Bump in the Night Ch. 03

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I was losing control, and I knew it. We were going to get caught, and I knew it. Ask me if I would stop and I would simply have said I couldn’t. It wasn’t a matter of wanting anymore; it was a pure physical need.

I had never been made love to like Darrin did; and it was almost like a narcotic to my body. Every time I would try and stop what was happening, I would make a few days; and then the hunger in my belly would draw me back.

We were taking more chances and it frightened me; and thrilled me. Darrin ravaged my pussy in the afternoon before his father got home from work, making me cook dinner while his thick cream oozed down my thighs.

He hammered me senseless in the shower before bed; it was the first time I truly squirted in my life. When I slid into bed next to Carl, I could feel our son’s thick seed seeping out to soak into the sheets.

Worse, the one time he wore a condom; I almost went berserk.

“Take it off” I told him.

“Mom, we need…” Darrin tried to say.

“I don’t care what we need” I told him. “I care about what I WANT.” I stared into his eyes.

“I want to feel every inch inside me; every vein, every pulse; do you understand.” I said deadly calm. “And when you cum, I want to feel it, deep inside my pussy.”

“Jesus” Darrin muttered.

I had never been very assertive, and something in me was changing. The fact I wanted him, and he wanted me; seemed to drive my hunger higher.

I tried to bring things back to normal, but every effort only seemed to drive me into Darrin’s arms even more.

On a Thursday, guilt had been the word for the day; so I decided I would head to bed with Carl. I had tried this before, but hoped my new lingered might stimulate something…anything.

We started out with a bit of petting, and before I knew it Carl had leaned over and turned off the light, his heavy body settling on top of me. Christ, we had just started getting warmed up and he was ready for the main event.

“Honey…can we leave the light on?” I asked softly.

“Why” his voice came in the dark.

“I want to see you” I tried to encourage him.

“What’s to see, I’m going to stick it inside.” His voice was so damned calm.

Stick it inside? Not make love to me; not even fuck me; he was simply going to stick ‘it’ inside. I felt his five inches slide inside and wrapped my arms around him.

After five minutes two things happened. The first was the terrible realization he was barely making any noise. There was no grunting or panting; and his breathing was barely labored as he moved.

The second was when he simply stopped moving. Was something wrong? I felt him relax on me…no he couldn’t have.

“Baby, are you all right?” I asked quietly.

“Yes; why?” Carl said in the same tone of voice. “I’m done.”

He was done? Done doing what? Getting himself off while I lay here ready to start? I was dumbfounded. Fifteen feet down the hallway was a man who would have pounded me until I begged for more; and then powered into me until he all but hit my cervix; a man who would drip passionate sweat on my body while he took me; commanding my body to cum for him.

Instead I lay on my back in the dark, listening to Carl silently settle onto his side of the bed. What had once been more than satisfactory; had now paled into comparison to what were mere feet down the hall in my son’s room.

The next night I sat in the living room again, my body all but humming with need. I looked at Carl and thought of last night. Slowly I rose from the couch. Honestly I would have just walked out of the room and walked up those stairs to my son’s room; but Carl’s voice stopped me.

“You going to bed?” he asked without looking from the television.

“I need to talk to Darrin” I answered. “His school work is slipping.” I added as an afterthought.

“Huh; tell the boy to buckle down. He needs to work harder.” Carl’s attention never left the television.

“I will” I said as I turned to the stairs.

“Damn kid needs to learn to get it right” Carl muttered.

“I’m sure he will” I said softly as I mounted the stairs.

I mounted the stairs and walked the short hallway; without hesitation I turned the knob and stepped inside. At least I had enough presence to turn to small lock behind me.

I stood just inside the closed door and watched as Darrin swiveled in the small chair at his desk. I knew he was studying, I could see the text books; but right then I really didn’t care.

As was his usual he was dressed only in his gym shorts. My eyes traveled over his lean body, I watched the pectoral muscles and biceps shift as he moved in his chair. I felt a gush fill my panties as I looked at the bulge in his shorts.

For all the warped logic in my brain; this was the hardest to fight. I mean how do you compare a man who is lean and muscular to a pot belly and balding head? How do you even start to compare nine inches of hard cock to five inches of pencil dick?

Silently I reached up and untied the knot to my robe, Darrin’s eyes Eskort Kız watched as I slid the robe over my shoulders and let it drop to the bedroom floor.

