Brian Ch. 07

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Chapter 07: Life on the Island

Brian did his initial recon of the island. He found that the island was a pretty good position. He was worried mostly about fresh water. They had plenty of fish and there were lots of trees that had fruit. He knew they were going to get tired of coconuts and fruit but without fresh water, they had about 5 days and they were going to die of thirst. He knew that coconuts held liquid and can be used but not enough to sustain them for long periods of time. The coconuts would be gone after a while if they had to rely on them solely for liquid. Also eating coconuts raw would cause diarrhea and that would only complicate things.

Brian had left the exhausted party on the shore so he could get them something to eat. After returning with some fruit, they sat down to have a quick meal. He was exhausted also as he did most of the swimming and towing of the boat on to shore. Even though he was tired he, knew he had to get started. It was like being back in SF and Ranger Schools, you moved when you couldn’t. “Move or die” is what the drilled into your head. No one will save your ass but yours.

Brian left the kids on the beach under some trees in the shade and told them to rest. He looked back toward the stranded party and saw that all three of them were already asleep under the trees. Roger was leaning against a palm tree with Brooke lying on his chest. Brooke had her head resting on Brooke’s thigh. They were exhausted.

Brian turned back toward the jungle and began his search for shelter, water and anything else that could be used for survival. Due to the survival schools he had attended, he knew what to look for. He knew what the fruit looked like that you can and can’t eat. He knew where the water was when you couldn’t see it.

He moved along and he found a grove of thick bamboo. The machete on board the boat came in handy as Brian cut one of the thicker stalks and found it was filled with water. He drank from it until his thirst was done. He mentally marked this location as a source of water if it got that bad. It too would be gone after a few days. Brian moved on and knew the best way to find something was to look down. He saw a small hillock that would give him a small advantage to scout the immediate area. If that was not good enough he could climb the higher mountain behind it to get an even better view.

Once he was on the hillock he knew they had a chance for survival. Once on top, he saw a fresh water pool on the other side that had a waterfall fed from the higher mountaintop. He determined the reason he didn’t see it from where they beached the boat is because the pool emptied into a small stream that met the ocean around the bend of the lagoon they had beached the boat.

Now that water had been found, it was necessary to find shelter. They could make a lean-to if necessary but if bad weather came up, it wouldn’t last long. If they were to be here for a long period of time, typhoons were known to happen in this region of the world. A lean-to wouldn’t last a heartbeat in a major storm like that. He had to find a cave or something like it to offer the protection of the elements. As he walked down the other side of the hillock to return to the party to let them know he had found water, he passed an outcropping of rocks at the bottom. He looked at the formation and his heart skipped a beat.

He had found a cave. Lucky for them the cave was not far from the waterfall and pool and not that far from the beach and boat. They were going to make it. Now how long they were going to have to make it was still undetermined. All that Brian had to do was move some of the fallen rocks that were strewn around the opening. Once they were moved, the cave entrance was open about 3 meters high and you could go into the cave about 10 meters. There was a slight upward angle toward the back of the cave to at least if it rained, the cave would stay dry. He figured that the cave was pretty defendable also.

With a renewed since of well being, Brian scouted out the rest of the area. He noted were there was fruit. He made an ever-widening circle from the cave to get a mental note of where everything was. He would make sure whoever was gathering fruit would not take it all from the same area. They would strip the food from an area and would eventually make them have to move or travel farther and farther find food. Better to pick it from many areas than to strip mine an area. He noted bananas, coconuts, berries and breadfruit. He even found a few mango trees and one or two other he didn’t know the names to but knew you could eat them.

He moved back toward the party and found them still asleep. Roger was still leaning up against the tree with his mouth open and snoring. Brooke had moved off him and was lying on her side with her arm extended. Beth had also moved until she was lying next to Brooke and the two were spooning. Brooke had draped her arm over Beth as she slept and her hand had come to rest on Beth’s big boobs. Eyüp Escort It was not hard to do since Beth had plenty of boobs to rest on and wherever you placed your hands they were going to rest on her tits.

