”

I saw the knob of my door move as Mr Byrne burst through the door “Caught ya wanking son” he said with a large laugh

“No you fucken didn’t Mr Byrne” I said back to him. The idea that I hadn’t invented wanking was still annoying me, I thought it was only my cock which reacted that way.

“Met your ma on the way out this morning and she gave me a key and asked me to check up on you, which I said of course and then I told her that I would suck and pull your cock and fuck your tight ass”

“You what?” I asked fuming

He had his hand on the covers and pulled them off the bed to revel me totally naked, my cock still hard.

“See you were wanking you little perv, I was only joking about your mom, I didn’t say a thing son, what you and me do boy is between us and no one else, especially my wife, she would kill me if she knew about the kinky perverted stuff I got up to”

I looked at him and though to myself “I thing she would love you more if you brought her into half the stuff you do”

I looked at him, “Do you still fuck Mrs Byrne?” I asked

“Steady on bro, that’s a very personal question” he replied

“Well, you rapped me, had your friend fuck me, all in your bed, so i think we are way past personal stuff and I was wondering if you still fucked her?”

He looked at me puzzled and then I asked him “Would you let me fuck her? I have never been with a woman”

He sat on the bed, put my cock in his hand and started to pull me “What kind of kinky thoughts do you have when you are pulling your cock boy? Mrs Byrne isn’t into sex but you can fuck her as often as she wants, which will be never, she isn’t into sex”

I didn’t say a word I didn’t want to disturb him from the job at hand he stopped, then stood up, I watched him as he slipped out of his sandals, took off his socks, he unbuttoned his Farah trousers and pulled them down, “look at me now son, I am like you I going commando”

His cock was looking at me. I was trapped again on a bed, but this time I could move my hands

He got on the bed and said “let me finish you off, he went down on me and started to suck and pull my cock, he was good this time, he was really excited. I reached down to pull his cock and he said ” later just lay back and enjoy yourself”

I did as he said and then I exploded in his mouth, he didn’t stop he continued to suck me and swallow my cum as it pumped into his mouth.

“You like that?” He asked

“Yes Mr Byrne is was amazing” I answered as my body was shaking

He left the room, I was hoping that he had fucked off home but he didn’t, a short while later he came in dressed up in my mom’s clothes

“What the fuck Mr Byrne” I yelled

“I am dressed as your mom” he answered.

He had a wig on, one of my mom’s. she was naturally blond but had other colours to change her look. He had her mini dress on with stocking and suspenders on with heels.

“Come on son, up for school, you don’t want to be late, ha ha ha” he said

“What? Mr Byrne” I asked

He slapped me, “I am your mother and you will address me as that”

I was looking up at him, cum running down my cock, he was dressed in my mom’s clothes telling me to call him mom, this was more fucked up that ever before.

He came over to me “you have been wanking again son” he said in his best mom impersonation

“Look at you, you have your cum all over your cock, I will clean it off for you”

He opened his mouth and started to suck me again

“MOM….. You can’t suck my cock mom” I said playing along. Here I was again, in a position where I could not do anything about what was about to happen.

As my pretend mom sucked my cock, he took my hand and placed it on his tit, Mr Byrne had no tits, my mom’s tits were magic they were huge. I rubbed his chest and pretended that it was moms

“I want you to eat my pussy son” he ordered in his best female voice. He parted legs and sat on my face. I could feel the heat from his moist panties, as she swivels on my face.

“Pull down my panties and put my big clit in your mouth son”

“yes mom” I answered as removed his panties to release his hard cock.

“It’s a strap on son, suck it son”

I opened my mouth and took all of his cock deep into my mouth.

“Tell me you love me son”

“I love you Mr Byrne” I answered

He slapped me again “I am your mom”

“Sorry, sorry, I love you mom, your pussy is amazing izmit escort mommy” I said as he pumped and fucked my mouth with his big cock

“I need your cock in me my baby boy, fuck your mommies ass not my pussy because I am having my period”

“PERIOD??? WHAT THE FUCK?” I thought

He climbed off my face, his cock spitting cum into my mouth as he took his cock from my mouth. He turned to straddle my waste, he hovered over my erect cock and using his hand he guided his cock to the lips of my ass, he pushed down, there was resistance, my cock felt like it would break but then it just slid straight up his tight ass.

