Brothers , Sisters Vol II: Filling the Void

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“That girl keeps looking at you,” Beth said icily.

Michael perked up at that. “Which girl?” His head craned conspicuously as he scanned the crowded bar.

“Over there, by the pool table,” Beth said with annoyance. “She’s got a nice smile, too.”

“Yeah, she is cute,” Michael agreed, finally finding the young woman in question. “She looks sweet.”

Beth rolled her eyes and took a long sip of her mai tai. “Women aren’t sweet, Michael. They’re all cold-hearted and catty. She probably wants something from you.”

Michael snorted into his beer. “Whatever. Like you are somehow exempt from that assessment?”

“No,” Beth shot back. “I’m the worst of them. That’s how I know.”

“I don’t know. She looks nice. I’m going to go talk to her.”

Michael started to get up from his stool. Beth’s hand landed on his arm.

“No, brother, let me set the hook for you. We’ll give her the one-two punch and she won’t be able to resist.”

Michael’s eyes narrowed. “Do we always have to do that? Can’t I just meet a girl on my own?”

Beth ignored him and slipped from her seat. Michael watched his twin sister walk away. Beth was a knockout: 5’ 9”, slender, with long naturally blonde hair that framed her stunning face. Icy blue eyes sat above a pert nose and luscious pink lips. She maintained a flawless medium tan year-round, with no bikini tan lines. She carried herself with poise and grace. Guys always ogled her, but she was aloof to their advances.

She took a meandering route so as to not look too obvious. She eventually sidled up next to the young woman, getting her attention and putting her lips to the woman’s ear to talk over the loud music.

“Hey! I’m Beth.”

“Hi! Mollie.”

“Hey, my brother thinks you’re cute, but he’s too shy to ask.”

“That’s your brother?” Mollie asked with relief, gesturing toward Michael with her head. “I was worried he was your date.”

“Yep, he’s my twin brother. His name is Michael.”

“Twins. Cool. He’s gorgeous.”

“Wanna go meet him?”

“Um, yeah, sure. Thanks, Beth!”

Beth took Mollie by the hand and led her through the morass of people that filled the club. As they neared Michael, Mollie was smiling with anticipation. He was an Adonis: 6’ 2”, athletic but not overly muscular, with strong wide shoulders, close-cut hair and an approachable demeanor. He smiled at everyone, talked easily with anyone and was instantly likeable. His face beamed with warmth and a deeply masculine handsomeness that any woman would find difficult to ignore.

Beth slapped Michael on the knee. He was staring the other way, pretending he didn’t see them parade toward him. He turned to face them, and gave Mollie and warm, sexy grin. He liked her dark bobbed hair, which framed her wide, feminine face.

Beth introduced them. They hit it off immediately, and spent the next ten minutes chatting loudly over the club music that pulsed around them.

Beth watched them talk, barely able to hear the conversation, but recognizing all the body language. This Mollie was everything that she was not. Beth was tall, sophisticated, blonde, tan, aloof, even cynical. Mollie was shorter, brunette, completely girly, and almost transparent in her persona. She watched Michael warm to Mollie’s open manner.

‘She’s a fucking schoolgirl,’ Beth decided in her head. Mollie’s smile was wide and toothy. Her posture was very receptive, and she noticed the two had moved closer together as they talked. ‘Men fall for the simplest creatures,’ she mused. She regarded her own, more polished, appearance, and considered all the effort she put into maintaining it. Beth shook her head.

‘Oh, their fucking hands are touching!’ Beth was starting to fume as she saw Michael’s knuckles contact Mollie’s smaller hands.

Finally Mollie broke long enough to announce to the both that she was going to use the ladies’ room, and left her drink on their table. She smiled one last time at Michael and disappeared into the crowd in the direction of the toilet.

Beth started in immediately. “Okay, Michael, you gotta do this one.”

“What? Why? Beth, come on, not this time,” Michael pleaded.

“Nope. No fucking way, Mike. You HAVE to.”

“No, Beth. I think I really like this girl. She’s so sweet. I’m not going to.”

“Fuck you, Mike. You’ll do it.” Beth turned away, sucking on the bright pink straw of her cocktail.

Michael’s face fell in sadness. He looked over at Beth, who was completely ignoring him. His face went through a range of expressions, from defiance to rage to acquiescence. Finally his gaze fell to the floor, and his posture sagged.

