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Author: male raised in a rural area with not much to do when growing up, luckily sex was a big part of life in those days.
While of average height and looks I was pretty tanned and toned due to an active outdoors lifestyle.
These stories are true and not embellished * but names have been changed as I still know some of the subjects 40 years later …

*This story is mostly true … I have just taken things a bit further than what actually happened by adding a bit of fantasy to the actual events.


Brenda was a friend of my parents and was married to Tony, She was a very active sporty person involved in tennis, netball etc so she had a very well toned body with smallish breasts which suited her small frame.

She had married Tony several years before but Tony’s accident had put paid to their plans for a family as well as stopping his sporting endeavours.

Tony had been in a logging accident and had lost a leg, part of his hips and his penis so they had fashioned a bit of skin around his urethra so he could at least Pee standing up without pissing all over himself.

Tony couldn’t waterski any more but enjoyed driving his ski boat so had kept it after the accident so we could still have out summer holidays at the weir.

This true story happened when I was a teenager as my birthday was always enjoyed on our annual summer vacation camped on the waters edge of the large weir a full days drive from home.

I woke at first light with the side of the tent bathing the insides in a soft creamy light, it was going to be a good day as it was my birthday and Tony and Brenda would be arriving with their boat so we would be spending the day water skiing.

It was a Sunday and the weather was glorious as I stepped outside into the gentle heat of the early morning, felt like it was going to be a hot one as well.

As I stretched I saw some movement over at mum and dads friends Lorraine and Johnny’s tent, Lorraine was backing through the tent flaps and her nightie was being pulled up her back exposing her loose white Panties to me and even better was that one side had pushed right into the crack of her bum showing me a great view of half of her pussy … I could actually see the dark curly hair and the pink gash … what a way to start the day.
My cock sprang to attention making my own private tent in the loose frontal section of my speedos making my half hard cock poke straight out in the loose material looking worse than it really was, I stood there slack jawed until Lorraine turned towards me and saw me staring.

Her face lit up as she bellowed “Happy Birthday Shamus” and rushed over to me giving me a huge hug squashing my head in between her big braless tits as my semi hard cock was pushed in between her legs against the pussy I had just witnessed.
If I wasn’t hard enough before I sure was now.

I really took no notice of the words gushing forth from her mouth, all I noticed was the warm womanly smell of her, those big tits swinging loosely against my head as she jiggled and my rock hard cock now pointing firmly upwards digging in to her slit.

She hadn’t said a word about my erection but had to know it was there, it was not possible not to feel my raging hard on pushing hard up against her pussy as it throbbed in the warmth of her crotch.

Up to now I had been standing there with my hands at my side and maybe it was my imagination as I was sure my cock was pushing inside her … I could feel the head surrounded like it was pushed just inside her hole, all I know was it was all too much for me and I could feel my sperm racing up the length of my cock and I grabbed her and thrust involuntarily as my spunk gushed out the end of my cock into my speedos planted firmly against the folds of her Pantie clad pussy.

I hung on tightly trying hard not to thrust as 5 or 6 strong jets of cum burst forth, Lorraine was pushing my shoulders back as my cock thrust against, or inside, her, my legs were shaking and I could do nothing to stop myself until the force of my orgasm subsided and my legs regained strength enough to make a run for it.

Lorraine was talking but I couldn’t look at her as I felt the bright red of my embarrassment wash over my face and I sprinted for the water close by and dove in wishing I could just stay on the bottom.
My Birthday was ruined!

As I ran out of breath I surfaced to see Lorraine standing knee deep in the water, the front of her Nightie pushed in to her slit and a small wet patch surrounding it.
I looked up at the concern on her face then she squatted down pulling the Nightie and Panties out of her self giving me another brief glimpse of her dark pubes and the open hole between her lips, “sorry Shamus … I didn’t realise … sorry” she stuttered.

I couldn’t believe it, she was saying sorry to me for me half raping her!

