Brother Unknowingly Screws His Sis

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“You do realize how many people will probably be wearing a Darth Vader costumes of some kind, right?” My wife, Shauna asked.

“Oh, I’m sure there will be quite a few. How about you only focus on the Darth Vader’s who are wearing helmets?” I replied, turning into the neighborhood.

“I like that! They have to be Black Series helmets.” She said, instinctively looking at the helmet in her hand.

“I don’t think a lot of people know what a Black Series helmet is babe.” I laughed.

“Fine! Any type of Vader helmet, but No face masks! It has to be a helmet.”

“That sounds like a good plan. See we negotiate just fine.” I smiled, turning down another street.

“Yeah, I don’t think most couples negotiate who their wives have to fuck at a party due to a lost bet.” She said, laughing to herself.

“Agreed, most couples also don’t have a sex craved wife with a Star Wars fetish.” I replied, winking at her.

“You’re complaining?” She asked, crossing her arms. “You knew it before you married me.”

“Oh, not complaining at all! It is one of the big reasons I married you.”

“Well thank you for accepting me as I am!” She said, kissing me.

“Of course, I love ya!”

“You’re sure my outfit looks ok?” She asked, as I pulled up to the house and put the truck into park.

“For the two thousandth time, YES! Your outfit is sexy as fuck. You did an awesome job with it.”

As I opened the door for my wife, out stepped the sexiest storm trooper you could imagine. Shauna, was wearing a Black Series authentic Storm Trooper helmet. These helmets had a device that changed your voice to sound the way they did in the movies. She wore a spandex white turtleneck which was cropped right under her extremely large and perfectly shaped fake breasts. Leaving her chiseled abs exposed, with a little Darth Vader belly button ring. Her career as a personal trainer and cross-fit competitor really paid off, especially wearing outfits like this. Her body was solid and very defined. She had shoulder pads on, with gloves that went up to her elbows. Her white plastic utility belt had little clips you could attach items onto it. Her plain black under armor panties left nothing to the imagination. They sculpted her ass perfectly! Lastly, her white thigh high boots completed her sexy Stormtrooper outfit. She did have a little plastic gun that connected to her belt. In the end she decided to leave it in the truck.

“Want one last kiss before the helmets go on?” She asked. “Jason was very clear this would be a LARP. You know he loves his live action role-play events.

I grabbed my wife by her waist and pulled her in close. I didn’t just kiss her, I let her know through that kiss I was the luckiest guy and absolutely loved her.

“What was that for? She asked as I released her. “Trust me I’m not complaining, just asking.”

There it was, the whole reason I fell in love with her. My wife had quite the past, it made her hard, tough and would have broken anyone else. Those stories are for another time. It took me three years to break down the walls she had built up. It was worth it, especially when I finally got to see the true Shauna. That Shauna was who was I looking at right then and there. Her big green eyes, soft smile and of course biting her lower lip, that was her tell, when she was truly happy.

“Just letting you know I love ya and think you’re pretty awesome.” I responded, getting my helmet ready.

Before I could put my helmet on, she jumped and wrapped her arms around my head. We kissed again.

“Ok, Lord Vader unless you want to be first of the night, right here by the truck.” She said smiling, releasing her arms from my around my neck.

“You know I like sloppy seconds.” I said, placing my helmet on. The red lights softly illuminated the inside of my helmet. I flipped the switch and two things happened. The small fans turned on, allowing air to circulate and making the helmet very comfortable to wear. The second, being my voice instantly changing into a deep mechanical James Earl Jones voice. It sounded just like you heard in the movies. My cape was connected around my neck. I had black shoulder pads which connected with a mechanical box that was lit up with various buttons. I wore a black under armor shirt and on my utility bet was my dildo lightsaber. I wore spandex weight lifting shorts that outlined my cock perfectly. Lastly, my boots went up to my mid-shin area.

We both spent a few days putting together these kinky versions of our authentic outfits which we wore to events like comi-con.

“Trooper! I said, my voice now sounding robotic. “Your training is not yet complete. Take my cock in your mouth and show me the power of the dark side.” I commanded, making a fist and flexing.