Mollie reappeared next to Michael, and his face came alive again. The two resumed their chatting. Beth peeked over, and saw with burning satisfaction that Michael’s apparent happiness was forced. He was devastated, she knew. She had just crushed him again, and he was using all his effort to hide it, from her and from Mollie.

Mollie didn’t seem to notice, and she fell further and further under Michael’s spell. Under Beth’s peripheral watch, Mollie flirted away, laughing and smiling and touching casually. Beth looked on with gratuitous satisfaction as Mollie and Michael played the game. Soon Mollie had a hand on his bicep, and soon another on his knee. Beth grinned smugly and looked away, certain that the trap was ready to be sprung.

Beth led the way to the parking lot, with Michael leading Mollie out by the hand. The twins piled into Beth’s Jetta, and Mollie followed them to their place in her Corolla.

Michael opened a bottle of wine while Beth gave Mollie a quick tour of their two-bedroom apartment. Mollie fawned over the cat, picking her up and carrying her to the couch. Michael returned from the kitchen and filled three glasses with a midrange Merlot.

The chatting and flirting resumed in earnest, no longer hindered by the din of the bar. Beth sat with the cat in an armchair, while the two would-be lovers sat close on the small couch. When the clock turned to 2am, Beth announced that she was heading for bed, and shot Michael a knowing look.

“Hey, brother, can you give me a hand quick? The bathroom door keeps sticking.”

Michael’s expression fell, and he solemnly followed his twin sister to the bathroom. Mollie worked on coaxing the cat onto her lap.

“Okay, Michael, time to make it happen.”

“Beth, come on…”

“Stop being a fucking baby. You know the deal. At least make it worth her while.”


“Michael, if your cock doesn’t smell like cunt slime by the time I wake up, I will hurt you. You don’t want me to hurt you again, do you?”

Michael’s face flushed with humiliation. “No,” he stammered, fighting back the urge to cry.

“Good, then make sure your cock stinks like her pussy, and I won’t have to.” Beth spun around and closed the bathroom door in Michael’s face.

Mollie left around 4am. She was so touched. Michael was a gentle and generous lover. Despite their alcohol-fueled passion, he was deliberate and tender. As she’d mounted him and rode him to orgasm, she was astonished to watch him tear up when his climax arrived. It was too soon to call it love, of course, but she felt a closeness with Michael that she’d not had with a man for a some time, and as she dressed in the darkness, she was already looking forward to their next time together.

Mollie left her number with a smiley face on a note on the coffee table. Michael was sleeping peacefully, so she kissed him softly and let herself out, careful not to let the cat out. She drove home with a big smile on her face and a pleasant warmth between her legs.

Michael was relieved when he heard Mollie leave. He always hated pretending to be asleep, and he was always surprised that women couldn’t tell. He popped up and locked the front door, and strode anxiously to Beth’s bedroom.

Beth had heard Mollie leave as well. She could never sleep on these nights. The anticipation was just too intense. It felt like an eternity before Mollie left, and Michael’s footsteps down the hall signaled the end of the wait. She sat up and counted the steps.

Michael swung the door wide open, and Beth’s bedroom was bathed in the faint light from the hallway nightlight. Michael stood in full silhouette, and she could tell he was completely nude. His genitals hung low and pendulous, as ripened fruit heavy with sugar and juices. She felt the first jolt go through her crotch, and she flung back the covers to expose her own naked form.

“Well, Michael, how was she? Was it any good?”

“Jesus, Beth, just check for yourself,” Michael said with izmit escort bayan feigned annoyance.

“Well, then bring it over here,” she ordered.

Michael strode to the foot of the bed and knelt on the mattress. He continued his forward movement on his knees, his silhouette slowing turning into a recognizable man. Beth absentmindedly licked her lips expectantly.

With childlike enthusiasm, Beth threw herself back on the bed as Michael approached. He straddled her narrow torso, and she felt his cock and balls drag over her chest as he negotiated his position. Finally she felt his knees against her armpits, and she saw his cock but an inch from her mouth. Beth’s saliva production accelerated, and she swallowed heavily, anxious to have her brother’s organ in her mouth.

Beth lifted her head from the pillow and pressed her nose against Michael’s flaccid member. She inhaled deeply, and the foreign but recognizable odor of another woman’s vaginal fluids filled her nose.

