Brown Sugar Happening

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Continuing the “Brown Sugar” series, this one, like the others is autobiographical with only the names changed. Some of the episodes will land in the “Interracial” category, while others, such as this one, will be in the “Gay Male” category. And as I have done so far, the titles will ascend in the alphabet, with this one being “Brown Sugar Happening”. Please enjoy, and thanks for reading.


I have been enjoying the partying, the fucking, and the lovemaking that my man Henri had brought into my life. He had shared his woman, and a friend with me, and he and I had met another woman who had joined us for some good times. Our relationship was based on the sex that we had, but he and I enjoyed doing other things together as well.

He phoned me, early on a Tuesday morning, to tell me that he would be at my place after work, around 4PM, for a few hours, and that he wanted me cleaned out. I told him that I would be ready for him when he got here. As I hung up the phone, I considered that he hadn’t asked me about coming over, or asked me if I wanted him to fuck me, or even talked as if he would be pleasuring me. He had only said that he needed to fuck, and wanted my ass to be ready for him.

I spent the rest of the morning, cleaning myself up, and douching well, getting my ass pussy ready and straightening my place up.

Just before 4 PM, Henri got to my place, and once inside, pulled me to him and kissed me hard, possessively. He bit my lower lip then released it, saying: “I have been missing this body, baby. I need me some of that white pussy of mine. Get in the bed and lube that hole while I shower.”

Knowing that I was going to get to have my man soon, I went to the bed, undressed, and squirted some Astrolube into my ass. In just a few minutes I heard the shower stop, and he came into the bedroom, tossing his towel onto the chair.

He knelt on the side of the bed, beside my face, and offered his cock to me. I took it into my mouth to begin giving him a blowjob. He stopped me, and said: “Get that head wet so I can get it into your pussy, you can suck it later.”

He rolled me to my hands and knees, and pushed in, hard, all the way. This was the driest that I had ever had him, and even though I had put some lube in my ass, I could really feel the entry that he had made. Holding my hips he began stroking, full, long strokes, getting the most pleasure for his cock.

As the lube got spread throughout my ass and on his cock, he could stroke easier, and I could take him easier. He grabbed my pony tail and pulled me back toward him as he rammed his meat to me. Pulling my hair forced my back to arch down, pushing my ass up to him. He knew how to fuck hard, and he did it relentlessly. It didn’t take long for these hard strokes to work on my emotions. I felt him deep inside me every time he hit bottom, bruising, pleasuring my insides.

He stroked, he rammed, he pushed as deep as he could, and has his moves made me cum deep inside, he didn’t let up to let me ride through it. I was having a hard time breathing, collecting myself, but he kept stroking. He let go of my hair, and again grabbed my hips, and pulled me onto himself as he roared: “I am cummmmiiinnnnnggggg. Take this load, baby.”

He pushed me ahead, off of his cock, and then got off the bed. I laid flat and turned over, looking up at him and saying: “Come to me, baby, get on me and make love to me. His reply took me by surprise.

Henri said: “Marcus is coming by, I told him how to get here, and I need you to take care of him for awhile. I have to go with Althea over to Mobile. He should be here any minute. You will have him and his big cock all to yourself for the evening.”

I replied: “Baby, Marcus isn’t the one that I want to take care of. I want to give it up to you. You are my man. Why?”

He answered: “I told you before that Marcus is my old friend, and that if he needs it, that you can give it up to him. He told me that he liked the way you fucked him and he wants more tonight. When Althea and I get home, he will be coming over for the night, before he goes on down to Ocala tomorrow. I know that you will take good care of him.”

Just as Henri began to dress, we heard Marcus pull up. He came to the door and Henri let him in, telling him that he would call when he was back home tonight. Henri finished dressing, telling Marcus that I was ready for him, and to have a good time, and left, leaving Marcus looking at me and my naked body.

He said that he needed a shower, and I showed him the bathroom. He grabbed my neck and pushed his tongue into my throat, and said: “Baby we got some catching up to do. I want to let you have some of this cock of mine. Will you be ready for it?”

He showered, and came into the bedroom with me, and I turned around and sat on the bed. As he finished drying, his cock was starting to stand up. I took it in my hand and brought my mouth to it. It was big, but this was a friend of my man and I was going to give him what he wanted. He had put both hands on my escort kayaşehir head, so I looked up to him and said: “Marcus, I have never had something this big in my throat. If you push it to me, please go easy. I will try to get as much as I can in my mouth. Be easy baby.”

