Brothers and Sisters Ch. 02

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Audrey Bitoni

Chapter 2 — Group Encounter

The six of us stood on Dave and Marie’s balcony and watched the sunset. We were each cuddling a woman that was not our normal partner. I was with Marie, Dave was with Penny, and Ryan had his arms wrapped around my sister Anna — only he just thought she was my live-in girlfriend. There were some over the shoulder kisses going on now and then. The men’s hands caressed some boob flesh through the thin bikini material, and then hands started to slide under the material.

Dave led the group back inside, and turned on some dance music. Marie dimmed the lights and lit a couple of decorative candles. The atmosphere got very romantic.

Penny suddenly announced, “I just hate wearing a wet bra, even if it’s part of my bathing suit.” Without a hitch, she immediately disposed of her top, placing the scrap of material on a corner of the kitchen counter next to her large purse.

Penny had gorgeous full breasts. I’d felt them the prior night when she pushed against my chest, and even stroked her nipples across my body as we danced.

Anna surprised me when she agreed, and immediately shed her bikini bra. Marie just grinned and tossed her bra on the back of a chair. I don’t think that any of them were all that wet.

The six of us started dancing to some dreamy music that Dave put on his sound bar. Quickly, Marie pulled my t-shirt up so she and I could have a skin-on-skin experience. I yanked the shirt off and tossed it aside. I loved feeling a new woman’s breasts on my skin. Her nipples gently etched random designs into my chest. This was really sexy and romantic.

Marie and I shared more and more really deep kisses and then I started to suck on her breasts. Marie cradled my head to her chest and whispered how much she liked what I was doing to her. “Never stop,” she whispered.

I gladly started to romance Marie; however, I was worried that Anna would think I was throwing her to the curb in favor of a new woman. I glanced around the room at that point at the two other ‘dance’ couples, one of whom included my sister and partner. Anna was steering Ryan’s mouth to her nipples that were exceptionally erect and begging for attention.

Anna and I locked eyes for all of a microsecond. She smiled at me and I knew we were not only all right in that instant with what we were doing, but also our long-term relationship wasn’t threatened.

Anna went back to encouraging Ryan to romance her body. In a glance a minute or two later, I could see that he had one hand inside her bikini bottoms. The likelihood that he had fingers in her slit was high.

Marie and I were kissing like crazy. We were both cranked up and passionate beyond belief. I was sure we were going to do something very sexual that night.

A groan to my left prompted me to look over at Penny and Dave. She was nude, and her bikini bottoms were nowhere in sight. She was precariously balanced atop one of his hands standing on one foot and holding onto a door jamb. Dave was jamming his fingers into her body stimulating her to orgasm. Penny was gushing out girl juice as she apparently climaxed on his hand. She was moaning and breathing very hard.

Dave would lean in and suck on her cunt from time to time, sucking in some of those luscious juices.

Marie stopped us momentarily as she removed her bathing suit bottom, and had me remove my shorts. My cock sprang into the open air. She knelt, grabbed my shaft, and brought it to her mouth. My groan added to those coming from the other two couples. Marie also hummed her satisfaction at taking me in.

Marie got me to the edge, but I didn’t want to ejaculate yet. I pushed her away, and then I set her on the dining table. I put Marie’s legs over my shoulders and had my mouth on her muff a second later. Marie was not shaved. She had carefully trimmed pubes, probably tailored to her bikini. I happened to like how the pubic hair held her fluids and her aroma.

I ate and ate and ate Marie’s pussy. She writhed and Bomonti Escort groaned, and I was sure she started having one orgasm after another. I had added fingers by that time, so was putting on a full-court press to excite her and bring her sexual bliss.

Marie pushed me away finally after what I thought might have been a third orgasm. “Come and fuck me. I need you inside me… now.”

I looked again. “Ryan was moving over Anna on the nearby sofa, preparing to penetrate her body with his cock. Dave was already pumping his cock into Penny as the two of them kissed with great passion on a plush carpet near all of us.

I buried my cock in Marie. I almost came in that instant, and I had to freeze to hold off my orgasm. I think she understood because she also froze and just added tongue to our kiss.

The moment passed, and I started to pump into Marie’s body. I used my thumb on her clit as I looked down at the gorgeous woman. She looked back at me with such love that I wondered where all this was going.

I’d like to say that I went for an hour, but I doubt I lasted ten minutes after we started intercourse. I was so keyed up and turned on. The arousal that Marie provided, plus watching Penny and in particular Anna get fucked just pushed me over the edge. I fell into the chasm of bliss and Marie joined me.