“Oh God, that skanky bitch left her scent all over you, Michael.”

Beth breathed in again, her eyes closing as she did so. The electricity in her crotch was nearly overwhelming.

“That fucking bitch! How dare she? Fuck, Michael, you’re cock’s all crusty,” Beth hissed, her voice a mix of derision and lust.

Michael opened his mouth to speak, but Beth got there first.

“I’d better clean it off, huh? We don’t want that fucking whore’s juice all over you,” Beth breathed as she took her last inhalation of Michael’s sex-crusted phallus. Satisfied she’d gotten her full enjoyment from the scent, Beth popped his still-flaccid cock into her mouth.

One of Beth’s favorite things in the entire world was feeling Michael’s cock stiffen in her mouth. She had trained him to remain flaccid as long as possible so as to allow her such a pleasure. She wasn’t sure what it was she like so much about that sensation, but she did know that it was a perfect illustration of the kind of control over Michael that she so desperately enjoyed. She savored the knowledge that she could arouse him so instantaneously, at HER command.

Michael’s shriveled cock ballooned in her mouth, and Beth swallowed hungrily to keep his entire length encased in her control. She deepthroated him expertly, her tongue even snaking out underneath to touch his hairless scrotum. She reached around Michael’s bare thigh to massage his balls. She stroked his ass crack lightly, anxious to tease him, but not yet ready to release her oral hold.

Michael felt his cock absorb into the hot moist space of his sister’s mouth. He closed his eyes involuntarily, feeling the familiar sensation of his ultra-rapid erection coming to bear on her throat.

He looked down at Beth. Her jaw was gapingly wide to fit his thick cock, and as her mouth slid to take in his fully engorged length, he watched her eyes roll back into her head. He thought she looked like a snake eating a rat, the way its jaw dislocates to handle the girth of its prey. The whites of her eyes showed as she hypnotically bobbed her head.

Sometimes he wanted to just skull-fuck her. He loved her slow, teasing cocksucking, but sometimes he wished he could just ram it home and explode in her mouth. But he couldn’t. She wouldn’t let him. Not ever. He sighed deeply, and emptied his mind of such distracting thoughts. Beth started playing with his balls, and he surrendered himself fully to her well-practiced ministrations.

Beth finally released her suction hold on Michael’s phallus. Her neck muscles were getting sore, and her head fell back onto the pillow to her relief. In the process, Michael’s cock was left in midair, glistening with Beth’s saliva, and pulsing perceptibly in the dark bedroom air.

Michael crawled off of his sister, taking in her naked body in the pale light. He leaned down and pressed his mouth to hers. Quickly her tongue slipped into his mouth. The two lingered in a passionate, hungry kiss. Beth finally broke it.

“Oh God, even your mouth tastes like that slut. Did you eat her box?”

Michael nodded with a big grin. Beth grinned back.

“You’re disgusting. That filthy whore didn’t deserve it.”

Michael couldn’t respond when Beth pulled his head in for another hot kiss. She licked his lips and mouth, taking in all of his earlier lover’s remaining tastes and scents. Michael managed a word in.

“But you do.”

Beth smiled proudly. “Yes, I do, don’t I? In order to make up for having chowed her nasty cunt, you have to eat my beautiful clean one.”

Michael nodded, and dutifully moved himself down between her legs. Beth lifted her legs high and far apart. She felt her brother’s hands on her thighs, and sighed peacefully as she felt his warm mouth on her labia.

Michael lapped and licked carefully and tenderly. Beth’s body tingled at his touch. She bit her lip as his tongue grazed her clit, and her back arched in response.

“Tell me my cunt is beautiful, Michael.”

Michael took a breath from his efforts. “It’s the most beautiful cunt in the world, Beth.”

“Tell me you love my cunt. Tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Beth. I love your cunt, and I love licking your cunt.”

With this, Michael plowed himself into her folds, pressing his tongue into her, feeling her vagina absorb his tongue. Beth moaned loudly, and her hands tumbled through his short hair.

Slowly, patiently, expertly, Michael brought his sister to orgasm. Her hips rocked against his head. As climax approached, Beth’s legs wrapped around Michael’s neck. His strong shoulders bore her weight, and her hips left the bed. He supported her by putting his hands on her small, shapely buttocks, giving them a tender squeeze as the first waves of orgasm washed over Beth.

