Brother to the Rescue

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Cheating Wife

I heard the phone ring. I looked at the number and it was my sister Nora.

“Barry I need your help. My car won’t start.”

My sister was trying to leave work. Nora has the habit of always calling me when a problem occurs. I hopped into my truck and I drove to where Nora worked. I tried starting her car. No go. I even tried using my jumper cables but hat didn’t work either. It was snowing hard and I didn’t feel like fighting with her car. I said we would come back tomorrow and try.

Nora got into my truck and we headed back to my place. My sister likes to go into a panic when things go wrong. I told her to calm herself. We got back to my house and we went inside. I made her a sandwich and I opened some wine. We sat back and Nora got comfortable. After she ate and drank I got out some blankets and a couple of pillows. Nora stretched out on the couch and drifted off to sleep.

I was beat after all the commotion. I went back to my bed and got out of my clothes. I normally sleep in the nude but I left a pair of sweatpants on. I must have fell asleep promptly. Some time in the night I felt someone touching me. I nearly jolted out of bed. It was my sister waking me.

“I’m sorry Barry. I just needed to talk with you.”

Nora wanted to apologize to me. She said she knew that she was a burden to me. I was always the person she turned to when something went wrong. I was on my back when she woke me. I looked down and saw that I had wood in my pants. Nora saw it too.

“Are you excited?” She asked me.

It seems I was. Nora reached out and touched my sweatpants. That didn’t help matters. My cock started to throb from Nora touching me.

“Do you ever think yabancı gaziantep escort about me Barry?” She asked.

I couldn’t tell my sister but I have thought about her from time to time. Nora had a curvy body I admired. I had always wanted to see her tits live. Nora moved her hand away. She reached for my pants and she pulled them down and then off of me. My cock was really stiff now. Nora moved up close and she lowered her face. I felt her lips surround my member.

Nora began to bob up and down my prick. Damn, that felt good. I had to control my urges. It wasn’t everyday that your sister would give you head. Every minute or so Nora would stop and look up at my face. I guess she was seeing if she was exciting me. A few minutes of that then Nora pulled away. She stood up and pulled off her clothes. Her shirt came off and then her pants and panties.

There wasn’t much light in the room but I could see the outline of her body. She looked fantastic. Nora joined me on the bed. She climbed over top of me and straddled my midsection. My sister lowered herself until the tip of my dick was touching her slit. She lowered herself further until I pierced her pussy. My hands went to her tits. I squeezed them hard.

Nora threw her head back as she took my hardness. I brought my hips up as we got into a fucking rhythm. Maybe it was it was because brother and sister were fucking each other. This was the best sex I had experienced. Nora was crying out as I took her pussy.

“Fuck me hard Barry!” My sister pleaded with me.

I never wanted any woman as bad as I wanted my sister. I wanted her all to myself. I gaziantep yabancı escort pumped my shaft in deep and as hard as I could.

“Don’t pull out!” My sister insisted.

We kept it up for the next few minutes. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I flooded my sister with my white seed. My sister’s body tightened up and she squeezed my rod harder. I gave Nora all my seed. I could feel her pussy going into spasms. Nora soon collapsed onto my chest. I held her tightly in my arms. I could feel her body shaking as we just finished fucking.

Nora eventually pulled free. My cum oozed out of her spent pussy. Nora said she was going to the bathroom to clean up. When she returned she slid in close to my body.

“I hope you want me again,” she told me.

I told her that I only wanted her from now on. We fell asleep together that night. In the morning I took her again. This time Nora was on her back. I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders. I stretched out and took her pussy hard. I told her that she was my possession. From now on she would be mine alone. You should have heard my sister. She said she wanted me to fill her pussy with my hot spunk.

Surprisingly I had more cum for her greedy hole. I fired my warm jizz into her belly for a second time. The sex was over for now. We got cleaned up and then drove back to where Nora worked. The business was closed for the day due to the weather. Luckily my truck can plow through most anything. I had called a tow truck ahead of time. We followed him back to the car dealership. Nora gave them her keys and we went back to her apartment to pick up some clothes.

A escort gaziantep yabancı drive back to my place and we were back in bed. Nora was an animal that day. She couldn’t get enough cock. We fucked twice more that day. My dick was sore by the end. I took Nora from behind. With my hands on her hips I slipped my shaft past her gash. Nora said the head of my cock was hitting just the right spot. She had multiple orgasms that way. We rested for awhile and I had Nora a final time. We were lying on our sides when I entered Nora. I lifted her one leg up. She had so much cum in her pussy that I slid in easily.

Nora’s muscles were like a vise grip. She managed to squeeze more cum from me. We were wiped out for now. I took Nora to work the next day. Later in the day Nora contacted me. Her car was fixed. I picked her up and took her to the dealership. She said she would call me later that evening. Sure enough I received her call. She wanted to know what we were going to do. She didn’t want to be by herself from now on. I said we would need to discuss things further.

That Friday Nora stopped by my house. She had a carry all case with her. We spent the weekend fucking. Nora used her tits to make my dick erect. My sister loved riding my cock. She mounted me and I pushed my shaft into her belly. My hands went to her ass cheeks and I kept pulling them apart. Nora did most of the work. She slid up and down my pole trying to work my cum free.

“Give me your baby seed!” Nora screamed.

I did give her my creamy load. Nora cleaned the spunk from my cock with her mouth. Afterwards we talked.

“I’m sorry I said that,” she told me.

“Did you really mean that about giving you a big belly,” I asked.

Nora said she had been having fantasies of me impregnating her. I said that didn’t seem wise to me at the moment. She said she knew that but she got carried away in her thoughts. We knew we couldn’t go on like this for long. We made some preliminary plans for Nora to move in with me. For now we share a bed a few times a week until we are finally together.

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