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Katie Andrews was driving down the main highway coming home from a long stressful day at the office. She was horny as hell and was heading home to get ready to go out to a club. She was brought out of her thoughts as a police car was behind her flashing its lights at her, signaling her to pull over.

‘Shit, this day keeps getting better and better,’ she thought as she realized that she was speeding. She pulled over to the side of the road, the police officer got out his car and walked towards her. ‘And it would be my luck that this car smells faintly like pot and the cop is incredibly sexy.’

She wound down the window as the policeman approached the car. “Ma’am did you know how fast you were going there?” asked the policeman.

“No Officer, it was an accident. I wasn’t paying attention,.” said Katie trapped in his deep brown eyes, she felt as though they were boring into her.

“You were 10 miles over the speed limit, license and registration and could you also please step out of the car,” said the policeman.

Katie grabbed her details out of her car and stepped out, she handed him the details and went back to the car.

“Officer Greg Parks, requesting information on a possible suspect, Katie Andrews. I want to know if she has any previous criminal convictions,” said Greg into the police radio

“Hold on a moment there, I’ll just check that out for you,” said a voice from the radio.

“Thank you,” said Greg.

A little while later the voice came back over the radio. “One small charge a few years ago, possession of illegal substances. Marijuana,”

“Thanks for the information,” said Greg as he walked back to the car. He looked closely at her examining her ample bust and her shimmering blond hair. “Ma’am please put your hands on the roof of the car, I will be conducting a drug search,” said Greg.

As Katie placed her hands on the car she thought ‘Oh great, this just keeps getting better and better,’ She noticed that the officer was taking special care with her breasts and decided that if he was going to cop a feel, she’d repay him and brushed herself against his waist. When he bent over her to search her legs, she grinded herself into his crotch. Her horny side rejoiced when she came in contact with his hardness bulging in his pants.

“I need to search your car now for any illegal substances,” said Greg.

‘Thank god he wont find anything in there, if he does I’m so going to throttle Jeff,’ thought Katie, she watched him bend over the seats in the back of her car admiring his well toned arse that was pressing against his pants. She had to resist the evil temptation to grope him. While he was searching the boot of her car, she got out a pen and wrote her address on the piece of paper.

‘This is one sexy cop,’ she thought as she waited for him to finish searching.

After Greg had finished searching her car, he walked back over to her and handed back to her car registration. “As you were 10 miles over the speed limit, you have been suspended from driving for a month. Your car will be towed to your residence,” said Greg.

‘Dammit, that sucks. I’ll have to teach this cop a lesson. Maybe I can turn this into a good thing,’ thought Katie as her hormones took full control again.

“Looks like I will need a ride home then,” said Katie. As she followed Greg to the squad car.

“I have to go back to the station and drop the car keys to the squad car back,” said Greg as he got into the car, discreetly adjusting his hardness in his pants.

After they had gotten to the station and Katie was left waiting outside for Greg to return, she was thinking of ways to seduce him. Then an evil little plan popped into her head, she decided to open her blouse slightly and remove her bra stuffing it in her dress pocket.

As Greg came out he got immediately hard again as he saw her in a sexy pose against the lamppost and noticing that she had no bra either. His pants become rather restrictive as he led Katie to his car. When they got into the car, Katie handed him the scrap of paper she was intending to give to him.

The whole journey Katie was intent on keeping him hard and aroused by purposely teasing herself and accidentally brushing his leg, she noticed his handcuffs gleaming on his belt. She leaned over him when she pointed out her house, taking care to brush his leg. As he stopped the car in front of her house, she said to him “Are you coming in?”

As she walked to her front door unlocking it she almost whooped in success when she heard his car door opening as he walked up the drive following her. When she got inside she slid her jacket off, making her half unbuttoned blouse seem even more revealing. She turned and regarded him, her hormones loving that he was in uniform complete with cuffs and gun.

Greg stood in the doorway, stunned at her appearance. She made the transformation from prim, overworked office woman to a sultry, sexy temptress quite surprisingly. Katie walked over to him and pulled Konya Escort him through the door way. She wanted to test her luck so she leaned forward and kissed his neck, making him shudder.