When her body had recovered from the shock of her intense climax, Beth released her crushing grip on Michael’s shoulders, and reached down to feel the heat emanating from her highly stimulated crotch. She looked down at her brother, his face flushed and sticky. The twins lay in repose, catching their breath and enjoying the moment of closeness.

Finally Beth spoke.

“Time to go to the special place,” Beth said softly, using their code word.

Michael simply nodded. His cock ached, and he pressed it harder against the bed.

Beth lifted her legs up again, spreading them wide, and tilted her hips up. Michael leaned in and pressed his tongue against her now exposed anus. He lapped at it briefly, leaving ample saliva for lubrication. Michael loved Beth’s ass. She always kept it clean and neat, and this was always his favorite part of their sex life. He actually loved the taste. But this moment was just preparation, and he didn’t linger long.

Michael sat upright, and pressed his swollen cockhead against Beth’s wetted anus. He looked his sister in the eye and leaned in. His heavy phallus slid easily into her butt, and he started stroking into her gently.

Other than the use of her alternate orifice, the two made tender love as any other couple would: lots of caresses, passionate kissing, exploration with hands and lips. Michael’s hips pistoned unfailingly and with precise frequency. Beth felt her rectum fill up and empty with each stroke. She adored the feeling of having her brother in her ass. It just felt perfect. She never came this way; like any woman she needed clitoral or vaginal stimulation for that. But this was the emotional apex of their lovemaking.

Beth knew that no other woman would ever offer up her anus for Michael’s enjoyment. At least, she would never let any woman get that close to Michael for it to come to that. This was the core of her control over her brother; her special place was a symbol for their inseparability. Michael truly believed that no woman could ever love him as much as Beth, and the proof was his regular access to her in this way.

The consequence for Beth was a permanently stretched anus. She brought Michael into her rectum several times a week on average. But she had long ago adjusted to the consequent changes in her bowel movements. It was all worth it to have Michael’s undying love and obedience.

After several minutes of deep thrusting into the depths of her ass, Michael finally reached orgasm. He emptied himself deep inside her, and she swooned when she felt the hot liquid spill into her cavity. After pumping until empty, Michael collapsed in exhaustion across his sister’s sweaty naked body, and promptly fell asleep. It was his second lengthy sexual engagement of the night, and it was also nearly dawn.

Beth lay beneath her brother, comforted by his weight upon her, kocaeli escort bayan and by his continued phallic presence in her butt. She felt his ejaculate move around in her cavity, and she relished the sensation. Slowly, though, she felt his cock shrink and retreat. Eventually it slipped out altogether, and she suddenly felt empty. Michael’s cum dribbled from her loose sphincter. Beth drifted into a warm pleasant slumber, secure in the embrace of her brother, her closest friend and lover for at least another day.

Beth and Michael had performed this bizarre ritual hundreds of times. The involvement of other women for Michael’s use had evolved in the past year, and had only been done a few dozen times. It became Beth’s latest perversion, but was borne out of Michael’s vocal desire to meet other women. This terrified Beth, of course. She had never known another man’s touch, having decided very early on that Michael was the only man she could love. Michael had felt the same until recently, when he started to recognize that their love could never be recognized or admitted. He longed for a legitimizing love, and while he loved Beth more than he could possibly tell her, he also yearned for the freedom to move beyond her.

So Beth, recognizing that she might lose Michael if she didn’t let him taste the forbidden fruit, decided to actually help him meet women. She had to, lest she not be able to control the situation. So she started taking him out, identifying girls that fit her profile.

For one, they must not look or act anything like her. It was crucial that Michael never confuse anyone with her. They must be attractive enough for Michael to get excited about, but not so beautiful as to threaten her place in his heart. The women must be sexual enough that they would sleep with him on the first date, because she absolutely forbade second dates. That would lead to a relationship, and commitment, and the collapse of their carefully ordered life.

And so Beth started helping Michael get laid, but always with the secret purpose of driving him even closer to her. Michael relished his brief moments of sex with these women, grieving for their brevity, wishing he could see them again, and love them, and maybe marry them. For all his sexual prowess, Michael was a full-blown romantic. He lived to cherish women, and that was exactly what drove Beth’s fears.

