Breaking in a New Sub

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Big Dicks

How simple it all was starting with a bulletin board on a website. An interesting little new face popped up and they had immediately started talking. Their names are not important, just the simple facts. For our purpose we will call them Jack and Diane.

Within a week they had started chatting a little more often via the bulletin board, leaving little messages and responding accordingly, openly flirting but with a sly beneath the surface meaning that others may have to search through very hard to even begin to understand, their connection had been almost unrealistically intense from their first shared private messages that would pop up.

By the end of their first week chatting they had progressed to slight sexual teasing and then one night Jack simply threw caution to the wind and told Diane to call him as he typed in his phone number and hit send his cock was already throbbing at the anticipation of having an erotic chat with this online persona.

Jack had waited and given her about ten minutes when suddenly the little box that said she was online went off and his phone started to ring.

“Hello,” he said in a calm baritone voice.

“Hello, Master,” she uttered in a hushed voice.

He could tell she was timid, scared, yet, willing to be talked to and learned about. It issued from her every word online and over the simple first two words she had spoken to him. She was calling him by the only name she knew him, Master Jack which was his online moniker.

“How are you Diane?” he asked keeping his voice low and firm.

“F..Fine sir.”

He knew her level of respect was showing itself, he would soon test it but not quite yet it must be lead up to. They talked for urfa escort hours that first night never really crossing into the sexual foreplay he had expected. It had been more offhanded comments and slow sensual wordplay and teasing. When they hung up three hours later he knew her inside and out from the basic everyday routine to her most forbidden desires.

After a few hours of sleep they were both back up and on the computer and once again he instructed her to call him. She agreed and soon they were on the phone again although this time he had a deeper agenda than last night. This time he wanted to make the girl cum and show her that she already belonged to him in her mind, it was time to make her body follow.

“Now, Diane, imagine I am walking through your door right now, I see you laying on your couch and you know me, you know what I look like already and your breath catches in your throat. I know what is going through your mind, how did he find me, what does he want and so on. I’m going to tell you, I’m here for your body. As you would stand up to come to me I would kiss you, slowly probing as you struggle to fight the urges welling inside you.” “Master Jack please, I can’t do this, not now not like this, don’t make me sir,” Diane begged.

“Shut up slut it’s going to happen, just listen to my words, play along if you like but you damn well had better be rubbing your clit and pussy as I talk.”

“Sir, I can’t do that,” Diane exclaimed, “I’m not ready for this step yet.”

“Shut up slut, I said you will and are going to do as I tell you,” I was being as stern over the phone as I could with her letting her know who was indeed in charge. balıkesir escort

“Now as you struggle I would begin to run my hands up your body, whispering that my little slut felt so good as I ripped away the thin top you had on leaving you in only your panties. Then as you continue to struggle you raise a hand to hit me, that’s when I would give you a light slap and tell you, that you had best think again and I would give you another slap letting you know that the Master’s hand is much rougher than you had thought. As you recoil from the light blows you also feel your pussy getting wetter, this is what you have always wanted and desired you slut, I and you both know it.”

I paused then letting Diane find her bearing, I could hear her whimpers and knew she was touching herself and listening to me in a deep state of arousal. I wanted more though, I wanted a little input from her on the subject.

“Diane, this is what you want isn’t it,” I asked with a moment of silence.

“Yes, um no, I mean I don’t know sir, this is all so intense, I really would rather we stopped right now, please don’t go any further.”

At this point I wasn’t sure if she was just playing along with the character or if she was pleading to me but either way I didn’t care she was going to finish with a loud orgasm.

“Now Diane push another finger up that wet slit as I tell you more. As I kiss you hard I would reach down and pinch and pull your nipples roughly and then turn you around, I would pull you down over my lap and pull away the panties, no rip them away I think. And as your bare ass came to view I would raise my hand and slap your ass hard, spanking you trabzon escort for your disobedient demeanor and denying me the pleasure which is mine. I would then push you off onto the floor and open my pants, pushing them down I would grab your hair and force my cock into your mouth as you started to protest. I would tell you to suck it all and take it deep in your throat as I held your head and started to fuck your mouth which now belonged to me.”

I had to take another moment to pause, at this point I pulled out my cock and started stroking it as I talked to her.

“Diane, I know your wet and fingering your pussy for me, I want you to ask permission before you cum though, am I understood slut?”

“Yes, yes, sir,” she replied meekly.

“Good girl Diane, now, as I tired of your mouth I would pull you up and bend you over the coffee table and as you lay there helpless naked and open I would push my pants down the rest of the way and slide into you. Taking you in one hard thrust. I would grab your hair and fuck you harder than you had been able to imagine.”

“Sir,” she interrupted, “May I please cum now please sir, let your slut cum for you.”

“Yes, slut, cum for me,” I then continued, “As you started to cum I would tug at your hair and tell you to finger and rub your clit as I pounded your worthless little pussy, and as you started to cum harder I would tell you that I was about to cum. When I started to cum I would pull out after a few shots and spray the rest down the crack of your little ass. God Diane I’m cumming now.”

We both came together in a series of moans, oohs and ahhs, finally, I could breathe again and I whispered a thank you slut to her.

“No thank you Sir, that was just as I imagined.”

“Diane, I will see you online in a little bit I need a shower,” I chuckled.

“Yes, sir, I fear I am in need of one myself, I feel so wet though as if I already had one, see you soon sir.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32