Brother Gets a Surprise at Home

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This story has some incest, some lesbian action, and mostly group sex. If this suits you, then enjoy the story.


I was coming home late one Saturday night (as usual) to find extra cars in the driveway. Must be my sister having another “sleepover.” I thought that would end after she had gotten out of high school, but it has continued. Not too often, but occasionally. Usually every time our parents were away for the weekend. It’s not that I minded. I would go to my room and sleep it off. Actually, maybe it was me who was getting too old for this. I had just graduated college, and was spending my last month or so at home before starting my new job. Then I would have to straighten out and quit partying so much!

I found out that I wasn’t the only one who had been partying too much as soon as I walked into the house. Three girls, including my sister, were giggling, laughing, even shrieking with whatever they were doing. When they saw me they tried to hide the dildo behind them and laughed even harder. They were too wasted to even hide the dildo from me.

“What are you girls up to?” I asked.

“Just a little – experimenting,” my sister said. “None of your business.”

“Yeah, this is none of your business,” one of the other girls said, holding it out to show me.

I smiled and said, “Uh, you mean the dildo?”

They howled with laughter, hiding it again. Way too late.

“Kia was about to show us how it works,” my sister announced.

The other girls said, “Shhhh!!” Way too late, again.

I laughed again and said, “Well, don’t let me stop you. Go ahead.”

The atmosphere changed after that. Char moved over to me, acting all sexy.

“We don’t need it anymore,” she said. “We have the real thing now.”

My sister was shocked at this, but Kia joined in what seemed like an attempt at seduction. “That’s true. A real one is much more interesting.”

Char moved up, rubbing her body against mine. “Any chance we can use your brother?” she asked my sister.

I took her by the arms and moved her away a little. “I think you guys are a little too loaded for this.”

My sister, Kate, said, “Actually we’re not as bad as they are acting.”

“Yeah, Matt,” said Char said slowly. “Come on,” as she pulled me towards her, turned, and pushed her ass against me.

“Oh, Matt. Look at that,” Kia said. “She’s never done it doggy style.”

“Kia!” Said a surprised Kate.

“It’s okay,” Kia said. “I’m sure Matt here has had lots of experience. Especially in college. Right Matt? How many girls have you fucked, Matt?”

“Fourteen,” I answered automatically, too wasted and shocked at what might be happening to think if I should have answered that.

“Oh, shit,” Kia answered, also surprised. “Well then, I’m sure you’ve done it doggie, right?”

As she said this she pushed me tighter against Char’s ass. There wasn’t much between us. All three girls wore only panties and an oversized t-shirt. Char’s shirt seemed especially short.

“Hey,” Char said. “I can feel his bulge against me. He’s hard already!”

I wasn’t sure why she said already. I was hard. Had been for a while. Like starting when I had first seen them. These were all half-dressed, very cute girls with nice bodies. And rubbing my dick against her ass brought it to full hardness. Especially as she rubbed herself against me some more.

Kia, standing right beside us, reached between us. I felt her hand against my bulge but that wasn’t where she was going. With one flick of the wrist she unsnapped my jeans (I had no belt) and another flick pulled part of them away enough to leave my bulge uncovered – except for my undershorts.

“Holy shit!” I heard, from Char and Kate at once.

Char continued, “Is that what I think I’m feeling?” As she rubbed her ass against my erection some more.

“Here,” Kia said as she pulled at my jeans Bomonti Escort and left them in a heap around my lower legs. “Can you feel it better now?”

“Oh, shit.” She said, moaning now.

I helped her rub against me by grabbing her hips and pulling back. If they let me continue this for a while I could very happily cum. But what happened next was an even bigger surprise.

Kia grabbed the waistband of my shorts, which surprised me, sure. But Kate grabbed the other side. What was she doing? She was my sister! Then they both pulled straight down, leaving my erect dick to slap against Char’s panty-covered ass. It felt good to me, and evidently to Char as well. She gasped.

I couldn’t help it. I reached in and pushed my dick down so that it fit into the length of her crack. I moved it back and forth a few times to the astonishment and pleasure, evidently, of Char. She was moaning and moving her hips to feel my erection against her.

I was interrupted when Kia and Kate each took the waistband of Char’s panties and pulled them completely down her legs. My erection was now rubbing the entire length of her naked crack.

“Oh, shit!” Announced Char. “Shit! Fuck!”