She had to vilify them, make them seem dirty and unlovable. Michael was a disgusting fool for sleeping with them, and she had to make him right again afterwards. She cleaned away the filth of the other woman’s claim on her man. She learned to love the taste of other women’s pussies by sucking their juices off Michael’s shaft. She had to keep him in her orbit, keep him under her control. Losing Michael would be losing herself. She was sure she would die without him. She dwelled on this often, and it took all her emotional strength to hide her weakness and her fear from her beloved brother.

But something happened differently this time. Before entering Beth’s bedroom, Michael had secretly stashed Mollie’s number. It had nearly broken his heart to have used the girl in this way, and though he loved his reward from Beth, something about Mollie made him determined to see her again. It was his turn to plot and scheme. He was no fool; he knew he lived under Beth’s tight control. But for the first time, he actually found himself wishing he didn’t.

Moliie retrieved her voicemail between her morning classes. She was thrilled to hear that it was Michael. She was, true to fact, a very sweet girl, and it had gone against her first instincts to sleep with Michael that first night. But she’d felt safe that the presence of his twin sister would have prevented things from getting out of hand had she changed her mind. That didn’t happen, of course, and they were a darling pair, Michael and Beth. The cat had sealed the deal for her.

She’d only slept with five guys in her life: three in high school, and so far just two in college. Each had been a serious boyfriend. Michael was in fact the lone exception, and his voicemail gave her hope that she hadn’t misjudged him. Five days; she had started to worry he wouldn’t call at all, but that was no longer a concern.

He sounded somewhat mysterious, his voice hushed and his speaking rapid. But the content of his message was what interested her, and it was agreeable; he wanted to see her again. There was something delightfully naïve about Michael. It was as if he’d never dated before. He lacked all the typical chauvinistic mannerisms of guys, especially those in their mid-twenties.

He did not, in fact, leave a number to call, but the caller ID on her cell phone hinted that it might be a work number; the area code didn’t match where she knew their apartment to be.

He indicated he’d call her later when he was free to talk. He did so, hours later in the mid-afternoon. This time, she excused herself from class to answer it.

“Hi Michael. I’m so glad you called.”

“Hi, Mollie. It’s great to hear your voice.”

She smiled at his words. His tone was so earnest; she knew he couldn’t be lying. They caught up for a few minutes.

“So, when can I see you again?” Michael asked expectantly.

“I don’t know, this weekend, I guess. Maybe the three of us can get together for pizza or something.”

Michael was silent. “Um, maybe. Beth’s been really busy. Maybe we should hook up with her some other time. How about a movie?”

Mollie missed the cue. “Sure, whatever.”

“Tell you what. If we can meet up and your place, I’ll make you dinner.”

“Deal! My place is pretty small, but I’m game. Saturday night okay?” Mollie no longer held any doubts about Michael.

“Great, give me your address. I’ll come over at 6.”

Beth sat alone at the apartment, stewing in an emotional sepsis. She tried desperately to watch the sad parade of reality TV programming aimed at her demographic, but nothing could distract her very long from the pronounced and painful absence of her beloved Michael. He’d left a cryptic and utterly unsatisfying note on the counter referring to a ‘night out with the guys’, but in some deep burning corner of her twisted heart, she knew he was out with her. She also knew with the same certainty that she was going to lose her grasp on him.

Beth alternated between making tall, generous cocktails for herself, and sobbing with grief. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Beth pictured Michael, his perfect body and handsome face contorted with the expressions of sex. But instead of imagining herself underneath him, she obsessed over the presence of that dreadful Mollie. Beth languished, forcing herself to visualize Mollie’s legs around Michael’s waist. She felt herself gag when she conjured up graphic images of his glistening cock sliding over and over into that slut’s ragged cunt. Beth vocalized with a muted scream and ran to the bathroom. The sound of her vomiting carried through the empty apartment. The cat, confused, hid under Beth’s bed.

Beth was making a vain attempt at sleep when she heard the front door open quietly. She smirked angrily, knowing that Michael was trying his best to be inconspicuous upon his return home. Wisely, Beth noted, he made no attempt to greet her or otherwise disturb her. Eventually, slightly sated by the knowledge that Michael was at least home safe, Beth drifted into an exhausted sleep.

