Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm Ch. 05

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‘Ugh,’ I groaned as I blinked my eyes against the glaring morning light that pierced its way through the crack in the window shades. My head must have been replaced with a thorn bush during the night for how it ached in so many places. Every nerve seemed like a dagger stabbing into me.

Gingerly, I lifted myself up on my arm, trying to swallow away the horrid taste in my mouth. What did I drink again last night? Tequila, I think. Yes. Susan had a bottle. That wasn’t the taste of tequila in my mouth, though. Tasted more like beer or scotch or like I spent the night licking a dirty oven clean.

‘Ugh,’ I groaned again, sitting upright; ready to run to the bathroom if I needed to.

I sat motionless as the minutes ticked by. The feeling of unease in my stomach slowly faded but I remained still. What happened last night? There were patches in my memory. I could remember everything up until we started doing shots. But wait, I remember we finished the tequila off. We were making jokes about how it wasn’t even the end of semester yet. What did we do shots with?

I stared at the sheets bunched up in my lap, tracing the shadows the sun cast with my eyes. We… we… hmm. We did shots with some of the others there. Maybe we were drinking their stuff. Whatever it was, it- that’s right! They brought Bacardi 151. One of the guys was bragging about how strong it was. Fitting that I can’t remember what happened after that.

I clumsily pulled my legs out from under the sheets and stepped out of bed, bracing myself for a sudden turn of my stomach. Thankfully, it never came.

I looked down at myself. I was still wearing the same t-shirt and jeans from last night. I pulled the neck of my shirt open. No bra, though. The logic of drunk people. I must have taken my shirt off to remove my bra, but still decided to wear the same clothes to bed.

I looked around my room. It wasn’t… the tidiest, but there was a certain order to it. Either way, surely my bra would be on top of whatever pile I chose to place it in. Or… not. Where was it?

I opened my wardrobe and looked inside. It wasn’t with my other bras. It was the one that I was thinking of, right? Yeah, I was positive. The black one with the… you know, the fancy bits. All right, it was my sexy bra. I really liked that one. I better not have lost it.

I stepped back from wardrobe and surveyed my room once more. Did I hook up with a guy? I can’t remember, and surely I’d remember that.

I felt that queasiness return to my stomach. It would explain where my bra went, probably still at Susan’s house. I crouched down by my nightstand and fished out my birth control pills. Please tell me I remembered to take it yesterday. What day is it…? Uh, Sunday! Yeah. Okay, I did. Thank god. I breathed a sigh of relief. The worry fading from my stomach.

I popped today’s pill out and stumbled to my room’s door. My flatmate, Alex, was nibbling on some toast at the table.

‘Morning,’ he grunted. He sounded as bad as I felt.

‘Hey,’ I rasped. ‘How are you feeling?’

‘Like death, you?’

‘Same.’ I grabbed a glass from the cupboard and filled it with water. ‘What time did we get back last night?’

‘Probably around one,’ he said. A smile breaking his tired demeanour. ‘You were pretty out of it.’

I popped the pill into my mouth and took a sip of water. Blegh. I hated how water tasted after a night of drinking. It was like drinking a glass full of the taste in my mouth.

‘Yeah, I don’t remember much of the night.’ I took another sip, grimacing again. ‘Did you happen to see if I was hanging out with anyone last night?’

He thought for a moment. ‘Besides Susan and the others?’


‘Not sure, sorry. I was with the guys most of the night. The only time I saw you was when we did shots.’


‘Why did you want to know?’

I rubbed my forehead with my thumb, clenching my eyelids shut.

‘It doesn’t matter. I think I’ll go lay back down for a bit. My head’s killing me.’

‘Okay,’ he said, returning to his toast. ‘Feel better.’

I shuffled back to my room, clutching my glass of water tightly to my chest. Hopefully a nap would make me feel better.


The next morning was far better to wake up to. It had been well after the sun set the previous night before I had emerged from my room once more. My plan of napping away the hangover hadn’t gone so well, but thankfully some greasy takeaway food for dinner did help. After napping the whole day I doubted that I would even get a wink of sleep that night, but the moment my head hit the pillow I was out again.

I sat up and stretched, looking at the alarm clock on the nightstand. I had uni in an hour. I ran my hand over my chest, trying to ease out any stiff muscles. When my hand reached my boob I stopped. I cupped my hand around it, kneading the flesh beneath my fingers. It was sore. I tested the other one. Same again.

