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This is another Catherine story. For a full introduction and explanation, please look to other Poorwriter stories.


Hi Honey,

I had an interesting and fun time this weekend at my parent’s house. My sisters Barbie and Diane and their husbands Gary and Chris were all up there too.

You know the ranch is such a beautiful place to be. There are nine hundred acres next to a thousand more state-owned acres. It is about as beautiful a place as anywhere in the state. And the huge house sits on the hilltop overlooking the river.

Just being up there brings on a natural state of relaxation. This weekend, after my parents went up to bed, the five of us remained up visiting.

We had enjoyed some wine and Barb put in a tape on massage. We all sat and watched the video. A man was massaging a woman in the video and she was only wearing thin panties so the guys got all jazzed up seeing it.

You see, my sister Barb knows how to get her husband to do just about anything for her. She showed the tape to Diane and me earlier when we were alone. We said, “Why would you want to let your husband see a girl get massage in her panties?”

Barb said, “Are you kidding me Katie? If I could have found one where the girl was naked I would have gotten that one.”

“Why would you do that?” I asked her.

Now both my sisters laughed. Diane put her arm around me and said, “Listen Sweetie, once your man has been getting sex for too long, they can take it or leave it.

Letting them see a little skin gets them all horned up and in the mood and then we get the benefits of that. Once they’re all horny they will do almost anything you tell them to do. Plus the minute they see us they forget what the other chick even looked like. It’s like magic.”

My sisters had told me about this earlier. They have figured out that they can turn their men into slaves to basically do whatever they want to by just offering up some naked female skin to look at. And they also found out it can be any female too.

So they said they chose this video so their guys would get all horned up and the girls would get a great massage out it and some good loving later too.

My sisters, thinking ahead, had also brought down some nice, big, soft, thick towels and had them ready. So as the video was going, they laid out the towels on the floor, then they lay on the towels and asked their husbands to give them nice massages.

Both sisters told their guys they would love to see them practice their technique on them. Everyone was in a great mood and the boys were eager to oblige.

However, the only way the guys agreed to do it, was if my sisters undressed. The girls put up a little fight because all women know it’s so much more interesting for you guys when we do.

Eventually they only agreed to be in their underwear. I should say, panties, actually, because they did get topless. I was a bit surprised that they let themselves be seen by each other’s husbands. But it seemed so natural and fun.

After they got started, I was feeling a little left out because it looked so nice. After nearly forty-five minutes of watching my sisters enjoy their massages I noticed the boys’ hands were finding their way into their panties and that’s when both girls decided to go upstairs and go to bed.

Barb and Diane said to their hubby’s, “Boys now you take good care of our little sister and give her a nice massage too. IF she says you were good, and only if she does, then you can come upstairs and we’ll show our appreciation.”

They were holding their clothes, but still in just panties and topless. Then girls turned to me and said, “Little Sister, our men are yours to use and enjoy as much as you want. Please be sure to tease them a lot to make sure we get some even better loving than usual when they come to bed.”

We all laughed at that!!! We could all feel the sexual electricity, especially because just before the two topless gals left, they bent over at their husbands and slid their panties off, giving us all from behind pussy shots while they picked them up and then stood up and left the room wagging their fine little bare naked butts as they walked out of the room and upstairs to their bedrooms.

Well the guys were actually eager to massage me and I have to say it looked like casino şirketleri it was going to be a lot of fun. There were a couple of thick, huge towels still on the floor and I laid down on them.

They both said, “Oh Catherine, we really want to give you a massage, but you have to get undressed a bit so we can do it right you know.”

I took off my tee shirt and slipped off my shorts and lay on the floor on my tummy in my bra and sheer little silk panties. They loved that but said I had to lose the bra too. I unhooked it and tossed it off without letting them see my boobs.

They got the lotion all warmed up in their hands and began to rub my back and arms and it was wonderful. Four big men’s hands all at once no my tiny body felt amazing!

They took their time but eventually they got to my fine bottom and my nice toned legs. I knew my panties were very form fitting and sheer and they were commenting on my ‘fine little butt’ as they called it.

Gary said, “Catherine, it would be a shame to ruin these pretty panties with the lotion, here, let me slip them off for you.” He was already sliding them down my thighs. I laughed and lifted my hips and let him do it.

My sisters had told me earlier that whenever their husbands see me at all, they get all horny and give them great loving and they literally encouraged me to let their men see me naked whenever I could, so I figured I’d just let them see me a little bit.

Diane said that once when I was staying at her house, Chris had walked by the bathroom and the door was open just enough for him to see me drying off as I had just gotten out of the shower.