As this was happening I moved us forward a couple small steps so that she could get her knees onto the couch, her hands on the back cushion. It seemed as if we were really going to do this, so let’s get comfortable. She moved her legs apart now, moaning and moving back and forth, feeling the shaft rubbing her pussy. And suddenly she stopped.

“Wait!” She said. “What the… Wait.”

I stopped, expecting that she had sobered up enough to change her mind.

“What the hell are you…” she started, then evidently changed her mind.

She let out a long moan and moved her hips back again. She reached underneath herself to push my shaft harder up against her crack, working its way between her pussy lips.

“Ohh, fuuuck,” she said quietly.

“That’s great idea, Bob,” Kia said to me. “Fuck her. She really needs to get fucked.”

My dick lurched as she said that. I looked at my sister to see if I could tell what she was thinking about me and her friend. I saw a very large smile on her face. Total approval, it looked like to me. It took a moment longer to register how intently she was watching my shaft almost fucking her friend. And I did get the impression that most of her attention was directly on my cock. This all left me with only one choice. To fuck Char.

Her legs were already spread pretty well, but I tried to push them further. I bent my knees in order to get low enough to position my cock at her hole. Feeling it there, I pushed forward, feeling it slip inside her. Just a little. I didn’t know how experienced she was. As I slid a little further inside her I could tell she was very wet, and also that she wasn’t real tight. It felt nice and snug, firm and inviting.

Sliding out, I pushed in again, and again, each time going inside an inch or so further, with no real resistance. Char was moaning, panting, and she began to push her hips back into me with each thrust. She seemed to be anxious for more.

I pulled out almost the whole way and paused. Waiting for just a second or two, I then pushed my entire length into her at once, causing a gasp from Char. Again and again I did that, with her pushing against me in return. I took long strokes now, but I was not pounding into her. I still was taking it easy on her. And it felt so good for both of us.

The other two girls were on either side of Char. Kia was on the right side and was taking some of my attention. She was leaning in, running her hand along Char’s naked ass. She went deep between her cheeks, eventually stopping only when she touched my shaft as it pistoned back and forth. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft as good as they could in the position they were in.

Kia Bomonti Escort Bayan and Char looked at each other as this was happening, leaning their foreheads together. They smiled. Actually Kia smiled, Char tried but her face was overcome with the pleasure of a cock pushing it’s way through her insides.

When Kia lifted one of her legs onto the couch, her pussy seemed to open up to me. Suddenly screwing Char was not the most exciting thing on my mind. Within reach was a brand new pussy, being offered to me, I thought. I didn’t even think to wonder when Kia’s panties had come off, but they certainly had.

I reached one hand and placed right in the middle of Kia’s pussy. Kia gasped into Char’s ear. She grabbed Char’s ass tightly for more balance. My hand was squeezing her pussy. She moaned loudly when a finger found her hole and entered her. I worked it deeper inside her, easy since it was as wet inside as Char was.

It was only a minute until I withdrew from Char and moved over behind Kia. Widening one leg mostly got me into position and I placed my reddened cock into her slit, pushing it into her hole with one hard push. Kia squealed into Char’s ear as her vagina walls were pushed apart.

Char didn’t know what was going on. Her pussy was empty now, but to solve that I placed my hand on it – and in it – much as I had to Kia’s a few moments earlier. I shoved two fingers into her hole as I continued drilling Kia’s. I thought how glad I was that I had gotten a blowjob earlier in the evening. No fucking, but at least the blowjob had taken the edge off so that I could last a little longer now.

The girls’ faces had never gotten far away from each other. Small little kisses were planted on each other’s faces, all around their faces. Kia’s hand had crept up Char’s body, pulling her shirt to expose a breast which she started feeling, stroking, squeezing. I had to watch this until I noticed that they were now actually kissing. My fucking was almost on automatic as my mind was concentrating on these other things.

I would almost say that I was on sensory overload, until the most surprising thing of the night happened. I looked to the other side of Char to see Kate there – completely naked – looking over her shoulder at me with what can only be described as a look of total lust. I couldn’t believe this. I had never seen my sister totally nude. I had caught glimpses a couple of times, but nothing like this. Her body looked amazing. Her smooth skin, her beautiful large breasts hanging in front, her round ass almost asking for my cock.