I fumbled out an apology blurting out” Sorry … when I felt it touching you I just could stop myself”

She giggled “and it felt like you got it about half way in as well”

Lorraine laughed and tussled my hair, “lets just keep this between ourselves OK” and squatted down into the water washing the cum stains from her Panties

The material went transparent and I groaned out loud as she rubbed her hand across her Panties, She furtively looked around then kneeled up until her Pussy was just clear of the water and pulled her Panties to one side giving me a close up view as she pushed two fingers inside herself then tousled my hair again saying “Happy Birthday … Lover” and giggled as she rose up and dived in.

She swam up beside me and was chatted for a while, I was hoping she would do something more but it looked like that was the start and end of it.

Johnny and my parents and sister soon came down to the waters edge to chat and wish me a Happy Birthday, I stayed in the water until my new hard on had calmed down then we both started to get out, Lorraine’s Nightie was plastered to her waist and her Panties where completely Sex hikayeleri see thru allowing us a great view of her bum as she walked towards the tent, Johnny spoke loudly “ jesus Lorraine … you want to give the boy a heart attack or something ?”
“huh” she said turning round giving all of us a perfect view of her dark pink nipples, black curly pubes and open pink gash clearly visible through the light see thru material.
All of stared at her near nakedness until she looked down going bright red and bolted for the tent amid laughter and cheers … I just turned and dove back into the water with another hard on.

Tony and Brenda arrived with their boat a short time later and we spent the day enjoying the water skiing.
I was still as horny as a Mallee Bull and had never really perved on Mum and Dads friends before but this morning episode had really awakened my libido and I spent the day studying Lorraine and Brenda

Lorraine was a very tall woman with large breasts and wide hips, very open, sexual and flirty, mid to late thirties I had just never noticed before.
Brenda was very much the “girl next door” type, early thirties, short like me, dressed conservatively and didn’t really show much but you could make out a very firm and toned body, her new brown coloured Bikini was a tight fit on the edges but the material was very thin and billowy as if they had put a size 16 bikini into size 8 elastic.
I think it was styled in the parachute style that was the “In” thing at the time
It showed pretty much nothing at all, not even the size of her breasts could be guessed at, its one saving grace was that when it was wet the thin material clung to her shape and you could make out the exact shape of her nipples and could see the individual shapes of her pubes if the wet material was touching them.

Being the centre of attention all day did not give me a chance to head off into the forest for a quick wank to relieve the tension … I was near busting and having a hard time trying to keep it down.

After lunch time we took the boat and one of the cars over to the pub on the other side of the lake for a late lunch, it was a great spot with most people arriving by boat so plenty of perving material for me as 90% of the people were in their swimming costumes.

The adults all enjoyed a few drinks with the women all getting quite tipsy and we stayed a lot longer that normal … “as it was Shamus’s Birthday” so they said.
I think the only reason we even left was because a big dark cloud was heading our way and the wind had really picked up promising a big storm and the temperature had dropped markedly.

There was only 2 seats in the boat with any protection so when Mum, Dad, Lorraine, Johnny and my sister piled into the car there was no more room so I went in the boat with Brenda and Tony.

As soon as we hit the open water the spray washed over the boat so Brenda beckoned my to come forward and sit on her lap, it was a tight squeeze and my bum was forced back hard into her lap and I could feel the hard points of her nipples in my back as she hugged me too her to warm up but within a minute of the rough water she complained loudly that my bony bum was hurting too much so it might be a good idea to swap places.

We swapped round and I leant back in the seat to give her room as her knees where touching the bulkhead, this sat her bum right in my lap, lucky it was very cold.

Brenda was bouncing in my lap and the boat bucked over the small waves and my cock started to harden pushing out into my speedo’s “pouch”

I was warming up feeling the soft smooth bare skin of her back and thighs against me, I tried thinking of anything and everything apart from her body moulded against mine but my cock continued to lift up towards my stomach in its little pouch until the top surface of it touched the join between her upper thighs.