He let out a whine and a roar “your cock is too big for mommies tight cunt” he said as he started to use my cock to pump himself

He grabbed my hand and put it inside his open dress “Squeeze and play with my tits son” he shouted

I placed my hand on his cold sweaty skin and played with his chest as he fucked my cock, he took my other hand and placed it on his hard cock, i started to pull him as I fucked him

Two minutes later I was milking his cock on to my chest while my cock was pumping his ass full of my hot boy cum.

He pulled up off my cock and fell to the other side of the bed.

I scooped up some of his cum and put his cum in my mouth

“I love your cream Mommy” I said playing with him

“Suck my strap on son, clean your ass juice from my strap” he said

I rolled to my side, lifted one of his fat tits from my mom’s bra and started to suck it, pretending it was moms “I love sucking your tits mom” I said as I tongued his nipple, rolling my tongue down his body until I reached his dripping cock, I opened my mouth and sucked and licked his cock clean, imagining that it was my mom’s strapon

I licked his cock clean and he pumped more cum into my mouth.

“That’s enough son, let mom go make you some tea and toast”

He lifted his perverted ass from my bed and went down stairs dressed as my mom to make me something to eat.

While he was down there I could hear him talk.” Ye he is a good kid, he will do as we tell him. He is a perverted little fuck and his mom is out all day and night, she is staying over in some Arabs house tonight and I was asked to babysit the kid.”

There was silence while his friend on the other end of the phone spoke to him and then he would start again. “Don’t fucken worry mate, I have fucked him loads of times already, I have just fucked by him now, I am dressed as his fucken mom and I got him to call me his mom, while he fucked me, ha ha ha, he is sleeping in his bed bro”


“Look bro send the two of them over, It will be great fun, he will enjoy it and so will they bro. Look his ass is nice and tight, sure up to last week he was still a virgin. His cock is big for a kid of his age and its always full of the sweetest cum, and the best thing is no fucken condoms, go in bareback bro, the kid is too young to even know what a condom is bud”

Silence again as the other person on the line was asking questions and getting reassurance that this boy could be fucked what every way and when ever they wanted and there would be no come back ” he doesn’t just lay there and take it like your wife or girlfriend, he gets involved, he gives the best blowjob I ever got, and he swallows every drop”

More silence, I wish I knew what the other person was saying and asking, I could guess by what Mr Byrne was saying back to them. I wish I knew of it was a man or a woman.

“Look bro I have no idea how old he fucken is 16, 15 14, who the fuck knows or cares. I never asked him, but I can guarantee he is not 18 yet bro.”

There was a real long silence when the silence was suddenly broken by a roar from Mr Byrne “JESUS, I AM OFFERING YOU PEOPLE A FUCKING YOUNG SULT ON A FUCKEN PLATE, you can fuck my ass, he will take your cock out of my ass and put it in his fucken mouth and suck you like you have never been sucked before, you can fuck him in his house, not a hotel or a fucken car, his moms fucken bed, you can even shower afterwards for fuck sake, you give me £100 per person and I split it with him”

I was hoping that my tea and toast were being sorted but the idea of getting fucked and getting £50 was cool to me, I hope he lines them up outside the room. My thoughts were broken again as he was back chatting again “I told you, I don’t know how old he is, I never asked him, I fucked him, he enjoyed it and I have fucked him since and he has fucked me too. Look just get Redmond, the Chinese slut and yourself to come over, I am telling you this kid will fuck all three of you, and I guarantee you will come back for me again and again”

I lay on the bed, fuck, he is bring three more over with him. I have been fucked every day since he raped me, my body hasn’t had enough time to recover and now I am going to be fucked by a gang of them.

He arrived into the bedroom and gave me some food “I will order you a Chinese later, alright?”

I scoffed the food and the tea, “I need to go to the toilet” I said to him.

He came over, picked me up and lifted me into bathroom, I sat on the toilet and emptied oceans of cum from my ass, it was like I was pissing out my ass, I emptied myself of everything.

He lifted me into the shower and he washed me down, he gave me a blowjob and he swallowed all my cum. He dried me down then lifted me to my bed.

“Get some sleep, you will need your energy for later”

“Can you get me my PJs? ” I asked

“You won’t need them, best just stay as you are” he said

I rolled over and fell asleep, when I woke up I was on my moms bed, he was standing over me and he was once again dressed in slutty woman’s clothes, probably moms.

He held his hand out and gave me two pills, he told me they were pain killers but they were not, they were some sort of energy booster or some sort of illegal drug.