“Mom?” he asked.

I just reached up to the spaghetti straps of my camisole nightgown, letting the thin cloth flutter to the floor and join my robe. Standing there, totally nude in my son’s bedroom, I watched as his cock thickened, filling out his shorts. I can’t describe the ego boost it creates when you know that just the mere sight of your body can do that to a man.

But I wasn’t there for idle chatter; last night’s disaster had left me hungry. Against all my better judgements, I looked my son in the eye; and for the first time in my life; I took control.

“Fuck me Darrin” I whispered.

“Mom” this time his voice cracked.

I slowly walked to his bed, and I could feel his eyes burning on my nude skin. Sliding onto the top of his covers, I laid back and stared at him. I could see the obvious bulge now in his shorts; and I knew I was winning.

“Dad?” Darrin asked, glancing at the door.

I slid my legs further apart, letting him see the glistening moisture between my thighs. Reaching up one hand, I cupped my full breast, teasing my nipple.

“I know you want it…as much as I do” I husked. “Come and fuck your mother baby.” I coaxed him.

Darrin rose from his chair and came to the side of the bed. I watched as he stood there, the obvious tent in his gym shorts pushing the fabric out.

“Take them off” I told him.

As his shorts slid down and fell to the floor, I stared wantonly at his cock. God, how do you describe such a thing; that swollen purple head that dripped pre-cum; a thick hard shaft with veins pulsing full of blood.

God, nine inches of cock steel hard for MY body. I felt my cream pulse from between my thighs, lubricating me for that monster. I looked into Darrin’s eyes.

“I’m waiting” I whispered.

As Darrin slid over my body on his bed, I reached up and cupped the sides of his face. My voice dripped lust as I spoke.

“I don’t want loving baby” I husked. “I want you to FUCK me.” I told him.

“I want you to ram that big…fat…cock…into me” I told my loving son. “I want you to pound my cunt until I cry your name. I want you to fuck me until I beg for that cum.” I told him.

“Jesus mom” his eyes were huge with surprise.

I had never been this forward before. I reached down and gripped the shaft of his cock, feeling it throb in my palm. I aimed that engorged head right at my seeping hole.

“This one is mine” I grated. “Take me baby.”

I had done it; I had totally given in to my hunger. I could always have claimed it was Darrin; his hunger, his hormones; that caused the previous encounters. Not this time, this was all me.

“Oh fuck” I grunted as his hips dropped down.

I released the thick shaft just as his purple head speared my lips, driving in. I squeaked as inch by inch he relentlessly drove into me. Fuck it felt good, my body reacted instantly as fluids poured out around his cock; making it slick for full entry.

And that was what he gave me; as his balls slapped against my ass; and I lay there stunned; with his huge cock filling me. I reached up and gripped his biceps even as I spread my legs wider; giving him total access to me.

“That’s it…fuck me.” I grunted.

Every thrust rang thru my pelvis as he powered in and out of me. Now THIS was fucking I thought. I could hear the wet sucking sounds of my pussy as it pulled him in; my belly flipped in rolls as I felt his cock filling me so deep. God he felt even bigger than before, my walls stretched to the limit to fit him.

I slid my arms from his biceps to his bare chest, my eyes staring into his. I dug my nails into his skin, and slowly drug them down his chest. I felt his body shudder as light pain mixed with pleasure.

“Come on…FUCK me” I grated up at him.

I watched Darrin’s face slowly transform before my eyes. He went from loving and attentive son, to a hungry male; and then that almost feral animal look as sheer lust finally took over.

“Faster, give me that cock” I panted at him.

His hips picked up speed, hammering down into me. God he was like the perfect fucking machine as what felt like gallons of hot juices just poured out of me.

“Fuck me…oh God yes…harder baby…HARDER” I commanded him.

I saw that fire burn in his eyes, and braced my body; here came the real fucking I needed so badly. Darrin pulled back, and for a moment I thought his cock would slip free he was so far; but that thought only lasted a split second it took him to reverse course.

I felt ten inches of hard cock go so deep, it hit places no man had ever been. He rammed down so hard I actually felt a jolt rip through my gut as the fat head of his cock pressed against my cervix.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSS” I screamed, out of control.

It was a totally new sensation as a light pain blended with raw pleasure when he pressed into that spongy surface. I had never felt so full. Sparks went off behind my eyes as my belly tightened, and then exploded.