Brian moved off to recheck the boat to make sure it was secure. He checked the ropes and tied them again to make sure. His military training kicked in, check, recheck and then check again. After the boat was secure, he walked up the beach to find the next bit of things to keep them alive. He found that the way of the beach was formed; he could tell where the high tide reached. He also knew how the low tide formed. He knew that he could fashion some bamboo and reeds to make a fish traps. He saw tracks of turtles and knew that they must be laying eggs on shore. Another source of protein. They would need all they could get. He moved around to the where the stream entered the ocean to look for tracks of other animals. He didn’t find any so he knew that the only meat they might find would be from fish or if he snagged a turtle.

But he knew hey were going to survive. They had shelter, water, food, and hope. That is all they needed. And they had each other. That in it may pose a problem. They would live here but for how long. The girls were going to mature. He knew, however much it pained him, that Brooke and Roger were doing the wild thang. Beth was growing up, she would want to find or need to find a mate sometime in the future. The question was how long was their future going to be. What was he going to do about Beth?

Brian knew he had to deal with it but he had other things on his mind right now. I am sure she could go a few weeks without sex. Roger and Brooke were going to again be another story. They will be humping like rabbits whenever they are alone Brian thought. We will have to figure that one out also.

Brian returned to the camp and the kids hadn’t moved since he last left them. Well, sort of haven’t moved. Roger must have been having a great dream because he was stroking his cock in his sleep. Brian could tell it must have been a good dream because he shorts were tenting out from his hard on. He turned because looking at guy with a hard on was not something that he enjoyed looked at.

The girls had not moved from their position either. Brooke still had her arms around Beth and her hands were still caressing her tits. Except now her fingers had found Beth’s hard nipples. He could plainly see them through her bathing suit tops. When they were pulling the boat ashore, the girls had stripped off their tank tops and swam in wearing only their bathing suit tops. Beth’s hard nipples were sticking through the material and were very pronounced inside her top. It wasn’t hard to miss them. Brooke’s fingers had easily found them and they were pinching them and making them harder. Brian didn’t think either of the girls realized what they were doing. Brooke had Roger to keep her occupied. Beth didn’t know that it was Brooke squeezing her nipples; her body was just naturally reacting to it.

Their mother, Wendy, was the same way. Her nipples would get erect if you just merely looked at them. It was even worse when she was pregnant. Wendy’s nipples stayed erect, all the time. They would go out in public and her nipples would poke through her shirt. There were times that Wendy was embarrassed because they were sticking out and other times, they turned her on to have guys stare at her big tits and drool. Wendy’s nipples got harder after the babies had nursed. They would stick out begging to be sucked. When it was time to feed the kids, her tits would get huge with milk, and then she would feed them. After feeding her breasts would be back to their normal large self but it would leave Wendy so fucking horny that she would attack Brian. When he wasn’t home she used her wide assortment of dildos and vibrators. She must have kept the Eveready Corporation in business with the number of batteries she bought.

After feeding would always to lead wild sex. Wendy would sometimes feed the babies naked and then put them down and then go after Brian. It led to many wild nights, afternoons, mornings and middle of the night sex sessions. Wendy had a high libido that only was made worse after the babies’ lips had locked on her sensitive nipples. Those wild sessions led to the making of Dylan and Beth. Wendy had jumped Brian after feeding and she got pregnant.

It was after the birth of Beth, that Brian decided to have the surgery to prevent anymore. He was now safe and it only added to the high sex drive of them both. Brian knew after the surgery that he could have sex anytime in Wendy’s cycle and it wouldn’t matter because she wouldn’t get pregnant. Wendy’s sex drive got wilder after his surgery because she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant and she stopped the pill.

Their sex life was awesome after that. Brian wasn’t sure how she handled it when he went on a deployment but he knew she was whacking off daily with her Eyüp Escort Bayan toys and vibrators. Unfortunately it was not until many years later that Brian would find out that there were times that her toys just wouldn’t scratch her itch, and she found a willing participant for an occasional romp in the sheets. For that she made sure he wore a rubber and for added protection she used foam and a diaphragm. She wanted to get laid but surely didn’t want to have a child by the guy. All she wanted was a hard cock made of flesh and not plastic.

