Brothers Return

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It was Friday night and I was sitting on my bed studying when my mother came into my room, a large smile on her face and her eyes puffy and red.

“Mom? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” I asked concerned as I jumped from the bed and walked over to her. “Why do you look like you’ve been crying?”

“Well…” Came a deep and familiar voice. “I might be the cause of it…”

“LUC!” I screamed, running over to my brother and hugging him fiercely, beginning to cry.

“Oh jeez… I come home, expecting you all to be happy to see me and you all start to cry! Maybe I’ll go back-“

“No!” I said through my tears as he tried to pull away from me. “I’m so happy to see you!” His chest vibrated under my cheek as he laughed and hugged me tighter, one hand on my back and the other holding my head to him.

“I’m happy to see you too Paige… More than you can imagine”

I should explain. My older brother Lucas, or Luc as he likes to be known, hasn’t been home in over a year and me and my family have had next to no contact with him in that time. A year and a half ago, when Luc had just turned 22, he completed his Navy training, earning him the status of a SEAL. He’d had to leave home to go training and we’d all been devastated to see him go, but knew he would be amazing and could achieve anything he set his mind to. He’d sent letters, telling us about the training and how hard it was, unimaginably so and the people he had met and wishing us well, but that had been it for a while. Then we’d heard he’d passed the training and we’d gone to see him.

I’d spotted him first, and, though it might be wrong, I gasped as I saw him standing there in his uniform. He’d looked so… appealing. And then he’d spotted me and smiled and my insides melted. I had never seen my brother as anything more than that, my brother, but I couldn’t help see him as more than that. As a man.

A handsome one at that.

Ever since, I’d been unable to think of Luc without getting a little hot under the collar.

But now, with his chest pressed tight against mine and his hands on my body, I was getting more than just hot.

I pulled back and flushed, from embarrassment or my body’s reaction, I don’t know. I looked up into his eyes, and smiled.

“I’m gonna go downstairs and get dinner on the go, give the two of you time to catch up. I’m glad your home Lucas.” She said hugging him before leaving us.

Luc walked into the room and looked around, his hands on his hips. “It’s changed… I remember your room was always pink and you had teddies on the bed… İkitelli Escort Now, its cream and there’s books everywhere…” He laughed to himself. “Go figure…” He walked over to my notice board and looked at all the pictures pinned up. “I don’t recognise that guy…”

“Which guy?”

“The one with the earring of a skull and his hand on your hip…” He said, looking over his shoulder at me, eyebrow raised.

I walked over and looked at the photo. It had been taken 3 months ago at a party and the guy in question had turned out to be a complete jerk by the end of the night. “That’s no one”.

I reached out and pulled the picture off the wall, tearing it and throwing it in the trash.

It was quiet for a while as I went and sat back on my bed, waiting for Luc to turn around and look at me. I was a little uncomfortable with him. I hadn’t seen him in so long and my secret feelings for him were making me nervous.

Finally, he turned and came to sit next to me, taking my hand in his. I smiled up at him and then looked at our hands. His thumb was rubbing circles in my palm, calming me.

“You look good Paige…” He said finally and I looked up to see his eyes travelling over me.

I had never been one of the pretty girls growing up, just an average girl with average looks and features. But as Luc had been away training and I’d turned 18, my body had transformed, making me a late developer. At 5″4, I’m slender and toned, all my work on the gymnastics team had paid off. My stomach is flat and I have a little definition, which I really like, but I love my nice curvy ass and my 32D breasts. My skin is a healthy creamy colour, my hair is chocolate brown and has always been curly, which I was teased about in school, but I think it’s pretty, so I always have my hair loose, except for competitions.

My eyes travelled all over Luc’s body. From his gorgeous face to his amazing body, I loved everything I saw. His brown hair was cut short from training and he had a little bit of stubble around his jaw and on his cheeks, but you could still see the harsh lines and definition. His eyes were sparkling and his lips were full and inviting. The tight white t-shirt he wore did nothing to hide the abs underneath, the ripples clearly visible and a brown leather jacket was stretched over broad shoulders. He wore black jeans over his long legs and black work boots, but my eyes became glued on his groin area as the denim was showing off a considerably sized lump.

I cleared my throat and dragged my eyes up to his İkitelli Escort Bayan face, to see he was staring at my chest, my cleavage on considerable show in my low cut v-neck sweater. I squirmed a little, growing hotter under his gaze. “You uh, you look good too” I said huskily as he looked at me.

We were quiet again, just staring at each other. There was an energy in the room and I felt the urge to reach out and touch him.