Well, not her ass exactly. I’m not into anal, though I loved to look and feel asses. I moved behind her, forgetting the two girls I had just been fucking, placing my slimy-coated cock between her ass cheeks, but sliding further under to find the opening to her vagina. I slipped in easily, though going slowly. I didn’t know how often any of these girls had fucked before, and for some reason believed that my sister would be the least experienced.

I imagined that I could see my cock going inside her, pushing the sides apart. I could feel her ridges giving way as I entered deeper into her. It felt like velvet, though there wasn’t too much resistance. She was soaking wet, but I would have expected her to be tighter – if I had ever thought of my sister in those terms. I never ever had thoughts of me having sex of any kind with her, and here I was suddenly fucking her. I had to reach underneath her and grab onto one of her tits. It was a fantastic feeling. Soft, firm, swinging tits, swaying each time my cock impaled her.

I had literally forgotten about the other two girls. When I finally noticed them again I saw both of them kissing passionately, hands playing with tits and pussies. I suppose the noise they were making is what had gotten my attention. It was loud and constant, and was turning me own immensely.

Well, Escort Bomonti seriously, how much more turned on could I be? Fucking my third girl of the evening, all in a row, the third one my sister, three naked or almost naked girls, two of them showing me their girl-on-girl action… Was this their first time? Second? It didn’t occur to me until later that this might have happened before – and perhaps with my sister!

But honestly, I could only give fleeting thoughts to the fact that I was fucking my sister. Something would enter my mind, like how tight she was (or wasn’t), or how it will affect our relationship in the future. Thoughts like that, however, were quickly driven out of my mind by the feelings traveling through my cock, caused by her vagina wrapped around it. And feeling up her tit. And watching the lesbian action going on right beside us.

Speaking of the other two girls, while I fucked Kate I reached for Char’s pussy, wanting to feel it again, not wanting to give up on what could be my only chance at her body. My hand ran down over her asshole, through her slit from behind, finally finding her hole. She was soaking wet the whole way, and though I did get my finger into her hole, I also felt Kia’s finger (I think) rubbing Char’s clit. Her hips and pelvis were moving constantly, trying to get more of both of our fingers. I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on elsewhere with them other than the kissing, but I knew they were both being driven crazy from their reactions.

Actually, Kia’s fingers drove my finger out of Char. She wanted in there so I let her. But I did move on to her asshole. I didn’t play with those too often, but I did sometimes. In fact, after tonight I would more often, because as I slid my finger inside Char’s she went crazier than she had been. She began bucking nearly out of control. It took a moment to realize that she cumming. And quite possibly my finger inside her ass up to the second knuckle was what finally drove her over the edge.

When I felt and saw Char cum, I withdrew my finger and concentrated on my own fucking. Of my own sister. Or perhaps getting so close to my own orgasm is what caused my full attention to be given to her. At any rate, I was only able to pump into Kate a few more times until I felt it boiling up inside me. I felt my earlier blowjob had helped me last this long, but maybe even more was the break I had each time I withdrew from one girl and got ready to enter another girl. I promise you, for many days after this night I got an almost instant erection just thinking that I really had done that – moved from one girl to the next, like a factory job. That thought alone would affect me that much.

But for now, my orgasm was coming. And I was cumming as I drove several strokes hard and deep into my sister. I grabbed her hips and used all my strength to drive my cock into her as I shot several hard loads into her depths. My mind exploded along with my cock.

My sister was not far behind. As I gathered myself enough to return to rationality, I reached underneath her to find her clit and help with her orgasm. But someone’s hand was already there. I never found out if it was Kate’s own fingers or perhaps was Char’s. Char had finished her orgasm, and also finished off Kia. I had missed Kia’s orgasm, but I was assured she had one while I was busy with myself and Kate. Anyway, Kate exploded, the last one to do it, but we could all take pleasure in seeing her finally begin to shake and scream as it hit.

As we all lay there in a heap, mostly naked, (ironically I was the most dressed) we realized that we had all taken part in everyone’s orgasm. Especially me, I thought. It was not an experience that I was likely to have again – and so far I have not. I would come to find that none of the girls were lesbians. They all preferred guys. But they all had also had experiences with girls before. So the night was not totally unusual. But just like I had never fucked three girls together like that, they had never been fucked together by one guy. It had been a greatly memorable night for us all. But I could not imagine how this would affect my relationship with my sister.

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