I was not alone. Neither Dave nor Ryan lasted too long either. Suddenly, there were six of us in a post-orgasmic glaze. The moment could have been embarrassing, but Penny saved the day.

Penny blurted out, “THAT was positively the best dessert you could have possibly have served at this pizza dinner. I need more, but I’d like to change partners if everyone is willing.”

Amazingly, the rest of us broke into smiles and we agreed with her. Anna came and kissed me. She whispered, “You all right?”

I nodded. “You?”

“Fabulous. I love this. I love you.”

Anna went to Dave. Marie moved to be with Ryan. Penny moved into my arms and we started kissing immediately. She was hotter than the sun and I was her cooling agent.

We made out for a half-hour, as did our partners and friends. Penny blew me for a while, got me really hard. She didn’t expect it, but I went down on her. She protested that she was leaking Dave’s jizz, but I didn’t care. She was oozing mostly her girl juice and she tasted divine. The other men watched in awe.

I hardened up. Penny and I took over one of the living room sofas. We fucked. We made love. We had very satisfying sex, and it went on and on. Having already cum, I had some surprising stamina and lasting power. Penny was the beneficiary. She also kept having orgasms under my aegis, right up until I blasted a load of my semen inside her as she also climaxed and we kissed in an ultra-romantic way.

Penny again helped us avoid any embarrassing moments a few minutes later. “THIS has been the best night in my life. Thank you all. I hope we do this again frequently. Ryan, don’t you agree?”

Ryan wasn’t given much wiggle room by her comments, but he did instantly agree without any qualifications.

Anna scooped me by also agreeing at that point, although I was also ready to second Penny’s comments. Anna added, “I guess I’ve just discovered group sex and exhibitionism. I love how we did this — in the same room, in sight of each other, and that we traded partners. I love all of you.”

After some smooching time with each other and with our partners, the party broke up. Anna and I headed back to our apartment.

Anna and I were almost frantic to make love with one another after we walked in the door. Neither of us had said anything, but we were naked and fucking in seconds. We were also pledging our love to each other and asking forgiveness for any perceived transgressions to our relationship based on what had happened that evening, but in reality, there were none. We were just happy and sexually satisfied people.

We went to sleep happy, sated, and content Bostancı Escort in our relationship.

* * * * *

I greeted Marie the next morning, trying to maintain the same level of friendliness that I’d always shown her. I didn’t want anybody else to think that something else had happened between us.

We had an open floor plan for our desks, so fortunately I could see Marie. Unfortunately, I could see Marie. I got a hard-on thinking about how we’d made love the night before that I couldn’t get to abate. Even as I worked on some circuit designs, I’d think of her spread out on her sturdy table as I’d eaten her pussy and then as I’d started to fuck her.

I also didn’t know whether to avoid Marie or to go ahead and interact with her as I usually might during the business day. I decided inaction was best.

Several of the mechanical guys from our group went into one of the conference rooms to use the white boards, leaving Marie and me alone in the large open office area. She got up from her desk and came over and stood beside my desk.

Marie said, “I can’t stop thinking about how much pleasure you and your fabulous cock brought to me last night. I hope we don’t wait too long to get together again.”

I admitted that I was having similar thoughts about her. “I’m thinking of every little thing that we did together last night. I have a hardness in my groin that I can’t control. I’ve been staring at you all morning.”

Marie smiled, “I’m dripping wet because of you. I had to put pads in my underwear so my sex juices aren’t running down my legs or smelling up the place. I’m sure I smell like a female in heat.”

I chuckled. “I guess we just grin and bear it.”

“Could we fuck after work?” Marie’s question floored me. I was temporarily speechless. Here was the hottest girl in the company and probably the city, except for Anna, asking to fuck me.

I told her, “I usually go home to Anna. I’d feel funny abandoning her. That would be like cheating.”

“Oh, no. That’s not what I meant,” Marie declared. “I’d get Dave to come with me, and you’d bring Anna. The four of us would do it somewhere — your place or ours?”

“Let me call Anna,” I told her.

Marie went off. I thought about how to phrase Marie’s request to my sister… to my loving partner. I had no skill in this kind of thing, and I wasn’t sure about how creative I could get.

I called Anna at her boutique. Fortunately, it was still morning and she normally didn’t get busy until the afternoon. Mondays were a little slower, too.

Anna asked, “Hi. What’s up? It’s not like you to call during the day.”