He handed me a glass of water and I tried my best to swallow the tablets, they kept reappearing in my mouth. “For fuck sake jay, you can swallow a gallon of cum but you can’t swallow two tablets”

He was angry and I was desperate to swallow these tablets, I didn’t care what they were, I could see the anger on his face and I didn’t want him to turn nasty.

I tried again and no look, he stormed out of the room with the tablets in his hand and a couple of seconds later he handed me a small piece of bread.

“Swallow this, don’t chew just swallow”

I took them in my hand and put them in my mouth and bang one at a time they were gone.

He smiled at me, the nasty look subsided from his face. “Sorry for shouting but I have a few friends coming over and I need you full of energy”

“Ok no problem” I replied to him

He handed me a beer and told me to drink it, which I did. I sipped it until I got use to the taste “What is a condom Mr Byrne?” I asked

He turned to look at me “Ah its nothing, its like a cream to make it easier for your ass to take a cock”

About one hour and two beers later there was a knock on the door. I could hear Mr Byrne welcoming two very excited female sounding people into my house.

I few minutes later and there were three people dressed as women. One was Dutch and one was Chinese.

Mr Byrne introduced the Chinese person by saying “I told you I would get you a Chinese” ha ha ha

The Chinese girl started to kiss me, her hand went straight for my cock while her other hand unzipped her dress. She was mega turned on and mega horny.

She was naked, except for a tiny pair of panties. Her small hand pulling my cock as her tongue played in my mouth. Her hands were small and soft and her lips were hot, smooth and sexy.

She stopped kissing me and went down on my cock to suck me off, fuck she was good, taking me all the way down her throat. He tongue felt amazing as she sucked me so hard that my cock popped each time she pulled her mouth from my cock.

I watched as Mr Byrne removed her panties and I could see him put his hand between her legs.

She was skinny, her tits were small, her skin was really white and her hair was dark as fuck. Her cock sucking skills were amazing.

My Byrne lifted her from the bed and then he turned me so I was laying across the bed, right to left. He clicked his fingers at the Chinese girl and she ran to him, I was laying staring at the ceiling, my cock pointing in the same direction and dying to explode.

I could hear them talking, then she leaned down and kissed my mouth, her tongue moved on to my nipples, her small nipples rubbing against my chest as her tongue reached my stomach, she teased me with her tongue as I felt one of her left knee push down on the bed at the side of my face, her tongue licking the end of my cock and balls as her right leg positioned on the other side of kocaeli escort my face, she put my cock in her mouth and as she did I could feel something hard on my mouth I opened mouth expecting her wet pussy but I got a small cock and big full balls.

A few seconds later her cock was deep in my mouth and I was sucking her as good as she was sucking my cock. She was fucking loving what I was doing to her as she cock fucked my mouth. I could see Mr Bryne standing behind her bum and his legs touching off her head, I could see his cock, “fuck” I said to myself, “he is going to fuck her while i am sucking her cock” he opened her ass and rammed his big hard cock deep into her tiny tight Chinese ass.

She pulled her mouth from my cock, her grip was more firm as the pain from his cock spread throughout her body. She placed her mouth on my hip and gasped for air as he banged her ass, her moans of enjoyment turned quickly to screams but she didn’t object and was starting to push back on to his cock to get more pleasure.

He pulled out of her and the her took her cock from my mouth and pushed his cock deep into my mouth, her ass juice all over his cock and he made me clean his cock, he quickly pulled himself from my mouth and back into her tight Chinese ass, she was sweating so much that her body continue to slip off mine which frustrated Mr Byrne as his cock kept slipping from her ass.

No matter how she slipped off me, my cock never left her mouth. Her tongue action was lick nothing I have ever experienced and her voice was really fucken sexy ass she moaned through a mouth full of cock.

Her ass was being hammered hard and fast as My Byrne was about to cum, then his actions stopped as he filled her with his cum, he pulled his cock out and put it into my mouth, shoving her cock from my mouth and he made me suck him clean, when he pulled out of my mouth he made her sit back so I could eat her ass and suck his cum from her ass. I drank it all willingly, his cum and her ass cum was a sweet mix of awesome pleasure.

He pushed her down my body until her ass was sitting on my cock but she was facing away from me. I could see the marks on her back, she must have been punished recently, “Fuck my boy” he shouted at her, she lifted her bum above my cock and with one hand she positioned my cock at her ass lips and sat down on my cock.

I went in easy as her ass was opened from Mr Byrne and his crazy fucking of her ass, it was sweat, her ass filed with hot cum and her own juice

She was good, she pushed down hard she told me to “fuck me hard” with her Chinese English accent.

