Bruised Knees Ch. 01

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Bobbi Starr

She stared at the cold dirty floor. Her knees were sore from landing too hard. Hands handcuffed behind her back, she made fists trying not to show Master that she was tearing. The tears formed. Master paced slow echoing steps around her and sighed.

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you Slave. One simple request and yet it is too difficult to follow. Slave knows if she is late there are dire, dire consequences doesn’t she?”

A tear rolled down her face as she closed her perfectly black lined eyes. He was extremely disappointed. It was only their third meeting and she had already let Master down. She hated herself for it.

If it wasn’t for that goddamn street light.

She knew it wasn’t the street lights fault, if she had just left a few minutes earlier instead of smoking a last minute cigarette on the balcony of her apartment. Master walked slowly in front of her and stopped, his hands clasped behind his back glaring down at his disobedient, unpunctual whore of a slave. He saw the shiny few drops of regret on the floor in front of her. Her heart began to race when she opened her eyes and saw the perfectly straight laced black boots adjacent to her. She knew what was going to happen, it was going to be painful and she was going to suffer.

It’ll be worth it, it’ll be worth it, it’ll be worth it.

Master leaned down, his left hand still behind his back and lifted her chin. She knew better than to look him directly in the eyes and stared at the ceiling, watching him with her peripheral vision. Master inhaled slow and strong with disappointment. Faster than she realized he spat on her face and a hard solid sting followed with a loud CLAP. She shut her eyes tight and felt the hot sting ring through her face. Another tear followed; streaking the black paint she applied earlier to enhance her big brown eyes. CLAP again, this time on the other cheek. This last one sent a shiver down her back, and it felt damn good. Masters hands were one of his best features, strong and large, well kept.

God I love those hands.

She opened her eyes again and Master had her leash and collar in his hand. He stepped closer.

“Bow bitch.” He commanded.

Slave did as she was told looking down at his cold leather steel toe boots.

“You missed a spot shinning my boots at our last meeting. This also calls for punishment that will follow through later this evening. I need that spot cleaned, Slave. Now.”

“Yes, Master.” She said delicately.

She lowered her mouth to the tip of his boot and kissed it. Softly grazing her red painted lips against the hard boot Pendik Olgun Escort she gently licked.

“Good girl…” Master said watching her.

She licked again. She began licking as a child would lick an ice cream cone. Slowly moving her tongue and nodding her head. Slave was going to lick Masters boot until he was content.

“Once more.” Master commanded, pleased with what he could make her do.

Her last lick was long and slow. She looked up toward him and closed her eyes, elongating her neck. Master placed the leather collar around her neck and tightened it a little tighter than he did last time. As he attached the leash she adjusted her sore knees and feet beneath her, they were going numb from kneeling so long. She swallowed a nervous gulp for the punishment that was to come.

“Lift your arms you fucking cunt.” Master said stepping behind her with a key ring in his hand.

The chime of his keys clinked against the handcuffs as they released her small wrists. Slave brought her hands forward and set them gently on her thighs. Slave was wearing exactly what she was instructed to. The dark red tightly laced corset that Master had given her, fishnet pantyhose and clean black heels of at least 6 inches. Her long dark, hair was to be neatly drawn back in a single braid, nails and toes perfectly painted red.

“Stand up! I want to look at my disgusting whore.”

Slave’s legs were shaky; her knees were bruised and red from kneeling and landing hard earlier. Master adored her legs. They were smooth and shapely, just like the rest of her. He eyed her up and down holding her leash tight. Unexpectedly, he pulled the leash hard, pulling her forward onto her hands and knees.

How will I explain these bruises this time?

He threw the leash at her and spat on her face.

“Bad, bad, bad girl.” His voice trailed while walking to his favorite antique chaise seat. Before he sat down, Master shook his head. He took his seat gracefully. An attractive man of his mid twenties, he was tall, tan and broad shouldered. He had many tattoos on both of his arms which he normally hid with a well pressed long sleeve button up shirt. He sat straight and serious.

“Crawl the fuck over here like the piss worm you are.”

She did as she was told and stopped in front of him awaiting further instruction.

“You’ve misbehaved Slave. Now begins your real punishment. Get up, lie across my lap and beg for mercy. If you beg well enough I might consider an easier punishment.”

Her six inch heels clicked against the wooden floor as she assumed her Pendik Sarışın Escort position. She felt the juices between her thighs already. Master took her leash and pulled her head back wrapping it around his big strong hand. His lap was warm and firm; she could see the outline of his bulging sex as she adjusted herself.

