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“Holy shit!” My coffee spills all over the counter, making my mom laugh out loud: “what is going on?”

The screams come from the outside, my sister Emily has obviously decided to give her classmates a ‘Quebec baptism’: dunking new house guests in the powder snow. In my experience this initiation is best performed after a long day on the slopes, followed by a 30 min soak in the hot tub and a drink or two for courage, but apparently it also works to wake someone up first thing in the morning.

Mom and I move to the window to take in the youthful extravaganza: four bikini clad 18 year olds jostling barefoot in the snow. My sister Emily is quite the pro, a high tackle has Ashley fall full length into a snow drift. In a skilled move my near naked sister grabs a fistful of snow, slides on top of Ash and rubs the white stuff passionately in her face. Deed done, Ashley sits up, brushes the snow off her chest like it is no big deal and blows wet wavy hair out of her face between laughs. Em gives her a helping hand off the ground, before they hug it out.

Em’s BFF, Megan is struggling with the task of dunking Brianna. They are more evenly matched: tall, athletic, lively. “Handbags at dawn,” mom giggles, as they get into a slap fest of sorts. Pawing at her chest in retaliation for a rap on the wrist, Bri inadvertently pulls Megan’s top down and a youthful milky-white breast pops out: deep pink areola crowned by a stiff nipple contrasting the sun starved skin.

Joyful taunts at the sight of the wardrobe malfunction. Megan doesn’t miss a beat; juts her chest forward and jokingly puts the palms of her hands either site of her small breasts in a showgirl pose, making sassy ‘in-place steps’ to everybody’s amusement. She suggestively cups her breasts and brushes her palms across the nipples before she pulls the fabric back in place and adjusts her assets in the polka dot bikini. Mom, sipping her coffee, seem as tickled as the rest of them by the spectacle. Megan, now recovered, charges back, and Bri’s grapefruit sized breasts bounce in her bikini as she jumps and jukes, trying to avoid the inevitable. Eyes fixed on Megan, she is eventually blindsided by Em. Being expertly tackled at the knees, she hits the snow bank: sinking deep into the powder.

Two for two – there was no ball involved, but Em does a little TD celebration: swinging her hips as she gyrates with her arm up, as if lassoing a steer. More shrieking as Megan and Ashley pile on top of Brianna in the deep snow and eventually Em joins them in a big pile of bare skin, steam rising from their collective bodies.

Dad joins us at the window as they dig Brianna out of the snow: mug in one hand coffee pot in the other, he is offering refills. A pair of blue bikini bottoms, fabric stretched tight across shapely asses, shoot up towards us to greet him. “Honey, did you heat the hot tub when we got in?” mom’s practical side on display: “They are going to start feeling the temperature any minute now.”

“We got in at 2:30 in the morning, babes. I didn’t even get undressed before I fell asleep.”

“Well, that may be considered cruel and unusual if we hadn’t had the sauna,” she smiles, gets a top-off on the coffee and güvenilir bahis a kiss on the cheek.

The girls hustle back towards the house, the sliding door to the den opens and excited voices fill the downstairs. “You guys OK?” mom shouts down, “do you need some coffee to warm up?” her questions go unanswered. Doors slam and the giggling moves beyond the rec room to the sauna.

Dad smiles and exclaims: “Healthy girls”. He moves over to the stove-top, only breakfast on his mind.

My mind race as I pick up a couple of rashers of bacon on my way out of the kitchen. Brianna. What a stunning sight out there in the snow: muscular, tall, lime green bikini contrasting against dark skin. Unafraid. Standing up for herself against her accosters with a smile. If anyone would ask, confidence is what I find most attractive in a girl: Confidence to flirt with the big brother after eyesdropping on a sexy text exchange. Confidence to have her last text before falling asleep in the back of the car be to ask if I can carry her to MY bed when we arrive. Of course I carried her, to her bed.

I reach the bottom of the stairs and hear the voices of high school seniors behind the door at the end of the hall. Some of the adrenaline has gone out of them, but they are still quite excited about their morning’s activity, and the week ahead. The taunting continues: Catcalls, “stop it”, laughter.

Closing my eyes, recalling the image of them all playfully in the snow. I am tempted to sneak a peek, but hesitate about the risk and the valor, so I settle on my shower being the next stop, bringing relief to all this excitement. Opening the door to my room I turn on the light.

“God yes, that’s what I am talking about.” Bri is on my bed, leaning against the headboard, speaking in a low voice: looking me up, and down.

“Hey! Eyes up here,” a little self-conscious of the tent formed on the front of my loose pajama bottoms.

She is not listening, drifting off into her own world: closing her eyes now, throwing her head back; hands moving underneath the duvet. As the door close behind me, my hand instinctively reach into my pajama bottoms grabbing hold of my morning wood as I approach the bed.

Chin up, chest out, her eyes still closed, I attentively follow the slender outline of her neck down to her upper body being exposed as I slowly pull the cover back with my free hand. The breasts are gorgeous, sitting firm and round, high on her chest: areolas a little bigger than quarters, with stiff pinkish snow pea-size nipples invitingly pointing up towards me.

Her hands, buried between her thighs, forces her arms to push the perfect breasts together. She shudders as I expose more of her naked delights. It is like I am not there at all, as I pull the duvet completely off her. Biting her lip, she pulls her legs back: opening up her hips as she brings the soles of her feet together, dropping her knees to the side. I stand awestruck, watching her exposed wonders bared for me as she cups her right breast with her left hand, pinching the nipple between her thumb and index finger as her right hand travel down to play with the small patch of pubic hair on the mound between her thighs.