Brian watched Brooke’s hand sleepily continue to squeeze Beth’s nipples. Beth was pushing her ass against Brooke and he could tell that Brooke was pushing back against her. His mind thought back to how he slept with Wendy, the same way, spooning. He would push his crotch against her and she would push back. It always made his cock hard. There were many times when they would sleep, always naked too, that his cock would get hard. Well actually it stayed hard around her, he couldn’t help it. He loved her with all his heart and soul; he also just couldn’t keep his hands off her. He was either caressing her tits, rubbing her ass, or fucking her hot, tight pussy. But his cock would always find its way between her legs. Wendy would lift her legs in her sleep and guide his cock into her wet lips. They would casually fuck in the night and never wake up. The only way they knew they fucked was when they would wake up and find his semi-erect cock still embedded in her pussy. He would pull out and a river of their cum would flow out of her pussy. Or there would be the dried residue of their sleep fuck all over the bed, her thighs and his cock. On these mornings when she woke up with his cock still inside her, it would lead to the actual thing. They would pound themselves to release then Brian would get up and go to work, Wendy rolling back over to catch some more sleep before getting up with the kids.

Brian stroked his cock as he watched the girls sleep. It reminded him of them when they were kids. His mind was watching them and his cock stirred. He absent-mindly rubbed it through his shorts as he watched their sleeping bodies. He remembered them as children.

His mind went back in a random neuron firing. He remembered one time they returned to Wendy’s parent house for Christmas. That visit led to a wild time, the first time he broke his marital vows to Wendy. But at least he kept it in the family.

They had arrived home for the holidays, Brian had two weeks leave to spend and he planned on maximizing it to the fullest. Her parents had the bigger house than his parents so they stayed with them. Wendy’s family could handle the extra five people there where his folk’s house was a lot smaller and they couldn’t support all of them at one time. The kids would get to go over and spend the night with his folks for one or two nights while he and Wendy spent time at her folk’s house.

Wendy and her dad had left to go take the kids to see Santa at the mall. Her dad had also asked her to help get something for her mom. Her dad was not the best at getting presents for her mother. So Wendy went along with the kids. Grandpa wanted to get pictures of them on Santa’s lap and presents. He was going to stay home and rest. He had just recently come in off an exercise from a part of the world you would need a globe to find if you really cared to look. He had done some things that he didn’t want to talk about and just needed to decompress. The job he had was on a Special Forces A team and the area they were assigned was not the most pleasant. What they went in to do was nothing something you talked about over a beer. In fact you never talked about it with anyone other than your team and then you tried to forget it. Their extraction from the site was a bloody one. He was still trying to decompress and didn’t want to spoil Christmas for everyone.

The house was quiet; everyone was gone except for Wendy’s mom. She stayed behind to wrap some presents and to straighten the house. Brian was allowed to sleep in, something he hardly ever did. He finally rose from his bed around 9am, which was unbelievable for he was usually doing PT by 6am. He got up and put on his sweat pants and a T-shirt. He still slept in the nude whenever he could, last night being no exception. Of course that nakedness led to a good night of sex with Wendy she got turned on having sex in her old room with her parents right down the hall. He tried to be quiet but Wendy kept asking why. Her parents knew they had sex because there were three kids in the house. “It wasn’t like we haven’t had it before,” she explained. Still, the thought of getting loud having sex in her parents house embarrassed him. It only added to the excitement of Wendy, who had no problems with being loud. She moaned through the house each time Brian pumped into her.

Brian came down the stairs to find the coffee pot. Once he poured a cup, he sat down at the table. Right after that her Escort Eyüp mom came bounding into the room. Bounding because like Wendy, she had a great pair of tits. She was still wearing her terry cloth rob and he could tell by the way she was moving that she had nothing on under it.

“Oh, Brian, you are up. I didn’t hear you come down. Did you sleep well?” she asked as she poured herself a new cup of coffee and sat across from him. As she sat down, she crossed her legs. Her bare thigh slid out of the opening to her robe and exposed most of her leg up to her crotch. Inadvertently his eyes dropped to see the exposed skin and his cock immediately dropped. Even though her mother was 20 years her senior, Wendy’s mom was still quite sexy.

