Brother’s Dilemma Ch. 02: Honeypot

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Jason could see his hard sneer in the reflection of his laptop screen. His pulse thrummed in time with his aching jaw, his teeth creaked as he ground them together. The hammer of his fingers against the keyboard was like gun fire as he searched high and low for a work around to his sister’s cruel plan.

He had already hacked into the accounts of the people she had sent the photos to. Jason deleted the emails and scoured every bit of evidence that he could find online. One night Jason even snuck into Margie’s room and lifted her mobile while she was sleeping. Unfortunately for him, his sister had gone and encrypted it before he could gain access. The files sat there like tormenting little ghouls, but he could not determine which one contained the masters or even if they were the only copies. He supposed that he could just wipe her phone, but he fought that urge. Margie may have copies elsewhere and she would definitely expose him if he burned her mobile like that.

“Fuck,” Jason said with a sigh. “There has to be a way.”

It had hardly been a week since Margie had shown him the photos that she had found of him. Jason had thought he was being careful by concealing his face, but that damned tattoo on his hip had given him away. Now she went out of her way to embarrass him; sending him the photos when he was out with his friends, flashing her panties at him whenever she could, and even making lewd comments to him in front of their parents. One time she had even cornered him in the bathroom, made him strip down, get hard, and had him watch while she masturbated.

Jason felt the familiar blush creep up his cheeks with the memory. There was a part of him that didn’t want to admit how exciting it had been to stand there while she pleasured herself. He didn’t even need to stroke his cock to keep it hard. The most frustrating part was how badly he wanted to reach out and touch her while she did it. He even had to fight the urge to get on his knees and eat her out again.

The sound of Jason’s door opening made him jump. He almost slammed his laptop lid closed, but thought better about it. He turned toward his screen, opened his web cam recording software, minimized that window, and began casually typing away.

Margie made her way into the room with little respect for Jason’s privacy. She rapped mockingly on the face of his door while she was standing well in his bedroom. The day was hot and dad had refused to turn on the air conditioning, so the house was even hotter. Margie stood there in her customary short skirt, made even shorter by the sweltering humidity of the house. She was also wearing a black striped tank top that complimented her small breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but the tank top was hiking them up a little bit and making her seem perky. Despite the heat she had her raven locks down, spilling over her damp shoulders.

“Busy, big guy,” Margie said playfully, a smirk on her face that Jason didn’t catch.

“What do you want,” Jason asked. He opened a browser window and started typing.

Margie made her way into the room. Two steps from the doorway and she was behind Jason. She draped her slender wrists over his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his neck. Margie gave Jason a playful squeeze with the insides of her elbows before resting her chin on his shoulder.

“Looking for more material to jerk off to?”

“No,” Jason said, sighing.

“Good, because you’re going to have a hard time finding anyone that even remotely looks like me.”

Jason caught her reflection next to his in the laptop screen as it winked. He ground his teeth again, his jaw shifting hard enough that she had to have felt it pop against her cheek.

Margie didn’t miss a beat. She squeezed him tightly and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Jason flinched, tried to pull away from her, and turned to face her.

“What the hell do beşiktaş escort you want?”

Margie smiled at the question. Bending over more, she arched her back and stuck out her ass, her gaze level with his. Leaning forward, she licked his lips and giggled. Jason reached up to shove her away, but she let go before he did. Instead of sending her reeling, he rolled himself across the room. Margie turned her attention from Jason to his laptop, wiggling her backside as she looked over his browser tabs.

“Boring,” she said, shutting each one after a brief scan. She sighed as she closed the window. Jason tried to slide back to her as Margie began opening the programs at the bottom of the screen. He froze when she opened the web cam. Her darkened reflection was replaced with a sudden digital one as the web cam watched her knowingly. Margie tilted her head to the side and the image on the screen did the same. Playfully she raised her hand and wiggled her fingers. There was a brief delay between her action and her reflection’s response.

“What’s this,” Margie asked, her tone light as she stared into her own eyes.

“It’s nothing, Margie.”

“Oh, don’t say such mean things about me,” Margie said, “It’s obviously ‘something’ isn’t it?”

Jason swallowed.

Margie turned toward him and took him by the thighs. Gripping him tightly, she pulled him closer. The wheels on his chair squeaked and Jason swallowed again.