“I’m sorry Sir.” Slave gulped.

SMACK the sound echoed through the room.

“Sorry for what!?” he scolded.

SMACK SMACK against her big round ass.

“Ah! I’m sorry for being late. It will never happen again Master!” she said feeling the hot sting burn across her backside.

“I don’t believe you. You wouldn’t lie to me now would you?” he said rubbing his hand where he had struck her. She remained still. Her breathing hard and shallow.

“Answer me!” he pulled the leash harder back.

She coughed at the impact and tears began rolling down her face.

“I will never be late again Master! I will never be late again! Give me the punishment I deserve because I’m a lying, late, whore!” She managed to choke out as he continued with harder, faster smacks.

“Not good enough!” He exclaimed. SMACK SMACK SMACK…

After the twenty first smack, she was holding in her whimpers and trying to ease her breathing. Her heart was racing and her vagina was sopping into her fishnets. Master released the firm grip of the leash and her head fell forward.

“Th…Thank you sir.” She looked back towards him and nodded.


“Ahh!” She cried out squeezing her eyes shut.

“Good girl.”

Her behind was stinging and screaming bright red underneath her hosiery. She wanted more. She wanted Masters biggest dominant feature. Masters breathing was slightly faster, the heat radiating off of his groin like furnace. Master rubbed her stinging ass slowly and traced his fingers down her legs. He stared down at the long black heels and her delicate ankles taking their weight.

“Get on your fucking knees you stupid shit.”

Slave did as she was told. Crawling onto her sore bruised knees she sat and waited patiently. Master stood up and stared down at her with a snarl on his face. He removed her leash. CLAP against her face with the back of his hand. He threw the leash across the room.

“Undo that slut hair I want it down now!”

Slave quickly reached her hands to the end of her braid undoing the rubber band and the neatly braided dark hair. Her hair fell wavy down her back and the sides of her shoulders. Master crossed his big strong arms watching her. She placed her hands on her thighs and stared Pendik Şişman Escort at the floor. He grabbed her by the hair with both hands and smeared her face against his crotch. She could feel his big hard cock bulging in his pants. He held her head there.

“Do you fucking feel this?!” He asked and pulled her hair harder against him.

“Yes, Master.” She said squeezing her eyes shut.

Oh Master let me suck this cock.

“I want you to suck on something. Something you’re quite good at aren’t you?” He reached behind his back pocket and pulled out a blindfold.

“Yes sir I’m good with my little whore mouth. I’ll suck on whatever you please.”

Oh God yes stick it in my mouth. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Master released her hair and pushed it back.

“Close your eyes.” He whispered bending down wrapping the blindfold around her eyes. She felt his steps tap away from her and heard him shuffle in his pocket for his keys. It was pitch black and the blind fold was tight around her face. She took deep breaths as her heart raced for what was to come. She heard the trunk he keeps in the closet open. The clicks and clacks of random bondage belts and toys rattled as Master searched. The sound stopped and the thud of the lid was heavily closed. Slave jumped slightly when it did. She could smell his soft cologne as he stepped quickly behind her.

“Hands up.” He said.

She lifted her hands wrist to wrist behind her back waiting for the handcuffs. It didn’t feel like the handcuffs, it was rope. He swiftly and tightly wrapped the rope like a spider that spins a web of carefully planned skill. It wrapped around her wrists and arms, weaving in and out of her ankles and around her neck. Slaves back was arched and her head was firmly in place tilting slightly upwards. Master secured the knot and yanked the rope.

“Ow!” She whimpered.

“Too tight?” he asked mockingly.

“No sir, no sir.” She swallowed.

Maybe a little bit.

She heard his footsteps heading toward the door, and it became silent. She heard a few clicks and clacks ending with a single solid CLACK. He entered back into the room and cleared his throat admiring the shape of his slave’s body. Her desert sand colored skin and dark hair complimented the red corset he gave her. Her thick thighs and hips perfectly situated as she was bound in his rope. He walked straight up to her.

“Open that little wet mouth.” He instructed firmly.

Yes! He’s going to let me suck on his cock! Finally. I’ll show him how sorry I am!

She listened for the zipper on his pants but nothing.

“You, my little slut are going to suck on this as if it was Masters Cock, understood? If you do not, it will result in a terrible consequence. It does everything Masters cock will do. It is hard, loaded and waiting to blow into your mouth.” He explained.

“Yes, Master.” She said confused…

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