“Yes, Lord Vader.” My wife responded. She bent over, grabbed my waist band and in one motion pulled them down. This allowed my cock to drop out. She held it in her hand, guiding it towards her mouth. It took only Bakırköy Escort a few strokes, and I was completely hard. She made sloppy sucking sounds and was pushing my cock towards the back of her throat, making herself gag. She grabbed the shaft hard, stroking it fast and twisting her hand as it came of the tip of my cock. Not only that, but she was slurping and sucking, making her blowjob sound so kinky. She then moved to a squatting position and was jerking it fast, keeping the tip in between her lips. I was rock hard and now holding the back of her head and pulling her in. She loved when I would face fuck her. She gagged and slurped more, she was getting into it and I knew she was getting horny. Sucking cock was her fore play, it always made her super horny.

“Enough!” I commanded, my robotic voice sounded menacing. “This is not the blow job we are looking for.” I said, trying not to laugh.

Shauna stood, still holding my cock. “What, you aren’t going to cum? I want it.” She said, in a very sexy seductive voice.

“Nope, I just wanted to get you super horny.” I said, putting my cock back in my shorts.

She lifted my helmet off my head. She then kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. This wasn’t the romantic type of kiss we just had moments ago. This was a slutty, I want to fuck kiss. She sucked the bottom of my lip, as she pulled away, replacing my helmet as she withdrew.

After we situated ourselves, we made our way to the house of our best friends, Jason and Amy. We met Jason and Amy at San Diego Comi-con. They were in costume, just as we were. We instantly became friends, finding out we all were swingers shortly after. The fun part is we did everything together. I had no siblings and Jason would be the closest thing to a brother I’ve ever had. Shauna, has two brothers with one having been killed in combat during his time in Iraq. She never had a sister or a best friend. Yet, Amy and her were inseparable, both sexual and as normal friends.

Jason and Amy started these LARP parties a few years back. They were fun events. You had to be in costume and while in costume you had to role-play. I couldn’t tell you how many parties we attended where I never knew other peoples real names. The last event, their Harry Potter party was a blast! I fucked a few Luna Love Goods and just as many Hermoine Grangers. We have been looking forward to this party the most, especially with it being a Star Wars LARP.

The door opened, a super sexy Amy, dressed as slave Leigha opened the door. “Lord Vader, we’ve been expecting you.” She said, welcoming us in.

My wife removed her helmet. “Ok I know its breaking the rules, but I’m technically not in the house yet. You look so fucking hot!” She said. The girls embraced in a genuine, happy to see you, hug.

“You look sexy as all hell, I love it!” Amy said, looking Shauna up and down holding her by her shoulders. She spun her around, checking out her ass. “Damn, I love your ass. It looks great in those panties.” Shauna shook her ass for her friend.

Shauna turned back around, facing Amy. She placed her fingers under Amy’s bra straps, tracing the outline of her tits. “That is real leather, nice.” She commented.

“Yep, I’ve had this for a year now. Never worn it, other than in the bedroom. Mostly because it was pretty pricey.” Amy said posing.

Shaun continued looking the outfit up and down. She pulled the long skirt that was between her legs to the side. Amy had no panties on. Her bald pussy was only being covered by the material that hung from her belt.

“I like this outfit.” I said, in my mechanical voice making the girls laugh.

“Jason is wearing his Vader outfit as well. So far, you two are the only ones that have the voice changing thing. Actually, there are quite a few Darth Vader costumes here so far. We kind of figured that would be a popular costume though.” Amy said, tilting her head, as if in thought.

I turned looking at Shauna. “That is awesome news! Isn’t it babe?” I asked sarcastically, slapping her ass.

“Did I miss something?” Amy asked.

“I’ll tell you later, inside joke.” Shauna said, putting her helmet back on. “Show us to your commander.” She said, her voice now changed by the helmet.

As we walked into the house, we could see it was going to be a great event. There were people scattered throughout, all in costume. It was a Star Wars fan heaven. Every costume was erotic and suggestive. Amy led us to the bedroom where we dropped off our bag, since we were staying the night. After the bag was dropped off, we made it back to the main room. Just from a quick glance, I could count five Darth Vader outfits, all wearing helmets.

“It is awesome everyone dressed up. It is better than I expected.” I commented to the girls.

“We made it mandatory you had to be in costume and role-play, or no entry.” Amy responded, continuing to lead the way.