I pulled the neck of my t-shirt open and looked at them. There were no bruises or anything Casibom that I missed yesterday. Why were they so sore?

The mysteries of drunken Rachel, I thought, hopping out of bed. Maybe I fell over at the party, or when Alex was leading me back to our apartment. But my boobs weren’t that big. They were only a small 32b size. They weren’t going to break my fall. I would surely have a bruised chin if that were the case.

I grabbed some clothes while running a brush through my long hair. I opened my wardrobe to grab a bra. That’s right. I was still missing the one from the party. If I saw Susan today, I’d have to ask her if she found it. I grabbed a plain white one and put it on before throwing a white blouse over the top of it. I looked in the mirror at myself as I pulled my jeans on. I did wish at times that I had more of an ass. I barely filled these jeans out at all.

After a few more passes through my hair with the brush, I grabbed a quick breakfast and headed out.

The lecture hall was filled by the time I arrived. There were hardly any seats left, but I managed to find a spare one near the front just as the lecture began.

I pulled my glasses out of my bag as the lecturer launched into the minutia that was property law. Everything we had learnt in this class so far felt like it had sailed straight over my head. That’s the problem with law, there’s so much to each facet that you need a whole class on every one, but at the end you might not even specialise in that field. From what I’d learnt so far, property law didn’t sound like it was for me. But I still had to get through this.

‘Now, for those of you paying attention, you’ll note that this will be very pertinent for your upcoming essay,’ the lecturer said.

That’s right, the essay. I hadn’t even started on it yet. I had foolishly thought that I could get a few words written on it on Sunday, but that obviously never happened. I let out a yawn as I copied his words into my notebook. Why was I still tired? I had spent the last 24 hours mostly sleeping. I had probably slept too much and it was having the opposite effect. I could just go grab a coffee before my next lecture.

I leant back from my notebook to watch the lecturer. As I did I felt my bra pinch against my back. Ow! I reached behind my back, pretending to scratch an imaginary itch as I check what had caused that. My bra strap was digging into my back. Now that I thought about it, it felt tight around the front, too. I tried flexing my shoulder blades to try and ease it out, but nothing worked. It was just too tight. What was going on? I had worn the same bra size since I was fifteen. Could my bra have shrunk in the wash or something?

I’d have to go to the bathroom after class and see what I could do to fix it. But until then I’d just have to deal with it and try not to miss anything important. My biggest concern right now should be my essay, not my bra.


I had hoped the aching in my breasts would subside by the next morning, but that was apparently wishful thinking. They still ached just like yesterday, but that was barely of concern compared to what I discovered.

I pulled off my top and looked down at my breasts. They looked bigger. How was that even possible?

I put my hands over them, feeling their size. They were real. It wasn’t some sort of dream or even the sleep clouding my eyes, distorting my depth perception or something.

I stood up out of bed and looked at myself in my stand mirror, turning this way and that to see them from all angles. I bounced on my toes, feeling the weight of them pull painfully at my front.

‘Ah,’ I giggled, feeling somewhat stupid as I cupped them with my hands. My smile soon faded as I inspected them again. Why were they growing? Was this a late growth spurt? I was nineteen. That seemed far too late for any form of puberty. Was I… no I couldn’t be pregnant. I hadn’t slept with a guy in ages, save the possibility of Saturday night, but even then that was too soon.

I had always been strict with my birth control. I had never missed a day in years. I pulled my pyjama shirt back on and sat down at my computer.

‘What to search for?’

I typed boob growth in and hit enter. Nothing but recommendation on how to increase your breast size. Thanks, but I had the opposite problem.

I refined my search to what causes breast growth. Let’s see… puberty, pregnancy… none of that helped.

I sat back, thinking of what words to use. I typed in unwanted breast growth and hit enter. The first link that came up sounded useful. A message board with a woman in her thirties asking about breast growth. I read through the replies, feeling the unease in me fade with each response. It sounded like it wasn’t that uncommon for breasts to continue growing past puberty for a number of reasons.

I closed the tab and sat back, my hands returning to my boobs. With the worry gone, I couldn’t complain with the results. They looked good. I had always wished through high school that I would have bigger boobs. This might Casibom Giriş be a good thing after all.


