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The sun was blistering the summer sky and without a cloud insight to quell the heat which was slowing growing within my body. With the air-conditioning broken there was only one escape from the soaring temperatures was a foray to the beach.

Entering the sauna that is my bedroom, I slowly pack my bags for the trip to the golden sands, my mind wandered to the loneliness that has engulfed my entire being. It had been far too long since I had touched the tender flesh of a woman or had the pleasure of falling asleep and feeling the heartbeat of someone you love resting against your back.

These thoughts had been haunting me for more than 11 months and the trance-like state I was in was only broken as I pulled into my park near the shores of the Pacific Ocean. I slowly climbed out of the car and made my way finding a nice secluded spot on the beach where only a handful of people were enjoying the summer sun.

I lay out my towel and sit pondering whether I should swim now or lie back under the protection of my beach umbrella and just dream away the afternoon. I chose the ladder erecting the umbrella, lying back and fell quickly asleep where I lay.

I was a woken from my slumber from the sun creeping under the cover of my umbrella. I lifted my head groggily off the blanket, removing my sunglasses and rubbing my eyes, trying to remove the sleepiness. Slowing moving my hands away, my breath escaped me as I spied one of the most stunning creatures I had ever had the pleasure of seeing in the flesh.

There stood less than 5 metres to my left, a female that Konya Escort I had to meet, I had to ravish and I had to love. She was barely wearing a small light blue triangle bikini that simply accentuated her beauty. My mind was sent spinning in a spiral down into my soul, searching for something to commence a conversation with this beauty when suddenly she asked me, “Excuse me do you have the time?”

I simply sat there for what seemed like minutes but in reality was just a few seconds. I wondered what is a gorgeous woman doing talking to me? Woman of this caliber of beauty never have anything to do with me? In fact no woman, good or bad really has anything to do with me!

I eventually blurted out it was 4 and then she surprised me further by asking if she could share the shade of my umbrella for a while? Once again I was flabbergasted but quickly accepted her offer and asked her, her name.

“Brooke, I’m up here on a short holiday, ya know just to get away from things for a while. What about yaself?”

Well I gave her the run down of my life, and amazingly she actually seemed rather interested in what I was talking about. I couldn’t believe, that here was this gorgeous female talking to me, and more than that seemed quiet interested in what I was saying!

As we talked and talked she suddenly asked me the time again and I couldn’t believe it but it was nearly 6 o’clock.

“Oh shit I’ve missed the last bus back in town. Can you give me a lift back home?” she said with a weird gleam in her eyes.

Of course I agreed and we slowly Konya Escort Bayan packed up our stuff and headed towards my car. We were on our way back to her hotel room when she said that since I was so nice to drive her back to where she was staying that should come in and relax in the spa within her room.

When she asked I nearly drove off the road, and with a wicked grin she noticed that it had the desired effect. As I pulled into the hotel park I tried to calm my raising heart as it pounded away while I thought of the possibilities.

As I entered her room she simply told me to leave my stuff on the bed and she took my hand and led me to the spa. It was already filled to the brim with the heater being on for some time, with all that need to be done was start the bubbles.

I took off my shirt leaving me only in my shorts, while Brooke unwrapped her sarong and slid her gorgeous body into the bubbling water. I quickly lowered my own body in to the spa and stretched my arms out and enjoyed the relaxing massage of the water.

“Well I don’t know about you, but I cant enjoy a good spa with this much clothing on,” Brooke said. I gulped as I saw the light blue of her bikini bottoms rise to the top of the water.

“Damn I always have trouble getting this top up. Can u help me please?” However she didn’t wait for an answer, Brooke simply turned around and backed up so that she was sitting between my legs her arse rubbing against my hard-on. My hands were trembling as I slowly unhooked the clasps and as I was doing this I could Escort Konya feel her hands gliding up my leg to the start of my shorts.

“You can’t spa with these on,” and with that she spun around once again her bikini top remaining in my hands, her head quickly going under water as her hands grabbed at my shorts and slid them off.

As Brooke’s gorgeous face reemerged with the cutest smile I have ever seen on it, she looked deep into my soul with her eyes and slowly turned around and, grabbing my erection with one hand and lowering herself down on my lap and devouring me with her pussy.

GOD it felt so good. I had to use every ounce of will I had to stop myself from cumming right there and then on the spot. My hands grabbed her hips and slowly pushed her up and then gently pulled her back again, she was letting me guide the pace and rhythm. Going slowly at first so as to prolong the experience, Brooke began to groan with pleasure; her head tilting back her gorgeous hair in my face. As the tension between our to bodies was about to explode I held her close to me before lifting her and turning her around to face me.

“I want to be looking into your eyes when I cum,” I said. And with that I lowered once again onto my cock and began ramming her up and down as fast as I could. Faster and faster I went. Brooke’s moans increasing in volume. God this felt so good, to have this beautiful woman fucking me right in here in the spa. I couldn’t hang on any longer and without warning I grabbed Brooke’s hips and pushed my cock as deep as I could go as my cum found her insides. Wave after wave of cum I shot into her pussy, Brooke’s pussy sucking every last drop out of my cock as it could. I held her tight and Brooke with her own orgasm bit into my neck the pain was exhilarating leaving me in a total state of euphoria.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32