Taking this as a good sign, she placed her hands at the collar of his uniform shirt and began to slowly unbutton his shirt while she caught his gaze. “Sexy man in a uniform, thing I love the most,” she murmured to him as she pushed his uniform shirt off his shoulders. She pulled his white under-shirt out of his pants and ran her hands up his muscular chest. Greg groaned into her mouth when she thrust her tongue down his, her hands exploring his muscular chest and stomach.

“You know my name, but I don’t even know yours,” said Katie as she pulled her hands out of his shirt and slid her hands up his sides taking his shirt with them.

“Greg,” he murmured as she pulled his shirt over his head. Her eyes feasting on his chest, taking in his well toned body. Greg leaned into her as they kissed, he reached up to her shirt and unbuttoned it pulling it off exposing her breasts. He massaged the pert globes of flesh as Katie reached around him and unclipped his holster letting his gun fall to the ground. “Want to take this up to my bed, Greg?” asked Katie huskily.

“Yeah sure,” said Greg as he followed Katie towards to the bedroom. When in the bedroom, she grabbed him and pressed her body into his and kissed him passionately, she groped for his handcuffs. Finding them she pulled them off his belt. Greg assumed that she was just going to throw them away, not knowing that she had other devious plans for them. He turned to face the bed playing right into her trap, before Greg could respond she had his hand handcuffed to the bed post.

“Katie what are you doing?” asked Greg a little worried now.

“Don’t worry Greg, it will be fine, you’ll enjoy this I promise,” said Katie as she left the room. Greg pulled at the handcuffs and called out to her. She smirked evilly to herself as she retrieved her bag which had a scarf in it. She returned to the room with the scarf and took stock of the sexy shirtless man in front of her.

She grabbed his arm and tied his other hand to the other bedpost. “Greg, I promise you’ll love this,” she said to him. She licked her finger and then trailed it from his lips, down his chest to his beltline where she gave the sizeable bulge in his pants a massage, eliciting a moan from him, she lowered her mouth to his chest and licked his nipple while massaging his manhood through his pants. She traced her tongue over his well defined muscles, then swiping her tongue at the trail of hair running under his waistband.

Greg had his head resting against the bed moaning in pleasure as she teased his muscles with her tongue. She lifted her head and put her hand around Greg’s neck lifting him up and then passionately kissing him while her other hand unbuckled his belt then she unbuttoned his pants, sliding the zipper down, she grasped his pants and slid them off pulling off his shoes and socks with them.

She broke the kiss and trailed her tongue down from his lips under his throat and kissed and bit his skin as she moved down his chest, teasing his nipples as she went down. Greg began struggling against his bonds and groaned in pleasure and frustration his cock throbbed painfully in his stretched boxers. She licked over his hardness through his boxers.

Katie got off Greg and stood up, she unziped her dress and slid it off. Sliding her fingers into her panties she slid them her legs, she pressed two fingers into her folds and began to moan softly as she stimulated herself. Greg watched her intently as she tortured him slowly, slowly driving him crazy with need.

Katie pulled her fingers out of herself and said to Greg, “Do you want to taste me?”

Greg moaned in response unable to string together any coherent words. Katie put her fingers up to Greg’s lips and let his tongue clean off her fingers. Katie straddled him and began dry humping him, his boxers maddeningly obstructing him from gaining access. Greg moaned loudly as she continued to grind herself on him. “Do you want me Greg?” asked Katie.

Greg moaned loudly as she continued to grind into his boxer-covered hardness. “Oh, god! Katie!” shouted Greg.

“Yes? What do you want Greg?” asked Katie seductively

“Ahh! Fuck! I can’t take it anymore please fuck me!” shouted Greg as he continued to moan and squirm at her ministrations.

Katie got off him and slid his soaked boxers off his legs, revealing his very hard and very ready cock to her. She grasped his thickness and stroked him from base to tip rubbing her thumb over the glistening top, making him growl in pleasure. She quickly deep-throated him, a deep growl rumbled out of him as she licked him from base to tip whipping her tongue all over him, she then began swallowing around him. Greg yelled out in pleasure as he exploded into her mouth, her mouth working his hardness she swallowed all of his saltiness.

“Oh, Konya Escort Bayan god. That was incredibly amazing Katie,” panted Greg as he recovered from his orgasm.