The waves were getting rougher and on one big bounce she lifted off my lap allowing my cock to point up further and it speared up between the gap in her legs against her crotch.

Brenda felt between her legs to see what was touching her and let out a loud ooh when she realised it was my cock she was touching whipping her hand away in fright.
We hit another big wave and she lifted off my lap again allowing my cock to move further in to the upright position and as she slammed down my cock pushed hard into her crotch and we both let out a very loud yelp as my stiff cock bent in half trapped in her crutch.

Tony yelled sorry and slowed the boat as my cock quickly deflated from the pain, Brenda half turned as if to say something but changed her mind and wiggled a bit until the pressure was off my softening cock.

It was going to be a long trip at this speed but it was a lot more comfortable now with just a gentle bouncing of the boat instead of the previous crashing we had experienced and at least my cock had gone down even if it was still trapped in the up position.

Yep, you guessed it … as the pain receded the same feelings began to resurface and my cock started to stiffen again pushing up against her crotch forcing it to bend in half as it grew, it wasn’t too bad as if it got too hard the pain would start and it would ease off.
The gentle bouncing had Brenda’s bum moving up and down a bit allowing my cock to bend and straighten but she wasn’t saying anything so I was hoping she wouldn’t get to upset with me.
A big bounce moved her forward so she pushed back into position and I felt the pressure release from my cock as it no longer bent.

Oh My God I thought … my cock must have either moved into the crack of her bum or had hit the deeper section of her crotch where her hole was.
Brenda bounced further forward again but my cock moved with her so I knew it must be trapped in her opening and that thought made my cock stiffen to its full hardness with no resistance.
I looked down at her bum and her bikini was still in position so my cock must be pushing the loose fabric Sikiş hikayeleri up inside her … Oh My God, I was inside her pussy and a few seconds later the thought of it made me shoot my wad inside her as we bounced over the waves.
Luckily the bouncing must have hidden my thrusts as Brenda didn’t say anything but she had to know I was half embedded inside her vagina.
Oh my God I thought, I have cum with my cock touching 2 older ladies today.

My cock softened slightly but remained trapped inside her, the soft bouncing allowing it to moves in and out slightly … but then I realised the movement was more than it should be, Brenda was pushing against me so once again my cock hardened up .
Brenda was timing her thrusts with the bouncing … oh yeh … she was fucking me !!

The material reached its limit inside her when I was about ¾ of the way in so Brenda started sliding up and down my pole about an inch or so, god it felt good.

After a couple of minutes Brenda leaned forward and really moved up and down with the bouncing, my cock was getting about two inches of movement then I could feel her pussy gripping my shaft rhythmically as she came pushing me over the edge as well shooting another load deep inside her.

Brenda pushed herself up but couldn’t get far enough to remove my cock from her so she adjusted her Bikini and plopped back down again, my cock gradually softened a fair bit but the bouncing was sliding my cock in and out of her slippery hole and I hardened again.
This time my cock went even deeper with the material loose enough to allow full penetration of my little 6 inch cock.

Brenda was now riding the bounce like trotting a horse, it felt awesome as she slid her hot wet pussy up and down the full length of my rock hard prick, I was in heaven and felt her pussy contract again as she came again.
Brenda slowed her movement as she came down from her high but the bouncing gave me enough movement to continue slowly building up towards my orgasm.

Pretty soon Brenda started thrusting down on my rigid pole again and I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.
She desperately rode my slowly softening cock and managed to get herself off.

I noticed Tony look over at Brenda out of the corner of my eye and heard him say “you alright love?”
Brenda just sighed and said “yeh, its just so uncomfortable”
Tony replied “not long now, I can see the camp”

My cock had gotten almost fully hard again inside her as we neared the shore … shit I thought … what do we do now?

As we coasted up we both moved as one to the side of the boat and Brenda pulled herself free of my cock and dived over the side with me following a couple of seconds later watching the material filled hole in her rear end as I hid her from view.