I did as I was told, her ass was tight because of the position she was in, she grinded hard on my cock good. As she fucked me the door bell rang, Mr Byrne told us to continue as he went down to see who it was.

She was screaming now “FUCK ME BOY FUCK ME”

I was trying my best to up the pace but I was hampered by my sore leg.


I was too excited to cum, her ass was so good.

Her screams suddenly came silent and when I opened my eyes I could see she was sucking some strangers cock, her mouth filled with hard cock again.

I couldn’t see who it was and I didn’t care as I exploded in her ass and I filled her inner walls with my cum.

She pulled herself off my cock to work on the cock in her mouth, the Dutch lady with huge dick had seen enough and she wanted some fun and she went down on my cock to get a taste of my cum and the Chinese girls ass.

Mr Byrne had a fantasy of being fucked by two tranny’s and he took advantage of having to babysit me and invite two tranny prostitutes over to my mom’s house and fuck in my moms bed.

I watched the two tranny’s play with each other when Mr Byrne walked back into the room with some other man, he threw me a bar of Chocolate. “Eat that” he said as he pointed to the bar.

“Festal aphrodisiac male only Chocolate?” I said to Mr Byrne as I opened the bar.

I consumed it in seconds and watched the show. Within seconds my cock started to harden again. A mix of the Chocolate and the tranny show. Mr Byrne got in-between them and they stared to play with him, there were four of us on the bed, I was sucking the Dutch girls massive tits, they were rock hard like my cock and her nipples were small and beautiful

Mr Byrne was sucking her massive cock and then he told her to fuck his ass which she was more that happy and horny to oblige.

He was on all fours when the Chinese girl stuck her cock in his mouth. The other girl, Dani, from Amsterdam rammed his ass with her massive rod and Mr Byrne let out a roar.

I lay there watching the live porn show, my cock throbbing and dying to cum. “Pall you cock boy” Dani said to me. I grabbed my cock and stated to pull my cock.

I cock see Mr Byrnes cock stiff and bulging, veins in his cock as his cock filled with blood. “Suck the masters cock boy” I rolled myself around and and slid underneath Mr Byrne, I grabbed his cock in my hand and opened my mouth, it was fantastic, I could still taste his cum and the Chinese girls dirty ass on his cock, I was hypnotized by the taste of his cock and the smell of sex off his cock.

His cock head was bursting and bright red, every time Dani humped his ass, Mr Byrnes cock went deeper down my tight throat. I had never seen him this big and this hard. I grabbed his full balls and I was starting to get worried as I felt that he had so much cum in his cock that i would drown.

Just as I started to enjoy his cock, I felt a hard cock between my legs and the stranger started to shag my ass. His cock was slim but long, I could feel it nearly hit my stomach as he fucked me.

The Chinese girl got into a position where she could suck my cock while Mr Byrne sucked her cock. I could feel the power in Mr Byrnes cock rushing to the head of his cock, and I had sucked enough cocks over the last little while to know when a cock was about to explode.

I opened my mouth wider, pulled and sucked him harder as Dani fucked him deeper and then he exploded into my into my mouth.

Dani fucking his ass made his cum increase and it shot out like a rocket into my mouth, I gagged as I tried to swallow it all, some dripped from my mouth as I tried to swallow it all.

I was swallowing all his cum while his pal fucked my ass and the Chinese girl sucked my cock. My Byrne left the room and went for a break. The Dutch girl went behind the Chinese girl and started to fuck her ass while she continued to eat my cock.

The guy in my ass shot is load inside me without saying a word, I think it was nerves. He pulled his cock from my ass and dressed himself and left the house, banging the front door behind him.

I was left on the bed with the Dutch slut and the crazy Chinese chick with her nice slim dick in my hand. She was being pumped hard by the Dutch girl. The Dutch girls cock was opening the Chinese girl wider than she had been opened before and she was loving it.

The Dutch girl grabbed the Chinese girls hips and pulled her on to her cock as she exploded in the chinese girls ass.

She fell frontward on the bed, her massive tits keeping her in the air. My cock was like a rock from the Chocolate so I pushed myself up behind her Dutch ass, I opened her cheeks, and started to push my cock into her tight ass. She tried to resist but I was too horny for her to stop me and besides as soon as she felt me deep in her ass she started to shout for more.