“I’m not done with you yet,” said Katie as she drew her fingers up his shaft, Greg threw his head back and growled in pleasure as she grasped his thick cock and began pumping him, building him back up to full hardness. When he was rock hard again, she straddled him and with one quick thrust, pulled him all the way in. Greg growled deeply as Katie moaned and ground herself on his renewed hardness.

They moaned in pleasure together as Katie began to slam herself down onto him, she pulled Greg into a fiery kiss as she brushed her breasts against his muscular chest. Greg couldn’t stand the pressure any longer and began thrusting up into her. Katie broke the kiss, she grasped his sweaty back as he met her thrust for thrust. Katie screamed her pleasure as she clenched around Greg, digging her nails into his back.

The dual pleasure/pain sent Greg over the edge. He roared out in pleasure, shouting her name as he exploded into her. After their breathing returned to normal Katie kissed behind his ear and said. “You were so awesome,” and untied his hand. She then got off him and unlocked the handcuffs, releasing him.

He stood up and picked up Katie, she shrieked in surprise as he dumped her on the bed. “I need to pay you back for that adventure Katie. I know you’ll love this,” said Greg as he pinned her into the mattress.


Greg slid his body up hers dragging himself up her, he grinded his growing hardness into her crotch making her groan as he rested his head on her shoulder and softly growled in her ear as he lightly bit and licked her ear making her shudder. “I’m going to make you scream Katie,” growled Greg as he traced his teeth behind her ear.

Greg grasped his thick cock and pushed himself inside of her slick entrance, groaning as he pushed himself all the way in. Katie writhed under him as Greg began to build up a steady pace, thrusting into her while teasing her neck with his teeth and tongue. Katie moaned against his chest while he thrust into her, she wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him to her, as he increased his pace.

Katie began grinding her waist against his, causing more friction making them groan in pleasure. Greg caught her gaze, he grasped her face and pulled her into a searing kiss, as her moans began to turn into screams of pleasure. Katie thought to herself that she needed to keep control, she wanted to force Greg to come with her.

Katie wrapped her legs around his waist as he thrusted into her powerfully, both of them panting and groaning at the exertion. Katie began twisting her hips on his, grinding him as he thrust into her. She screamed as Greg began to lose control, he growled and began thrusting wildly into her. Just as Katie thought she couldn’t hold it any longer Greg tensed up. She let her orgasm follow freely over her, screaming her pleasure and breathlessly shouting his name as she clamped down on Greg hardness. He growled and then exploded as her clamped muscles milked him dry.

He extracted himself from her and collapsed beside her, he moaned and said “That was amazing, you’re so tight,”

Katie put her hand on his chest and then said “Your amazing too, I’m starving how about you?” asked Katie as she traced the muscular ridges of his abs.

“Yeah, I am but not just for food,” smirked Greg, he pushed her off him and trailed his fingers down her body. She elicited a small moan as Greg rubbed his fingers over her hardening nub, he lowered his head down and took one of her nipples into his mouth and slowly laved his tongue over it. When he thrust one of his fingers inside she squealed in pleasure. He switched breasts as he slipped another finger into her wetness, Katie moaned deeply as he thrust his fingers into her wet heat. She moaned in disappointment when he pulled his fingers out and got off her, Greg moved down her body, grasping her hips he thrusted his tongue deep inside her.

Katie let out a surprised squeak of pleasure as his tongue drove into her. Katie was a pleasure wracked mass as Greg’s hands reached up and massaged her breasts as he continued to suck and lick at the inside of her walls. She shrieked in pleasure as Greg blew heated air over her while thrusting his tongue inside of her. She writhed as her orgasm blasted through her. “Wow that was amazing Greg,” said Katie as she regained her breath.

“I really am hungry, what do you have to eat?” asked Greg.

“I don’t know really, I might not have anything edible. I was planning on going out tonight, I would have had food there,” said Katie.

“We can order something,” said Greg

“Great idea,” said Katie.

She walked down the hall naked and picked up the phone and called for takeout. Greg came out equally as naked and asked her “How long until the food gets here?”

“Not long he said 15 minutes,” said Katie.

“Well Escort Konya then I better put some clothes on then,” said Greg as he picked up his shirt and went back to the bedroom to retrieve his pants.