After diving low and washing my self I grabbed the rope Tony threw me and hiding my soft erection I walked directly away from the boat and soon had it tied to a tree and returned to unload the boat.

Brenda was up to her neck in the water saying out loud “its much warmer in the water” as she tidied herself up.

Brenda headed for our tent walking past without looking at me so I didn’t know if I was in trouble or not but couldn’t help being happy as I had cum three times in the last hour and a half … woohoo !

We packed the camp up before the storm hit and retired to the campfire under the tarp, at least it was a lot warmer on shore even with the rain pelting down.

Tony spoke “so how has your birthday been Shamus?
“awesome Tony … just awesome; the best birthday ever” I grinned

Brenda had been sitting quietly since we got back with her head hung low but I noticed a small smile lift the corner of her mouth and a few minutes later she seemed to brighten back up to her bubbly self.

An hour or so later the others arrived back in the car saying they had a bit of trouble getting across the many creeks and it looked like Tony and Brenda would have to stay the night.

As we all crowded into our tarp Mum said to Brenda “you can have Shamus’s double mattress, he can sleep in the back seat of the car.

We then cooked up a great meal with birthday cake and everything before the rain drove us into our tent so the adults could continue drinking and playing cards.

Although it was a bit early I snuck off to my mattress and curled up under the covers watching them from the darkness of my room pretending I was asleep.

I watched from the darkness remembering every vivid detail of the day and managed to sneak a slow pull on my cock when no one was facing my way, it just stayed hard as I couldn’t complete the job in case someone saw the mess.
My poor old cock was up and down for the next hour or so and I was dying to spill my seed but couldn’t take the risk so my balls were starting to hurt and I was considering just making a mess and putting up with the trouble I would get into when they decided to head off to bed.

This was bad, I had a huge hard on and they were about to send me off to the car to sleep.

I willed myself to go down with no luck but Tony came to the rescue saying “Just let him sleep, there’s plenty of room for the three of us” to my Mum as she was about to lift the covers.

Mum handed Brenda a long Tshirt to sleep in as they had only intended to stay the day then headed off to bed.

Brenda slipped the Tshirt on and did that amazing womanly thing by removing her Bikini top from underneath it then slipped her Bikini bottoms off and slipped under the covers.

I was facing towards her on the edge of the bed so as she backed up to me she felt my rock hard cock touch her bum and she jerked forward again making Tony ask “what’s wrong ?”
Brenda whispered “He has an erection again !”
“again ?” asked Tony,
“yeh” said Brenda “it was poking into me on the boat ride over”
“well don’t worry about it, I bet he won’t mind if he wakes up and I’m sure you miss feeling a good stiff one” laughed Tony.
“yeh it Erotik hikaye was pretty nice” gushed Brenda as she backed up against me making room for Tony with my cock slipping under the hem of the Tshirt and touching her legs.

I nearly groaned out loud as my cock was only an inch or two away from her naked pussy and the way she had slid up against me had bent my cock down at an angle trapped against the gap in her legs.

The kissed and murmured for a while until I heard Tony ask if it was still hard, “Yes” said Brenda “its pushed hard up against my legs but pointing down”
They kissed some more and there was some wriggling around and I could smell the heat and pussy wafting up and soon could hear the faint squishing sound and low moaning as Tony fingered her.

I was so close to cumming that my cock was throbbing and probably the only reason I didn’t was because it was bent down so hard.

Brenda was really getting hot and starting to move a bit then as she groaned out loud she spread her legs and my hard cock whipped up hitting Tony on the back of the hand causing him to jerk away in surprise.

Next thing I knew I felt Tony’s hand grab my cock and push it up and back right into her entrance, I couldn’t help myself and started to cum pushing my cock hard up inside her as far as I could get as Brenda tipped over the edge into her orgasm at the same time with Tony rubbing his hand across her clit and kissing her hard to stop the moans escaping her mouth.