I was fucking the Dutch tranny deep, She was a mega slut, I was in a world of my own. It was amazing, my moms bed was an ocean of cum. My body was a cum filled vessel. As my cock hammered in and out of her ass, I felt the Chinese tranny push me forward, I could feel her try to straddle me back, then to my surprise her nice cock entered my ass, her full balls banging off me each time she thrust her cock deep in me.

I was sandwiched between these two amazing looking creatures, half man half woman. They were kinky as fuck and sexy as fuck.

Their tits and nipples were amazing to suck and lick, their cocks were sweet and dirty and they were full of the sweetest thickest cream, which constantly flowed so it was always fresh. Their fuck ass were easy to access because they fucked all the time. Their bodies were play grounds and they enjoyed people using them.

That is what I wanted. I was a kid but I wanted my body to be used as a play ground. I wanted to have my body abused by as many people as I could. I wanted to be fucked like this every day. Men, women, tranny’s or boys and girls from my class, but the older men and women would have more experience and more uses for my body.

I want to be abused, raped, used I want to be fucked. The first few times were strange, I was conflicted, not knowing if I like it izmit escort bayan or hated it, but now I was convinced that I loved it.

I now had a tranny deep in my ass while a fucked a tranny

The Dutch slut knew I was going to cum. ” Don’t cum in my ass, cum in my mouth boy”

I pulled my cock out of her and she turned around so she could take me cock in a 69 position, leaving her big lonely cock looking at me. It was fat, long, tanned, and full of veins and inviting.

As she engulfed my cock, I reached for hers, it was a shaft, like a horse’s cock, i opened my mouth and within seconds i was forcing her slut cock in to my mouth, the Chinese girl was about to cum, she picked up pace, my cum in my cock rushed to the head of my cock and exploded into the Dutch sluts mouth, I pulled her more as she swallowed all my cum, the Chinese slut grabbed my hair as her cock pumped my ass full of cum again.

I continued to suck and pull my Dutch sluts cock, I pulled her long hard and fast in loving strokes.

She started to fuck my mouth as she came close to cumming, she held my head in place when suddenly I felt a short spray of cum hit the back of my mouth. I was expecting, hoping and wanting much much more of her cum but she didn’t have much left in her. It was nice but not enough. I preferred when I had a drowning, choking like feeling as I try to swallow oceans of cum, but my first Dutch tranny deprived me of such joy.

Within 5 minutes everyone was gone. There was no chatting, no promises of a sequel, not cuddling beside each other. Just hard raw dirty kinky wild sex and gone. I was at least hoping to have a fuck in the morning. The chocolate was keeping my cock hard and I was full of energy. Mr Byrne was asleep on my bed, so there was nothing left for me to do but finally have a wank.

To my surprise I couldn’t get a vision of Ms White in my head. All I could think about was fucking my mom. “Fuck that Mr Byrne dressing up as my mom and fucking me”

But the thought of fucking my mom made my cock hard. I had seen her body loads of times. She would come in from her room to wake me for school. If she had been fucking all night she would still be naked because the guy would still be with her. If she was on her own she would be in her PJ’s.

I think she thought that I wouldn’t be looking at her but I always did. But she never made me hard until now.

How could I fuck my mom, how could I get her to recognise me. If I could fuck a dog, then why not my mom?

I pulled my cock but I was empty, I was rock hard but empty. I drifted off asleep with my cock in my hand, my body starting to feel the pain from all the action as the adrenaline started to leave me. My ass started to pain me, my stomach, my cock, my mouth and my back. It had been totally fucked now I needed time to recover. My cock had no cum, that was a first.

I was woken from my sleep by a cold hand on my shoulder “Jason, are you awake”

I turned over and with my eyes closed I answered “No mom”

“Why are you in my bed son and why is Mr Byrne in your bed?” She asked. Her breath was a toxic smell of alcohol. I was about to panic but then I realized the Chinese slut had cleared and cleared up everything before she left.

“Mr Byrne wouldn’t leave mom, he insisted on staying to look after me so he put me in here mom” it was the best I could think of while half asleep, but she fell for it.

“Bless him, he is a good guy” she said ” I owe him big time”

I lay there thinking “Don’t worry mom you owe him nothing, nothing at all”

She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and wobbled her way to the bed, she was still drink.