“Ghuuu…nnngggg…hunnnnnn” I heard myself gurgling.

His blows were incredible as my body bounced like a rag doll under my son. Darrin’s thrusts made my breasts wobble on my chest; I heard and felt him slap into my pelvis.

Then a sound I knew all too well filled the background. The light thumping as the headboard of his bed began to tap against the wall. Over and over I heard that bang, followed by his grunt and my curse.

“Fuck…me…God…FUCK…ME…” I moaned like some common whore.

I dimly felt my juices eject from my body, spraying his pelvis; washing him in my pleasure. Every time his body slammed into mine, a new fountain of pussy cream spilled out.

“Cumminggg on you…oh God Darrin…” I gasped and he never slowed.

I felt his cock growing inside me; dear God he couldn’t get any bigger or he would split me in half. In my sex hazed brain I suddenly registered what was happening. I reached up and wrapped my arms around the back of his neck, clinging to him like some wanton teenager.

“Cum in me…give it to me Darrin…” I whimpered.

“Mom…can’t…” he grunted as I pulled his face next to mine.

“God yes” I hissed in his ear. “Fill momma, flood me baby…drown me in your seed…” God what had I become.

My whole world devolved down to one thing, his cum. I WANTED it; and I wanted it where it should never be; deep inside my belly. His hammering hips never let up as his face pressed to mine.

I heard a low growl rumble through his throat; and then that giant invading cock jerked inside me.

“Fuck” I grunted.

“Yesssss” Darrin moaned.

I felt it, God help me I felt it. Hot scalding fluids flooded into me, washing my walls. As the heat swept through my belly, my gut wrenched again. I couldn’t even give words as my orgasm tore through me like a freight train.

All the frustrations of last night vanished in that moment; all thoughts of Carl…the house…that this was my son…disappeared in raw pleasure. I had come into this room for one thing, I had demanded it; and Darrin had fulfilled it.

In the middle of my break for freedom, I heard a new sound. It wasn’t the headboard; I tried to clear my hazed brain, when I heard a voice.

“Are you OK in there?” Oh God it was Carl, at the door.

“Yes” I grunted back.

“Is everything all right?” I heard him ask.

“It’s…perfect…” I grunted back.

Good God, Darrin was still fucking me. I could feel his cum seeping out of my abused pussy and dribble along the crack of my ass. His father was at the bedroom door; and he was still pounding into me.

“Well, I’m going to bed” I heard Carl’s voice through the door. “Are you coming?”

That innocent question was answered when Darrin’s hot voice whispered in my ear.

“I’m cumming… again” he announced.

My eyes snapped wide; Dear God…twice? How could he? Did I excite him that much? When I felt that intense heat filling my belly a second time in mere moments; I gave the only answer I could.

“I’M CUMMINNGGGGGGGGG” I wailed to both men.

It was as if I had lost control of my own body; I felt my ass cheeks clench as I squeezed that huge cock inside me. I felt a hot wetness erupt between our bodies, soaking Darrin in my fluids and I knew once again I was squirting. My eyes rolled back sightless as my world focused on the spasms rolling through my belly.

The intensity of my orgasm overwhelmed me; I could feel a darkness slip over my brain as my body convulsed on my son’s bed. It was only a few moments, but I felt myself drift back; and realized I had blacked out from my huge orgasm.

As I weakly moved I found I was laying sprawled over Darrin, my breasts pressed against his chest. God, I don’t know if I could endure that again, but I was willing to try.

As I eased off my son, his thick cock slid free with a wet squelch, and I could feel our combined juices ooze between my sore lips. I looked down at him and saw the sheer wonder in his eyes.

“Where the hell did that come from” he asked.

“For once, I wanted it my way.” I said softly.

I wasn’t sure how he would respond to his submissive mother finally taking control, and it worried me. Then, I saw a broad smile spread across his face.

“Lady, you can have it your way anytime you want” his voice was laced with love and lust at the same time.

I felt my heart swell, and I leaned down and softly kissed his lips. I don’t know why or how; but I had evolved from a middle aged mother to a common whore who needed fucking; and now to a true lover.

As I slipped from his room, I knew; I was quickly approaching the pinnacle; and soon I was going to be forced to make a choice. I just wasn’t sure what choice that would be.

For two weeks, I tried to work things through my frazzled mind. Through it all I never went more than a day or two and either I or Darrin was pawing at the other.