I spread my legs wide so he could stand closer to me and the bed and began trying to get him into my mouth. Stretched wide open, he filled me more than I had ever imagined I could be filled. As his cock head found my throat, I put my hands on his ass and pulled him slowly to me. With about ½ of his twelve inches in my mouth, he began stroking, pulling back and pushing just a little deeper with each stroke.

He said: “You are doing good, keep working on it, and when I am going to cum, I am going to pull back and fill your mouth. Henri said that you like to eat jizz, and I have a cup full for you today.”

I was getting my mouth relaxed, taking him much easier now, enjoying that I could even get this thick cock into my mouth and throat. Marcus clenched his hands tighter on my head, grunted and then groaned: “Fuuuccccckkk, it is cumming!” As he pulled back and began spurting into my mouth.

Before I swallowed, I tasted and swirled his load on my tongue. I think that I love pussy juice more, but tasting cum, knowing that it was me that brought it out, made it taste better. As he finally stopped shaking, he pulled his cock head out of my mouth and slapped it against each cheek. The sheer weight of it was impressive.

He smiled and said: “Damn baby, that was good. Let’s get in the bed so I can fill that ass pussy of yours. Henri said that he was going to open it up for me.”

I laid back on the bed, and moved to the middle with my head on a pillow, and replied: “Baby, he fucked me hard, barely using lube, so please go easy. Lay on me, and let’s feel each other again. He only fucked me, I hope you brought some lovin’ with you. I need it, Marcus baby.”

As he laid his big body on mine, I held his cock, bringing it up, onto my crotch, and laying my cock over his. My legs were splayed wide, and his thick thighs filled the area between. I took his head in my hands and brought his lips to mine, saying: “For now I am all yours, sugar. Kiss me, and show me that love that you have. I feel good under you.”

I put one hand on his ass, and tugged him into a dryfuck stroke, and getting the idea, he began to rub on my crotch with his belly pressed to mine, As he continued to kiss me. He pushed his thick tongue into my mouth, where I sucked it deeper. He pushed against me as he rocked, and I felt his cock getting fully hard again. I knew that I was but minutes from getting fucked by the biggest cock that I had ever seen.

Marcus asked me: “Where is the lube. I want to sink my meat in that nice ass again, baby.’

I picked up the tube from the bed table, and he raised up, putting some on his cock, and as I lifted my legs, he squirted some on my hole. With my ankles on his shoulders, He guided the head to my ass, and started pushing in, saying: “You took me deep before, but this time, we are going to do some serious moving when I get It in.”

He kept pushing, getting deeper, with each stroke. He was stretching me, and I was feeling some of the pain that his thickness was bringing to me. I moaned: “Baby, please go easy in my pussy. I want you, but please fuck me easy.”

He kept the same pace, and let me know: “Bitch this pussy is mine tonight. It is going to make me feel good. Just give it up, and get some moves going when we start to fuck. When I get done, you are going to know who can ring your bell.”

He continued to get deeper in me, and then I felt his crotch hair on my cock and balls. He was in me. Getting to the bottom, he wasn’t content to just pull back. He doubled my legs farther back, and with my knees touching my shoulders, he hunched his ass, pushing another 2 inches deeper in me.

I lost my breath, then I wailed: “Baby, I have you. Fuck me, give me all of it. Marcus baby, I need you. Take me baby, take me to the moon.”

He began fucking me, using long strokes, wrecking my ass, pounding my insides, knocking the bottom out of it. Getting going good, he said: “Henri is good at laying the loving down. He will kiss you, and give you that gentle fuck that he likes to do. Baby I am going to give you the black snake like you want it. I know that you are wanting to have your pussy plowed with this, and you want my body to pound yours down into the mattress. Baby this fucking is going to change you. Take some good black meat, bitch”

He was ravishing me. He was stretching me beyond belief, and I was loving it. I don’t know when the change came, but I was loving the fucking that he was putting on my body. I loved the way he was trashing my pussy. Why did Henri put me through this. I wanted to just want him, and now I was being owned all over again by this black giant of a lover with a foot of cock.