My boobs hadn’t slowed down at all over the past two days. Yesterday, when I got dressed for uni, my bra had felt far too small for my growing chest, yet I forced myself to wear it, my boobs spilling out over the top of it.

I looked down at them as I sat up in bed. They were bigger still. I doubted I could even fit into my old bras anymore. I stood up, feeling their new weight move with me. My stomach rumbled as I inspected the new size of my boobs. Of course I was hungry. So much fat had moved to my boobs over the last few days I was surprised the rest of me wasn’t wasting away.

I pulled a shirt and some jeans out and got dressed without a bra. I looked at myself in the mirror. Two little nubs were outlined where my breasts pushed against the shirt. My nipples had grown along with my boobs. A little bit thicker and longer that they had been. I suppose that made sense, they had grown with my boobs during puberty, this wasn’t too different. But they were a problem without a bra to hide them. I didn’t want to walk around with little pokies sticking out.

I pulled my shirt off and searched in my wardrobe for something else, finally settling on a patterned blouse that made it hard to distinguish nipple outline from the design.

I joined Alex in the kitchen as I made myself some breakfast.

‘Morning,’ he said, staring at my chest with intrigue.

‘Morning,’ I replied, pouring milk into a large bowl of cereal.

I brought it over to the table and sat across from him.

‘So…’ he started, ‘you got uni today?’

‘No. Day off. You?’

‘Yeah… a few classes today…’

His eyes kept falling to my chest. He looked genuinely confused. Far more than he ever had since I’d known him.

I grinned, deciding to end his suffering.

‘You curious about my boobs?’ I asked candidly.

‘Uh!’ he said, his eyes rocketing up to meet mine with embarrassment. ‘I wasn’t…’

‘Yeah you were. You just weren’t sure how to ask,’ I said, giggling. ‘It’s fine. You’re right to be curious. They’ve grown a bit over the last few days. I think I’ve hit a second puberty or something. Late breast growth.’

‘Ah, sure, sure,’ he said, blushing.

‘I does suck, though. I have to go out and buy some new bras now. Bye, bye, alcohol money.

He chuckled. ‘After Sunday morning I’m sure you can live without alcohol for a while.’

‘Yeah,’ I said. The thought of alcohol still brought back the taste in my mouth that morning.

Alex stood up and took his plate over to the sink.

‘I’ve got to get going. I’ll see you later.’

‘Okay, bye,’ I called as he disappeared out the door.

I finished up my breakfast and soon I too was out the door and heading for the shops.


The bra store was cool when I stepped inside. The air smelled sweet in here as if the clerk had a bottle of perfume hidden behind the desk that they sprayed into the air constantly when no one was around.

A lady with her hair tied into a tight bun strode over to me.

‘Hi! How can I help you?’ she asked with a big smile on her face.

‘Uh, just looking for some more bras,’ I said nervously. I hated being approached by staff. It was even worse when buying underwear.

‘Of course,’ she said. I suppose it was a stupid answer on my part. ‘What size are you?’

‘Uh…’ I hesitated. ‘I… don’t know, actually.’

She looked at me with confusion for a moment before her smile returned. I’m sure she didn’t get many nineteen year olds unsure of their bra size.

‘That’s fine, I can measure you up. Follow me over here.’

She led me to a side room and drew a curtain behind us.

‘Just remove your shirt,’ she said, grabbing a measuring tape.

I started to unbutton my blouse before stopping.

‘Oh, I’m not wearing a bra underneath.’

She stared at my shirt. ‘Hmm, how close fitting is that? I need to get the most accurate measurement…’

I felt around my chest and back with my hand. The shirt didn’t seem too bad, besides maybe the stitching under my armpit. Then again, with how much I had grown in the last few days, I doubted I was finished yet. I didn’t need skin tight measurements.

‘I think it’ll be fine,’ I said, buttoning it back up.

‘If that’s what you want, but please consider that these measurements won’t be the most accurate.

I nodded and she went to work, pulling the measuring tape around me and writing down numbers. Finally she announced that it was all done and gave me my cup size.

‘Thanks, I’ll just go look for one,’ I said, hoping that she would let me look on my own.

I walked down the rows of bras until I found my size. 32DD. I couldn’t believe how much my boobs had grown in the last few days, but here was proof.

I searched through the bras. There were so many cute ones that I would have loved to buy, but for now I just needed a practical one. One that I might even Casibom Yeni Giriş outgrow. Although, surely a DD was as big as I would get. I had been a B for so many years. How did my body have it in it to grow so much after so little?

