Breeder Sluts of the Apocalypse

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“I drew an eleven!” Josie yelled as soon as her mother picked up. I could hear her all the way down the hall, near the tears she’d been revving up to all afternoon. “And then,” she sniffled “they told me there was an automatic +2 for being under 20 in this district. And Aunt Amanda drew a five, but she’s over 26, so she got to shuffle two off to me, so she wound up with three, and I wound up with fifteen!”

It had been an interesting afternoon, alright. I’d taken my wife and my niece-in-law to register for reproductive quotas, and now one of them was mad as hell. While Amanda and I were courting, we’d agreed we wanted to move to one of the border districts, and help it back from the wilderness that had swallowed whole cities after the invasion. We would help re-civilize Earth, and of course, we’d do our duty to help repopulate it. Everyone knew life out here was hard, and the government offered plenty of incentives to people who were willing to work for them. There was land and start up money for married couples who moved out, and scholarships for girls who fulfilled their reproductive quotas on the frontier. Amanda and I knew we would need some human capital, so to speak. Josie had been happy enough to tag along: Amanda was her favorite aunt, and the scholarship would pay her way through med school. She was a lot less happy now.

Of course reproductive quotas were higher on the frontier. Back home, the highest quota Josie could have drawn was a seven, and there were no modifiers. The one rule that didn’t change was that once a girl was assigned a number, she was required to stay in-district until her quota was complete. No shopping around. So now I had a sulky, rebellious teen whining to her mother on videochat. I’d had reservations about letting her call home at all, but as I walked towards the den, my sister-in-law came through for me.

“Honey, that’s wonderful!” She gushed. “You are going to make just the prettiest babies. No one will be able to get enough of them.”

“Mommy!” Josie gasped. “Have you heard a word I said? I have to have fifteen! I’m never going to get to go to med school!”

“Jocelyn Ann, you surprise me! Didn’t I raise you to have faith? You are not in charge of your life, young lady. I assure you, your elders know best. Now, if God means you to go to med school, I am sure you will, but in the meantime, you are earning all kinds of punishment from Uncle Jim. I hope he swats you just as hard as you deserve!”

I raised a hand from behind Josie’s shoulder. “Hi Lucy.”

“It is so good to see you, Jim, how’s Amanda?”

“She’s wonderful.” I softened, as I often did when thinking about my wife. Breeding registration had set her on fire in a way far different from Josie, and I was hoping to take her to bed soon. “The border suits her.”

“Oh, I’m so glad. Mandy is just the best. Not like my bad girl, Josie, here.”

“Believe me, I know.” I clamped a hand down on the back of Josie’s neck. “I need to put her in the naughty corner,” I told her mom. “But I’d appreciate a word with you and Bob, if you don’t mind waiting.”

“You know we’re always here for you,” Lucy assured me. “Do what you need to do, and I’ll have Bob here by the time you get back.”

Josie struggled a bit on the way back to her room, but I wasn’t having it. I wrapped one hand in her hair, put the other between her legs and marched her firmly along. While Josie was the only breeder in my house right now, I hoped there would be more one day, and “her” room was a proper breeder dorm, with three beds, and eyebolts firmly set into a stud next to each one. I clipped Josie’s collar (required by law for unmarried breeders) directly to an eyebolt and reached around her to unbutton her blouse. “What are you doing?” she shrieked, wriggling to no avail as I wrenched her shirt off. Her shrieks gained volume and lost coherence as I wrapped her top tightly around both her forearms and tied the sleeves into a firm knot. She stomped her feet and whined as I pulled up her skirt and yanked her panties downwards. They caught around her knees and I left them there. Casibom I took a moment to examine the results. Josie’s face and tits were pressed up against the wall, but her back was arched under her crossed arms, and her bottom had to be slightly thrust out to make room for her feet. She was a pretty little problem, which I would find a way to solve. I turned out the light, which won me a cry of dismay, and shut the door.

Back in the den, Bob and Lucy were waiting for me onscreen, and I felt like I owed Bob an apology.

“I know this isn’t what any of us expected,” I told him, “but I think Josie is going to be with us longer than anyone planned.”

Somewhat to my surprise, Bob didn’t seem concerned. “The only person who didn’t consider this possibility is Josie, and frankly, that girl needs to re-prioritize. I’m just sorry we can’t take her back from you and make her behave.”

“Oh, I’ll get her to behave, alright. The registrar recommends intensive training for girls with numbers that high. I’m looking at a handful of possibilities. But that’s part of what worries me – they’re all six month courses. So we’re not even thinking of getting her pregnant right away. And the district put out an appeal for breeders to go into dairy production for 3-6 months after each pregnancy, and of course, I want to support the community any way we can.”

“Of course you do!” Lucy answered. “You’re on the border, Jim. We know you can’t just keep her pregnant till she’s done, not with that quota. It’s never really the smart call anyway.”