Katie reclined on the couch as she waited for Greg to return, as he walked into the dark room Katie thought ‘He is so incredibly sexy, this must be my reward for getting through such an unbelievably crappy day,’ She reached up and pulled Greg down on top of her, careful to brush his crotch as she pulled him down onto her. She dragged him into a steamy kiss, pushing her hands under and up his shirt massaging his chest. She wrapped her legs around his and grinding into him, feeling him growing hard. She decided to surprise him by breaking the kiss and bit him on the back of his neck, making him yelp in surprise at the sudden pain.

Greg’s hand snaked down and began to massage her folds, making her moan softly. Before they could proceed any further the doorbell rang. Katie cursed as Greg got off her and answered the door. After paying for the pizza he brought it inside and shut the door.

“Take your clothes off Greg, I want to see that sexy body of yours” said Katie as she grabbed some pizza out of the box. Greg pulled his shirt over his head and then undid his pants and pulled them off. As he reached over to grab some of the pizza, Katie was tempted to grasp his hardness but held back. They ate in relative silence, when they had finished eating Katie picked up the boxes and put them into the fridge. She walked back into the lounge room, she shrieked in shock as Greg grabbed her and tossed her onto the couch. She moaned as he thrust into her powerfully. They set a frenzied pace slamming each other hips together fast, it wasn’t long before Katie grasped his shoulders and screamed out in pleasure. She tightened around Greg and loved the feeling of him exploding deep inside of her.

Greg picked her up and carried her back to the bedroom where they changed the pace and made slow gentle and passionate love, they drifted off to sleep together in each others arms, completely spent and completely relaxed.


When Katie woke up in the morning she noticed that there was nobody in the room, her first though was ‘Damnit I don’t I have his number,’ then she realized she knew where he worked but getting there would be a problem as she wasn’t allowed to drive. She then smelled cooking and went to investigate. She saw Greg standing over her kitchen sink with a pan of eggs, she decided to play a joke on him and crept up on him. She grabbed his hips and yanked down his boxers and slapped his toned ass then reached around and grasped his cock, she felt an immediate reaction as he started to grow hard. Greg nearly dropped the pan and cursed in surprise as Katie let go off his hardening member.

“Katie, why did you do that for?” scolded Greg.

“You made me think you left,” pouted Katie.

“Sorry for that, I got up to make you breakfast and you slap me on the ass,” complained Greg

“Sorry, I thought it would be funny to see your reaction,” giggled Katie as Greg stepped out of his boxers and put the pan down on the sink bench.

“Well, it will be interesting to see your reaction to this,” said Greg as he took in her naked form, he grabbed her waist and lifted her up. He pushed her into the bench and murmured “You’re already wet for me?”

“You turn me on,” purred Katie sexily as she leaned her head back and moaned as Greg pushed his hard thickness deep inside of her. He fucked her wildly into the kitchen bench, both of them groaning in pleasure as Greg trapped her body against the kitchen bench and drove himself into her as fast as he could manage. Greg leaned back as he thrust into her, he growled out in pleasure as Katie endured a breathless orgasm, clenching strongly over him. Greg couldn’t take the pressure he growled deeply as he came deep inside her.

“Now breakfast,” panted Greg. Katie breathlessly nodded at him.

“Do you need to work today Greg?” asked Katie after she had regained her breath enough to speak.

“No, I got today off. How about you?” asked Greg.

“Sorry, I do have to go to work. Can you please take me there, seeing as I can’t drive anymore,” said Katie.

“Well seeing as you were speeding, sure I’ll take you” said Greg.

“The one good thing about yesterday that turned the whole craptastic day into something good was when I seduced you. You certainly helped with the stress relief,” said Katie.

“Happy to help,” smirked Greg as he pulled his boxers back on.

After breakfast, Katie pulled Greg into the shower with her. Greg took her against the wall and needless to say Katie was going to be very late for work.

When she finally arrived at her workplace. Greg handed her a piece of paper with his phone number on it. “Call me, last night was amazing. I’m sure you’d like to repeat it sometime?” said Greg.

“I’d love to, now I have to go or I’m going to be really late,” said Katie.

“Ok, goodbye. Call me,” said Greg as he drove off.


After a busy stressful day at work Katie pulled her phone out of her bag, she also pulled out the number that Greg had given her. After a few rings Greg answered the phone, “Hello,” said Greg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32