The night was Başakşehir Escort awesome! We mingled with all sorts of characters. Everyone was role-playing, it was so cool. I had no idea who anyone was either. We knew a few people who were regulars to Jason and Amy’s events; Yet, I had no idea tonight thanks to the costumes. The music was great, they had a fog machine that emphasized the laser light show which was set up in a corner. The bar was fully loaded, those with helmets were using straws. Jason and Amy thought of everything to keep people in character. The only time I took my helmet off, as I’m sure Shauna did, was in the bathroom.

As the night went on and more alcohol was consumed, the crowd became more erotic and much more sexual. Amy grabbed my wife early on, as Jason and I were outside around the fire pit area. A few minutes later they returned with a few drinks in hand. That is when I noticed something on Shauna’s utility belt, a used condom. It was tied in a knot and hung from her belt clasp. She held it up showing it off like a trophy.

“There was a Vader at the bar.” She said, squishing the cum filled condom between her fingers.

Amy then went on to explain Shauna’s rules to Jason, who was wearing a Vader outfit.

“Well I am in luck!” Jason said, undoing his pants.

Shauna pulled out a condom out of the pocket in her utility belt and handed it to him. She turned around and put her hands on the head of the chair.

Jason had a nice size cock. I’d say we were about the same. The one thing that separated us though is the amount of cum her produces. He was pretty much a one man super soaker.

“Why the condom?” Jason asked. “I’ve fucked you so many times without one before.” He protested.

“It’s for my costume. You want to fuck me or not?” She asked, acting like she was going to leave.

‘Bend your ass over, I was just asking.” Jason said, putting the condom on his hard cock.

My wife licked her fingers, reaching between her legs, moistening her pussy. Jason slid his cock in. After a few strokes, he was all the way in her. Amy and I went to the opposite chair, giving us a great view of our spouses fucking. I sat in the chair, pulling my shorts down to my knees. Amy lifted her tunic up and sat straight down onto my cock. She was wet, allowing gravity to push her all the way down. Amy rode me reverse cowgirl style. This allowed us to watch her husband and my wife fuck doggy style. Jason was holding Shauna’s hips and was pumping her hard. Amy was grinding back and forth, taking a few bounces up and down on my cock.

Amy leaned back towards me. “Don’t cum in me. I don’t want to get any on the tunic. Tell me when, and I’ll suck it.” She said, now leaning forward. This position allowed my cock to go in as deep as it could. We both continued watching as Jason pumped even harder. Shauna started to orgasm, I had to laugh as her voice was changed. It’s not every day you hear a storm trooper orgasm.

Amy was next, she leaned back, her legs quivering as she told me she was cumming. I then pushed her up off my lap. She spun around and squatted down, between my legs. She held her mouth open as I was jerking off. She reached down and started playing with her pussy. She held her mouth open, looking up at me the entire time. Quickly, jet after jet of white cum shot into her mouth. She allowed my cum to pool on her tongue. After a few seconds, she closed her lips wrapping them around the tip of my cock. She sucked hard, pulling the last amount out of me. She swallowed at the same movement Jason started to cum in my wife’s pussy.

His electronic grunts also made my chuckle. His wife turned, watching her husband thrust in Shauna. She held my cock in her hand, the tip was right next to the side of her mouth. With each thrust he was lifting Shauna off the ground. He was making sure she took it all. Finally, he pulled out of her pussy. My wife turned, looking at the used condom filled with cum hanging from his cock. She tenderly slid it off, squeezing his shaft, making sure all of his cum was deposited in it.

Shauna, held up the condom like a trophy. She squished the cum inside together with her fingers. It looked like a water balloon was being filled. Damn he cums a lot. I thought to myself. If not for the game Shauna was playing, that would have been in her mouth. She had a cum fetish, I think it made her feel powerful or something. She always made comments about Jason’s loads. She loved heavy cummers, I know for a fact she was thinking something dirty by the way she looked and played with the cum filled condom.

Amy, kissed my cock and stood. “Now I need a drink.” She said, walking over to Shauna, who was putting the tied condom next to the other one. The load Jason just shot was three times the size, compared to the one next to it.

“We will be inside, we need stop at the girls room. You two, meet us in the piano room. We Bebek Escort will bring the drinks.” Amy said, hooking Shauna under the elbow and guiding her towards the house.

After a few minutes, Jason and I headed back into the house. We walked throughout the house, taking in all the views.. There were small groups scattered throughout, with a few couplings here and there. A nice size Orgy was being held in the media room, the Empire Strikes Back playing on the Tv. We walked by the piano room. There was a couple in there fucking doggy style, but no girls yet. We headed back to the bar area.