I loved that he was now just hammering himself to me, and that I was trying escort anadolu yakası to make my ass move, but couldn’t because he had my legs trapped between us. I wanted to be able to fuck him, so I asked: “Marcus, let my legs go, so I can spread them and give you my moves. I want to help you feel good.”

He eased his shoulders back and my legs fell to the sides, and I put them around his waist as he leaned into me. He had his belly on mine and now I could raise my head and suck his nipple into my mouth. Holding his cock deep inside me, I rolled my ass under him, sucked that nipple, and he began nudging harder and harder against the bottom of my hole. As he fucked me he began talking, and I was becoming worried. I was worried because what he began saying was what I had been thinking about.

With his cock still buried deep in me, he said: “Baby, Henri got this pussy ready for me, but this is the cock you want isn’t it? This is the cock that you will be dreaming about when you are here alone, isn’t it? This is the cock that you want getting all up in you, isn’t it?”

I didn’t expect this. It seemed like he wanted to take me from Henri, and I was committed to him, not Marcus. I was only fucking Marcus because Henri told me too, but I was loving this hard fuck, and the way that his cock was taking me on the ride of my life. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I said: “Marcus baby, Henri is my man, but he offered me to you. I am loving this, maybe too much, but fuck me baby, fuck me like I need it. This is Henri’s pussy, but you just stole it. Use it like you need to. I want you to fuck me.”

He pulled back and drove his cock back in, to the hilt, and began to fuck me hard. I rolled my ass, I pushed up to meet him, I took him and loved it. I reached for his head and pulled his face to me, saying: “Kiss me baby, and get what you need. It is just you and me tonight. I will give it all to you.” He put his lips to mine, kissing me, then he matched his cock strokes with pushing his tongue into my mouth. I was getting fucked in both my holes, and I was loving it.

I began to cum, not by ejaculation, but having a real orgasm, deep inside my belly, making me moan, and work my ass even more. When it peaked I was shaking, and felt like I might pass out. When Marcus felt that, he again jammed his cock deep and held it there, tightly and said: “That’s it, bitch, who is the one that knows how to pull that out of you? Who helps you to feel your shakes? Who’s black snake will you want taking you on your ride? Now who is your man?” As he held himself deep and just kept nudging my insides.

He had me. I was his right now, and I wasn’t sure what I could do about it. I really didn’t want to commit to him. Henri is my man, and I was torn. I wanted to please Henri by taking care of his friend, but I loved what his friend was giving me too. I tried my best with: “Baby, tonight I am yours, you are killing me with this cock. You took my pussy, use it. Use it like you stole it. I want to fuck you while you fuck me. I want to give it up to you.”

He hammered at me again for awhile, and it seemed like he might be able to fuck all night. Getting a little higher on my body, so that his cock was pointing straight into my asshole, he started giving me the full length of his cock, pulling back so far that I could feel his cockhead at my hole, then pounding down into me again. He didn’t hide that he was claiming me. This wasn’t lovemaking, this wasn’t even really fucking. This was claiming my ass as his, plain and simple, and I was being taken, and I wasn’t sure how this would end.

His strokes had me out of breath, and I was nearly cumming again. I was liking it. On one stroke, he pushed his arms stiff, and pulled back, pulling out of my pussy. I felt empty. I needed his cock back inside me. “Baby, please, put it in, I need it in me. Please put it in and fuck me.” I wailed, squirming my ass, trying to reach his cock with my hole.

He said: “Who is your man now, bitch. Who do you need to get what you need? Who do you need to take you on your ride? Who has the cock that you dream about?” And then pushed his cockhead up to the edge of my hole and held it there.

“Baby! Take me, use me, give me your cock. Don’t tease me, please. I need you in me.” I cried, wanting to have him finish what he had started.

He held his cockhead to my hole and said: “Bitch, I am not teasing you. I am offering my cock to you. I will give you the ride you need when you tell me who you need to bring you the cock that you love.”

I caved in and said: “Baby, you have the cock that I love. I need you in me. I dream about your big cock and want it deep in me. Fuck me, please.”

He pushed back in, all the way, and began that same hard, possessive stroke that he had been using on me. How could anyone resist a strong man like him? How could I not give myself to him after feeling what his cock could do to my pussy, and after feeling his strong body on mine. I just needed him to finish what he had started.