“Marie and I were just talking. We’re both horny, and I admit seeing her after last night has me all turned on. She’s the same way. She wanted to get together for sex after work. I think she meant right after work. She wanted to fuck me again, and…”

Anna interrupted, “Do it. Tell her yes. I want Dave. What about Penny and Ryan?”

“I guess we could invite them, too; if they’re interested.”

Our apartment seemed central to everyone. At six o’clock, there were three couples fucking in it. Marie and I were in the bed I shared with Anna. Anna and Ryan were in ‘my bedroom’ in the bed I rarely used. Penny and Dave were fucking on our living room sofa.

We called for pizza after our first round of sex. The three girls teased the pizza delivery guy by answering the door naked and then taking their time to pay and tip him. I was sure he jerked off in the parking lot before going on his next deliveries. The three girls were hotter than hades and obviously sexed up.

We ate naked at our dining room table, and then had a second round of sex with new partners. This time we realized that we all wanted to be in the same room so we could see each other, particularly our significant other. We could have the arousal from watching them engage in sex with somebody else.

Amazingly, after that round Esenyurt Escort the girls decided they would do some sexual things together on our living room floor. Before I knew it, Anna was eating the cum from Marie’s pussy as she ate Penny’s pussy, as she ate Anna’s pussy. Fingers and tongues seemed to be everywhere sexual. More orgasms erupted.

We broke up at eleven p.m. It was another work night, and several pleaded for their beauty sleep. Again, Anna and I made love before we slept in each other’s arms.

Marie and I tried to be aloof on Tuesday, but I think we were failing miserably. I tried not to let the sex affect my work, but I was constantly distracted thinking of again driving my cock into Marie and cumming inside her svelte body. We made eyes at each other all day long.

Marie later told me she was hornier than a Louisiana swamp toad in the summer time. I was doing a little better than that, but not by much.

Anna and I had agreed at breakfast that we should take a night off, so I didn’t initiate anything that night with Marie. The two of us, however, fucked the whole evening recounting our sexual adventures to each other and talking about the high points of the past two nights.

There was no doubt that Anna and I loved each other and were devoted to each other. We also openly admitted to each other that we loved the recreational sex, and we even admitted affectionate feelings for our new horny friends. We both were enthusiastic about continuing with the outside relationships at whatever level our group seemed to settle at.

We’d talked about each of us having another lover of some kind to help deflect attention from the way Anna and I felt about each other. I suggested that maybe the opportunity afforded to us by our new friends might be taking us in that direction.

Anna agreed and asked about whether either of us would feel bad if the other had a liaison when the other wasn’t nearby; she teased me by suggesting that Marie and I find a place to fuck over our lunch hour. She was very descriptive.

I outlined a case where Ryan and Dave came by her store and took her to lunch — a takeout meal consumed naked on our bed just before the two men screwed the piss out of her before taking her back to work overflowing with their cum.

We both liked teasing and agreed that those kind of scenarios would be fine providing that we shared them in great detail with each other at the end of the workday.

Wednesday, Marie didn’t wear underwear. I know this for a fact because of how our desks are arranged in our open office area. When most of the other men were in a planning meeting, she flashed me. Flashing sounds too brief and random. Marie spread her legs in my direction and slowly rubbed her cunt with two fingers, even doing a little penetration and then sucking on her fingers. She was also licking her lips as she looked at me. This went on for several minutes. I was harder than a rock, and, although tempted, did not reciprocate.

What I did do, was invite several of the group, including Marie to lunch. I was clever about it. I knew that the people I invited other than Marie were highly likely to say no for one reason or another. Marie and I went to lunch alone.

We were at the apartment I shared with Anna in ten minute with a fast food order for the two of us. We had a mutual bout of oral sex and then fucked twice. We also took quick showers and wolfed down our lunches and were back at the office all within an hour. I liked living near work.

On the drive back to work, I asked Marie, “Will Dave get his nose out of joint about what we did?”

“No. We’ve talked about this kind of thing and encouraged each other to pursue some outside relationships. We are, however, VERY devoted to each other.”

I commented that Anna and I were feeling the same way about things. I urged her to get Dave to take Anna to lunch soon, hopefully with the same results that we’d achieved.

I did tell Anna about what Marie and I had done at lunch. I gave a lot of details. That fired her up and we had a long fuck session before we went out to dinner.

Friday, Marie informed me that Anna was going to get a luncheon invitation from her partner. That evening, Anna was still pumped up and horny from an hour fuck session over lunch that she and Dave had enjoyed. We had some fabulous reclamation sex.

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