“You’re so damned lucky that I’m in a good mood,” Margie said. Her nails dug deep into the meet of his thighs, his jeans barely covering any of the pain. Jason opened his mouth, but no words came out. Just then, there was a thud from below and footsteps that reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Margret, honey,” came the voice of their mother.

“Yes, mom?”

“Your father and I are going to the shop for a bit. We’ll be back in a jiff.”

“Of course, mom. No hurry; I’ll keep Jason out of trouble,” Margie said as she grinned at Jason.

Jason looked to the door, but didn’t have the opportunity to shout. He heard the front door slam and the car start up.

Margie listened beside him. Holding him tightly with one hand, she opened the curtains with the other and watched as their parents drove away. She turned back to Jason and gave him a wide grin.

“Talk about timing,” Margie said. She pulled Jason closer, her fingers digging into his legs before she rubbed up his thighs. She licked his lips, reached over to his laptop, and closed the screen.

Jason’s eyes went from hers to his laptop. Sweat began building on his forehead as he watched the light on the side. It began blinking, telling him that his computer had gone to sleep. The damned thing wasn’t even recording audio anymore.

“Listen, Margie, it wasn’t anything. I was just playing with the camera.”

“Oh, be careful with that. Lord knows what kind of trouble you get into with a camera.”

“Not like that-“

“It’s a pity about the web cam though; it would have been quite the show.”

Jason cocked his head to the side, his eyes drifting slowly down before snapping back up again. He took a deep breath and tried to rub his palms dry on his pant legs. When Jason touched her fingertips he flinched.

“We both know what I want,” Margie said, her hands sliding to his hips. Her narrow thumbs pressed into the space between his thighs to keep him from rolling away. Jason took her by the wrists, but his palms were too wet and his hands shook too hard for him to get a firm grip. Margie laughed as she shook him off. Then she turned and sat in Jason’s lap, gasping playfully as she ground her backside into his crotch.

“Well, at least someone’s happy to see me,” Margie said with a grin.

Jason groaned and tried to shift his hard cock out from under her, but it was no use. Her wide şişli escort backside kept him pinned. Jason took her by the hips. Margie craned her neck back and kissed his cheek. The heat of Margie’s lips was scalding even against his already hot skin.

Slowly Margie began grinding against him, her hips popping from one side to the other. Her ass ground and pinned his sack, rolling it with her as his cock sat snugly between her cheeks. Margie took both handles of his chair and rolled her backside up and down now, biting her lip as the shaft rubbed against her heat.

Jason shook uncontrollably. His hands fidgeted for a place to be, hovering just above her hips or hanging limply at his sides. A part of him wanted to shove her as hard as he could, but another part wanted to take her by the hips. Jason groaned again as a chill of ran up his spine, edged with the anger of the position she had him in.

Before he could make up his mind, Margie leaned forward just enough so she could reach between the two of them. She took the button of his jeans and popped them open with a quick snap. Then she hooked the band of his underwear and tugged them down. Jason’s cock lept suddenly out at her, slapping against her ass cheek and shaking like a hungry animal.

Margie moaned as soon as she felt it and wiggled her backside. Reaching under her again, she pulled her panties aside and ran the tip through her lips.

“I can’t fuck you, Margie,” Jason said as he grabbed her hips, trying to hold her up.

“Yes you can,” Margie said, plunging herself on his cock. Jason groaned as she shifted and forced herself down on him. When she was at the limit she moaned.

“See? Just that easy.”

Jason’s fingers fidgeted and tangled in the hem of her skirt as Margie ground against him. She was the tightest Jason had ever been with and there was something about the way that she clenched around him made his balls swell. He tried to push her off, but all the strength in his arms was drained. He shook again and grabbed her hips.

The room spun as the chair creaked below Jason. Every time she would come down her ass would crash into him and almost knock the wind out of him. The hot, tightness of her pussy clenched rhythmically and made his cock swell painfully. Jason bucked under her, trying to throw her off, but Margie only took this as encouragement. She moaned and held the arms of the chair tightly, pulling herself to his length before falling suddenly back down.

Faster she bounced up and down, her moans barely drowning out the crash of her hips and the smacking of her ass cheeks together. Margie leaned forward, took her ankles, and cried as she gave Jason full view of the show. With her panties pulled aside Jason could see the glossy length of his shaft every time she pulled away. She was so wet that it was starting to make her panties damp. He groaned at the sight and let go of her hips. Jason gave her a hard slap across the backside that echoed through the room.