Three türkçe bahis fingers twisting her pubic hair, before sliding over the clitoral hood and running the length of her labia between puffy outer lips: lime green fingernails against pink inner lips. Her arousal obvious from the glistening wetness of the fleshy folds, even in the dim light of the room with the curtains closed. Fingers enter her vagina and is brought out with a suckling sound. My eyes follow them as they lazily make their way back over the clitoral hood, up her muscular abdomen, brushing a nipple, before they enter her mouth. Licking them off, she opens her eyes, and smile coyly at me as she sinks deeper on to the the bed and repeats the action.

Mesmerized by the delight she takes from the taste of her own juices, I heed the lack of invitation to join her. She watches me watching her, as I grab my heavy cock and pull it out of my pajama pants. Balls resting over the waistband, I stroke the length of my meaty tool. Pulling back the foreskin, my cock grows further in my hand. She smiles, and her right hand travels hungrily back down between her leg at the sight of precum glistening at the top of the hard shiny pink head. My long slow strokes eggs her on, her hand run along the fold of her crotch, one finger on either side of the clitoris.

Her chin goes back up and her eyes close again, as she sinks further down on to the bed with a purr. The palm of her hand rests on top of the tight curly tuft of pubic hair and she edges her way down from her mound and over her clit, before dropping her fingers into her moist pink vagina. Other than the sound of her juices being stirred, the room goes silent as she moves them inside, between succulent inner lips, A satisfied smile on her face, she explores pleasures I promise myself to to add to my repertoire.

Head now resting on the pillows, she pulls her legs up and into a happy baby yoga position. Bringing her hips up towards me, she hums softly as she gives herself a break, holds her feet by the palm of her hands, her pelvic muscles contracting and releasing with her deep breaths. The explicitness and vulnerability is almost too much for me to bear, I have to let go of my cock to stop myself from cumming.

She gives me a mock scandalized look from behind her stretched legs pointing to the ceiling, as my thick veiny cock bounces heavily in front of me. Smiling, she pulls her legs back towards her as she reaches forward and locks her knees behind her elbows in some unthinkable yoga move I am sure has an exotic name.

Framed by the tuft of pubic hair on her mound, and a pink anus: the entire length of her fleshy labia protrudes in all its delight. Her ass muscle contracts when juices from her vulva seeps down and touch the puckered sweet spot. She reaches down with her lime green finger nail and plugs the hole momentarily before pulling her hand back placing her finger in her mouth, licking it off with a nod.

Biting her lip, she proceeds to pull pink puffed inner lips apart to expose her succulent vaginal opening. Juices trickle from the fingers on her free hand as they flutter over her swollen pleasure button. Gently working their way between güvenilir bahis siteleri fat outer lips, her fingers slowly sinks into her vagina. A low moan as the fingers pulls out and soon float over the hood of her clit again. This time she pulls the hood back exposing her pink swollen delight from under the silky folds. Alternating between stimulating internal and external pleasure points, I am raptured by the explicitness of her arousal and apparent ignorance of me.

Increasing the tempo, and the pressure, Bri becomes more vocal. With her moans intensifying I feel blood rushing to my groin. With one hand focusing on pleasuring her clit her moas reach a high pitch and when four fingers on her other hand enters her vaginal opening in a pumping motion her squeals of delight is bound to be heard through the house.

I move to kneel in front of her on the bed, hand filled with my meaty rod. Seeing the vaginal muscles contracting around her hand, I realize any attempt at elegantly removing it and and entering is bound to fail spectacularly. She is fully absorbed in the moment as the orgasm crescendos.

Her face, soaked in sweat and pleasure, pleads with me as her contortionist’s pose is threatening to collapse in the intensity of the moment. A load is building at the base of my shaft, and focus on not losing control of my own pleasure. Cupping my balls with one hand and clenching tight at the root of my swollen cock with the other is the only way I can think of holding back the inevitable for just a little longer as her body rocks from side to side in orgasmic tremors.

Cock in hand, I am drinking in the sensuality of what is happening. Pulling her hand away and releasing from the he impossible yoga position, the vocalizations subside. Her body is still contracting in pleasure as she drops one leg either side of me, and brings the hand to her face. It is just too overwhelming as I watch her juices drip from her fingers and she catches them on her out-stretched tongue.

I explode in a primal fashion. She seems genuinely confused as my heavy load shoots the length of her upper body, brushes her eyebrow, and lands at the root of her hair. I let go of a guttural groan as a second load forms and flies on to her abdomen. By the time a third load release she has raised her upper body, and grabbed my cock in her hands. Her intention seems to be to scoop it into the palm of her hand mixing our juices in some exotic science experiment.

As I collapse in post orgasmic bliss, she sits upright and smears the concoction across my chest. She purrs as she proceeds to alternately kiss my nipples and licks our combined sticky juices off me. She frowns as my first load runs down her forehead and into her eye, then giggles as she realize what it is and wipes it off and on to her chest.

“Where in the world did you pick up those skills?” I sheepishly ask as I embrace her, sticky chests rubbing up against each other.

“Oh, I learned to keep goo out of my eyes at a very early age,” she retorts.

“Don’t be silly! Everything before that…”

“You think that because I am only 18 I shouldn’t know how to pleasure myself?”

“Well, no. I have some experience with women, but I have to say I have never been part of anything quite like this.”

“That’s great,” she smiles: “It hopefully means it won’t be the last time I get to handle your cock, and maybe next time have you in me…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32