“Mom, I hope I’m-” she stopped by reaching her hand out and resting it on mine.

She leaned forward to speak and as she did her robe fell open giving him a clear view of her naked tits. “Brian, my name is Augustine, call me Augie please.” She left her hand on his as she spoke.

“Okay, Augie, I was saying I hope I don’t bother you today. I am still kind of decompressing. I am sort of out of it.”

“Not a problem, Bri, that ok if I call you that?” she asked still holding his hand and leaning forward.

“Sure, Augie, I refer that anyway.” The view of her naked tits and the exposed thigh was putting his mind in overdrive. He was looking at his mother-in-law’s tits and was getting turned on. But she was a sexy woman and his dick just naturally responded by getting hard.

“As I was saying, anything you need or want, just say so.” She looked into his eyes.

It was the way she said “want or need” that made his cock jump even more. She continued to talk to him over coffee. They made small talk about their plans for the next two weeks. When she asked him if he wanted more coffee, she uncrossed her legs and turned to get the pot. Brian looked down and caught a glimpse between her legs as they swung open. Brian saw that she was bald. She had no hair on her pussy mound, smooth as can be. Again his cock jumped, with the thought of his naked mother-in-law in front of him. His cock suddenly swelled and began to show a tent in his pants. He started thinking about the mission, anything to take his mind off the near naked woman in front of him. It didn’t work.

“So, Bri, you must have given it to Wendy pretty good last night.” The words came out of Augie like it was a chat about the weather. Brian spit coffee out of his mouth and started to cough. The conversation caught him totally off guard. After all this was his wife’s mother and a preacher’s wife. They just didn’t sit around a kitchen table half naked and talk about her daughter getting fucked the night before.

“Wha… what did you say?” Brian asked.

“I said you must have given it to Wendy pretty good last night. I heard her moaning quite a bit for a long time last night. I guess she takes after me. I am a moaner also.” Brian’s head was reeling and his cock was getting harder.

“It got me hot last night listening to it. I had to take care of myself, her dad wouldn’t wake up. I still woke up horny this morning.” She was casually explaining her feelings and staring Brian in the eyes. “But I could tell that Wendy was getting it good and hard last night.”

Brian was flabbergasted. He didn’t know what to say. He sat there with his mouth open and only looked at Augie. She reached out her hand and gently caressed Brian’s fingers as they held his cup in front of him. His body tensed when he felt her warm fingers touched his. Then her felt cool foot slide over and come to rest on his bare foot under the table. Her toes gently stroked the top of his foot as her fingers continued to stroke his hand. Augie never said a word; her fingers and toes touching Brian said it all.

Augie slowly stood up and move until she was standing beside Brian. His chair wasn’t pushed up close to the table that allowed Augie to swing her leg over his and sat down on his lap facing him. As her legs swung over his, her robe opened to reveal her naked pussy at almost his face level and then she sat down. Her body sat gently direct on his crotch with her pussy right against his hard cock.

“Brian, do you think I am a beautiful woman? Do you think I am sexy?” she asked. Brian only nodded, as he looked her in the eyes.

“Do you like my body?” he again nodded.

“Do you like my tits?” she asked as she reached down to until the belt that held her robe closed. As it opened and her breasts came into view, Brian nodded as he looked at them. Her breasts were large like Wendy’s. The only difference was that Augie’s had more sag to them. Of course, Brian thought, she had 20 years on Wendy too. But Brian thought her breasts were awesome. They were a good D-cup with large areoles and long thick nipples. He knew she was excited because, like Wendy, her nipples were hard and sticking out.

“Would you like to suck on my titties? They need and want you to suck on them so bad. Ohhhh! Mmmmm” she said but was cut off when Brian’s hands touched her tits and brought one of her hard nipples to her mouth. He began to kiss and suck each one in turn. Augie brought her hands up to his head and pulled him closer to her chest.

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