He fucked me in his bed as the headboard banged the wall; she slammed that hard dick deep into me as I showered. Once, when Carl had made a run to town; he bent me over the kitchen tabled and fucked me so hard my belly hurt. When I screamed his name at the top of my lungs, he rammed a finger into my virgin ass; and I lost it. It took twenty minutes to clean up the mess I sprayed on the kitchen floor.

My son owned me, I had no doubts. I hungered for him, craved his cock. I begged for his seed in my unprotected womb night after night, not caring what the consequences could be.

By Monday I was reaching my wits end. I would be ravaged by guilt as I slid my exhausted body into bed next to my husband; then consumed with lust as I spread myself open on my sons bed.

Like most people, when you focus so intently on one thing, you tend to forget other things. What I forgot; was unforgiveable. Through the haze of lust, I forgot my anniversary.

When Carl had softly kissed me on the cheek before heading to bed, I was surprised. I couldn’t think of why he would, he had never been one for much affection.

“Happy Anniversary” his words tore through my gut.

As he headed up the stairs I sat on the couch stunned; God how had I become so base I had forgotten my own anniversary. God, what had I done? Tears streamed down my cheeks as I thought of the man who had stood beside me now these many years. I didn’t hate him; I just needed…I let the thought end there.

Resolving that tonight would be different; I rose and headed for the stairs. Darrin was working the later shift, so there would be no lustful distractions. Tonight, it needed to be about Carl.

I already had my blouse unbuttoned as I stepped into the bedroom. The quiet of the room struck me; glancing around I realized Carl was not in bed yet. I was surprised as he was a man of strong routines; and it rarely took him more than ten minutes to prepare for bed.

My tearful soul searching had definitely taken longer than that, but he must still be getting ready. Opening the master bathroom door, I entered to join him. I froze as I entered an empty room.

Without even thinking clearly I looked for him in the bedroom again; that was when I realized the difference. The bed had not even been turned down; which meant he had never even been in the room.

I softly padded back into the hall and looked; there was only three other doors. Our spare bedroom which we had set as a storage room; the main bathroom, and…God no; I shivered.

I slowly opened the door to Darrin’s room, and with the backlight of the hall, watched the figure of my husband come into view, snuggled in our sons’ bed.

“Carl?” I asked softly.

“I wondered when you would come up.” His voice came from the semi dark room.

“Why are sleeping in here?” I tried to wrap my confused mind around everything.

“Come and sit” he told me.

His voice wasn’t yelling or screaming; he was as calm as if we were sitting down to dinner. I walked slowly across and eased down onto the edge of the bed as Carl shifted to the side. It suddenly struck me; I was sitting in the same spot I had when Darrin and I had first…I trembled.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know” his soft voice came through the dark.

“Oh God” I sobbed.

“Shhhhhhhhh” I felt his hand gently take mine. “Let me talk” he said.

“When we were first married” his voice was clam and clear. “I couldn’t get enough of you. I think we even had sex four times in one day…back then.”

I shuddered, remembering how we would rut like animals in our first apartment, the neighbors pounding on the walls to make us quiet down.

“These last five years; something’s…changed.” His voice resumed. It’s not you, honestly hun.” His hand gently squeezed mine. “God knows you have enough sex drive for the both of us.”

God help me he actually chuckled at the humor of his own words. I was feeling like the great betrayer, and he was making jokes.

“Carl” I said firmly.

“Sorry” he apologized. “But that’s the issue; you have the sex drive; and I…don’t.” he said softly.

I tensed, waiting. Was I fat; was I aging; had he found a younger woman? All those thoughts raged through my mind. All of it was shattered with his next words.

“At least not with…women.” His words sliced into me.

“Oh my God” I couldn’t suppress the gasp.

“Don’t be shocked, you knew I was bisexual when we met.” He said.

He was right, I did know. During our first few years of marriage I couldn’t count the number of swinger parties we had attended. But that had all ended when Darrin was born; I had decided we needed to settle down, and be a proper family.

As that thought swept through my mind, a mental image filtered with it. We had been to a party and I had been more horny than usual. I remember being on my hands and knees while some man shoved his fat dick into me; while Carl…oh God he was fucking the man’s ASS.

I suddenly realized Carl had sat up in the bed next to me. In the light from the hall I could finally see his eyes. I stared into them as he held my hand. I didn’t even know what to say at that moment; but he did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32