As we came down from our peak I started to languidly slide in and out enjoying the feeling of my cock slipping through her slippery insides, Brenda remarked “oh god don’t stop, it feels sooo good”

“Did you like that hun ?” asked Tony
“You alright Shamus?” he asked me

“That was awesome” we both replied at almost exactly the same time we said then laughed taking some of the tension away from the situation.

“I can’t believe you did that” said Brenda to Tony “but I’m glad now you did” as she kissed him and started to push back onto my hard cock.

Tony could see she was heading for another orgasm so he lifted her Tshirt right up and started sucking on her Tits as she leaned back onto me spreading her legs so Tony could rub her pussy again.

I was Rock hard again and now that it was all out in the open I could start to thrust hard and deep loving the feeling of sliding full length balls deep into her cummy pussy.

Tony slid down and started licking her clit with my balls hitting his hairy chin occasionally which felt a bit weird but I was so worked up that I didn’t care and couldn’t stop if I wanted too.

I reached up and grabbed one of Brenda’s boobs rolling her nipple in my fingers loving the feeling of her small but very firm mound in my palm and had to hang on for dear life as she started on a very long and hard orgasm grabbing the pillow to cover her face as she moaned loudly.

I was so close to cumming but couldn’t quite get over the edge as her pussy seemed to gape open taking the pressure off … I was so close I kept thrusting harder to try and get over the edge but Brenda said “Stop, its too tender “ to us but I couldn’t stop as I had finally got to the edge so she moved up and my cock slipped out sliding up her slit instead where Tony was still mouthing her clit and I started pumping my cum into her slit and over her clit, Tony just kept on sucking and copped a load to and in his mouth as he realised what had happened and sat up spitting.

Brenda laughed when she saw my mess on his chin so he leaned back in sucking up the mess on her pussy and the head of my still dribbling cock and then kissed her pushing my cum into her mouth.

I was in shock … ewww, I had just cum in a blokes mouth and Brenda had not been too impressed to receive a mouthful of Cum and pussy juice, Tony on the other hand thought it was a great joke as he watched the looks on our faces.

We all calmed down and I drifted off to sleep … it had been a great birthday!
I awoke next morning to find my normal hard on sticking out against Brenda’s hip and leaned up for a look.
Tony was snoring loudly, Brenda was laying on her back so looked under the covers to find her legs spread slightly and the Tshirt down over her tummy with her naked pussy dribbling cum out of the bottom lip and making its was down her cheeks over her bum.
I felt in between her legs and slipped a finger inside her sloppy wet pussy, she moved but didn’t stop me so I moved over her on my arms and slipped the tip of my cock in between her lips sliding it up and down in between until I found her hole.

As I started to push in I knew I wouldn’t last long as watching my cock slide slowly in and out of her lips as I slowly worked the head of my cock deeper was really turning me on.

I kept up the slow movement trying to prolong it but as my balls pushed up against her bum I started my orgasm and thrust up hard inside her laying down on her as I levered my way as deep as I could get up inside her shooting a huge load in several big squirts.

Brenda was pushing me off and saying “what do you think your doing?”

My cock was now bobbing up and down in mid air as a leaned back with cum still shooting out on her belly and pubes.
“I .. I .. I thought …” I stammered as I saw the angry look on her face,
“It was a one time thing Shamus, no more OK” she said as her face softened a bit

“I’m sorry” I said as one last big dollop slid off the end of my cock and landed straight on her clit causing us both to look down at my shiny red knob bobbing slowly above the dark pubes of her sex.

“It was a wonderful night Shamus but we can’t do that any more” she said as she leaned up and kissed me softly on the lips
“I’m married to a wonderful man and your far to young, it should not have happened but it did so you must never speak of it again, especially to your mates, it could get us in a whole heap of trouble OK”

“OK” I said “I won’t ever say anything”

We both headed to the water to wash up waking Tony as we went and he joined us asking me to not say anything as well.

“Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone but I’ll never forget my birthday … best one ever !! I grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32