We rounded the corner and saw them at the bar area. Amy was behind the bar, a girl dressed as a bounty hunter stood next to her. She had on a mask that was a cross between Bane and the WinterSoldier. Definitely authentic and she looked sexy. Her tits were fully exposed, cut out of her chest armor. She had target pasties covering her nipples, Her and Amy were making drinks and chatting. My wife the storm trooper was seated on a bar stool. She was leaning forward on her elbows and her fully exposed ass was pushed back in her seat. A guy, in Vader attire was pumping my seated wife’s pussy. From where I stood his cock, was pretty damn thick.

We walked up, standing on each side of her. She reached down and pulled two condoms out, placing them on the table. “Vaders only.” She said, as her helmet bounced on her head.

“We are in your group, trooper.” Jason said, both of us laughing.

“You all look the same.” She said, bouncing as she spoke. The Vader had to be close, he was pumping kind of stopping then thrusting more.

I looked at my wife being fucked and saw two more condoms hanging from her belt, four total as of now. My cock was getting hard again. I turned and caught the stare of the woman behind the bar, next to Amy. She had to be wearing a wig, her hair was crimson red. She was looking at me. Man her eyes were sexy, I thought. It sounds stupid, but I swear I’ve seen her before. Maybe she is one of the regulars who come to these events. I didn’t stay focused on it thought, as I turned back to my wife being fucked.

Suddenly, a guy dressed as Han Solo came up and put his hands on Vader’s shoulders. “You still fucking this chick? Come on man, everyone’s by the fire. Let’s go!”

“Fuck man, can’t you see I’m in the middle of something? Give me a minute, this pussy is tight. This chick is collecting Vader cum.” Vader said, laughing through his helmet.

“Ok, that’s weird, just hurry up. Jess is all for it.” Han Solo said, with pride in his voice.

“You’re an ass!” The red head from behind the bar said.

“Ditto.” Han Solo replied, blowing her a kiss.

Ok that is strange. I swear her voice even sounded familiar. I don’t personally know a lot of people that come to Jason and Amy’s party’s but even Han Solo looks familiar. My thoughts were broken as my wife was pushed against the counter and was having an orgasm.

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m going to cum you slutty trooper.” Darth Vader said, grunting and thrusting up into my wife. The guy instantly pulled his cock out and removed the condom in a quick motion. My wife was still bent over, trying to catch her breath, her chest rising and falling. “Her you go.” He said, extending the used condom to her. She turned, taking it from him and started tying the top. The Vader stroked his shaft, slapping my wife’s ass with his cock. The drop of cum on the tip of his dick splattered across her ass and up onto the small of her back.

“Be nice!” The red head scolded him, as she came from behind the bar. “Ya’ll have a nice night.” She said, looking at me as she walked past.

Wait a fucking minute!I thought to myself, as my eyes went big under my helmet. I looked to my wife, then to the couple walking out the back door. They were almost the same size in height and build. Both being a few inches shorter than me. That is when I was 90% sure. Vader, had just fucked his sister. The beautiful woman dressed as a red head storm trooper was not a red head, she was a natural blond. How did I know this? The bounty hunter was none other than Crissy from Alabama, also known as Sister-in-law, also knows as wife to Shauna’s brother Matt. Yep, that means dick slapping Vader was none other than Shauna’s younger brother Matt. My wife just orgasmed all over her brothers cock, while we watched. The Han Solo guy, was Matt’s best friend, Brandon. I knew that cocky piece of shit looked familiar. Holy shit, what do I do? I thought to myself, looking at my wife, still slumped over from the fucking her Brother just gave her.

“Hey guys, lets go into the Piano room.” Amy suggested.

“Sounds good.”I said, reaching for my wife’s arm, helping her sit up. “Are you ok?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah. He either had a nice dick or was just hitting me at the right angle, it felt great.” She said, standing to her feet, pulling her panties up.

I gulped, looking towards the backyard. They couldn’t be seen anywhere. We all made it to the piano room, when Shauna asked Amy if they could go to the bedroom real quick. She wanted to take the helmet off and cool down for a few minutes. The girls headed off, and I knew this was my chance. There was one way to 100% confirm it was Crissy and Matt. I excused myself from Jason and headed towards the backyard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32