Beth had already decided not to bring it up by the time Sunday morning came around. Beth was up first, and Michael showed up bare-chested in the kitchen as his tanned, slender sister was whisking batter for pancakes. They ate in silence, and Michael made his own estimations regarding his sister’s emotional distance. In point of fact, he was grossly underestimating.

Beth decided to take a sick day on Monday. Michael had already left for work, and Beth made the call. She was by nature a healthy, vivacious person who was rarely ill, so her employer bore her no ill will on the matter. She was, in fact, in perfect physical health. But emotionally, Beth was a wreck. Sunday had passed at a geologic pace, and even Michael had grown uncomfortable enough to suggest they see a movie to mask the awkward silence.

She rolled around in bed for a while, but she already knew how she would spend part of her day. After a lazy breakfast, Beth began a systematic, non-destructive search of Michael’s bedroom. She was not yet ready to toss the room in some dramatic mobster fashion. So she instead carefully lifted and replaced items as she searched. It took only ten minutes for Beth to find what she was looking for. She took kocaeli escort her time getting ready, making sure she looked her scene-stealing best, before heading to the car.

It was a statistical anomaly that Mollie was even home when Beth buzzed her apartment’s call box.

“Hi Mollie, it’s Beth. Michael’s sister.” Beth burned as she said it, using her well-practiced cheery tone.

“Oh, hey,” Mollie was perplexed, but recovered quickly. “Come on up,” she added, and keyed the door switch. Forty-five seconds later, there was a knock on her door.

“Hi, Beth, come on in!” Mollie actually like Beth, from what she’d experienced that first night. She was a little overly-coiffed for Mollie’s taste, but she had a caustic sense of humor that she enjoyed, and since Beth had been the one to introduce her to Michael, Mollie figured she must have passed the sister’s test.

“So, what brings you by, Beth?”

Beth’s forced smile vanished, her eyes took on their icy glare. What followed, if overheard by a passerby, would have sounded like a traditional love triangle argument between the two competing parties. Beth lashed out verbally at Mollie, using horrendous language and cutting deeply into Mollie’s sensitive nature.

The worst, of course, was that for the first time, Beth had completely and dramatically exposed her torrid, if illegal, relationship with her brother. The news landed on Mollie like a crushing ocean wave. She immediately resisted it as a terrible lie, but the ferocity of Beth’s confrontation was proof enough.

Mollie was devastated, naturally. Her legs weakened and she fell back onto the small sofa. Beth was relentless, and Mollie could barely get a word in edgewise. Worse, she didn’t even know what to say. Within minutes, she had gone slack and hid her face in her arms, begging Beth to leave. Just as the gentle-natured Mollie was steeling herself to force Beth out, the raving woman abruptly stopped and disappeared noiselessly from the apartment.
Michael’s call several hours later was not unexpected, and Mollie had to make herself answer it. The conversation was short, decidedly terse on her part, and it repeatedly involved her use of the phrase, ‘how could you sleep with your own sister?’. Michael’s heart sank, and when Mollie ended he call, he kept the phone to his ear, dejected.

Michael returned home that night furious with his sister. Her action, beyond cruel and unnecessary, was stupid. She’d risked their entire relationship to act territorial. As he pulled into the apartment complex parking lot, he put on his normal face and made his way up to their apartment.

Each pretended the other didn’t know what had happened. The siblings ate dinner together as normal, which, though slightly awkward, was delicious and somehow reassuring. Normalcy seemed to be returning.

Toward the end of a mellow night of TV, Michael was feeling amorous. He massaged her feet, kissing her toes tenderly. Beth was surprised, but she took it as a clear sign that Michael had come to his senses and realized how precious their love was. She gave herself to his advances.

Beth turned off the TV and straddled Michael on the couch. She pressed her lovely face to his and sucked his lips into her mouth. Michael’s hands were immediately groping. Beth’s supermodel frame required no bra, and his hands coursed over her smooth back, under her baby-tee, eventually coming around the front to find her small pert breasts. Her nipples were stiffened, and Beth shivered as her brother’s familiar touch caressed them. She chewed on his lower lip and thrust her crotch against him. With that, Michael picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.

The siblings reenacted their traditional lovemaking routine. Michael straddled Beth’s narrow torso. She took him lovingly into her mouth, relishing with satisfaction that she had earned his love this time. She was exceedingly loving and generous as she sucked on his cock, taking extra time to deep throat, tease the head, lick the length; she even took his hairless scrotum into her mouth. Michael noticed the extra attention and made sure his appreciation was vocalized.