Margie yelped and took him by the wrist, squeezing him hard as she hovered there. After a moment she stood up and let go of him. Jason gasped as the warm air of the room hit him and he nearly doubled over. Margie put a hand on his chest and shoved him back. Reaching down, she dragged her middle finger, the nail painted a bubble gum pink, from his balls to the tip of his cock. When she was done, she ran it around Jason’s lips before sliding the digit into his mouth.

An explosion of tastes and smells collided in Jason’s head, going off like firecrackers as he tasted her lusts. Unconsciously he licked her finger clean as it sat in his mouth. Margie smiled at this and pulled her finger out with a pop.

“Come on, big guy,” she said, slapping his thigh. “Strip down and lay on your back.”

Jason almost swooned as he stood. His pants fell to bahçeşehir escort bayan the floor with little effort, but he had the hardest time with his underwear. Margie was laughing by the time he had his shirt off. When he was naked, Margie slapped him across the ass and pointed at the floor. Jason shook as he laid down, running his hands down his sides.

Margie had her tank top off with one tug. Her bare midriff was pale and limber, her abdomen graced with the shallow shading of muscle tone. Her breasts were pale and her nipples were as pink as the polish on her nails. When she took her panties off, Margie stared at Jason as he lay prone below her. She raised her foot and ground her toes into his sack, digging her heel into his thigh and laughing.

Jason flinched a bit and tried to roll away, but his hips were quickly pinned by her ankles. Margie had her hands on her hips and looked him over with a lustful glint in her eye. Jason’s heart raced as he looked up at her, the only stitch of clothes on her was her skirt and that hardly left anything to the imagination.

Slowly Margie got down on her knees and gripped his cock. Again she dragged the tip against her heat and moaned. Jason felt his balls clench and his hips lurched up at her. Margie gasped, and smiled down at him.

“Mmm, someone is excited,” she purred. Margie ground against him once before driving him deep inside of her. Jason moaned and tried to grab her hips, but it was too late. Margie took him by the wrists, leaned forward, and pinned his arms to the floor above his head. Holding him steady, she slowly began to bounce her hips up and down, her tits shaking in Jason’s face.

He tried to pretend he was somewhere else, but every time he did her nails would dig into his wrists. Margie’s hips were crashing into him hard enough to make Jason feel like he was going to break in half. Sweat dripped from Margie’s chest as she moaned and her nipples grazed his lips. After a while Jason began sucking on her tits the best he could, trying to catch them between his lips as they bounced.

Margie moaned and Jason bucked his hips, meeting her as she came back down. Her fingernails left crescent moon scars in his wrists. Margie gasped and screamed as she fucked him harder and harder. Her jaw rattled with each impact. Jason felt a familiar tingling lurch up his spine and he tried to shake his arms free.

“Margie, I’m going to cum.”

“Mmm,” Margie said, slamming her ass against him harder and digging her nails into his wrists. Jason flailed below her and tried to shake his arms loose, but it was no use. His vision exploded with white hot stars as his balls drained and filled Margie with hot cum. Margie moaned and let go of his wrists, leaning backward and stroking her clit quickly. Before he had finished, she came as well, shaking violently as she gulped in air.

Margie collapsed on top of him and laid there for a long while, her form rising and falling on Jason’s chest. All he could feel was her breath on his neck and his heart beat as it tried to force its way out of his chest. After a while, Margie sat up and wiggled her ass against his cum covered cock.

“Mmm, good boy. See? I told you that would be a good show,” she said, patting him on the chest. She stood up and stretched her legs, looking Jason over before taking her mobile out of her pocket. She took few quick shots of him, but Jason didn’t flinch. He was still trying to catch his breath as she walked out of the room.

Jason listened to Margie make her way down the hall to the bathroom. He smiled to himself when he heard the shower start up. When he was certain she was gone he got on his feet and went to his book shelf. There, leaning against a book, was one of his old phones. Black and featureless, the camera lens was facing his bedroom.

After the first time she came to him with the photos, he had rigged a power cable so that the old phone was constantly running a video feed to his desktop computer. Jason smiled as he woke up the computer and grinned when he saw that it had successfully recorded the whole thing.

“Got you, bitch,” Jason said, rewinding through the feed and trying to ignore his cock as it woke back up.

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