“I thought you were stay out mom” I said as I snuggled into her grey pj covered body

“I was, but the date I had didn’t turn out to be what I expected son, you are too young to understand but you probably experience it when you are older” she said as she instinctively pushed her ass into my cock, as we spooned in bed,she didn’t realise that my cock was hard and erect and as I placed my hand under the top of her PJs on to her stomach, I smiled thinking “I know what you mean mom, I got fucked by two girls which mega cocks instead of two pussies”

I had my hand on her stomach and my head kept telling me to explore her tits. I could hold back any longer, I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and I moved my hand on to her tits, under her top. Her bare tits felt nice, I started to pinch her nipples and then she pushed my hand away.

I waited for a little while then I went again, I felt her tits then pinched her nipples and again she pushed me away “Stop Jason, I am tired”

She didn’t say no jay that is wrong or she didn’t give out or object, it was just that she was tired.

I waited but this time I put my hand down her shorts. No panties on so I got to get wet inviting bald pussy with ease. I rubbed the top of her cunt with my finger, I could feel her juice in her cunt. I snuggled in closer, I think she could feel my cock close to her ass, she placed her hand on my leg to push me back and again she said “Noooooooo Jay I am too tired”

I was too horny and too turned on to stop. She hadn’t moved my hand from her cunt, maybe she hadn’t felt it yet. I opened the walls of her hot cunt more and placed a finger inside her cunt.

She placed her hand on my leg again to push me away only this time I could hear her moan as my fingers worked and played with her cunt. Her hand was still on my leg but resting there rather than to push me back.

I took her hand from my leg and placed it on my cock, she pulled away quickly but I pulled her hand back and put my hard cock on to her hand again. This time she grabbed it and rolled on to her back, her face looking at me, her eyes closed, her moans and groans getting louder as insert two fingers into her hot wet cunt. Her lips, full, sexy and inviting a kiss

Instinctively she started to pull my cock, I kissed her lips, trying to get my cock in her mouth. Her lips were as hot as they looked. I fingered her more as the excitement raced through my body.

“What are you doing to me Jay?” She asked as she pulls my cock harder.

“I am going to fuck you mommy” I whisper into her ear

I pull her bottoms off her and roll over between her open legs, I opened her pussy wider with my fingers and bring my mouth to her cunt, I start to lick her cunt, my tongue running from the tip of her cunt to the bottom of her cunt. This was only the second cunt I had tasted, I licked her the way Mrs Byrne showed me and it wasn’t long before mom was moaning and groaning and talking to me

“Jay this is wrong but so fucken good boy”

She used her hands to position my head in her cunt

“Who thought you to eat pussy? She asked quietly

I didn’t realize that it was a rhetorical question, I didn’t realize that it was s compliment.

“Mrs Byrne mom, she thought me to eat pussy”

“Don’t stop what you are doing and stop talking, just eat mommies cunt”

I did what she told me to do and she continued to talk “Wow Mrs Byrne is my son’s sex teacher, she is good she thought you good, Fuck boy, keep doing that”

My tongue was good, it was strong from all the stuff I had been doing over the last week. All the cock sucking and ass licking made me good

Mom had her legs opened as wide as she could, my head buried between them. He pussy lips wet and wild as I slurped all her juice. Her hands on my head started to pull my hair like a frenzied attack, I knew my mom was about to cum, I picked up the pace of my tongue action and seconds later she exploded in my mouth.

Her juice just sprayed into my face on my face, all over me. I could taste make cum too. She had been fucked by her date and his cum was mixed with her’s.

“Fucccckkkkkk boy, I have to thank Mrs Byrne for teaching you your skills”

I wasn’t finished and before my mom could catch her breath my big hard cock was deep in her pulsing cunt. My mom was shocked into silence. It was one thing to eat her, not I am fucking her.

I kissed her but she didn’t return the kiss, she was stunned by my cock pushing deep into her cunt

She didn’t know if to fuck me back or just lay there..

“Fuck me mommy” I Whispered into her ear. I lifted her legs up so I could go deeper into her

Nervously she stared to fuck me back, seconds later her tongue was in my mouth, her hand on the back of my head and her legs wrapped around me. Her tight cunt fucking my cock hard

I was thrusting her at a speed if four thrusts per second. She was begging me to cum and then I stopped, she stared into my eyes as my cock pumped her full of my cum, her legs wrapped around me tighter as I pumped her and filled her

She kissed me passionately as I pulled up her top to feel her tits, I broke the kiss and stated to suck her tits, she let me play and suck her amazing tits

I pulled out my cock and rolled to my back. She went down on my cock and stated to clean me off and as she did I drifted off to sleep……

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