“You’ve changed…” He murmured, leaning into me and kissing my cheek.

“You too” I breathed as he kissed a path down to my neck, where he nibbled my skin. I moaned as his hand landed on my stomach, gliding slowly upwards towards my breasts.

“I don’t know why, hell, maybe I’ve gone too long without any, but I feel… I… fuck, I want you… I know you’re my sister, but…” He was murmuring in my ear as my breathing grew ragged. His hand was now on my breast and his thumb was flicking my hard little nipple through the knit material. “Paige, I’m sorry… You must think I’m a pervert” He said quickly, letting me go and about to move away, when I put my hand on his chest to stop him.

“Luc… I…” I breathed deeply and looked him square in the eye. “I’ve wanted you for almost two years, ever since we came to visit you. I’ve dreamt about you, about us. I get hot when I think of you and I… I…” I breathed out in a rush and put one hand in between my legs, over my mound and closed my eyes. “I can’t help but touch myself at night when I imagine us together.” I moaned as I rubbed my pussy through my jeans and my breathing grew ragged. “I want you so badly, I drive myself crazy thinking about you.” I groaned as I opened my eyes to see Luc staring at my hand, his mouth open, his breathing quick.

“Paige… Fuck… You’re hot…” He breathed, moving closer to me.

“Please Luc… I need you… Luc, kiss me… Please…” I moaned, my hand moving faster over my mound, bringing me closer to the orgasm I craved.

He tackled me down on the bed to hard and fast, my breath left me in a rush. His hand came over mine between my legs and guided it as he wanted. I moaned again as our chests met, my breasts crushed against his body and then his mouth met mine.

He kiss was erotic. He attacked my mouth with all he had and his tongue battled mine as we made out on my bed with our mother downstairs.

That thought made me want to pull away from him, fearing we’d be caught, but it also made me grow even hotter. Knowing the door was open and my mother could come in at anytime Escort İkitelli made a naughty trill course through me and I moaned into Luc’s mouth.

“I need to feel you…” I groaned as Luc expertly brought me closer to orgasm.

He pulled our hands away from my mound and I was about to whine when his groin met mine and he started rubbing himself against me, thrusting his denim covered cock into my denim covered pussy.

We both moaned a little too loud as Luc’s hips really started speeding up, making the feel of his erection against me bring me to completion.

“Oh… Oh Luc, yes! I’m there… Oh Luc, I’m cumming!” I groaned as quiet as possible as my pussy erupted and I drowned in the pleasure of my orgasm. My panties were soaked and my jeans must have showed a little dampness. I kissed Luc’s neck and grabbed his ass, grinding against him more firmly, riding out my orgasm.

“Luc? Paige? Are you alright up there?” I heard my mother shout from downstairs.

“Oh fuck… Paige, oh, I’m cumming… Oh fuck!” Luc murmured into my hair and he thrust one last time before he stiffened and I felt his cock surge against me. He breathed harshly against my neck as his orgasm washed through him and he nuzzled me.

“Paige? Luc?” My mother shouted louder.

“Yeah Mom, we’re fine! Just talking!” I shouted back, hoping my breathlessness didn’t show. Luc laughed low against my neck and bit into my skin. I moaned low again and punched his in the arm, telling him to stop. He just licked the spot and moved up to my mouth, kissing me more gently.

“Well, I decided to order take out. Indian. It should be here in five minutes, so wanna come down and get some plates ready?” She shouted back.

Luc left my mouth and sat up on his elbows. “Sure Mom… We’ll be down in a sec…”

“Okay, well, hurry up. The delivery just arrived.” She shouted as the doorbell rang.

I looked at Luc as he looked at me and we began to laugh. He lay back down on top of me and kissed me again, his tongue licking at me. I ran my hands from his ass, up his back to his shoulders and then pushed him off me. I sat up and looked at him lying on my bed. “Mmm… Well, as much as I enjoyed that, and I really really enjoyed that, I’m hungry. I’m gonna get cleaned up.” I said as I stood and went to my bathroom.

“Paige?” Luc said from behind me. I turned and he grabbed me, pulling me against him again and kissed me forcefully. I couldn’t get enough of him and wound my arms around his neck, kissing him back.

We pulled apart and he smiled at me. “You’re a hot fucking fox, little sister… I can’t wait for more of you…”

I stepped forward and cupped his groin in my hand. He groaned as I massaged him. “And you, big brother, are incredible…” I let him go suddenly and went into my bathroom, closing the door on his grinning face.

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