Bob nodded. “You have to rest a field sometimes. Even if the district didn’t make requests, you’d want Josie to be able to help out with your kids with Amanda.”

“Exactly. But that may mean she’s breeding until she’s forty.”

Lucy spoke up again. “I was worried she was growing into a tease when she graduated high school without getting pregnant.” She shook her head. “We should really re-think telling teenagers about blowjobs. Jim, I’m so sorry she’s being troublesome for you.”

“I can handle one little girl,” I assured them. “And if it helps you feel any better, Amanda’s a darling.”

“She’s our darling, too. You give her our love when you get the chance. It’s going to be a busy night at your house!”

The first part of my busy night was in the kitchen. Amanda was tidying up the remains of dinner, and preparing for tomorrow. My heart swelled at the sight of my lovely wife. She wore a blue sundress that set off her eyes, her tanned shoulders, and her lovely breasts. She set down the dish she was drying when she heard me come in and pulled out a chair for me at the kitchen table, dropping to her knees at my feet.

I reached a hand down to tweak a pert nipple through her dress. “How is my wife?”

“Delighted to be your wife, and longing to serve you.” She started rubbing the arches of my feet. “Although I am terribly worried that our breeder is rebellious.”

I smiled down at her. “Has my little honey been eavesdropping?”

She blushed. “I didn’t mean to, sir, but she was loud. Plus, she was either fuming or sulking all afternoon.”

“I know. I’ll take care of her.”

Amanda frowned a little. “She’s my niece, sir. I feel like I should talk to her.”

“Absolutely not!” I exclaimed. “I’m the head of this household, and you’ll leave Josie to me. You’re not going to go into the dorm or speak to her without my permission, is that clear?”

“Yes, sir. Oh, I’m so sorry I tried to take authority from you, sir! I’m still learning how to be a good wife.”

“There, there.” I gathered Amanda into my lap. “Today should never have been all about Josie, sweetheart. You registered, too. How are you feeling?”

“I’m so happy, sir! Every part of belonging to you makes me eager and excited.”

“What does that feel like?”

Amanda turned a pretty pink that I knew ran all the way down to her nipples, which made sharp peaks in the soft fabric of her dress. She tried to bury her face in my shoulder, but I tugged her hair gently until she looked me in the eye. “Answer me, wife.”

“Well. Casibom Giriş I…” she stammered. “Thinking of having babies with you…I didn’t think my nipples could get so hard. There’s this fluttery feeling in my lower belly, and it feels like my cunt is melting, sir.”

I rubbed my chin against her breasts, holding her tight. “Tell me more about that.”

“My thighs are sticky from my juices. I had to change my dress before dinner because the first one was all damp, and I want to spread my legs for you. Every time I close my eyes, I imagine you sucking hard on my tits, and thrusting your cock into me, so hard that it hurts, and it all just makes me wetter.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Do you want me to hurt you, Amanda?”

The relief on my wife’s face was palpable. “Oh yes, sir! I want you to hurt me so much, sir. I try so hard to be good for you, sir, and when you hurt me I know that it’s entirely for your pleasure.”

“Mmmm. You’re such a good girl.” I slid a hand under her dress. Her thighs were sticky, her cunt was slick. Her clit was like a tiny pebble at the top of her slit – she gasped as I ran my fingers over it. “What a hungry little cunt you are. Bend over the table for me.”

Almost as soon as I said it, Amanda’s torso was pressed to the table, her legs apart. I took a moment to savor the view of her shapely ass before giving my next command. “Reach back and spread your labia for me. Let’s see those pretty girl parts.”

As she complied, I took a tweezer clamp out of my pocket. I pressed my face into her cunt, tasting her nectar. I strummed her clit with my thumb, watching as it swelled even more. When I judged it was ready, I fastened the clamp firmly around it.

The squeals she made as the clamp bit into her most sensitive flesh made my cock stand at attention. I had been considering using Amanda later, but maybe it would be better to put off disciplining Josie a little, and go in with a clear head. I unzipped my fly, and called my wife to attention. “I need your mouth.”

One of the best things about Amanda was that she never let her eagerness result in rushed service. She was in position in an instant, on her knees, with her lips to my cock, but her mouth was leisurely and tender. She worked delicately up and down my shaft, nuzzling and licking, lingering at any place that elicited the slightest reaction. She cradled my balls with one hand, licking them enthusiastically when she came to them, then sucking them each lightly before she began working her way back up. I’d taught her that I wouldn’t accept her hands on my shaft during a blowjob, and she knew better than to pleasure herself when she should be focused, so her other arm wrapped loosely around me, holding on to the back of my chair for support.