He escort avrupa yakası was ruining my pussy for anyone else, taking from me, and only letting me cum when he wanted me to. I surprised myself with how much my body was responding to his hammering, raising up to meet him, rolling under him, trying to feel what I knew was inside me. And then I felt it happening again. He was going to make me cum again. I started trembling, shaking, and broke out in a sweat as his cock took possession of my ass.

Feeling me begin to cum, Marcus used my feelings to make his point. He pulled out of me again, right when I needed his cock most, holding his cockhead at my hole but not entering me.

I cried: “Baby, don’t, please. Put it in me. I need to cum. Please put it back in me. Don’t do this to me, Marcus. Please?”

He pushed just slightly against me, so I could feel him and said: “Who is your man? Who can make you cum so good? Who do you want to help you get off?”

“You baby, you are the one. I want you to help me cum. Please put it in and give it to me. I need you to fuck me, Marcus. Fuck me deep and get me off, please” I panted to him.

As he pushed back in, he said: “Take your man baby, give it up to me. Give it up to me so I can leave some of me in you. Roll that pussy up to me and take the cock that you love. When I kiss you, I will put my seed all up in you.”

It only took a few more strokes and he had me cumming again, He knew how to use me, how to claim me, and I wasn’t sure that this was a good thing. I was cumming, and I felt like it might not stop soon. He kept stroking me, kept my orgasm running, making me moan and cry under him as he just kept on fucking me. I was his. He possessed me, and there was no way I could deny that I wanted him.

As I was cumming, shaking, he hammered me, until, with one stroke, he buried his cock in me, harder than ever before, kissed me and jammed his tongue into my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsing, as he emptied his balls into my pussy. I was taking cum deeper than ever before, and my pussy was totally comfortable with this big slab of a cock. What had I done to myself?

He lifted his lips from mine, let his chest down on mine, looked at me and said: “This is how your man gives it up. I put that seed deep inside you, and you took it like you needed to. It is going to coat your insides with a layer of me that will take days to leak out. Your pussy just told you who it wants to come inside and do the dance. When you are going to sleep, and when you are waking up, your pussy will tell you who it wants to put the cock to the hole. Henri fucks your pussy but this cock owns your pussy, and tomorrow you will think about this and admit it to yourself.”

I felt like his cock was as hard as it had always been, and had not softened with his ejaculation. He slowly pulled it back and pushed back in and said: “I am going to turn you over and give you some more. You will like this, baby. Now turn over and put a pillow under your belly so your ass will be up, where it needs to be.”

I couldn’t resist, and turned over, and doubled a pillow over and laid on it, spreading my legs as I got into position. He pushed into me, and got some of our juices on his cock, working in and out getting it deeper inside me. When he had hit bottom, he laid his body on my back, took my ear in his teeth and began stroking me. His hands found my wrists and pulled my arms to the top of the bed and he began to fuck me again. He held me down by pinning me with his chest, and I could only move my ass.

And move my ass, I did. Marcus was giving me fits with the way he was rolling his pelvis as he fucked me, hitting the walls of my well fucked ass, making sure that I could feel all of that foot long monster. How could anyone take his cock and not feel it? As he held my ear, he talked between his teeth saying: “You are taking it good. Keep that ass moving, baby. This is the kind of fucking that you have been wanting for a long time, isn’t it?” As he asked me, he rammed home and held it tight into me.

Like it or not, I was being owned, and just when I thought I was totally committed to someone else. I was moaning, murmering, and then began mumbling to him: “Marcus, you are taking it out of me, making me want you so much. Oh god, this is good. You are giving me all of yourself, baby.”

Well into me, and with us fully lubed up, he began working on me, substituting that relentless, hard, deep stroke with a steady 3 hard strokes, then pushing in and just shaking inside me, vibrating. I had never had something like this. He alternated between the vibrating, and the 3 fast strokes, then several ass pounding, hard, deep strokes, hitting bottom. Changing like this had me wanting the next and the next, and the next. Emotionally, I had never been used, been taken like this, and my wildest sex with a woman was nowhere near this erotic, this demanding of my satisfaction. I couldn’t dislike this if I tried.

Marcus knew that he had taken me over. What he and I didn’t know was how in hell I could rationalize this with Henri. When Marcus had put his seed deep into me a few minutes ago, (or was it hours ago), I knew that I had feelings for him and his cock. With what he was doing now, I was becoming addicted to his way of fucking and to his big cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32