I was,of course,naked and she said he got so horny from just seeing me a minute that he went into their bedroom and gave Diane the best lovin she’d had in months. Instead of being mad at him, she saw how it worked out for her and ever since then she loves if I can let him get a peek.

Now I was lying on a towel once again completely naked and letting my two bothers-in-law massage me. I felt like I was a queen with servants.

They were not shy and got every bit of my nice firm butt cheeks. They would knead my cheeks like bread dough and then slide over my skin smoothly with lots of lotion. It would run into my beautiful little butt crack as they called it. And they would slide their fingers in after it, the full length of it, and I mean touching all of it, but gently at least.

I was having fun arching my butt up in the air and shifting my hips side to side just enough to keep them excited. They loved that.

They also used their fingertips only, which was very exciting as they moved all over my arms, then my back and my legs and finally my bare bottom and they ended up giving me some gentle but firm spanks on my butt cheeks.

They even did the ‘play the bongos thing’ one playing each perfect, silky soft cheek. I must admit, it turned me on a lot more than I thought it would.

When two men are gently, but firmly smacking your butt cheeks at the same time, it sets up a lot of jiggle vibration that reaches not only your butt, but your pussy too. And it feels awesome, let me tell you! You’d have to have a pussy to understand how great it feels.

They finally moved down and each man took one of my smooth, sexy legs in his hands. They were both doing my legs at the same time too. Each man pulled one leg and together they opened them quite far apart. I said, “What are you naughty boys doing?”

They said, “We just need to be able to get your inner thighs Catherine!”

I said, “You mean you need to get a better look at my pussy is really why isn’t it boys?!”

“Well, yeh that too I guess.” They laughed in a surprisingly honest response.

It was so fun to have my feet massaged and I was enjoying the sensations of four hands on me at once. I also loved all the compliments they were continually raining on me.

After twenty minutes they asked me to roll over. I wasn’t sure, but decided to go ahead and do it. They were like young boys who were going to see their first naked girl.

I rolled over nice and slowly and just let them take a few minutes to look at me. They both said, “OH!!!! WHAT A GORGEOUS BODY AND SUPER FINE PUSSY Catherine!!! Just lovely!!!”

I said, “Thanks boys, but get back to work now, chop, casino firmaları chop.” I clapped my hands twice and laughed. I loved playing the Queen.

They added more lotion and began to pleasure my breasts and nipples, arms and tummy with some very passionate massaging.

I must admit I was getting a little excited and turned on too. They each took one breast and massaged it and squished it and pointed it like a cone. They would take both hands and with their little fingers down toward my chest wrap their hands all the way around my breast.

Their thumbs would be on my nipple and then they would sort of move their hands back and forth like they were trying to slide a big pipe loose or something. But it made my boobs feel like there were going to have their own orgasm and I don’t think my nipples have ever been so huge and hard in my entire life. It was wonderful!

They were masters at my tummy too. They pressed into it with just enough pressure to make my ovaries get turned on or something, because I felt butterflies in my tummy and the beginning of an orgasm starting too.

I noticed they loved looking at my pussy as it moved around from the pressing of my mound. I had to push their hands away because I think they were headed straight to my pussy if I would have let them.

They were delighted when they got to my feet and legs. With one on each side of me they each took a leg and they loved it and so did I.

They each held a leg and kissed it and massaged it as they moved it straight up in the air and then out and around, stretching it and massaging it at the same time.

They rubbed me from my ankles to my knees to my upper and inner thighs. At one point I felt each leg going out to the side and they held them very far apart for a long time while they each were massaging my inner thigh.

I didn’t mind them seeing me naked, but these guys were not just seeing my pussy spread open, they were basically able to see inside my vagina and every inch of my butt too.

I could feel my pussy lips were all open and I don’t know when I have ever spread my legs so far apart. From the looks on their faces, they both loved the sight quite a bit too. Still, it was a very sexy feeling to be so on display.

I kidded them about they should have been gynecologists if they liked looking inside pussies so much and told them to move on. They laughed.

They finally moved down to doing my feet and toes. But they kept that up longer than I expected too. Thinking they were being so nice to do my feet instead of trying to massage my breasts for example, I said, “How can you guys spend so much time on my toes and feet?”

They said, “When a guy has this fine of a body to look at he can do this forever!!! I laughed.

They got close to touching my pussy and may have each rubbed up against the edge of my pussy lips, but they were actually quite decent considering the situation.