Before he got too close to orgasm, Michael withdrew from the delightful confines of his sister’s mouth, and descended to his familiar cunnilingus position. Beth readily parted her legs. Michael reciprocated his sister’s attentive oral ministrations, bringing her to orgasm slowly, lovingly, tenderly, passionately. His tongue plied her wet folds like the sharp prow of a ship through gentle waters.

Michael felt her thighs tighten around his head has her climax came on. He intensified, pushing her faster to her orgasm. She swooned with great emotion, he noticed, and Michael understood the significance of his giving act for his sister this night.

Finally the time came for the ‘special place’. They worked as a practiced team as Michael slid effortlessly into Beth’s warm rectum. Beth played with her nipples, and Michael sucked on her toes. She spread her labia wide, feeling Michael’s pubis land against her clit. She relished that favorite feeling of fullness, the ebb and flow of Michael’s looming presence in her anus. She decided to masturbate to orgasm one more time. She wanted them to come together. Beth watched his face intently, looking for cues to his impending climax.

Finally Michael could no longer delay the inevitable. His nuts tightened and began to pump semen. He groaned loudly as his seed spilled deep inside his sister’s ass. She sped up her clitoral contact, and her second orgasm arrived seconds after his.

Beth was just enjoying the final tingles of her orgasm when the lovemaking routine changed unexpectedly. At this point Michael normally fell asleep on top of her, one of her favorite parts of their ritual. This time, however, Michael remained upright and stared Beth right in the eye.

Beth was opening her mouth to ask Michael what was wrong. The words never came out. Michael suddenly clamped both hands over his sister’s mouth, clamping her nose and mouth closed. At first she thought he was joking, but his grip was cruel and heavy. Beth began to panic.

Within seconds, Beth’s panic was at full intensity. She started to kick wildly, and her slender arms flailed helplessly. Beth’s waifish frame was no match Michael’s robust physique. Her panic and exertion accelerated her body’s consumption of oxygen, and in a haze of terror, bewilderment and deep sadness, Beth slowly lost her fight for survival. Beth’s eyes rolled back in her head, her mind no longer registering the image of her brother and lover on top of her, taking her life as his shrinking phallus still lingered in their most sacred shared space.

“Hello?” Mollie had moved on. She had been deliberate about not getting hung up on Michael. The situation was so bizarre as to be unbelievable, and she didn’t want any part of it.

“Mollie, it’s Michael. It’s okay. She’s gone. We can be together again.” His voice was boyish and naïve, and it shook with nervous energy.

“Jesus, Michael, don’t call me. You fucking freak!” Mollie didn’t want to hear any of it.

“But listen, Beth is not going to bother us anymore!” Michael’s earnestness was startling.

“I don’t care, Michael. You guys are sick. I don’t even want to hear about it.”

“She had me under her spell, but not anymore. Mollie, listen to me. I love you and I want to be with you. We can be together now, forever. Beth is not going to bother us anymore.”

Something about that statement gave Mollie chills. “What do you mean, Michael?”

“I mean she’s gone. Forever.”

Mollie’s blood went cold. “What do you mean, Michael? Where did she go?”

“She’s just gone. Now we can be togeth—“

Mollie cut him off. “What the fuck did you do, Michael?” Mollie’s heart was racing.

“I made things right. It doesn’t matter. But now we can—“

“Jesus, Michael, what did you do?”

“Mollie, I did it for you,” Michael offered weakly.

Mollie was already dialing 911 from her seldom-used landline. She heard the operator answer.

“Michael, I have to call you back,” Mollie breathed as she hung up on him.

It broke Mollie’s gentle heart to talk with the 911 operator, and even more so when the detective called her back. But nothing was more heartbreaking than finding out that her suspicions were true. Beth’s lifeless body was laying in her bed, lovingly dressed, her cosmetics touched up, her hair brushed. Michael had confessed without hesitation.

Mollie had nearly put the incident behind her when, nearly a year later, she read in the paper that Michael had hanged himself in prison. As twisted and deformed as her one-time lover had been, she understood the depth of closeness Michael had shared with his sister. She wept briefly, then discarded the paper and vowed to never think of Michael and Beth ever again.

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