She swirled her tongue on the head of my cock, moaning in delight. Her eyes rolled back in her head with pleasure as traced the edges of the head and began sucking in earnest, filling her mouth in an effort to lick as much of my meat as possible. I encouraged her with the occasional grunt, leaning back to watch and enjoy. She was truly inspired this evening, working my cock over energetically, pulling back occasionally to let me see the drool drip from her lips, before taking me back into her mouth, slightly deeper each time.

“Unbutton your dress, babe,” I ordered, grinning when she complied without a pause in her devoted sucking. I leaned forward to knead her full breasts, relishing the hardness of her nipples against my palms. Her earlier confession about pain had given me ideas.

Amanda was working her way upwards at the moment, the tip of her tongue dancing across the underside of my cock. I let her reach the head before viciously twisting her nipples. Her mouth fell open as she mewed in pain, but she kept her tongue pressed against me.

“Good girl,” I told her. “Nice tongue. I’m going to keep twisting these,” I pulled on her nipples, “while I use your throat. Do you understand?”

“Nggg. Mmph.” She nodded, so I assume that meant yes.

“My hands are busy,” I Casibom Yeni Giriş reminded her. “So you’re gonna do the work for me. You’re gonna take my cock all the way to the root. I want your nose in my pubes. And then you’re gonna use your head to fuck my cock. Now.”

As always, Amanda rushed to comply. Her nose pressed against my stomach, and then her head started bobbing frantically. She began grunting helplessly as I penetrated her throat, getting louder as she drove herself to take me deeper. She continued to roll my balls gently in her right hand, but now she was using the left for leverage, pulling on the chair as she impaled her throat on my dick. I had no intention of letting her efforts rush me to climax. I took deep, slow breaths and concentrated on torturing my wife-slut’s engorged nipples. I pulled them towards each other, rolling them between my first two fingers, and flicking them with my thumbs. I pulled them both between the fingers of one hand. I amused myself for a moment by trying to knot them together – they stretched generously, so that wasn’t as much of a failure as I expected.

“God, I wish I could bite your tits while you suck me,” I moaned, winning a frantic “Guk guk!” in reply from Amanda.

“Should that be your slut name?” I asked, twisting her nips even harder. “Would you like it if I told everyone to call you Guk Guk?”


“I could make you show them why. We’d put you on your knees, and you’d take cock for days. Hey! While you’re down there, lick my balls, cunt.” Amanda thrust her tongue out as I bottomed out in her throat.

“There you go. Do that every stroke, bitch.” Amanda’s control was dissolving, which was a process I always enjoyed. There were tears leaking down her face, streaking her mascara, and her lipstick was smeared all around her mouth. “Take it harder.”

I leaned back in the chair and spread my legs wider, which gave me room to squish her abused nipples against the sharply squared edge of the seat. The next cry of “guuuuck” was an octave higher.

“Oh yeah, I like that. I like knowing you hurt, pretty bitch.”

“Eeeeeck! Guk!”

“Oh, I know. I know you want me so bad. You’re such a hungry breeder slut, aren’t you?” I switched from twisting her nipples clockwise to counterclockwise. “You want to be filled with cock so bad.”


“That’s just right. That’s just what horny bitches are for, isn’t it?”


“I love that my stupid horny breeder bitch can only. Manage. One. Syllable.” I punctuated my statement with small hip thrusts, going deeper into Amanda’s defenseless throat. “I. Am. Going. To. Come. In. You. So. Hard.” I took a moment to adjust, so I could manage longer thrusts.

“This is just where you belong,” I told her. “On your knees, with your mouth full. And your tits being tortured. God, I am going to hurt these so much, baby. I am going to whip them and squeeze them and bite them till they have pretty blue marks all over.”

I had thought I was just talking dirty to tease Amanda, but the image of my wife’s tits covered with teeth marks pushed me over the edge. I dug my fingernails into her boobs and grunted again and again, spurting cum straight down her throat.

“Now suck me clean, honey.”


I leaned back in the kitchen chair, relaxing and watching Amanda clean up. She’d brought me a fresh hand towel to dry off with once she finished licking cum off my cock and balls, but I hadn’t let her put herself to rights. Her sundress was awkwardly hitched below her breasts, and her face was a bleary mess. She was putting dishes and cutlery away, moving with the awkwardness of a woman with a tweezer clamp between her legs.

“You look so right like this,” I told her, as she shot me a loving smile. “So slutty and debased. I am so glad you’re mine.”

By the time I finished this romantic speech, she was back on her knees, crawling to me across the kitchen. “I’m so glad, sir. It makes me so happy when you use me.”

I caressed her face. “I know. Are you done here?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. I want you to go get ready for bed. I need to take care of Josie. That clamp is your punishment for thinking you could talk to her. Kneel on the rug while you wait for me, and think of how to behave better. I’ll take the clamp off you when I’m done.”

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