They offered to ‘massage’ it for me, but I said, “Thanks boys, but only Michael gets to massage that. He won’t mind you’ve been massaging me or even seeing my pussy, but I don’t think you should touch it too much.”

They were content, no problem, but they both pouted a bit and looked like disappointed little boys. It actually worked on me and I hope you don’t mind too much but I compromised a little and said they could do on a ‘fingertip’ massage of it if they wished to. They apparently did wish to.

They drizzled a little bit of lotion on me and each one took his turn just running his fingertips, ever-so lightly over my pussy from my smooth mound, down over my now protruding clitoris, down along each side of my pretty little lips and even down to my taint even touching my butt hole lightly. It was so very exciting, I will have to admit that.

While one guy took a turn giving me a finger tip pussy massage, making sure his finger tips traced both in the inside and the outside of each little lip, the other guys was doing a finger tip massage of my boobies, paying special attention to my areolas.

I didn’t let them touch my nipples because it was too intense and sensitive. I think if one of them would have sucked hard on my nipple I would have surly cum like a freight train.

I finally thanked them and said I had had enough. I had to stop them or I know I would güvenilir casino have cum in few minutes. From the looks of their hard ons in their jeans when they tried to stand up, my sisters were each about to get woken up and be taken care of and soon!

I thanked them for the massage and they thanked me even more. They gave me a standing offer for a massage whenever I should desire another one.

They said Good-Night and I said I was going to stay and ‘cool down’ for a bit. I laughed at them as they were both biting the sides of their hands as they slowly backed out of the room while I was laying there looking naked and relaxed and, to them, so beautiful.

When they were gone I slipped my hand down to my hot pussy and began to slowly rub and give Miss Clitty her own little massage. With my other hand I eased two fingers into my pussy and worked them in and out furiously. I was soon bucking and banging my fine bubble butt up and down on the towels and finally cumming with a fantastic release that was just wonderful. I was totally out of breath and wanting you to be there so bad!!!!

As I lay there panting and recovering, I noticed those two rascals had hidden and watched me. I blushed as I heard them clapping with a quite, golf clap, and I rolled over on my tummy making the sight of my fine little tushie their final sight as they blew kisses to me and really did go upstairs.

Thinking they watched me masturbate was both embarrassing and extremely exciting. But I figured I would not have had such a mind blowing orgasm without them so I wasn’t mad.

Well I slept so well after that massage and release and I only wished you were here. I hope you didn’t mind my getting a little massage from our brothers in law.

Oh in the morning they all knocked on my door and just came in and sat on my bed. The girls were giggling and bragging about how great their men were last night.

Then the girls leaned in and whispered to me, “Can they see you naked for a minute this morning? It really turns them on and we both want another nice session this morning.”

I said, “Well I guess so.” So the gals left and closed my door

I said, “O.K. you dogs, get on your knees at the end of my bed.”

It was in good fun and they laughed too and saluted me saying, “As you command my Queen!” and they got on their knees.

I tossed my blanket off me and I was naked. I said, “O.K. boys, you get two minutes only.”

I lay back and put my legs straight up in the air and slowly, slowly, slowly let them drop to the sides forming a giant vee with my pussy in the middle. Since they were already right at the end of my bed on their knees I held that pose a minute and I rubbed my pussy to tease them. After all my job was to get them all horned up for their wives.

I put my feet flat and arched my hips high in the air and nearly did a back bend letting them see all of my pussy and butt from my mound all the way down.

I ended up by flipping over and poking my fine butt out at them with my knees far enough apart so they could see my fine boobies handing down and swaying too.

I used one hand to push my boobs around and tug on my nipples. Then I reached between my legs and slowly drew my finger from my butt all the way along my fine pussy.

Then I waved at them from between my legs saying. “The shows over Boys! Now make me proud and give your wives a good screwing will you?”

They both saluted me and backed out the door again. I could hear my sisters laughing and getting screwed through the walls. I had to join in, even if it was solo. I came again in about five minutes. And that’s because I wanted it to take that long. I really came hard and I was thinking of you.

Before we all left for home we talked about how much fun it had all been. They all made it clear that you can return the favor for my sisters any time you want too.

The girls really liked that idea and they both told their hubby’s they were looking forward to letting you massage them naked soon.

I warned them all that if you see their pussies, you will most likely give them a good tongue lashing. They oohed and ahhed about that and said, that would be fine. Their husbands laughed too.

Well I hope you like that and I will let you act it all out on me as I read my story aloud to you tonight.

And as always, if you find I was too naughty, I will lie across your lap and poke my soft bottom up as high in the air as I can and let you spank me five times, or twenty five.


Your wife,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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