Business “Meating”

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I imagine meeting you in a hotel. We are both there for a business meeting but after hours…We had set up another “meating” to deal with.

We meet in the hot tub. We are sitting near enough to talk and relax. Under the bubbling water I am lightly rubbing your crouch with my foot. On the surface we seem like two traveling business men. Under the water we are as hard as nails.

After a few minutes a few other people come to the hot tub, a young couple and another business traveler. I slide over near you and say to them “There is always room for more.” They all sit down and begin to talk about nothing like strangers do. This gives me the chance to get my hand on that hard cock of yours. I slid my hand up under your swim trunks and wrap my hand around that hard shaft.

With all the bubbles and waves no one can see that I am jacking you off as we talk about the travels and conferences and nothing in particular. I love how your dick feels in my hand. I lightly squeeze your balls and rub your shaft. I know you are enjoying it because you are not talking look rather lost in thought. Sakarya Escort I take my hand off your shaft and whisper to you “I’ll finish later.” I want to let you relax and not have a huge boner when we step out of the tub.

We talk to the others and to each other for another ten minutes. “You ready to get back to work on those hard things were trying to get our hands around?” The others in the tub just think I mean some business issue. They don’t suspect that I really want your hard cock in my mouth and ass and mmmmm.

We leave and head up to a hotel room. After we enter, we drop our swim trunks and start to rub each other’s cock. We are soon both hard and horny as can be.

We lay down on the bed and move into a 69 position side by side. I love feeling your tongue and hands on my dick and ass as I play with you. MMmm I start by licking you from tip to ass crack. Since we have just come from the chlorinated water of the hot tube I don’t mind liking around your tight hole.

I use the tipoff my tongue and swirl around the outside of your brown Adapazarı Escort love tunnel. I love how your cock jumps as I flick your clean, tight ass with my tongue. I am pumping your shaft with one hand as I lick. When I have your ass well wet, I lick my finger and slip it into your ass up to the first knuckle.

I move down to your big, cum filled balls. I lick around your sack and then suck one of your balls into my mouth. I gentle play with it with my tongue. I then take the other in my mouth and love on it a while.

Soon I move on up your shaft and lick and kiss and suck up the shaft to the spot where your head joins the shaft and then I go back down to your balls. I make this journey several times before I finally take your head into my mouth.

I love how your cock head is dripping precum. I lick it like a lollipop. I flick the tip of your dick with my tongue and swirl it around the slick head. Mmm I love the feeling of your head on my tongue.

As I swirl around the head I move your cock deeper into my mouth. Soon your shaft is mostly in Serdivan Escort my mouth. I begin to suck your whole cock. My nose is buried in your ball sack as I get to the bottom. When you are fully inside my mouth I move my head as if I were trying to draw a figure 8 in your ball sack.

After a few minutes of long deep trips up and down your cock I feel your balls tighten up and know that I will soon be rewarded with that hot, thick cream that I love. Mmmmm I begin to pump your shaft with one hand and suck firmly on your head. My other hand is around on your butt and I start to quickly finger fuck your tight ass.

I feel the first shot of cumm power up your dick. I suck hard on your head and feel you blast deep in my mouth. Damn! It is so hard a shot that I feel it at the back of my mouth first. I keep sucking and pumping your cock until the last shot of cum shoots out on to my waiting tongue. I lean back a little and see that you are looking at me. I stick out my tongue to show you the hot goo all over my mouth and then swallow it all. I lick your cock until all cumm has been removed. MMmm

I lean back and pull myself up on one elbow as I look at your face. “You know my favorite thing to do is to suck your cumm filled cock but then again…” and I begin to swirl my finger around your tight, spit-wet man-pussy and add “But then again..” MMmmm

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32