I grabbed a white one and headed to the change room. I locked the door behind me and unbuttoned my blouse. As I pulled it open I looked down at my boobs. My nipples were hard. I threw my blouse aside and inspected them. It wasn’t that cold in here, what was causing that?

As my fingers touched them a shiver ran through me. They were sensitive. I ran my finger over them lightly. Why were they so sensitive? Was it the excitement of being in public braless? If it was, I liked how it made me feel.

A smile spread across my face as I pinched my nipple. I gasped at the feeling. They were really sensitive. I blinked a few times as I felt a heat rising in my face and forced my attention to the bra. The sooner I finished here, the sooner I could get back home and continue what I started here.

I put my arms through the straps and pulled it on. My nipples quivered at the feeling of being stuffed into the soft padding. I clipped it behind me and I was done. It fit perfectly. I looked at myself in the mirror. It looked good. I looked good. It felt so much better than my tight old bra. There was room to breathe.

I unclipped it and pulled it off. My nipples felt relieved to be free. I had to admit, while the bra was comfy, free-boobing it felt even better.

Oh well, I thought, at least I have something for uni tomorrow.

I got dressed again and bought the bra before racing home. The entire way it felt like my nipples were getting more and more sensitive. Even my blouse seemed to irritate them unlike before.

Thankfully, Alex was still at uni when I got home. I went to my room and pulled my blouse off, sending it and the little bag with my new bra sailing into the corner.

I knelt down on my bed and inspected my boobs with my hands once more. I kneaded the soft flesh with my fingers, delighting in how they felt. I had never had so much boob to play with. I moved my fingers to my nipples, almost recoiling from the touch. Wow, they were sensitive. I flicked them with my fingers, drawing little gasps at each touch. They had never felt this amazing before. What was up with them now?

I pinched them hard between my fingers and squirmed at the sensation. My hands shaking from the pleasure.

I laid back and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them and my panties off. I felt the soft bedsheets against my naked body. Even my skin felt more alive and electric. I rolled in my sheets, feeling my nipples rub against them. My hand shot between my legs and I found myself already wet. I inserted a finger while my other hand pulled on my nipple.

My head felt so hot, as my hand between my legs moved at an intense speed, bringing me closer and closer until my thighs clamped together and I writhed in ecstasy. My breath came in heavy pants as I withdrew my hand from my crotch and returned it to my nipple. I squeezed it, coating it in slippery juices.

That was amazing.


My alarm pulled me from my dreams the next morning. Ugh. I didn’t want to get up. My bed was so comfy and a whole morning of sitting through lectures wasn’t very appealing.

With a sigh I threw me sheets off me, revealing my DD breasts. The sudden cold air pricked at my nipples as they hardened in response. I hadn’t slept topless in years, but last night had been… interesting to say the least. After the fun I had yesterday afternoon, my nipples didn’t seem to want to calm down again. They remained as sensitive as they were for the rest of the day. So much so that I found myself remaining topless for the rest of the night, only putting on a shirt when I had to leave my room for dinner or the bathroom. And each time I did, I found that the longer I left the shirt on, what with it rubbing my nipples with each movement, the hornier I got. I kept returning to my room with a flushed feeling all over me.

When it came time to get into bed I chose to forgo trying to wear my pyjama shirt and lying awake horny all night.

It was a surreal experience at first. Not only had I never had boobs this big before, but lying in bed with them uncontained was even stranger. Every time I rolled over they would flop beside me. My old B cup sized breasts had felt so compact to my figure, whereas these stuck out so far.

I got up out of bed and approached my wardrobe, sighing at the thought of forcing my boobs into a bra today. I grabbed my new white bra and put it on, paying careful attention to my nipples. It didn’t seem to matter. They exploded in stimulation as the cups squished them against my boobs.

I bit my lip, trying to ignore the feeling as I clipped my bra behind my back. Finished I looked at myself in the mirror. I still looked incredible. Busty and sexy.

With a smile on my face I went about finding something to wear. A figure hugging T-shirt? Maybe. Ah I know. My smile extended to a wicked grin as I put on a pure white blouse, making sure to leave a button or two open at the top to show off my new cleavage. I checked myself out from different angles in the mirror, marvelling at how the small blouse stretched to contain my boobs. Perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32